Top 20 Weird Places on Google Earth

weird places on google earth

Google Maps is a huge help to everybody as it is a superior depiction of a standard map.
It provides us with a 360-view of the area, landmarks, and nearby properties. If you’re bored, use Google Maps to take a stroll.
There are, however, many creepy aerial photos from courtesy google, you can discover in various parts of the world.
Below is the list of top 10 weird places on google earth that you should check out.

20. Potash Ponds

funny google maps coordinates

The Intrepid Potash mine near Moab, Utah depicts these beautiful blue ponds.
These strange looking objects are not swimming pools but evaporation ponds of potassium chloride.
The term ‘Potash’ means potassium salts. In contrast, the light reddish yellow color of the red desert contributes to the sunlight and evaporation.
When the water evaporates from the pond, salt and potassium crystals are left behind and collected for further chemical process.
This is one funny google maps coordinate can confuse the user.

19. Badlands Guardian

scary places on google earth

The Badlands Guardian is located in the southeastern corner of Alberta, Canada, next to Medicine Hat.
The natural formation looks more like a human head facing west wearing an indigenous full headdress from the satellite view.
A valley eroded in clay soil is the “face.”
Some people say that the person seems to have earphones, which in reality is just a road and a well of oil.

18. Illuminati Target Symbol

Wide land art can be seen into the ground in the heart of the desert, south of the Nevada triangle, USA.
The mysterious desert pattern target symbol, typically associated with the shooting, is not defined by any other geographic information, including its purpose.
This weird and wonderful sighting raises questions as to why anyone could know the site. What is it indicating?
Concentric circles markings on fields and strange geometrical patterns in the desert could lead alien believers and conspiracy theorists to think deeply and find out how and why the artworks were created.

17. Fighter Jet Parking Lot

scary places on google earth

There are many scary places on google earth but it’s a crazy world as these amazing photos of the Earth from space reveal too much craziness.
Talk a smooth ride! Simple ride!
We’re used to fighter jet planes in the sky which they belong to, but not in a Parisian suburb residential parking lot, as shown in the photo above from El Segundo, California, USA.
Really strange!

16. Guitar shaped forest of Argentina

funny google maps

One site in the lush farms near Córdoba, Argentina, is distinguished by appreciating work of true love.
If aircraft flies across the fertile land of the Pampas area, a wonderful guitar-shaped forest in fields often surprises the passengers.
The site is more than an excellent example of land art, with shapes incorporated into a natural landscape.
It is an emotional tribute to the lost sweetheart of a man.
In 1977, Pedro Martín Ureta, a young Argentine farmer’s wife named Graciela, died tragically.
He planted trees in a shape that resembles a guitar if viewed from the top in her honor, and Ureta still maintains the stunning memorial almost 40 years after her death.

15. Firefox Logo in Oregon

After all, perhaps alien technology is not so alien after looking at funny places on google earth. This crop circle is a scale model of the Firefox logo that was noticed up in Oregon, although there’s no mystery about its origins. In 2006, the Linux User Group of the Oregon State University created the giant logo, which covers over 45000 sq. ft to mark the 50 millionth download of the Web browser.

14. Desert Breath in Egypt

cool places on google earth

For some viewers, it looks as if it were a landing strip for extraterrestrial spacecraft, or maybe the portal for a parallel dimension, if not a monument to a benevolent deity who had an eye for symmetry and design.
But what people see in the desolate area of the Desert of Egypt, a short drive from the shores of the Red Sea, is in fact an cool google earth art installation.

13. Lakes in the Great Sandy Desert

The desert wilderness lies in western Australia, covering over 100,000 square kilometers. But the dull sandy natural formations are sometimes intercepted and huddled by lake groups.
It creates a strangest sightings on google from space and allows people and vegetation to flourish back on earth.

12. Black Hole in Himalayas

This shot is taken from Nepal’s one of the famous Himalayan mountain peaks, Kangtega.
Nobody knows precisely through geographical information that why the spot seems like this.
There is a black spot on the peak at Kangtega on Google Earth, which cannot be seen.
A question pops up, what is in that area of the Himalayan summit in Nepal? 
Aliens and UFO conspiracy theories formulate various theories like the entrance of portals, etc.
Some researchers have estimated that the blackout zone on Google Maps could be caused by failure instead of a deliberate attempt to hide the entrance to a secret base.

11. Airplane Boneyard

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group outside Tucson, Arizona, USA is a place where nearly 5,000 aerospace vehicles “die,” that’s why it is also known as the “Boneyard.”
The base has an immense variety of retired planes chosen for its suitable climate that slows down plane degradation.
Many are nuclear-capable, withdrawn throughout the years through arms reduction treaties.
Examples include The B-52, B-1, and F-111, which were once nuclear weapon carriers.
The related recent internments are also available: including F-14 Tomcats, which were retired in 2006.
Other fighter planes spotted on the site include F-15s, F-16s, C-130s, KC-135 as well as refueling tankers, A-10s.

10. Hidden in Plane Sight

funny google maps coordinates

An unidentified messageboard user MaxMaxSvx says to have discovered a plane on Google Earth in somebody’s backyard in Paraguay.
It isn’t a small plane as it looks like a passenger aircraft. Could it be a cashed-up substance or a baron’s precious property?
What are you thinking? If anybody can recognize the sort of aircraft seen in this picture, let us know in comments.

9. Human Lips in Sudan

scary places on google earth

You can see this funny place on google earth is a human’s luscious red lips.
But in reality, It is just a cliff structure discovered in Gharb, Darfur, Sudan.
Just think it for a second, with your imagination as it could be lips of the earth like Ego, the living planet from Guardians of Galaxy or enormous sized monster buried.
This weird and wonderful cliff could be a time portal or a black hole, funny possibilities are limitless, and I’ll leave that to you.
So, if you believe about it, it can be a little creepy.

8. Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico

funny google maps

The region includes two big diamonds engraves divided by two rings that overlap.
An author labeled John Sweeney said for the Church of Scientology that it was the first sign for the google earth secret bunkers.
After fleeing a global “Armageddon” and moving to Earth, Scientologists use the signs as a reference.

7. Strange Triangle in Australia

funny places on google earth

Online users discovered one of the cool places on google earth in 2007 on the web and are keen to figure out what could be this strange circle labeled with vivid lamps in the center of the arena be?
People who believe in aliens claim it was a UFO that was swiftly flying across Earth or a navigation landmark for landing.
Others claim it could be a wind farm with generators surrounding three corners of the triangle while the main power transmitter could be in the middle of them.
It might be a power-generating wind farm with three rows of wires forming a ring and getting the middle part according to me.

6. Sandy Island

weird places on google earth

In 2012, an unknown island appeared on maps. It was called Sandy Island in New Caledonia’s northwest, which was around Manhattan’s size.
But when the location was explored by a team of researchers, they never discovered a solid land but endless water.
The team explained it could be human error in maps, glitch, or a probable pumice raft.

5. Big Friendly Giant

funny google maps coordinates

One of the funny google maps coordinates is the giant strange symbol in Chile’s Atacama Desert Located on a slanted hill.
The weird desert illustration in the co-ordinates mentioned above is called the Atacama Giant that can be seen from space.
We cannot identify the weird symbol from a distance, but the form looks like something of an animalistic being after closer inspection.
The creature has two eyes, arms, legs, and headdress that looks like a pole.

4. Sunken Car

Google Earth maps
According to media agency KFOR, employees at a Michigan funeral home decorating a tree for the holidays in 2015 when they noticed a car’s roof in a neighboring pond.
There are many claims from the media that a body was missing in the vehicle for nine years, and the car was noticeable via Google Street View all the moment. That’s legitimately frightening.

3. Lago Vermelho

strangest places on earth

According to, this lake emerged to be a striking blood-red shade on a 2007 Google Maps study.
If you look at this blood-red lake’s coordinates now, it looks like a natural lake.
No reason for the bizarre sight has been provided, but the terrifying vision may have been created by slaughterhouses disposing of runoff blood.

2. Shipwreck in India

weird and wonderful

Some areas in the ocean lead to sunk ships aside from accidents on land.
You’ll see the largest shipwreck visible in maps on North Sentinel Island, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.
That’s the S.S. Jassim, a Bolivian cargo ferry of 265 feet that came ashore and sank in 2003 on the Wingate Reef.
People really can’t visit the location because it’s a dangerous tribe’s (Sentinelese people) home.
The island is nearly the size of Manhattan, according to reports, but never had outside contact or communication.

1. Satanic Symbol in Kazakhstan

weird places on google earth

If we can imagine, there are many weird places on google earth depicting alien figures or world conspiracy, but none of them is as scary as the Satanic symbol (Sigil of Baphomet) in Asia.
You will discover an enormous pentagram in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan with a diameter of about 1,200 feet.
We can see the picture on the Upper Tobol Reservoir’s southern coast.
People believed it had to do with religious satanic sects, but it came out to be just “the outline of a park made in the form of a star.”

There are many more funny places on google earth yet to be discovered.
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14 Most Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa

facts about burj khalifa

There are many places in Dubai if you are looking for some adventure travel, but none compares to the two buildings Dubai is known for; the amazing Burj Khalifa and luxurious Burj Al-Arab.
Building the first 7 star hotel, Burj-Al-Arab was a catalyst for future infrastructure development UAE was about to undergo.
Building Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, was not an easy project for the developers.
So the structure’s owners, Emaar Properties, hired some of the best talents in the world to complete the project.
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill of Chicago (who were also the architect of Sears tower), Adrian Smith as Chief Architect, and Bill Baker as Chief structural engineers organized the tower’s architecture and engineering.
NORR Group Consultants International Limited supervised the project and Hyder Consulting as supervision engineers were selected for the architecture of the project.
While the owners selected the Korean based firm, Samsung C&T build Burj Khalifa as a primary contractor.
Burj Khalifa is not only the largest structure in the world, but it also breaks several other records impressively.
Burj Khalifa holds the record of 828 meters (2716.5 feet) high, comparatively, The Eiffel Tower is three times shorter and the Empire State Building approximately half. Its cloud-piercing height is one of its most impressive features.
If you are curious to know more here are the most interesting facts about Burj Khalifa:

14. Burj Khalifa has 2 sunsets

facts about burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, is so high that from its base, the sunset can be observed twice, with one of the fastest elevators in the world one can reach to its tallest outdoor observation deck in the world on 124th floor to can see the sunset all over again.
Considering Burj’s height, there is a time gap of 3 minutes as you can view the sunset on the ground and quickly go through elevators on the top floor (It takes around 90 seconds to reach the top).
So you could enjoy the sunset for a second time on the same day for 90 seconds.

13. It is home to first Armani 5-star hotel

burj khalifa information

Armani hotel is located in Burj Khalifa–the first-ever hotel designed by the maestro Giorgio Armani himself.
The hotel is elegantly designed in calm grey tones and minimalist interior, which are characteristic of the style of Armani.
You may all recognize the Armani Hotel, but it’s fun for you because Giorgio Armani wanted visitors to experience what the entrance into the house means–there is no reception or check-in counter.
There are many buildings in Dubai with luxurious amenities, but none have exceptional interiors like Armani.

12. A walk on water

Glass and lighting evoke the impression of stepping on the water in the entrance to the spa in every Sky Lobby.

11. Prince Hamdan hoisted Dubai flag on the tip

burj khalifa details

To celebrate Expo 2020, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Hamdan Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, hoisted the UAE flag at the tip of the Burj.

10. Spectacular view above the clouds

Interesting facts about burj khalifa

The clouds are usually less than 1800 meters in Dubai and throughout the Middle East.
This unusual phenomenon is all about the altitude and the kind of clouds that form.
Clouds don’t fall and reach approximately 700 m in Dubai(exceptions).
When you are at the Burj Khalifa’s highest occupied floor on a foggy day, it may give you an illusion of standing on clouds.

9. Luxurious artistic experience

Building the Burj Khalifa was not strictly technical as the common spaces are decorated with an exclusive fragrance, chosen from 18 distinct aromas.
The interior depicts facets of the Middle East culture, Islamic architecture, including calligraphy and sand-dunes.
Any structure such as the Burj Khalifa will have plenty of space on its walls.
It is known Burj Khalifa details that the art collection of the building is enormous in all: over 1000 works by some world’s best-known artists (with a focus on Middle Eastern artists) hang in the interiors — many of which are commissioned specifically.

8. Burj Khalifa could be biggest musical instrument in the world

We construct many skyscrapers to bend with wind — the Burj is more exposed than others to powerful desert storms.
George J. Efstathiou (architect) clarified that to build the wind durability, he designed the structure in such a way that it gently swings the wind so that the human ears cant feel pressure difference.
Burj Khalifa’s design curtain wall sets it in sync like a musical tool so that the harmonics do not match those of the wind (do not resonate with the wind).

7. Tom Cruise climbed the Burj in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

facts about burj khalifa

If you are a fan of mission impossible series, then you must know that Tom Cruise insists on performing all the stunts himself.
Tom enjoys performing death-defying feats on the screen, whether it’s stepping up his manhood ego, shake actors and directors in their seats, or get some old-fashioned thrills. 
It is one of the interesting facts about Burj Khalifa that in 2011 Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise did not even blink at it while performing the act. He scaled to 2,722 feet above the floor of the world’s highest building. 
Yeah, he did all of it himself, no double trick! Cruise taught months but did not expect that he was experiencing the intense crosswinds at that point. 
He continuously smashed several times into the curtain wall, but the shot was completed.
There are other adrenaline freaks too, like Fred Fugen, and Vince Reffet broke the world record base jump the 2717-feet height.

6. It is artistic but not ordinarily artistic

facts about burj khalifa

Art enthusiasts seem to be glad to realize that the beautiful desert flower-shaped building is packed with extraordinary pieces of art. 
A sculpture created with shifting oval shapes by Egyptian-born artist Karim Rashid found at the corporate entrance and the installation “World Voices” in the living space. 
It features the dangling cymbals sounding as drops of water hit them, and the latter is the work of Catalan artist Jaume Plensa.

5. The tip of this skyscraper can be seen from a distance of 95 km away

burj khalifa information

The ‘telescopic’ spiral, which is created of more than 4,000 tonnes of steel, is one of the most identifiable architectural characteristics of the Burj Khalifa.
This spiral can be seen up to 60 miles (95 km) away on a typical sunny day.

4. Comparatively, few labors died during construction

facts about burj khalifa

There have surprisingly been very few accidental deaths–there has been only one, according to some records, while the other states four.
The amount may, however, be much higher, given that the terrible circumstances in which many workers (mostly from South Asia) had undergone.
Health issues associated with long-term probems are not taken into consideration.

3. Burj Khalifa has temperature difference as that of mountains.

Interesting facts about burj khalifa

At Burj Khalifa’s highest level, tourists can have a temperature of almost 15 degrees lower than the building’s base.
It is equivalent to the effortless scaling of a mountain, as temperatures lowers as the height increase going high up the altitude.

2. Extreme Material use

burj khalifa information

Such a mega-structures also requires extraordinary quantities of raw products. 
It is one Burj Khalifa information that it is made up of so much concrete that alone concrete can weigh equivalent to 100000 elephants. 
If you want to take this into account, the average weight of an elephant is around 5 tons. A massive amount of fifty thousand tons of concrete was used to make the famous Burj Khalifa!
We can’t imagine the capacity of the concrete pump.
It’s also said that building Burj Khalifa 55,000 tonnes of steel rebar were used. 
Assume that if we set the entire rebar used in the construction in line; We can cover about a quarter of the circumference of the planet.
The sum of the aluminum used in the building was equivalent to five A380 Airbus passenger aircraft’s total weights. It’s good that the managers didn’t order everything altogether!
Burj Khalifa’s astronomical construction cost 1.5 billion dollars. In the first year of its opening, it paid the full expenditure off.
The construction site for this wonder was a demonstration alone. It has been driven by the world’s most ingenious machinery and equipment.
They also built Burj Khalifa with the three biggest self-jacking cranes in the world, each with a 25-ton carrying capacity.
The structure lasted nearly six years to complete. As its construction was underway, over 12,000 workers of the day worked on the project at a time.

1. Exact reason to build it

facts about burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa was constructed from 2004 to 2009 and inaugurated in 2010, proving to be a major tourist destination along with Dubai fountain in Downtown Dubai.
The government’s choice to diverse itself from the oil economy makes Dubai a dream place of people around the globe and to gain worldwide recognition.
The building’s original name was Burj Dubai, which was renamed to Burj Khalifa in honor of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Sheikh Khalifa), the President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi.

The Khalifa Tower (unofficial name) has 2909 steps, stretching from the ground level to 160.
It covers an area of 11 hectares, six startling features of water, and an area of 3000 underground parking.
It has four swimming pools (including the second-highest pool at the 76th floor) and At.mosphere, the highest fine-dining restaurant in the world on level 122.
Burj Khalifa needs 250,000 gallons of water (946,000 liters) daily.
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Burj Khalifa has a built-up area of 5.67 million square feet and has 1.85 million square feet of residential space (Burj Khalifa is home 35,000 people) and over 300,000 of prime office space.
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat recognize Burj Khalifa as the tallest freestanding structure in the world.
Soon a tower named Jeddah Tower or Kingdom Tower, which is located in Saudi Arabia will surpass Burj Khalifa for the title.

Top 10 Best Online Car Racing Games for PC

online car racing games

This post is about best online car racing games for PC that are best in the current racing genre.
It is no simple task to choose the finest racing games on the PC.
There are so many aspects to add: not only just high graphics and the hair-raising sound design, but both of which help to get you into practice, as if you were at the driver’s seat & it’s the matter of winning or losing, if any misjudgment you could go straight in the woods or wreck your car. ⠀
In Online genre, you will compete against highly skilled video-gamers ready to get pink slips.
It’s time to warm up your fingers & motor-skills here are Top best online car racing games for PC:

10. TrackMania 2: Lagoon

Car racing games for PC

The environment of the game is wonderful, and developers have made a wonderful job of making a tropical paradise.
The distinctive appearance and feel contribute much to the variety and the tropics add a beautiful background.
As usual, the series keeps its excellent vehicle physics.
They are a combination of straight-up arcade controllers and more drifty controlling games such as Dirt series and this game pushes you to really have a feeling of physics to use the controls carefully.
The main attraction was always Lagoon’s mechanism, and the game has a fantastic range of great aspects.
The graphics & textures are smooth and sharp, with incredible information on the vehicles.
It’s a lot of fun as this franchise is among the best car racing games for PC and I can recommend it all together.

9. Shift 2: Unleashed

online car racing games

Shift 2 may be the greatest option that makes any game in this list more realistic and accessible.
This game has a dynamic perspective, which shifts subtly on a context basis and does not lock your perspective over the hood.
When your driver avatar looks straight into a soft correct corner your perspective changes a little bit into the pitch.
Your perspective moves a lot more in a sharper angle so you have a feeling of what you are riding in, but it’s not really disorienting.
It feels natural as only graphics alone do not make a game feel realistic.
Shift 2 is genuinely made for promoting the fun and achievement of driving and is a fantastic success in the genre of online car racing games.

8. Project CARS 2

Car racing games for PC

If you’re a lover of modern sports cars, you must get this game.
Thanks to Slightly Mad Studios, the development team of Project Cars 2 entered the industry for the first time in 2017.
The video game readily competed with other long-standing, realistic games as Project CARS 2 had over 70 vehicles, 30 locations, and over 100 different courses.
But the most amazing addition is the stunning game’s climate system, which calculates a tremendous amount of variables on materials and surfaces physical features and rain to spill out, and use moist weather.
Project CARS 2 is now strong in eSports scene, so the simulation can be the perfect substitute for a time on the path for youthful aspiring drivers.

7. The Crew 2

online car racing games

Unlike most car games for PC releases, Crew 2 provides players with an open world to explore and race.
Crew 2 will not limit players to vehicles alone.
Instead, players can cross vehicles, ships, or even airplanes in the video game.
The story of Crew 2 shows that players are playing a part of an unidentified rider who creates havoc in the city.

6. F1 2019

Car racing games for PC

F1 2019 is out earlier than usual in this season, but as marketed does the style of Hamilton offer exactly?
Or, in the last five years, every Ferrari title contest is yet another deception.
As the great F1 2019 reviews have widely praised, the AI continues to be uncannily realistic, and the challenge remains steep if you dislike seeing the more arcades of the myriad riding aids that this game offers.
However, this stimulating game is glowing away from the overwhelming heat of the track.
A comprehensive and story-drawn starting point for Formula 1, however, although it fizzles into a more traditional, ten-season campaign, it is still a good touch of the solo missions that accompany your ascent to the major leagues.
If you are planning to play online car racing games best suitable for competing with your friends.

5. Dirt Rally 2.0

The latest DiRT 2 from Codemasters is not perfect, but it is one of the finest rallying games there with realistic physics.
This is a game with a wide range of rally cars, tracks, and styles.
In rally 2.0 your Co-driver will give instructions, numbers, and directions to you quickly, and if you can’t handle the track with small bends, then you’ll be smashing into a tree or deep into the deep trench before you know it.
The transfer of momentum in Dirt Rally cars and of the sensation of raw power will utterly impress you while the tires are digging for traction.

4. Forza Motorsport 7

Car racing games for PC

Sony owns the Gran Turismo series, but Microsoft holds its own, Forza.
The latest game within the primary franchise is Forza Motorsport 7, designed by Turn 10 Studios, with players having over 700 cars with more than 32 places for racing.
Similarly, a dynamic weather system is available for this specific installation, we can personalize several features.
All the details and the graphics in this game are just magnificent.
Not only do they focus on the automobiles (which look great too), but they also think about how the wind & rain can respond to the surroundings.
In this one, all feel fantastic.

3. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa is back, Kuno Simulazioni brings us Competizione instead of a sequel.
It adds a dynamic mix of day/night weather and graphics, even GT Sport can not do so.
This racing game will appeal to loyal enthusiasts of the genre and overtakes the previous Assetto Corsa in virtually all departments.
Competizione took a while to function through Early Access turmoil, but they left only a few bugs to crush after its 1.0 launch.
The handling of a good force feedback wheel is greater than ever, and it clasps the weather cycles, a must-have a difficult-wearing sim arcade.
Assetto Corsa series are best car racing games for PC & altogether with its prequel both of them are ideal to race against other gaming drivers.

2. Need for Speed: Heat

Top 10 racing games

With a fresh trailer, the most famous street racing game is back and all indications point to a moving game away from a film version of the genre Fast & Furious.
The recent installment, instead, is called Speed Heat Need and is now is returning to its police pursuit roots.
Night mode feels more like the NFS Underground, but with high graphics.
The most desired and warm follow-up seems to be the inspiration for night racing (with Underground graphic elements).
Elements from all effective series entries appear to be combined and combined in a pleasant experience.

1. Forza Horizon 4

online car racing games

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best competitive games to purchase now.
It pushes you to open British roads in some of the most exotic vehicles in the world instead of controlled routes or environments.
With over 400 vehicles, players can compete on the many intense high-speed tracks between themselves.
Similarly, some servers support up to 72 players who fill races.
Forza left the Australian Outback in Horizon 4 for the British Isles. Forza’s ten-hour tour takes you to the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District coastline, and to beautiful British villages.
The landscapes are changing as seasons vary from spring to summer and fall to winter.
You must adapt the driving for every season and you may feel that your car is sensitive to subtle modifications like wet leaves and frozen highways that increase your awareness of the landscape and make you manage the terrain skillfully.

There you have it, Top 10 best online car racing games for PC you can play now in 2019.
Speaking about games, especially racing games, as they improve motor skills to a great extent in real life.
How? By analyzing & coordinating turning decisions within split seconds only by your visual sense is definitely a good treat for your decision reflexes.
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10 Amazing Facts of the World which will Shock you

These are top amazing facts of the world Part-1.

10. Platypuses don’t have nipples

It might be strange that being born from leathery eggs, baby platypus does require nursing like other mammals.
But, female platypus does not have nipples. Instead, their milk is produced on their abdomen called mammary gland ducts
The baby platypus has to suck it through skin folds or fur of their mother.

09. Antarctica was once as warm as sunny california

Modern Antarctica rarely reminds people of beaches and sunshine. But according to new studies, it used to be a very pleasant warm location for the continent and its surroundings. During the Eocene, the climate of Antarctica resembled the modern Californian coast about 40 to 50 million years ago, while nearby polar islands were more similar to Florida.This could be one of the most surprising and one of the amazing facts of the world.

08. founder got dumped because of a match

Gary Kremen, the creator of, lost his girlfriend to a person she encountered at
Match founder Gary Kremen claims that he built the site with women in mind, and he realized that his effort was a success when his own girlfriend left him for another man she met at Match.
“You have to design the whole system for women, not men,” Kremen says, “Who cares what men think?”.

07.Dinosaurs roamed the earth for 150 million years; humans have been around for a mere 0.1% of that time

There were dinosaurs before there were humans. These animals roamed the world for 150 million years.
They did not burn out, despite common belief, because of an asteroid or because they were failed in terms of evolution. Nobody really knows what happened to these animals.
There are only theories. We’re likely never going to understand why they disappeared out ultimately.
We can explore their fossils only and understand what they have finished behind.

06. Coffee increases your urine production but doesn't dehydrate you

The myth that coffee dehydrates you have been around since 1928 It does not dehydrate you, despite the liquid being a diuretic (a substance that increases the production of urine)
A latest research released in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by British scientists compared several common drinks with water’s hydrating effects.
The outcome? Ahh, you can hydrate with coffee.
Oh, and they also discovered it that skim milk was highly hydrating. The lesson? Don’t hesitate to drink the second cup of coffee.

05. Humans are the only animals that enjoy spicy foods

Scientists have had difficulty explaining, but it’s an evolutionary mystery, that humans are the only animals that really enjoy eating spicy food
Eating tender peppers does not seem to have any health advantages, so the main cause some suggested is the thrill factor or taste factor in most cases.

04. In a room with 23 people, there is a 50% chance of two of them having the same birthday. If there are 70 people, it increases to 99.9%

The birthday problem or the birthday paradox is a concept of probability that determines the likelihood among a group of people that two individuals have the same birthday.
Since there is a maximum of 366 days in a year, including 29 February, and assuming that each day of the year has an equal chance of being a birthday.
Statistically, there is a 50% chance that among 23 people two individuals have the same birth dates and when there are 70 people likelihood reaches 99.9%.
When there are 367 individuals, perfect 100% is achieved.

03. Pigeons, both male and female, produce milk to feed their hatchlings.

The milk produced by pigeons and doves is known as “crop milk,” and is a pale-yellow, semi-solid substance, unlike mammalian milk.
Crop milk is exceptionally high in protein and fats, more than in the cow or human milk portions. 
But it includes antioxidants and immune-enhancing elements just like mammalian milk.
Flamingos and penguins also produce a crop milk-like substance to feed their offspring.

02. The exact height of Mt. Everest is 29000 feet, surveyors added an extra 2 feet in official findings just to ‘sound realistic’.

Several efforts have been taken since 1715 to calculate the exact height of the mighty Himalayas’ highest point. 
While some attempts failed because of failing to access the mountains, others succeeded because internal variables such as light refraction were not taken into consideration in the calculations.
Sikdar used trigonometric calculations depending on readings made by James Nicolson, a former surveyor. 
Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor and General of India, apparently verified his calculations.
The height of Mount Everest was 8,840 m (29,002 ft). In fact, Mount Everest’s real height was calculated to be exactly 29,000 ft (8,839.2 m). 
But while releasing the data to the public, to make it seem more realistic, he added two feet to 29,000 feet.

01.If you have a dollar bill in your wallet there is a 90% chance that it was used to snort cocaine

The word “dirty cash” is for true, as cocaine contaminates about 90 percent of US one-dollar notes.
A 2009 research by the American Chemical Society, where researchers studied banknotes from over 30 cities in five separate nations including the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and Brazil, discovered “alarming” cocaine use in most locations.

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Top 10 Android Games for Mobile

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for the best new games in the Google Play Store.We have prepared a list of top 10 android games in 2019 you can play.
Whenever a new game goes out that is worth adding to this list, we update it, so you will always understand the recent and latest games.
This list is based on popular game categories and for people of all age group.
Check our best games you can play on Android or iOS:

10.Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 is an Android fighting game developed in 2017 by Nekki, technically not a sequel to the previous shadow fight version 2.
This game is a combination of a 3D and a shadow environment. The plot is distinct and different. 
People mostly complain that when you played for a while, as most of the duels are difficult to win. 
This game will always match you up to several hundred points with your players and prevent you from winning without money.
Overall, the graphics are good and quite have an engaging environment.

09.FIFA Soccer

EA Sports has developed the formula for wonderful football games in gaming consoles like PSP, Xbox, Nintendo, and PCs.
But on mobile devices with controls, it has been a very different experience.
The standard FIFA gameplay is still a wonderful game, but it brings all the excitement, the thumps and the drama of the largest sport in the world in consoles & PC versions.
Attack mode is the largest and most prominent element.
Game Developers has split a 90-minute football match into four parts to make brief stretches of play easier when it realizes that most mobile events take place quick and easy.
Gamers also report some frequent crashes that EA has to take some action quickly.

08.Coin Master

Coin Master is an iOS / Android game, in which people spin slots to gain coins, armor, and guns so they can invade villages and raid them and construct their own Viking Village. 
Players can travel just through time and magical lands and become pirates, hippies, kings, warriors and the Vikings.
This game uses social media platforms like Facebook which connects players to their friends and encourage more people to play. 
The gameplay design urges you to keep playing this game for longer until you fall out of spins. 
Each hour, five free turns are provided, so we can create enough coins to purchase the next house, several hours & spins are required to complete the house which can frustrate sometimes.
But once coins are over the game just loads you with an insane amount of ads which can sometimes ruin your gameplay experience.

07.Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a type in an augmented reality game based on a popular cartoon TV show Pokemon.
Just like in the cartoon series a player (also known as Pokemon trainer) has to collect animal-like fictional creatures called Pokemon.
Here, a player has to roam their surroundings to find a Pokemon (which hide in certain GPS coordinates).
After that Player has fight battles against other players using their Pokemon & the winning player gets the chance to take over looser’s Pokemon, which are unsuccessful most of the times.
Gradually, by winning battles new leagues are unlocked, thereby improving the level.
In the summer of 2018, the first real social feature was added: friend lists.
Once you have swapped codes and received a request, you can see your friend’s most recently captured Pokemon and can see their levels including how many fights they lost, how many Pokemon’s they captured and how many matches they have played.

06. Simcity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt’s goal is the same as other franchise city building games: developing and expanding a virtual city that will be prosperous.
As Mayor, you are laying down highways, placing buildings, shops, and factories, collecting taxes, and arranging relations with other towns.
You also need to provide services to your inhabitants, the Sims when the options become accessible— power, water, wastewater therapy, hygiene, and education become accessible.
If you neglect expanding facilities and the general town maintenance, your Sims move out, you lose tax revenue.
SimCity BuildIt takes good advantage of its online features, mainly its global marketplace, although you can also play offline.
This application is a good SimCity franchise reboot.

05. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

best android games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free-to-play mobile online battle arena (MOBA) offering a diverse team of characters, fast matchmaking, and fast-paced fights that enable fast gameplay sessions on the go.
Players are combined around the world with other teams, showing their national flags next to their character choices. The game also includes games communities, including built-in live streaming, a streaming studio to view from within the player, and an e-sports module that enables users to spectate high-level play.
Overall, this passive RPG provides a pleasant and soothing impression from the combat system to the interface.
It’s a wonderful mobile-based game but be sure it is also highly addictive.

04. Asphalt 9-Legends

Gameloft’s Asphalt games have typically performed well to impress casual mobile gamers for their amazing visuals, fast-paced racing engine, real-life fastest cars in the world and simplistic controls.
Asphalt 8: Airborne was played on Android, iOS and Windows users since 2013.
You will find some similarity with the previous game when you begin Asphalt 9.
Career mode, multi-player online, and daily event are available as usual.
Graphics are outstanding in Asphalt 9.
The feel of the vehicles, the surroundings and the climate details feel amazing and is an utter pleasure to enjoy this game.

03.Clash of Clans

clash of clans attack

You get a village in this game and become its chief by taking all major decisions.
You have to upgrade separate soldiers from your village and have to farm and accumulate elixirs and gold by looting into another village.
This game enables people to think and manage with strategic skills because it requires a lot of calculated risks.
Players have to create a military on their own with restricted elixir and space and attack with different strategies and defenses in distinct villages of other players.
Clash of Clans has very simplistic gameplay yet is slightly addictive.

02.Candy Crush Saga

offline android game

This is one most played & also the most addictive games available.
Candy Crush Saga is so popular that you will find someone who playes this game regularly.
There are many versions of Candy Crush with almost same gameplay but slight variations.


Top 10 android games

PUBG Mobile games have been subject to some interesting improvements to gameplay since 2019.
This year’s zombie game was the greatest addition, offering participants an opportunity to abandon the standard royal combat arena and go with other games for zombie hunting.
Players can use guns and safety equipment on the island to defend themselves.
The pace of competition survival and killing relies on the quality and range of guns you have.
Compared to working with the mouse, navigating through the play on the smartphone can be difficult as they spread all buttons over the same screen.
It’s not simple to aim, but the play has a precise system that enables users to zoom in on objectives and get better shots.
It can be performed solo, with one partner or with a multi-player team.
Players can also talk with their team members during multiplayer games. Players can use bonus points gained after each match to cover up their in-game character/avatar.
Because of the controls, PUBG Mobile is as challenging and slightly more frustrating than the PC version, but it is enormously addictive and difficult to put down.

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Top 10 Online Games for PC

I am going to list out Top 10 Online Games available in the trend of 2019 you can play & level-up.
Playing video games is a way to reduce daily stress, as it a way to escape into a thrilling world where you have to win.
Thrill amplifies when you are competing with real players rather than CPU, providing a platform to prove yourself.
Check this countdown of most popular online games you can play in 2019

10. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a Fatshark-developed and published first-person action video game.
This sequel to Warhammer: Vermintide definitely extends on the Left 4 Dead-alike formula, incorporating in addition to the Skaven a whole new class of opponents to battle, and more solid group leveling and loot schemes.
It has all the gaming features of first Warhammer but with more functionalities & visually stunning graphics.
There’s a nice character diversity with the five protagonists of the game.

09. League of Legends

Its been a long time people are playing for this game has been a, but it’s still going on within the gaming community proving us that this is an evergreen game.
The players are in command of picking up their champions (playable character) who can compete on this match with other competitors’ champions.
It has amazing mode and incredible visuals with a lot of excitement at each stage and at each match. It’s an RPG adventure multiplayer game.
I think this game is showing no signs of slowing down & definitely have to be included in our Top 10 online games list.

08.Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

 If not topping for Top 10 online games GTAs will sure be included in Top games ever made.
Come on, GTA 5 would always be in. You know that. I know that. It is the fifth most grossed games series of all time. Grand Theft Auto is a world of criminal adventures and mind-boggling possibilities, packed with NPCs to control every single inch of the world, tasks to chase down, or just huge stunt heights to take part in. It’s going to suck you all, throw you out, and itch for more. Online multiplayer mode is as enjoyable as the story mode in the game

07. Warface

The army combat centered match will offer you a true gunfight impression and games can choose to compete from four different classes like Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer and so on.
Each of them has their own combat employment and use the sliding feature in the game if you want to win.
The game was first published for Microsoft Windows in 2013 and rendered accessible to customers with various operating systems.

06. Minecraft

With each coming new Minecraft game, its popularity is been growing.
This game has several forms and you have to survive and build your property with that user and have full power to carry on structures, people and food.
It’s an unrestricted 3D sandbox game that allows players to do whatever they want.
Its various modes have the mode of survival, mode of adventure, mode of creation and mode of viewing as a spectator.

05. The Division 2

In Division 2, in an open world, players can expect shootouts, interlocking player abilities, and even incremental loot benefits, along with a familiar raw military tone from Tom Clancy.
There’s certainly an enhancement in the rewards, pelting you from distinct sources with loot experience points.
So, instead of being forcefully earned, the upgrade looks more natural.
The main mission layout is just great, bringing you to the 3 enemies groups of the game Hyenas, True Sons, and Outcasts.
The game is set up in Washington D.C. from a third-person perspective.
Seven months after its predecessor, a civil war breaks out between survivors and villainous marauders’ groups.

04. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Its a market-dominating FPS PC video game for a long time.
Game is about terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism.
Where teams are given the task to diffuse or plant the explosives, perform tasks, secure locations, kill the terrorist and keep eye on the hostages or vice versa if playing as counter-terrorists.
With its open-source capabilities, players can choose one of the limitless maps available.
It is a game of multiplayer shooters. Enemies killing and achieving objectives are rewarded with more money and prizes. In this game, overtime communities and strategies are engaged.

03. Fortnite battle royale

Players jump on a Battle Bus like PUBG, then jump down to a map that is distributed out and continuously shrink and fight to be the last living team or player.
Since the beginning of the game, there are two items that have been constant.
There are regular modes such as solos, duos, and squad, and the emphasis is also placed on building structures, whether they are cross-secure or even gaining the upper hand.
The unique characteristic of Fortnite is the construction mechanic.
Although it is comparable to PUBG and Apex Legends in many locations, this characteristic distinguishes it.

02.Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This is the most popular online game to date in 2019 & has similar gameplay to that of Fortnite.
This game has fired the Internet and has many players growing each day as they predicted. 
PUBG is much popular because developers focused more on mobile platforms and interesting gameplay rather than just graphics.
The players win the game if they survive the gameplay and kill all the other players who are hidden in various spots.

01.DOTA 2

It is by far the most popular and addicting online multiplayer game.
The video game is based in an arena where two teams with five participants each have to fight a battle against each other and each team member has power over a squad captain called the team’s hero.
DOTA 2 has some sporting background with global teams in different competitions and clubs competing around the world.
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