Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

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Many countries continued to remain in bad shape after World War II. But things began to lookup more recently from the 80s.
During the cold war era, the technological breakthrough race revolutionized our culture and society for good.
I would argue on to say that it was the competitiveness of industrial revolutions and World Wars that pushed us towards the modern age.
Many countries have contributed to the formation of this era.
In this article, we will list down and understand the top 10 most technologically advanced countries in the world 2020:

10. Singapore

Global Innovation Index rank: 8

Many major companies from all over the world are starting offices in Singapore.
This country has established itself as the leading country field of technology throughout Southeast Asia.
Its science and technology industry is growing, and venture capitalists are investing in new start-ups continuously.
Besides, Singaporeans certainly have a huge advantage with the world’s fastest average internet speed.
This corridor of technology combines teamwork and cooperation between scientists, entrepreneurs, and the environment.
In 2020, the government has plans to create a tech-focused environment in which they expect both Singapore and the international world to achieve results.

9. Russia

Global Innovation Index rank: 46

Being the biggest country in the world with vast natural resources certainly provides an advantage over others.
While in the time of the USSR, their advancement in space technology was at its best (not economy), modern Russia is more military-oriented.
Their developing technology in the arms industry is unprecedented, and the latest ICBM missiles are the world’s best defense system.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, the country has produced many scientists in the technological sector, communication, nuclear industry, aerospace, space technology, and other areas.
In 1953, Russia began its first Apollo space mission to the moon.
Russia became among first industrialized countries with advanced technology long before America, apart from space technology.
Top fighter jet companies like MiG, Ilyushin, Tupolev, and Sukhoi belong to Russia.
It is a manufacturer and inventor of weapons technology in the country’s defense systems.

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8. Canada

Global Innovation Index rank: 17

Canadian government actively promotes a highly developed advanced industry like technological advances and modern industrial research through various programs.
Canada is best known for biotechnology research and space exploration.
Its government allocates nearly 2% of its GDP for R&D while introducing new credit and debit cards that are chipless.
Technology companies produce $117 billion of the GDP for Canada, which can go up to $51 trillion, all that with almost 6% of the workforce employed.
Stable working environment, supportive government & continuous research ranks Canada among most technologically advanced countries.
In the suburbs of Toronto, there is even a Canadian Silicon Valley, where there are tech companies that produce equipment and programs.

7. Sweden

Global Innovation Index rank: 2

Sweden’s mobile technological development achievements in web development and mobile apps are known.
Sweden was among the few technological countries that survived the financial crisis of 2008 and has achieved economic growth, mainly because of the success of technology firms.
Big tech Corporations, like Ericsson, who dominated the market for years are now losing the first position by other Swedish firms like Spotify, Skype, and Torrent.
These high-tech companies use Internet flexibility to increase communication and develop opportunities to exchange information, ideas, and music.

6. United Kingdom

Global Innovation Index rank: 5

The British Empire was once the most developed country in the world.
The Industrial Revolution, the transition to new manufacturing processes from conventional ones, started in this country.
We attribute the discovery of many basic scientific principles to this country.
Jet engine, the steam engine, the locomotive, worldwide web, electrical motors, and light bulbs were invented in the UK, as were commercial electric telegraphs.
Recent technologies in Britain include BAE Systems Taranis, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle.
It was once Britain that ruled the waves, but now in 2020, it loses to the younger countries when we speak in terms of technology.

5. Germany

Global Innovation Index rank: 9

It’s no surprise that Germany is on this list. You may know that their efforts in research and development have contributed to nanotechnology and space travel. 
Germans are medical, engineering, infrastructure, and military technology leaders. 
The government supports the preparation of new generations of scientists by several universities and institutions. 
German researchers have been involved in fields such as space travel and nanotechnology. 
Its industry is from early times supports scientific research in the country.
The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Scientific Community, the Fraunhofer Society, and the Max Planck Society are the home of many research organizations in Germany.
The German economy is an integral part of research and development efforts. 
Global automotive brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc positively contribute towards its technological edge.

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4. Israel

Global Innovation Index rank: 10

The private sector of Israel has been very successful. It manufactures the world’s most advanced weapons. 
It is a small country, but in terms of agricultural innovation, Israel is achieving miracles. 
It has produced products that maximize the crop’s growth with half the efforts of the conventional method. 
Roughly, 35% of Israeli exports are related to technology. Israel is now is among one of Space Science’s top five nations. 
It is also famous for its defense industry innovations. 
Israel developed the first Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) with real-time monitoring. 
This technologically advanced nation is one of the few countries with modern electric car infrastructure. 
A well-maintained recharge station network can be found throughout Israel.

3. South Korea

Global Innovation Index rank: 11

Two things come to mind when we say South Korea–phones and cars.
South Korea was one of the world’s poorest countries back in 1960 after the Korean War.
However, its progress has since been enormous, particularly for the economy as a whole and for the technology sector.
This continuous technological advancements with its American ally made it the most developed country in the world.
Everybody in South Korea is the most significant success in robotics, no matter how strong these industries are.
It would not be surprising if South Korea became one of the societies we can see in futuristic films.
In many scientific discoveries, they compete with Japan, and we have not yet declared the winner.

2. United States of America

Global Innovation Index rank: 3

The US leads the technology development industry, a contributing factor for making it the biggest economy in the world
It is unbelievable that this sector employs around 12 million people in 2020. Silicon Valley is the place where innovation is like air–it’s everywhere. 
Space technology advances have played a major role in making the U.S. a global superpower, ranging from the nuclear bomb to the first landing on the Moon by Neil Armstrong. 
American technology companies are focusing on space exploration, pharmaceuticals, self-driving cars, software development, web design, defense, and telecommunications. 
The US has the world’s most powerful and advanced military technology.
Corporations like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and General Dynamics helped the US to become the most powerful nation.
Healthcare facilities, educational systems, and political freedom are enough for any country to improve.
This country has created the biggest technology firms in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM, and Microsoft. 
These technological innovations are keeping companies reaching new levels and changing people’s way of living around the world.
The United States currently has the most advanced technology in the world.

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1. Japan

Global Innovation Index rank: 15

The reputation of Japan as a country with advanced technologies has been well established. 
Researchers from Japan have made huge contributions in the field of automotive tech, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metallurgy, and semiconductors. 
RocketSpace term Japanese cities like Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo as the most technologically advanced cities.
Since 1973, the nation has successfully sought to be less dependent on imported fuel. 
We have also begun associating Japan as the most technologically advanced country with bullet trains, smart toilets, and robotic technology.
But this Asian country can never stop making our lives much easier (and fun). 
Among Japan’s technological giants are Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and many more.

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