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Top 10 Android Games for Mobile

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You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for the best new games in the Google Play Store.We have prepared a list of top 10 android games in 2019 you can play.
Whenever a new game goes out that is worth adding to this list, we update it, so you will always understand the recent and latest games.
This list is based on popular game categories and for people of all age group.
Check our best games you can play on Android or iOS:

10.Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 is an Android fighting game developed in 2017 by Nekki, technically not a sequel to the previous shadow fight version 2.
This game is a combination of a 3D and a shadow environment. The plot is distinct and different. 
People mostly complain that when you played for a while, as most of the duels are difficult to win. 
This game will always match you up to several hundred points with your players and prevent you from winning without money.
Overall, the graphics are good and quite have an engaging environment.

09.FIFA Soccer

EA Sports has developed the formula for wonderful football games in gaming consoles like PSP, Xbox, Nintendo, and PCs.
But on mobile devices with controls, it has been a very different experience.
The standard FIFA gameplay is still a wonderful game, but it brings all the excitement, the thumps and the drama of the largest sport in the world in consoles & PC versions.
Attack mode is the largest and most prominent element.
Game Developers has split a 90-minute football match into four parts to make brief stretches of play easier when it realizes that most mobile events take place quick and easy.
Gamers also report some frequent crashes that EA has to take some action quickly.

08.Coin Master

Coin Master is an iOS / Android game, in which people spin slots to gain coins, armor, and guns so they can invade villages and raid them and construct their own Viking Village. 
Players can travel just through time and magical lands and become pirates, hippies, kings, warriors and the Vikings.
This game uses social media platforms like Facebook which connects players to their friends and encourage more people to play. 
The gameplay design urges you to keep playing this game for longer until you fall out of spins. 
Each hour, five free turns are provided, so we can create enough coins to purchase the next house, several hours & spins are required to complete the house which can frustrate sometimes.
But once coins are over the game just loads you with an insane amount of ads which can sometimes ruin your gameplay experience.

07.Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a type in an augmented reality game based on a popular cartoon TV show Pokemon.
Just like in the cartoon series a player (also known as Pokemon trainer) has to collect animal-like fictional creatures called Pokemon.
Here, a player has to roam their surroundings to find a Pokemon (which hide in certain GPS coordinates).
After that Player has fight battles against other players using their Pokemon & the winning player gets the chance to take over looser’s Pokemon, which are unsuccessful most of the times.
Gradually, by winning battles new leagues are unlocked, thereby improving the level.
In the summer of 2018, the first real social feature was added: friend lists.
Once you have swapped codes and received a request, you can see your friend’s most recently captured Pokemon and can see their levels including how many fights they lost, how many Pokemon’s they captured and how many matches they have played.

06. Simcity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt’s goal is the same as other franchise city building games: developing and expanding a virtual city that will be prosperous.
As Mayor, you are laying down highways, placing buildings, shops, and factories, collecting taxes, and arranging relations with other towns.
You also need to provide services to your inhabitants, the Sims when the options become accessible— power, water, wastewater therapy, hygiene, and education become accessible.
If you neglect expanding facilities and the general town maintenance, your Sims move out, you lose tax revenue.
SimCity BuildIt takes good advantage of its online features, mainly its global marketplace, although you can also play offline.
This application is a good SimCity franchise reboot.

05. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free-to-play mobile online battle arena (MOBA) offering a diverse team of characters, fast matchmaking, and fast-paced fights that enable fast gameplay sessions on the go.
Players are combined around the world with other teams, showing their national flags next to their character choices. The game also includes games communities, including built-in live streaming, a streaming studio to view from within the player, and an e-sports module that enables users to spectate high-level play.
Overall, this passive RPG provides a pleasant and soothing impression from the combat system to the interface.
It’s a wonderful mobile-based game but be sure it is also highly addictive.

04. Asphalt 9-Legends

Gameloft’s Asphalt games have typically performed well to impress casual mobile gamers for their amazing visuals, fast-paced racing engine, real-life fastest cars in the world and simplistic controls.
Asphalt 8: Airborne was played on Android, iOS and Windows users since 2013.
You will find some similarity with the previous game when you begin Asphalt 9.
Career mode, multi-player online, and daily event are available as usual.
Graphics are outstanding in Asphalt 9.
The feel of the vehicles, the surroundings and the climate details feel amazing and is an utter pleasure to enjoy this game.

03.Clash of Clans

You get a village in this game and become its chief by taking all major decisions.
You have to upgrade separate soldiers from your village and have to farm and accumulate elixirs and gold by looting into another village.
This game enables people to think and manage with strategic skills because it requires a lot of calculated risks.
Players have to create a military on their own with restricted elixir and space and attack with different strategies and defenses in distinct villages of other players.
Clash of Clans has very simplistic gameplay yet is slightly addictive.

02.Candy Crush Saga

This is one most played & also the most addictive games available.
Candy Crush Saga is so popular that you will find someone who playes this game regularly.
There are many versions of Candy Crush with almost same gameplay but slight variations.


PUBG Mobile games have been subject to some interesting improvements to gameplay since 2019.
This year’s zombie game was the greatest addition, offering participants an opportunity to abandon the standard royal combat arena and go with other games for zombie hunting.
Players can use guns and safety equipment on the island to defend themselves.
The pace of competition survival and killing relies on the quality and range of guns you have.
Compared to working with the mouse, navigating through the play on the smartphone can be difficult as they spread all buttons over the same screen.
It’s not simple to aim, but the play has a precise system that enables users to zoom in on objectives and get better shots.
It can be performed solo, with one partner or with a multi-player team.
Players can also talk with their team members during multiplayer games. Players can use bonus points gained after each match to cover up their in-game character/avatar.
Because of the controls, PUBG Mobile is as challenging and slightly more frustrating than the PC version, but it is enormously addictive and difficult to put down.

Decided yet? which next android game you are going to play.
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