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Is Nicole Kidman Pregnant?

Nicole Kidman, an Oscar-winning actress, has been a prominent figure in Hollywood for decades. Known for her versatile acting skills and timeless beauty, she has been the subject of various rumors and speculations, including those about her pregnancy.

Nicole Kidman’s Family

Nicole Kidman is a proud mother of four children. She shares two children, Isabella Jane and Connor, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. After her marriage to Cruise ended, Kidman married Keith Urban in 2006. With Urban, she has two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Isabella Jane and Connor were adopted by Kidman and Cruise during their marriage. Isabella, often referred to as Bella, was adopted shortly after her birth in Miami in 1992. A few years later, they welcomed Connor into their family. Despite the end of their marriage, Kidman has stated that their children were raised amidst a lot of love.

Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret are Kidman’s biological children with Keith Urban. Sunday Rose was born in 2008, and Faith Margaret followed in 2010.

Kidman has been open about her love for children and her desire to have more. In an interview with Marie Claire Australia in 2021, she expressed that she would’ve loved to have ten kids

She further explained her preference for children over adults, stating that she finds their perspective not so heavy. Despite her wishes, she is happy with her family and takes pride in being a mother not only to her kids but also to her 12 godchildren and six nieces and nephews.

Speculations about Nicole Kidman’s Pregnancy

Speculations about Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy have been circulating on social media for some time. These rumors seem to have been sparked by various factors, including changes in her appearance and her public statements about wanting more children.

The rumors were fueled by posts claiming that Kidman was pregnant again following a successful IVF procedure. However, these claims were not substantiated by any official confirmation or credible evidence. Examination of her social media accounts and recent public appearances also did not provide any clear indications of a pregnancy.

Despite the speculations, there have been several reports denying the pregnancy rumors. For instance, a fact-checking article on stated that the rumors of Kidman’s pregnancy were false. Another article also concluded that there was no credible evidence to suggest that Kidman was expecting as of 2023.

Kidman returned to Australia in December for the Sydney premiere of her movie Being Ricardos and has remained in the country over the past few weeks. She revealed on the latest episode of Fresh Air that she was back in Australia primarily to take care of her 81-year-old mum Janelle, who is very unwell.

Despite the speculations, Kidman’s return to Sydney was not related to a potential pregnancy but was due to her mother’s health condition.

Nicole Kidman’s Response to the Speculations

Nicole Kidman has addressed the pregnancy rumors on several occasions, firmly denying them.

In response to speculations about a possible “baby bump” at the premiere of her film, Australia, Kidman laughingly dismissed the rumors, stating, “No, I just have a little tummy,” and added, “My god, I just had a baby four months ago – give me a break!”. She further explained that she has always had a little tummy, which runs in her family.

Regarding her weight gain, Kidman has attributed it to her happiness and overall well-being. She has been open about her love for food and does not deprive herself of anything. She believes in eating everything in moderation and maintaining a balance between healthy eating and indulgence. This approach to diet and lifestyle has contributed to her weight gain.


Rumors and speculations can significantly impact celebrities’ lives. It’s essential to respect their privacy and wait for official announcements. As for Nicole Kidman, the journey as a mother continues, and the truth behind the pregnancy speculations is that she is not pregnant.

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