Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World

7 star hotel in world

It must be a wonderful fantasy for many of us to experience the most excellent luxurious hospitality the world has to offer.
There are many 5-star hotel chains like JW Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, etc. to offer these services.
The hotel rating system aims at star rating hotels based on their quality and the number of amenities they provide to their guests.
But what if you want more than that?
You must have heard of 7-star hotels that signify opulence and deliver outstanding experiences in hospitality.
Unfortunately, there is no 7-star hotel in the world officially.
It is a term, 7 stars coined by a journalist who visited the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, as he thought that the regular five stars did not do justice to its super luxurious hospitality, created the word 7-Star.
What we can learn from the hotels that have seven on the market is that they are a luxurious travel destination with the sparkling additions you can ever dream.
These hotels listed below are Top 10 most luxurious 7-star hotels in the world:

10. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

most luxurious hotels in the world
  • Price: $890 to $5000 per night

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur is a luxury hotel in the center of Lake Pichola, a majestic eighteenth-century whitewashed palace.
The hotel is one of Rajasthan’s highest-ranking 7-star luxurious hotels renowned for its elegance and international awards for its unique beauty and architecture. Taj Lake palace
The Palace was a summer resort for the former ruling King of Udaipur. 
The interior has a pleasant view of the hilltop and medieval garden studded with Bohemian crystals, green lotus leaves, and cuspid arches. 
The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and luxurious.
This hotel in India offers 66 rooms and 17 royal suites, all of them with Rajasthani royal style interior and a lovely view of the lake.7 star hotel in India
A luxurious Spa, three Indian and international restaurants, a small fitness center, a stunning pool deck, and a variety of open outdoor areas with lots of seating are also available for your convenience. 
Jiva Spa provides massages and beauty treatments of all types. 
This is probably the best place to live in the area with its prime location and spacious rooms and facilities.

Why so expensive?
Such a place is not even possible to imagine. Taj Lake Palace, which has been constructed over 200 years ago, rises like castles in storybooks from the waters of Lake Pichola. 
Emerging from the luminous waters of Lake Pichola like a luxurious cruise, this 7 star hotel in India evokes a true essence of magic and festive dreams. 
The unbeatable location offers the perfect setting for fine cuisine in Taj Lake Palace’s elegant restaurants. 
Signature restaurants serve a selection of cuisines.
‘Neel Kamal’ for genuine Rajasthani and other Indian cuisine and Bhairo to modern European delicacies for seasonally open air. 
In the evening, the ‘Amrit Sagar’ bar is the perfect venue for signature martinis, cocktails, and a grand collection of world-class spirits.

9. Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris

most famous hotels in the world
  • Price: from $1200 per night

This hotel is ideally situated for Paris’ best shopping and overlooks the Eiffel Tower the hotel offers you spectacular views.
The Suites directly opposite the Eiffel Tower, which is the Crème de la Crème, will certainly love guests at the hotel.
Most requested suites in the hotel are Suit no. 361, and 878.
The 154 rooms and 54 suites, which have an elegant Louis XVI decor, are synonymous with Parisian flamboyance.
Suite no. 878 has contemporary Art Deco style and retro furniture, in browns, beiges, and baby blues, 361 features a more classic French-style experience. royal suite
It comprises a living area, a kitchen, an armchair, and a marble-clad bathroom, all of which have a total area of 1400 square feet.
The living room features gray walls and sumptuous moldings to backdrop Louis XIV with rose-pink fabric upholstered chairs, two dark gray sun-drenched sofas, a glass-top cocktail table with details of silver leaves, a black tassel lens and silk curtains.

8. Hotel President Wilson - Geneva, Switzerland

best hotels in the world
  • Price: $400 to $80,000 per night

The hotel is one of Geneva’s most opulent locations facing the magnificent view of Mont Blanc on Lake Leman.
This magnificent Swiss hotel offers Michelin starred cuisine from the famous Chef Michel Roth.
Luxurious amenities include a luxury spa suite with a private Jacuzzi, sauna and Spa La Mer’s signature spa treatments, and a temperature-controlled outdoor swimming pool with spectacular views of the lake.
The Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is home to the world’s biggest and most expensive suite.
The suite is known as the Royal Penthouse Suite, which takes President Wilson’s top floor.
This Suite costs around $80,000 per night featuring 12 rooms, a huge dining space, executive boardroom, top-quality architecture, private elevator, armored doors, bulletproof window glass, panic room, and a private helipad suitable for an iconic celebration.most expensive suite
While in the hotel, a standard classic room has a price tag of $390 per night.

What makes this suite so special?
Guests staying in this super luxurious suite can enjoy other excellent facilities like a grand piano, a billiard table, the world’s largest TV, classical books, works of art, and a panoramic view on Lake Geneva.
This impressive suite is just like home, and it deserves the place on this list. 

7. Signiel Seoul, South Korea

7 star hotel in world
  • Price: from $1000

The world’s newest 7-star hotel located in the fifth tallest building in the world, Lotte World Tower that makes it the highest elevated most luxurious hotel in the world. 
Being a super luxurious (and costly) hotel in South Korea, Signiel Seoul has quickly established itself a 7-star reputation.
It has Michelin-star chefs for its restaurants and helicopter transfers for its interested visitors. 
Even if you don’t have the expense of other hotels mention in this list, here, you’ll get all this experience for an overnight fee of $1,000 in its comfortable rooms. 
During the visit, guests will have access to Asia’s biggest champagne bar and beautiful views of the cityscape of Seoul.
Besides, Signiel has comfortable and spacious suites, the fine-dining bar, 342 meters high in the air, relaxing swimming pool, and sauna display the hotel’s finest awesomeness. 
Make sure to include this on your next trip to South Korea.

6. Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

seven stars resort
  • Price: from $4000 to $55,000 per night

Laucala Island resort is the world’s most beautiful private island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji.
We can find this exclusive private island Laucala on 3,500 hectares in the middle of the coconut plantation, sandy beaches, green mountains, and beautiful natural surroundings. 6 star hotel
The island is privately owned and transformed into a unique island resort by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz.
Laucala also delivers personalized menus, with exotic locations either in the jungle, at a jetty or in the villa, or private restaurants.
The Delana Hilltop Estate Residence may sometimes be offered for $55,000 a night on prior request.
A one-bedroom suite with a private pool and direct access to the beach can cost $6000 per night.
We can find the real distinction of this hotel from the rest from the list in the privacy of resort villas on the northern end of the island. A smooth transition by living unsupervised creates a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere perfect as a honeymoon destination. opulent resort
For Australians or people throughout the southern hemisphere, this is the nearest 7-star experience option.
You can take part in events on the island, including a paddle with a transparent bottom kayak, an underwater submarine ride, or a golf game with a resident specialist.
Amid a fast-running chaotic life, this island is a superluxurious option to relax and experience the Polynesian culture.

5. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

most expensive hotel in dubai
  • Price: $350 to $11,000 per night

The Emirates Palace can fulfill an Arabian fantasy you may have by standing on your private beach.
Many of the suites by gold furnishings in this hotel are luxurious enough to have the privilege of royal Emirates and global dignitaries.
Private beaches, landscaping pools, 128 specialized kitchens, 114 domes with unique marble imported from 13 countries, and a private marina overlooking the bay, which makes the price tag of a room for $980 per night perfect for a once in a lifetime holiday.
The palace ground, which costs over $11,000 per night, is the most expensive option of the Hotel.
This 7-star Emirati hotel highlights the fascinating heritage of Arabia through its design and architecture.6 star hotel
A beautiful lawn with many ponds, covers approximately 85 acres of land surrounds the main accommodation palace, it’s a big hotel.
The luxurious rooms and suites, the superb food, the beautiful pools, and the beaches make for a one-stop holiday. 7 star suites
It looks like a magical realm with the best facilities in the world within your grasp.
The construction of the Emirates Palace is stunningly costly, with a budget of 3 billion US dollars.
The opulence stretches from the floor to the ceilings with twelve computer outdoor fountains, over 1,000 Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and a gold-plated coffee vending machine, even if you feel you are short of precious metals.
Gold is not only worn or used in furnishings but also eaten at the Emirates Palace hotel.
Every dish served is dusted by powdered gold from camel burgers to the cappuccino.
If you are tight in budget and can’t afford to book a room but want to enjoy this Arabia hotel, there is an option of Emirates Palace tour.

4. Four Seasons Hotel, New York

  • Price: from $1,095 to $60,000

With over 100 properties over 40 nations, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s foremost ultra-luxurious hotel brands. 
Four Seasons hotel in New York, on 57th Street, is likely one of the city’s most iconic, and at all times, the best choice for luxurious leisure or business trips. 
The Hotel is located on “Billionaire’s Row” in New York’s most prestigious address, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue. 
However, if there are too many would-be guests, its latest downtown sibling is an afterthought.
The guest rooms start at $1,095 per night, while the most luxurious Ty Warner Penthouse Suite (named after the hotel’s billionaire owner) costs around $60,000 per night.
Among the most expensive hotel suites compiled by CNN Cross in 2012, this suit ranks at 3rd position.
It reportedly took seven years to construct the penthouse room that cost well over $50 million to build.
Designed with natural light with panoramic views park and beautiful city landscape, you’ll be able to enjoy in serene luxurious, top above NY’s exhilarating whirlwind. 
Rooms have a vintage pine design, and a few have jaw-dropping views across Central Park. 
The Central Park Suite has a big terrace, the place where you can eat out high above Manhattan. 
It even has a lawn that appears over the Resort’s towering Grand Lobby. 
This enchanting restaurant with forest-like surroundings is a distinctive and extraordinary location for central New York. 
Choose the table in between the twisting, undulating trunks of huge African Acacia trees, and enjoy the heat dappled daylight which streams in within the morning.

It’s clear from the design that no expense was spared when placing in combination this opulent suite with artisan fabrics used together with Venetian velvet, Chinese onyx, Japanese silk, and sinks carved out from rock crystal. 
The arena’s costliest one-bedroom penthouse suite, Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, takes up all 4300 sq. feet of the Four Seasons 52nd floor.
You could have a private spa and as if that wasn’t sufficient, there is an onyx-clad, chromotherapy infinity soak bathtub, and a Zen Room with a waterfall cascading from the ceiling towards a wall fabricated from green bowenite semi-precious granite.
Peter Marino and the legendary I. M. Pei (who died last year at 102) designed the hotel.
You get Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur, personal trainer, spa treatments, and as much Michelin star food and champagne.

3. Morgan Plaza, Beijing, China

morgan plaza
  • Price: from $320

Morgan Plaza is Beijing’s latest masterpiece, also known as Pangu seven-star hotel, with five buildings inaugurated in the year 2008.
World-famous Taiwanese architect CY Lee designed this hotel (who also designed Taipei-101). 
This dragon-shaped luxury hotel is at an ideal location for luxury travelers, as it is near one of the world’s largest libraries. Pangu 7 star hotel (Morgan Plaza)

What makes this hotel a 7-star?
Because of its extremely impressive Sky Courtyard suites, the hotel is awarded the 7-star title. 
There are 12 Sky Courtyards, which are two stories and feature amenities like special pools and retractable glass roofs.
In the Pangu, 234 rooms fuse traditional Chinese art with contemporary European glamor, based on Feng Shui principles.
This hotel in Beijing has Standard Rooms with a pretty hand-packed price of $320 for a night (most cost-effective in our 7-star list).
But to maximize the most lavish experience, you can book a Sky Courtyard, an outdoor two-story private residence with a rooftop garden, a swimming pool, and a glass roof, which is Sir David Tang’s artwork.

2. Hotel Seven Stars Galleria, Milan, Italy

7 star hotel in the world
  • Price: €1,500 to €15,000 per night

Which is the only 7-star hotel in the world?
The Galleria Seven Stars is the only official 7-star hotel in the world located in Milan. 
The owner hired a company, to create a hotel, with the highest possible standards according to the European ranking, SGS to earn the title officially.

What makes The Galleria Seven Stars so special?
It is the most exclusive hotel on this list with only 20 rooms available, and you should be very lucky to book a suite. 
If you can do it, they can customize the suite to your personal needs as a guest, including bedroom, food, and background music, so that after your long flight to Milan, you can get over Jetlag.7 star hotel in world 2020
For shopaholics, this hotel is an ideal accommodation.
As by a private elevator, you drop straight into the largest and grandest shopping arcade in the world, Italy’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
The rooms and suites both give a magnificent view and make a perfect hideout to relax. 
The hotel’s exclusivity is direct access to the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci Museum. most luxurious hotels in the world
This hotel’s free pet service is exceptional, allowing your pets (if you have) to receive a luxurious treatment with chenille sofas, lunch meats, and teacup sets.

1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

hotel burj al arab
  • Price: from the north of $1000 to $ 27,000 per night

As already said above, the concept for a seven-star hotel came to life in Hotel Burj Al Arab

But Why Burj Al Arab is considered a 7-star hotel?
It’s difficult to answer exactly what aspect of Burj Al Arab, the sail-shaped hotel inspired the term, it must be something to do with the comprehensive Rolls-Royce Phantom available to escort (to receive you from the airport) and 24-Hour butler service.
In the most popular hotel in Dubai, the décor is as glamorous as its customers, with the space covering over 21,000 square feet in 24K of pure gold leaf. 
Helipads, gold-plated bedroom iPads, caviar masks are extravagant as are eight attends for every luxury hotels in the world
Located at just 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach, the Jumeirah Group build this monumental structure of the most expensive hotel in Dubai on a man-made island, and the exterior design resembles a sail of a ship. 
There are 202 suites, the most luxurious of which is the Royal two-bedroom suite, which costs around $27,000 a night. 
This suite has a private elevator, a screening room, a library, and an unobtrusive check-in system and Rolls Royce hotels in dubai, burj al arab jumeirah
Each Suite here has 24-carat gold iPads, designer linen from Egypt, hygiene items, and Whirlpool jacuzzis. 
Snookers, stores, cinemas, and private elevators are included in the upgraded suites.
Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world with free access to the Wild Wadi water park, a private beach, and beautiful panoramic views of the clear turquoise blue Arabian Gulf.

Many luxury hotel chains are doing their best to distinguish themselves as 6-stars or 7-stars. 
Name it competition or the essence of luxury that many 5-star hotels in the world have today have. 
Luxury is top here, facilities and other services are available here in these hotels. 
Entering their hospitality is like entering into real-life modern heaven. Who knows whether it will inspire and motivate you to complete any task ahead of you? 
Inspiration is always available for you to absorb the work of world-class architectures as it is always said: “art gives birth to another art.”

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

most dangerous road in the world

Nowdays, many automobile companies deploy modern, creative technologies to reduce accidents and enhance road safety.
In that respect, we will look at some of the craziest roads in the world and see how their distinct characteristics may make this modern technology is as useless as an inflatable tub for a skilled Olympic swimmer.
Whether you travel by car or motorbike, these ways always have a factor of threat constantly forming around.
Including freeways, expressways, dirt roads, mountain passes, etc. here is the list of 10 most dangerous roads in the world:

10. BR-116, Brazil

most scariest roads in the world

It is the second-longest highway in the nation at 4,385 kilometers (2,725 mi), stretching from the south of Brazil to the north, approximately parallel to the coastline.
Due to many accidents caused by the region’s unpredictable weather conditions, the highway is called ‘Highway to Hell’ or ‘Highway of Death.’
It is one of the world’s most dangerous roads, jam-packed with hazards to bone-cracking weather.
No matter how fast your car is or how strong your driving judgment is, as this path needs 100% focus and ignoring its lethality could be the biggest (or last) mistake.
Even if the driver drives the vehicle carefully, this highway has a reputation for taking the lives of most experienced people.
Every year, the highway records for thousands of road deaths.
It’s no wonder with horrible road surfaces, bad climate, and often dangerously close to cliff tops.
Not only that, police patrols are extremely rare, and tribes and armed looters often attack drivers.

9. The Way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

10 most dangerous road in the world

The meaning of its official name might scare people even before traveling this deadly path. 
Fairy Meadows Road is a 16.2 km long, picturesque, and hazardous elevated mountain pass in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region.
This road connects to the grasslands near one of the base campsites of the Nanga Parbat (Naked Mountain in Sanskrit), the mountain itself is nicknamed “Killer Mountain.”
The gravel road is unmaintained, there are no guardrails to safeguard you, and it goes so narrow near its end that by hiking or biking just next to the edge, you will have to cross it.
Nanga Parbat pass is narrowly wider than a regular Jeep Wrangler, and traffic to cover is beyond its capacity.
With one wrong move, the drops are notably deep and deadly.
Since it was constructed hundreds of years earlier by the Nanga Parbat Mountain natives, the gravel road has received no maintenance from the Pakistani Government.

8. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

the Atlantic ocean road Norway

This 8.3-kilometer-long expressway in Møre Og Romsdal is the Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway, or Atlantic Road.
It’s among the extremely deadliest and craziest roads in the world.
The highway was built in the 1980s and has become one of the most famous and frightening locations for tourists.
Imagine this, you are driving on a road where conditions are so bad that you are unsure of securely reaching the destination.
Driving during a snowstorm is certainly a frightening experience, imagine riding down a roller coaster-like slippery highway where you feel with the crash of each wave crash on the bridge like raging seas can blow your vehicle into the ocean at any given moment.

7. R504 Kolyma Highway ("The Road of Bones"), Russia

most dangerous roads in Europe

The 2,032 km lengthy Kolyma Highway links the towns of Magadan and Yakutsk to one of the primary highways in the Russian Far East.
Construction continued (by gulag camp inmates) until 1953.
Locals view the highway as a memorial place because there are buried bodies and bones the prisoners who died while constructing it.
While highway employees are trying to maintain it in a satisfying condition, Kolyma is still full of risks.
There is no asphalt because of the permafrost, creating a traffic jam caused by mud every moment the summer floods destroy the region.
Many sharp rocks from the passing vehicles slice tires and dust decrease visibility to close none.
Occasionally, rivers wash out the highway making it extremely difficult to pass in quicksand-like conditions.
The temperature falls to minus 60 degrees in the winter.
And the ideal meal for the wild animals living around is a cold, solitary tourist in a broken-down vehicle straight in the center of nowhere on the lonely R504 highway.

6. Zoji La Pass, India

danger road in India

Because of its magnificent landscapes, you must have fantasized about a bike ride on a highway like this, but the Zoji La Pass is seemingly the difficult mountain trail.
Located over 11,000 feet above sea level, this route connects the Srinagar to Leh.
The views one gets on this while walking is just amazing to tell the least.
Even with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, the highway can be impassable during and after a storm and can quickly get muddy if it rains, leaving it difficult to get through.
The region experiences regular stormy winds and heavy snowfall, making it impassable for much of the winter.
The roads are narrow, steep mountains, and there is no barrier between you and the abyss, even during bright sunlight.
This road is quite popular among bikers, and also one of the most dangerous roads in India if not the Himalayas.

5. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

craziest roads in the world

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is a high-altitude long (2,142km) highway that starts east at Sichuan’s Chengdu and finishes west at Lhasa in Tibet.
Also notorious for terrible riding conditions and sharp mountain-side hairpins.
Driving in the poor climate along single-track passages can be a big task for a less skilled driver.
Landslides and avalanches of rocks are common occurrences here.
Sichuan-Tibet highway runs through 14 tallest mountains averaging 4,000-5000m in height, crossing tens of big rivers, prehistoric forest, weak river bridges, and countless deadly intersections.
Oxygen is also scarce-at only half of that at sea level.
Here vehicles are stuck for weeks in the mud, there are frequent conflicts, robbery, harassment, and even kidnappings.
Make sure that you get your car fully equipped before you travel this highway.
A common scene on this expressway is the sight of wrecked cars spread across.

4.Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

most dangerous road in the world

The Taroko Gorge is a must-see site in Taiwan as it is located on the country’s east side in a 19-kilometer-long valley, Taroko Gorge is just one of Taiwan’s eight national parks.
If you are considering a road-trip on this beautiful highway, It is one of the scariest roads in the world; The highway itself is sculpted out of the face of the hill.
Also recognized as the Central Cross-Island Highway, the Taroko Gorge Road has hall the aspects that a safe highway should have except one — the road is very narrow and runs across the mountain’s face.
Only one big car can move through at one moment (such as a tourist bus).
The Taroko Gorge Road is a dangerous mountain corridor, like the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China.
Taiwanese guidebooks mention that it took 450 lives to build.

3. Complete Himalayan Road Network, India, Nepal,China & Pakistan

most dangerous road in the world

Road networks across the Himalayas are among the most beautiful roads in the world and infamous in locations for their bad quality of construction.
There are often unfenced, narrow, slippery mountain passes packed with crashed vehicles and tumbled over buses.
You can plan to discover risk waiting whenever you’re heading to the top of the world.
Some of the most dangerous in the world are the highways leading up to the Himalayan mountain range.
The famous Zojila Pass, Karakoram Highway & our top ranker are some of the Himalayan roads in this list.
The 11,578-foot highway, which lies on the Himalayan range’s lower level, is nothing more than a one-lane collapsing gravel path that covers some world’s highest mountains, with imminent death waiting for those unprepared to catch up.

2."Road of Death", Bolivia

North Yungas Road "Road of Death," Bolivia

It’s not a good idea to travel on a highway nicknamed “The Road of Death.”
The Road of Death, also known as Bolivian Yungas Road, connects La Paz to Coroico, which is almost 50 miles as a one-lane dirt road, with vertical drops of as much as 3,000 feet down into the Amazon rainforest.
Shockingly, there are over 200 hairpin turns on the road.
Almost 300 run riders typically died on the road each year continuously till 1994.
In places where unsuspecting people have plunged over precipices and crashed into the jungle ravines below, we can see many improvised memorials.
Fortunately, a two-lane paved road has now bypassed the worst part of the road, thus reducing vehicle traffic on the road.
But cyclists still challenge the Death Road, and unsurprisingly, some of them die.
We can almost consider the road from South Yungas to Cochabamba (North Yungas Road) is a death trap.

1. Killar to Pangi Road, via Kishtwar, India

Pangi via Kishtwar road

This gut-wrenching highway only applies to individuals who regularly drive in the hills and have steel nerves.
Killer to Pangi road is considered as the most dangerous road in the world.
This rocky, fragile mountain pass is about 70 miles long, open only during the summer months.
Especially deadliest is a six-mile stretch of road; rocky overhangs look like they might collapse on at any moment.
Local villagers built this road hundreds of years ago and haven’t been fixed over the decades.
This dirt-and-gravel highway is unstable in some spots, only wide enough for one jeep at a time and that too without guardrails.
A wrong driver’s move might send a car down a vertical 2,000-foot 90-degree cliff.
This mountain trail is so frightening that it is too difficult to see pictures or videos of people riding over it, the anxiety is like watching a slasher horror movie.

This list was for the deadliest roads according to its historical records and construction.
If you are a daredevil and planning to have a ride with your friends, please share this article on social media.

Top 10 Scariest Ghost Movies Ever

top 10 scariest ghost movies

I’m a regular horror film fan. I’ve seen all the stupidest supernatural thriller movies ever made, even those so-called scariest movies of all time. 
I used to watch them test my courage; Unfortunately, none of those flicks ever frightened me.
Nowadays, horror films are complete jokes. 
Relying on jump scares to distract you from the lack of quality storytelling, shallow acting, and dialogue so bad you’d think it was a high school goer composing a fan-fiction for English class. 
If you are planning to watch some new supernatural horror this weekend and are willing to explore beyond Hollywood,
Here are the top 10 best ghost movies of all time:

10. Conjuring 2 (2016)

best ghost movies

Scare intensity-5/10
Quality of movie-6.5/10

Conjuring 2 is an old school horror based on a real-life incident.
The plot goes like, 
A single mother with distressed children, poor, no dad, helpless, and downright depressing lives in Enfield London, witnesses the presence of an evil spirit in their house.
So they contact paranormal investigators couple Ed and Lorraine Warren to help them.
Later it is revealed that the spirit of the old man is manipulated by a demon that is more powerful and wants something more sinister from Lorraine.
The same demonic entity in Conjuring-2 has appeared in a prequel movie from the franchise released recently as The Nun (2018) but, the level of scariness Conjuring-2 as a haunted house movie offers is far superior.
Director James Wan brings here a masterpiece, which surely deserves a spot on our list.

9. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)-Korean movie

Scariest ghost movies

Scare intensity-6.5/10
Quality of movie-6.5/10

A tale of two sisters is loosely based on a well-known Korean ghost story.

What did I love about this film? 
Unlike Hollywood horror is it’s the use of mind-fucks and delightful symbolism with flawless planning and imagery.
There is no doubt this is a good film and an example of what the Korean horror genre can do.
The starting passes an impression of a slow and simple movie, which gives you a chance to think about what will happen and when it will occur. 
At some point, this inclination sort of vanish as time passes by, and you get interested in the story.
After some time, it reaches half of the film and very little of the story-line explanation, leaving you curious because of its strange narrative.
The climax arrives, and you stay involved, needing to know increasingly more of Sumi and Suyeon’s (both sisters) history.
All these narration results in a very well-balanced plot without overusing horror movie methods such as jump scares or splatter. 
This direction builds up the movie in a perfect joint with the bold dialogues of Sumi’s character and personality changes according to whom she’s interacting with, resulting in good chemistry that leaves you questioned until the last minute.

8. Poltergeist trilogy (1982,1986,1988)

Top 10 Ghost movies

Scare intensity-5/10
Quality of movie-7.5/10

What can you say about the film series that itself is cursed while filming. 
Known as the Poltergeist Curse is a scourge that is linked to this horror film series Poltergeist.
In many variants of the urban legend, all the cast members passed, while others claim three real-life deaths because of the curse.
In reality, just four of the actors died, two passed on startlingly, while the other two died because of natural reasons.
There are reports that unusual events occurred during the shooting of the three movies. It is unclear that the curse is true or coincidence.
Speaking about the plot, a Poltergeist in folklore is about the spirits of dead people believed responsible for unexplained noises and movement of objects within a home.
In all three film series, each recounts an episode in the lives of the Freelings, and horrific events they encounter with the supernatural.
No doubt even today in 2020, this old horror classic has to be included on the 8th spot in our paranormal movies list because considering past standards, it was ahead of its time.  

7. Tumbbad (2018)-Indian movie

top 10 scariest movies of all time

Scare intensity-7/10
Quality of movie-9/10

This movie has the most original story I’ve seen for quite a while, not particularly horror genre but more like a psychological thriller.
Writers set the movie during the latter part of British India, and the period setting adds a visual aspect of validness to the story.
The story goes like,
A catastrophe affects a young boy named Vinayak, his life-threatening encounter with a cursed cannibal old lady (his house imprisoned grandmother) who knows the way to get buried treasure sets him on the path of greed.
He tries to investigate the local legend of a god-turned-demon named Hastar and his gold medallions but stopped by his mother by swearing.
Now grown-up Vinayak (after his mother passes) becomes obsessed with uncovering the treasure.
Gradually, his obsession turns him into a cold-blooded opportunist.
Why I loved this movie?
Some moments in the film are grotesque, but you cannot miss the details they have captured meticulously.
The scenes on the screen are remarkably very impressive.
From the fascinating rain-soaked outdoors to the old ancestral home that hides over one disturbing mystery, screening shots are like an artistic masterpiece. 
Kudos to the Director and creative team for making this movie, which I think is the finest and scariest horror movie of all time in Bollywood (Indian film industry).
Various scenes in the film’s latter half unfold in a live womb (yes) of earth, and these portions are especially impressive for the sheer creative mind and imagination on display.
The ending will leave you in a state of sadness & dejection with a lesson on greed.

6. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

English horror movies

Scare intensity-7.5/10
Quality of movie-7/10

October 1994, three film making students disappear in the forested areas close Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary.
One year later, someone finds their recording.
The latter half of 79 minutes of the Blair Witch Project is “removed” from that recording, all of which is shot by them with handheld camcorders and a 16 mm camera.
The clips go like, after talking to a few people of local people about the Blair Witch, they go into the nearby woods to get a film of areas related to the story (The story includes a witch who steals and executes the two kids and grown-ups).
They get lost, and every night horrendous things occur. Sludge showing up on their camp.
At that point, Josh vanishes, and a heap of twigs is “delivered,” which contains what they believe to be parts of his body.
Finally, the two surviving filmmakers stumble (at night) upon a lonely, rundown house from which exhales groaning and shouting. They rush to explore the uncertain sounds.
Then, the camera falls to the ground and the credit roll.
While watching the movie, you will be in a continuous state of anxiety and fear with heavy heart beating moments between the scenes.
This movie had set a new standard for camcorder psychological horror movies, which inspired other classics like the Paranormal Activity series (2007-present).
But still, it is one of the scariest ghost movies by diminishing the concept of compulsively including a scary-faced demon or spirit.

5. The Exorcist (1973)

horror scary movies

Scare intensity-6.5/10
Quality of movie-9.5/10

Instead, to reveal the story, I’ll go with the execution of the direction and play of this film.
You have to see the Exorcist several times to understand the personas, get all the dialogue between them, and value the art and attention to the direction.
The more you see this movie, the frightening it gets, because the more you watch, the more you can comprehend what’s happening.
The movie stands up well to this day in 2020 because the director created and maintained an atmosphere of dreamy bitterness even in the quiet scenes, filled by scenes of extraordinary mental frightfulness and an absolute killer sound background that remains unsurpassed to this day.
Scenes never truly resolve or end as you expect that they should.
No wonder, this academy awards winning classic still manages to scare us and served as a benchmark among the Hollywood horror movies that were released after it.

4. Ring (1998)-Japanese movie

paranormal movies

Scare intensity-5/10
Quality of movie-7/10

Before you say anything, let me be clear.
Here, we are not making a comparison between Western and Japanese ghosts.
Comparing with its Hollywood remake movie the Ring, I don’t think the original Japanese horror version is that terrifying.
Yet, it builds a genuinely good sense of fear and is very deep in its storytelling.
As a cinematic entity, ‘The Ghost’ in the Western cinema has changed for years from its Asian counterparts in the way filmmakers choose to scare you.
Ghosts in Western films pop out at you, creating a gotcha moment, which is scary (for 2 seconds).
In days before this fashion, ghosts were unaware, shy to show themselves, and it was more like tension built up through the story.
Filmmakers ditched this method in favor of scary CGI faced, ass-kicking ghosts.
Speaking about the story goes it goes like:
Journalist Reiko’s niece is discovered dead alongside three friends after viewing a supposedly cursed videotape, and she decides to investigate.
Alongside her ex, Ryuji, Reiko finds the tape, watches it, and gets a telephone call advising her she’ll die in seven days.
Determined to understand the curse, Reiko and Ryuji find the video’s history and try to resolve an old murder that could break the spell.

3. The Witch (2015)

top horror movies

Scare intensity-8/10
Quality of movie-9.5/10

Earning the third spot in our best ghost movies list, The Witch is one of that movie-going fantasy horror experience which you will love.
Rather than relying on jump scares, too chiller graphics, or the shabby adrenaline rush, this film is like being on a roller coaster.
Director Eggers, in his remarkable debut, picked up the movie-watchers and transported them to 1630s New England.
The Witch takes as much time as is needed to mix the suspense and, expanding the demonic warmth until just in the last minutes, you understand how scary things will turn.
There are disturbing, even horrifying scenes early on, but they don’t surprise you so much as they build up a constant tension.
The story starts itself into your mind with a first, the unknown fear of something unseen.
It sends shivers down your spine with its harsh air of anticipation and sense of a puzzle that puts forward questions you’re not sure you want the answer.
I highly suggest you watch this if you are searching for realistic yet one of the scariest ghost movies in modern cinema.

2. Exorcism of Emily Rose (2015)

best ghost movies of all time

Scare intensity-6/10
Quality of movie-9.5/10

It’s often said, “theaters and digital screens act as a wall to differentiate between the real world and movie world.”
But when you see something on the screen that strongly resonates with what we know to be real-world, various thoughts, experiences, and emotions bubble up in your mind.
Especially if it’s horror, things don’t go very well for you. This movie is about a cleric who stands for trial for the murder of a 22-year-old young girl he performed an exorcism, because of which she died.
She is from a decent Catholic family, yet encounters satanic possession in college and struggles against the evil forces within her.
An agnostic lawyer goes to the support of the priest, while the government prosecutor calls an outreaching Methodist to accuse.
The interrogation comes down to whether Emily Rose had medicinal issues or if her indications of paranoia, seizures, muscle, and joint hardening, shouting, brutality, and inability to eat have no explanation on the physical, “scientific” level.
The story derives from a real-life trial that happened in the 1970s Bavaria with a girl named Anneliese Michel. The real story is grayer than the film.
Why it is a must see?
The movie storyline is grasping; It triggers consideration of the partial separation between religion and science.
Is demonic possession real? Does science answer? Does God exist?
The closest encounter we often have with ghosts (if real or not) is through a possessed person.
You might have heard stories of possession, and if you wish you could have seen a real ghost, this movie could be the nearest answer.
This is one of the most accurate, true-to-life supernatural yet one of the scariest ghost movies you could see.

Honourable mentions,

Before jumping top our top spot, Ill list some honorable mentions which we couldn’t include in our Top 10 ghost films of all time countdown but are worth watching.

1. Hereditary (2018)

Horror film

Scare intensity-10/10
Quality of movie-9.5/10

Hereditary is a movie that pushes the limits of what frightfulness is.
Its story is about a dysfunctional family dealing with the death of a member and lets the audience watch these individuals gradually crumble as grief overtakes them.
If you are going into this movie, expecting that it should be a typical horror movie, you will be woefully baffled.
The movie gets your attention right from the opening shot; I loved how the camera focused on the unpleasant miniature house.
The jump scares in this film will shake you since they are not your ordinary jump scares.
Which is normally a sudden silence followed by a dramatic noise and a ghost popping up out of the blue?
The director’s sense of priority cautiously delivers plausibly the best terror traps: the wide-angle shots, a dash of the paranoia, and simple yet effective sound effects.
It infiltrates each scene, and the audience isn’t permitted to relax at all. The last 15 to 20 minutes of the film gets serious (very serious).
And yes! Also, continued crashing with your psyche may trigger the PTSD you got from this film.
This movie never made into box office hits but surely is on the way to becoming one classic like The Exorcist & will shine in Hollywood history as top 10 horror movies of all time.
Make sure you are in a good state of mind and health before watching this movie.

If you like our best ghost movies of all time list based on supernatural horror, comment down below which one you want to see.
Also, If you want to challenge your friends, to watch these horror movies together, or alone make sure to share this post.

Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in India

biggest shopping mall in India

Everyone wants to enjoy activities, especially at the weekends, and options are often confusing to select.
Romantic dinner, a new blockbuster movie, lifestyle shopping, or music concert? Confusing?
Well, there is one place where you can enjoy all these activities, Shopping mall.
These days, malls in the country are gaining popularity among middle-class families, youth, and elders.
Compared to other countries, Indian malls offer people much more than a shopping experience.
A huge number of new malls are opened each year for shopaholics, the reason why India is one of the fastest-growing FMCG markets.
If you are looking for more than just shopping and movies, below is the list of top 10 the largest shopping malls in India:

10. Elante Mall, Chandigarh (1,150,000 sq ft)

best mall

Elante Mall is one of the most popular sites in Chandigarh. The Mall is part of the Nexus group of malls located in the industrial area of the city.
It’s not just the mall, but there is an office complex, a luxury hotel– Hyatt Regency, and parts of the Elante tower.
Elante Mall is also Chandigarh’s largest mall throughout the region, as it has over 1 million square feet of retail space.
It has two main gates, three basement levels, one ground floor, and three upper floors.
Elante Mall has a retail area with retailers and a food court and a courtyard of cafes of various Indian and international brands.
Its center has a PVR theater 8-screen cinema multiplex. On the upper floor of the mall, you will find restaurants, fast food joints, and a fun city for children.

9. Select CityWalk, New Delhi (1,300,000 sq ft)

largest shopping mall in India

CityWalk Select is a shopping mall in Saket, New Delhi, in the Saket District Centre.
The 1,300,000 sq. ft area comprises a 4-km multiplex, residential apartments, offices, and public areas, spread over 6 acres (24,000 m2).
Select Infrastructure, a joint venture between the Select group and the Aarone Group, has built the mall.
In comparison to numbers of retail stores across Delhi and the surrounding area, the Select Citywalk is a low-rise development that maintains the charm and character of traditional Delhi through the use of balconies and columns instead of a glass and concrete box tower.
Select Citywalk is one of India’s biggest mixed-use projects, which is being developed in collaboration with DP Architects (Singapore), by the label TCS Architects.

8. Phoenix Market City, Bangalore (1,400,000 sq ft)

biggest mall in India, Phoenix MarketCity

The biggest mall in Bangalore is the Phoenix MarketCity Mall.
Island Star Mall Developers Private Limited (IPM).
MarketCity complex features hypermarkets, small shops and PVR multiplexes, food courts, 5-star hotels, and retail amenities.
A large hypermarket bazaar and over 200 retail outlets are here to let customers buy quickly and conveniently.
PVR films can fit 2700 people and have nine screens.
There are not only movies, ice skating, bowling alley, rock climbing, and activities to let people relax.
Various types of events are conducted in the center periodically to complete the experience.
This is a shopping destination for retailers bringing under one roof the best brands from the local and international markets. The range of items here will thrill any shopaholic’s soul.

7. Sarath City Capital Mall, Hyderabad (1,930,000 sq ft)

No 1 mall in India

Sarath City Capital Mall is the largest mall in Hyderabad, with a total area of 1,931,000 sq ft.
Located in the city’s Heart, Sarath City Capital Mall has everything from Prestigious International brands to local brands that serve the customer in various ways.
The mall has AMB Cinemas, an Asian Cinema’s 7 screen multiplex, and the Telugu movie superstar Mahesh Babu.
Two large food courts are catering to almost 1000 people at one go, which comprises different cuisines and restaurants.
SKI capital, Tridom, Thalariya, and SKY zones are the gaming and entertainment areas for everyone.

6. VR Mall, Chennai (2,000,000 sq ft)

largest shopping mall in India

In the upmarket area of Anna Nagar, VR Chennai is a shopping hub with a capacity of 2 million sq ft.
VR Chennai mall is the biggest mall in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
This mall has premium stores, 10 PVR film screens, including a broad-screen PX[L] and many options for F&B.
Inside the mall, there is a contrasting universe of very well-decorated interiors, divided into six floors and 240 branded outlets.
You’ll find everything from suits, jewelry, boots, appliances, and home decor.
The mall has a fun environment for kids, PVR Cinemas for film lovers, and many options to keep your entertainment quotient high.
Step into one of the many food stores on the street, or go directly to Food Box on the third floor if you want to fill your tank after a day’s shopping and having fun.
The food court has every fast-food joint like momos, pizzas, burgers, juices, and grills to satisfy your hunger.
A co-work space, an open-air amphitheater, a boutique hotel, function rooms, and serviced suites also make up part of the spacious VR Mall, Chennai.
The malls are also pleased to host farmers’ markets on weekends, and the pop-up food stall, Popadum, which serves delicious local and international cuisine every Sunday from 10:00 to 7:00 pm.

5. DLF Mall of India, Noida (2,000,000 sq ft)

dlf mall of india noida

DLF Mall of India is the largest mall in Delhi, which is spread over 2 million square feet.
This mall is introduced in the industry for many firsts like, for the first time in India, the mall introduced the unique zoning concept.
DLF Mall of India provides a perfect mix of supermarket deals in an intelligently spaced mall spread over five acres and six floors.
Mall supervisors classify these areas like the lower ground floor of the market square, the ground and first floor for the International Boulevard, the second floor for The High Street, the third level Family World and the top 2 floors for Leisure.
Strategically located in the heart of Noida in Sector 18, DLF Mall of India hosts 350 brands, including 18 anchors, over 100 fashion brands, 14 fashion brands for children, and 73 options for food and beverage.
DLF Mall of India redefines how retail is viewed in India, with its sheer size, creative zoning plan, and convenient location with excellent connectivity.
The mall has over one hundred fashion brands and over 50 dining outlets since February 2016.
Delhi’s finest restaurants like Grill and Bar in Chili, Big Chill, or Mamagoto have special joints here.
Furthermore, the food court’s seating capacity can accommodate 1000 people comfortably.
The mall is a LEED Gold certified mal, which means it’s highly energy efficient.

4. World Trade Park, Jaipur (2,400,000 sq ft)

largest shopping mall in India

Located on JLN Marg in Pink City’s Malviya Nagar, World Trade Park’s total gross lease area is 2.4 million square ft.
The mall’s design is modern and received the 2012 Mall of the Year award. It has 11 floors and 1,100 car parking capacity.
Many high-end brands are in the store, including Nakshatra, Rado Switzerland, Tag Heuer, and Junarose.
The structure has two separate buildings, one in the north and one in the south, divided by a street of the city.
A bridge, which has small restaurants on it, joins the two buildings. World Trade Park Jaipur includes a display system in which 24 projectors create a single image on its ceilings.
This is the world’s first mall of its kind. BCI of India awarded WTP with “Mall of the Year” and “Best Architecture.”

3. High Street Phoenix, Mumbai (3,300,000 sq ft)

best mall in india

High Street Phoenix, previously known as the Phoenix Mall, is located in Lower Parel, Mumbai, and is one of the biggest shopping malls in India.
It has 3,300,000 square feet (310,000 square meters) of the gross floor area.
Located in Parel, it is a leisure mall with luxury brands such as Gucci, H&M, etc.
Besides the shopping complex, there is a five-star hotel, a multiplex, commercial space, and a residential tower in the compound.
The mall includes the Palladium, the SkyZone, and the Grand Gallery.
The largest 20-lane bowling competition in South Asia started here in 1996.
India’s first Big Bazaar hypermarket concept was opened at High Street Phoenix (then Phoenix Mall) in 2001.
Mumbai’s High Street Phoenix Mall is the city’s one-stop shopping mall.
You will find labeled outlets, food courts, clubs, cafes, entertainment zones, and a food court just like any other mall.

2. LuLu Int. Shopping Mall, Kochi (3,900,000 sq ft)

asia's largest mall, lulu hypermarket kochi

The largest shopping mall in India, in terms of the total area, Lulu International Shopping Mall, is not your typical South Indian shopping mall.
Located in Kochi City, Kerala, it has five floors.
Lulu group of shopping malls are some of Asia’s largest mall brands, not just the country.
Besides a food court, it has three restaurants along with franchises from the biggest fast-food restaurant chains, including Burger King, McDonald’s, and KFC.
There are plenty of arcade games, rides, a party hall, bowling alley, 5D cinema, and nine PVR Cinemas Multiplex screens in terms of entertainment.
It also has many other services, such as multi-Indian bank ATMs and a few foreign exchange counters.
It is also relatively easy to get to the mall as it has a direct walkway from the Edapally Metro Station.
As one of the country’s leading mall chains, LuLu presents the discerning shopper with an impressive range of renowned retail brands, dining options, fun zones, and entertainment events.
LuLu Mall is a diverse collection of retail offerings spread over 2.5 million square feet, with the stunning architecture of built-up 17-acre space!
The ultimate shopping destination has an outstanding collection of unrivaled global collections from any other Kochi or Indian shopping center.
Located in the city’s heart, LuLu will provide a refreshing experience you’ve ever had with a host of unparalleled amenities and services.
Whether it’s branded clothes or fashion accessories, jewelry or customized gifts, electronic devices, or entertainment options, multi-cuisine restaurants or coffee houses, LuLu Mall provides an all-in-one shopping, dining, and enjoyable experience.

1. Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai (4,100,000 sq ft)

biggest mall in Mumbai

Phoenix Marketcity is the biggest mall in India located in Kurla, Mumbai.
Spread over 4.1 million sq ft, the mall includes 2.1 million sq ft of retail gross leasable space.
It houses 600 domestic and foreign brand stores, PVR Cinemas with 14 movie screens, and 70 restaurants.
Phoenix Marketcity is a shopper’s paradise when it comes to entertainment, dining, and shopping in the city as the number one destination.
The mall provides the best international brands, deals, promotions, and holistic shopping experience for its customers.
With its fusion of fashion, food, fun, culture, and atmosphere, Phoenix Marketcity unveils for the whole family a new era for Mumbai’s shopping destination.

Shopping around metro cities in India has changed over the past couple of years and has developed. 
Indian shoppers moved from open-air shopping areas to modern shopping malls with air conditioning. 
India’s retail sector has evolved to embrace malls, establishing a mall culture. 
Planning for a shopping trip? 
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Top 10 Cheapest Places to Fly Into Europe

Cheapest Place to Fly Into Europe

As we travel to Europe, many of us who live in the US visit multiple cities and have the option of traveling to different European destinations.
But as airlines change prices quickly, how can we know which cities are the cheapest to fly to?
Not too many years ago, almost all discounted flights to Europe were to London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam at the biggest and busiest airports.
But due to lowering competition (airlines closing off) and increased fares amidst airlines, the times have changed.
For this, knowledgeable travelers can take advantage of different starting points for international flights to enter the European Union.
For those who don’t, we have created a list for the top 10 cheapest places to fly into Europe:

10. Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy

cheapest places to travel in europe

In the Milan metropolitan area of Northern Italy, Milan Malpensa Airport is the biggest international airport.
In Milan, the smaller of Alitalia’s two main hubs are usually cheaper than flying to Rome.
But flying to Rome is probably better if you don’t have plans to visit Milan.
Oddly enough, Alitalia never seems to have the best price.
The city seems to be better for low-cost flights in 2015, but largely because the Atlantic is crossed by the Emirates with cheaper fares from some cities.

9. Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland

cheapest place to fly into europe

It is the primary airport for central Europe flights and is also the nearest to the city center to ensure short and comfortable transfer times for passengers. 
The busiest airport in Poland operates 300 flights each day, covering a wide range of domestic and international destinations. 
It was a hub for LOT Polish Airline, offering services to O’Hare as well as from the JFK, New York.
If you love to visit the medieval marketplace of Cracow or to the impressive museums in Danzk or Warsaw’s green cobblestone roads or Woodstock Music Festival, this might be the best option for you.

8. Dublin Airport, Ireland

cheap cities to fly into europe

The airports of Dublin and Shannon are on opposite sides of Ireland, and both are Aer Lingus’ active hub, and Aer Lingus is among the cheapest European airlines.
Both are airfare prices that stay similar to North American countries (which is normally a little cheaper in Dublin).
Essentially, if you want to begin your trip to Ireland in Dublin, travel to Dublin and fly to Shannon if you would like to continue your tour elsewhere.

7. Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

cheapest places to travel in europe

Copenhagen International Airport has a median price for a round ticket from North American countries at around $800.
This allows US travelers to explore the white cliffs of Denmark, forests, deserted dunes, and visually beautiful-historical cultural sites without spending much money.
Besides being the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines, the airport also serves as the main port of entry to the other north countries, serving as an operating base for Thomas Cook Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

6. Gatwick Airport, London, UK

cheapest place to fly into europe 2019

The Gatwick Airport is a major international airport located 29.5 miles south of central London, close to Crawley, in western Sussex, south-east England. 
After Heathrow Airport, it is the second busiest airport in the UK. London has four major airports, and only one of them could have the lowest trans-Atlantic fares. 
The busiest and closest airport to London is Heathrow, but Gatwick is a cheaper option when compared with the overall price of flights. 
In reality, London had very competitive flights for the first time in several years, beginning with our tests in 2016. 
On low season days, you might get ticket prices as low as $300 from JFK to Gatwick, if airlines offer frequent flights on big passenger planes.
You might get relatively cheap flights throughout the year if you want to start your European vacation from the UK.

5. Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain

Madrid is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe known for its lively culture, magnificent baroque palace squares, bubbling fountains, tasty food, taste-bud tapas joints, and sunny parks.
Hey, and it’s also technically cheapest airport to fly into Europe with flights to Adolfo Suarez–Barajas Airport landing at just $950 round trip!
Visitors from some US airports, especially during the offseason, are also often able to see much lower prices.
It is the busiest airport in Spain or the 4th busiest in Europe, but Iberia Airlines is not the location of inexpensive trans-Atlantic non-stop flights.

4. Paris Orly Airport, France

cheapest place to fly into europe

Charles de Gaulle Airport is another of Europe’s best-connected and one of the biggest airports in the world, plus the main hub of Air France. 
But in terms of price not so suitable. As if your only aim is to reach France or Europe, Orly airport could be the best alternative.

3. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

cheapest place to fly into europe

Arlanda Airport is the major airport of Stockholm, the capital city of Swedan.
But the city center itself is closer to Bromma domestic airport, so naturally, its prices are just a little higher.
You can easily reach when you consider Sweden the next touring destination of European fantasy in a tight budget.
Over the last five years, Arlanda airport has seen a tremendous 30% growth in passengers, making it an important gateway to international destinations worldwide.
Scandinavian Airlines, United, Delta, or Norwegian Air Shuttle offer their services connecting New York, the latter of which will also provide services to Oakland and Los Angeles.
Arlanda Airport is the home base of Scandinavian Airlines.

2. Budapest Airport, Hungary

cheapest place to fly into europe
Hungary’s main international airport is the Budapest Airport, known in its entirety as Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.
Hungary is among the cheapest European countries to visit in the off-season.
Its 16 kilometers from Budapest and can handle over 11 million passengers per year while providing domestic and international flights with Emirates and Wizz Air, including flights to Dubai.
In the coldest season of the year, Budapest Airport handles all the newest low-cost airlines, including many American airlines like Delta.

1. Keflavík Airport, Iceland

cheapest place to fly into europe from us

Keflavík Airport, Iceland, is the cheapest place to fly into europe from the US or Canada.
Who can resist the attraction of the spectacular volcanic scenery of Iceland and its remarkably contemporary capital?
It’s also easy to get across from the fantastic destination of Icelandair and WOW Air from and off the list of flights to and from 10 major US locations: Anchorage, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, Newark, New York City, Orlando, Portland, Seattle, and Washington.
Keflavik International Airport is also the home hub of Iceland Air.

For those who are tight in budget, there are many cheapest places to travel in Europe like Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, etc.
Find the cheapest European city, then the cheapest airline option, and enjoy your vacation.
Please share this post with your friends on social media if they are planning for a wild European adventure.
For more options from your state, check this out.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Actress in Bollywood

most beautiful actress in Bollywood 2020

Bollywood is the second biggest film industry in the world after Hollywood.
Several Indian actresses have earned their place in the film industry with their charming beauty and bright acting skills.
In this post based on current popularity, here are the top 10 most beautiful actresses in Bollywood:

10. Sara Ali Khan

cute actress in india

Sara Ali Khan was born on 12 August 1993 and is the daughter of rich actor Saif Ali Khan and step-daughter of Kareena Kapoor Khan.
With her forthcoming movie “Coolie No. 1,” in 2020, she is all set to enter among the mainstream league of Bollywood industry.
Her first press release was in the magazine named Hello, along with her mother.
Once an obese lady, during her college days when she weighed 96 kilos, she is now a fit and a fabulous actress with a huge social media followers.

9. Kriti Sanon

famous bollywood actresses

Kriti Sanon is a professional model and cutest actress in Indian cinema. 
She started her acting career as a south Indian actress in Sukumar’s psychological thriller 1: Nenokkadine.
Kriti Sanon’s first Bollywood film was a romantic action film Heropanti in which Kriti won the Best Female Debut Film Award.
My favorite film of hers is Bareilly Ki Barfi with Ayushmaan Khurana and Rajkummar Rao. Her latest 2019 offerings include Luka Chuppi, Housefull 4, and Panipat.
Dilwale is one of the 2015 Blockbuster films as she delivered her best performance to date.

8. Shraddha Kapoor

most beautiful heroine of bollywood

Shraddha Kapoor, daughter of iconic actor Shakti Kapoor is one of Bollywood’s most popular actresses in 2020.
She made her debut in the Indian film industry with movie “Teen Patti” alongside Amitabh Bachhan, R. Madhavan, and Ben Kingsley.
In 2013, she made her blockbuster debut in the romantic film “Aashiqui 2”.
We can also admire the actress for her roles in “Haider” and “Ek Villain” in 2014.
Crime story Ek Villain (2014) and ABCD 2 (2015) are her biggest commercial successes.
Her breakthrough roles in many genres like romantic in Aashiqui 2, serious in Haidar, light in Luv Ka The End, criminal role in Hassena Parkar, and her latest energetic sensation, Street Dancer 3D in 2020.

7. Kangana Ranaut

best actresses in Bollywood

Its been over a decade since Kangana Ranaut has entered Bollywood graciously, and in the years since, her curly hairs have not been subjected to any beauty norm.
Her hairs could not find a fixed hairstyle that they could work easily, her experiments are ranging from curvy waves to her current cropped bob. 
Whether on the red carpet or at the box office, this self-made A-lister naturally wins. 
Kangana Ranaut was born in Himachal District in Mandi on March 23, 1987. 
She is also one of the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood. These days, we well know Kangana to have publicly expressed her honest views.
Kangana has been in controversies with her offensive statements and issues on Hrithik Roshan.

6. Anushka Sharma

top 10 bollywood actress

Anushka is one of the most beautiful heroines of Bollywood and wife of one of the best cricketer, Virat Kohli.
Speaking about her looks, she always had soft and perfect skin, and we can only love her as one of the most beautiful woman ever.
This sweet and bubbling actress has always been amazing, but her beauty has always won hearts and won the biggest number of fans.
Her rosy complexion and flawless skin, free from blemish, make us red every time we watch her.

5. Kiara Advani

most beautiful Indian actress

If there’s a single actress who had been in the news recently is Kiara Advani for her impressive performance in Kabir Singh (2019).
She is now has become a household name as ‘Preeti,’ winning many hearts throughout India.
Following her debut in 2014, this 27 years old talented actress made her appearance both in Hindi and Telugu cinema.
Advani also worked as a TV serial actress, starring as ‘Megha’ in Netflix drama series Lust Stories (2018).
Known for her minimalist beauty approach, Advani’s glow from the inside out, making her hottest Bollywood actress.
Kiara Advani is 5’5″ high, weighs 55 kg, and has 33-26-33 proportions. She’s so fit that many women are keen to know her secret.
She has a God gifted beauty and regularly works out her body. She tells her way of life is fitness and her craze for athleticism.

4. Parineeti Chopra

cute actress in India

The youngest and one of the most charismatic actresses Parineeti Chopra is working up from 5 years in Bollywood.
Her first movie “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl” was a box-office success making this diva enter into the club of most successful girls in Bollywood.
Her cousin sister Priyanka Chopra Jonas is among mainstream Bollywood beauties (now Hollywood) who have won Femina Miss India and Miss World titles.
Parineeti received many awards and nominations, including the national film award and Filmfare.
In Ishaqzaade, Shuddh Desi Romance, and Hasee Toh Phasee, Daawat-e-Ishq and Kill Dil, she played as the lead actress.
Parineeti reflects her cheerful personality in her silver-screen roles if you look closer, and after a similar bustling vein with pop colors, she finds her make-up palette.
Since 2016, she has been suffering from a career setback and is now hoping to resume the pause, with her upcoming biopic film, “Sania” set to be released in 2020.

3. Alia Bhatt

famous bollywood actresses

Alia Bhatt is currently one of the youngest and best actresses in Bollywood.
Born in the Bhatt Family on 15 March 1993, she is the daughter of film producer Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan.
Alia received one Filmfare and two awards in Stardust.
She made a debut in Student of the Year and has played in many blockbuster films such as Udta Punjab, Highway, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, Gully Boy, and Dear Zindagi.
You wouldn’t be far from saying that Bollywood has done right for choosing Alia Bhatt with her live-wiring character, including all these expressive features.
Being born into the top family, Bhatt claims to have her big-screen success, relentlessly delivering back-to-back blockbuster Bollywood movies in the years.

2. Disha Patani

Hot Bollywood Actress

She’s one of the hottest stars, and we can never get enough photos of her from Instagram.
Well, we are talking about none other than beautiful Bollywood actress Disha Patani.
Featured in Cadbury Dairy Milk ad in 2015, Disha Patani grabbed the hearts of many people (including mine), which made her soon come up with films.
She was born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, and graduated from Amity University, Lucknow, in Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering.
She is the only Indian chosen as Calvin Klein’s brand ambassador.
It is therefore not surprising that she has become a favorite among masses in a short time since she has walked across the ramp more times throughout the latest fashion weeks.

1. Deepika Padukone

most beautiful actress in bollywood all times

Deepika Padukone, the reigning beauty queen, is the most beautiful actress in Bollywood in 2020.
Often described as the ‘Dream Girl’ of today’s era, she earned the moniker in her debut film “Om Shanti Om” after depicting the character of Shantipriya.
Last year, she was the first woman to list on Forbes India’s 100th Celebrity list in the top five.
She was ahead of not just Singh, who is on No. 8, but Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Sachin Tendulkar & MS Dhoni, as the actress earned Rs112.8 crore that year.
On 5 January 1986, she was born to badminton player Prakash Padukone.
Her exceptional acting skills combined with out-of-this-world beauty sometimes made Deepika overshadow her male co-actors (main protagonists), including her husband.
Deepika Padukone has a wax figurine of herself at Madame Tussauds, London.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

tallest building in the world

Since the beginning of history, humans have tried to reach the skies. 
Living in big houses was associated with being at the top of the social hierarchy.
Even considering ancient worlds of the Egyptian pharaohs, they thought “the higher, the better.”
If you look up before at one of those iconic, landmark tower structures, you understand how amazing they can be!
The craze for tall towers started from Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia during the latter 90s and continues to this day.
You may the tallest completed buildings on this list before like Burj Khalifa, but it will amaze you to know about others.
Here’s where you can discover these skyscrapers for all their wonderful uniqueness.
These spectacular and high structures yet are proof of how far the techniques of civil engineering have gone.
According to Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, following is the list for the top 10 tallest buildings in the world 2020:

10. Shanghai World Financial Center, China - 1,614 Feet

The tenth highest building in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center tower is located in China.
Completed officially in 2012, this supertall skyscraper has a height of 1,614 feet with 101 floors.
It is situated in the skyscraper-laden district of Pudong in Shanghai and operates as a global center of finance and commerce.
Inside there are offices, restaurants, meeting rooms, shopping malls, and observation towers.
The tower has a trapezoid opening to the top and an aerial control function called Variable Air Volume (VAV),
Intended with a diagonal structure to mitigate twisting and compressive stresses from people inside the construction, wind, and heavy machinery.

9. Tapei 101, Taiwan - 1,667 feet

Taipei 101 has 101 floors, as its name suggests & once held the title of the tallest building in the world before our top ranker 1,667 ft tall. 
When it was built in 2004, Taipei 101 created headlines as its layout was innovative at that time for its earthquake resistant damper technology. 
From 2004 to 2010, it was considered the tallest skyscraper in the world until another building on this list surpassed its position.
We well know Taipei 101 for its distinctive green-blue hue, an illustration of postmodern architecture. 
Its high-speed lifts can bring a passenger in just 37 seconds from the 5th to the 89th floor.
While the building includes offices and hotels, it also includes plenty of observatories for visitors to gaze out of, including one at the very top. 
It also has lovely shows of fireworks every year on New Year’s Eve.

8. China Zun, China - 1,733 Feet

CITIC Tower (China Zun) is located in the Central Business District of Beijing, China.
Although it recently finished its construction in 2018, this tower is already sufficiently tall to make on this list.
In 2016, the tower became the highest construction in Beijing, and in 2018 building’s ultimate full height was reached at 1,739 feet or 528 meters.
The tower is meant to be the center of Beijing’s Central Business District. The CITIC Group is developing the structure.
Unfortunately, some tweaks still need to be created, and the building will be accessible to visitors from 2019.
It contains offices, luxury homes, a shopping mall, restaurants, and a rooftop garden.

7. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre & Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, China - 1,739 feet

These two structures together rank as the 7th-tallest structures in the world because of the same height. ⠀
One is located in Guangzhou, China and another one in Tianjin.
Both of them have an almost similar height of 530 meters or 1739 feet.
The construction in Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre tower was officially finished in 2016 while they completed the construction of the Tianjin CTF Finance Centre in 2019.
In the Guangzhou Tower, which is also identified as the East Tower, there is a shopping center, offices, flats, and a luxury hotel.
It also has the fastest lifts worldwide that can reach a vertical speed of up to 45 mph.
The CTF in the names of the buildings represents Chow Tai Fook since it is owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises.

6. One World Trade Center, United States - 1,776 feet

The tallest building in the US and the entire western hemisphere is the World Trade Center, with a height of 1,776 feet and 104 floors. 
Before it, Willis tower or Sears tower located in Chicago was the titleholder.
The final construction was completed in 2014, and its name comes from the former North Tower of the World Trade Center.
It was built to commemorate the terrorist attacks of 9/11, as respect to honor those who lost their lives on that day. 
Its energy expenditure mostly depends on renewable sources, including rainwater reuse, for this, we appreciate the building.
It also serves as a symbol of America’s determination, as during construction, people called it “Freedom Tower.”

5. Lotte World Tower, South Korea - 1,819 Feet

Lotte World Tower is a multi-facility supertall skyscraper located in Seoul, South Korea.
It completed its construction in 2016, stands at 1,819 ft tall. 
There’s even more to the building as six of its 123 floors are underground, which you can’t see at first. 
Lotte World Tower includes retail stores, offices, apartments, a luxurious 7-star hotel, and an observation deck that took 13 years to schedule before placing it in operation.
For visitors who travel in and look out the view, there are also restaurants, cafes and photo areas. 
The tower is built in a unique architectural design to resist earthquakes on the Richter scale of up to 9 magnitudes.

4. Ping An International Finance Centre, China - 1,965 Feet

The Ping An International Finance Centre is 1,965 feet (0.6 km) high in Shenzhen, China. 
The main contractor, CSCEC completed its complete construction in 2017;
There is a conference center, a hotel, and several high-end retail areas at the Ping An International Finance Centre. 
It’s also as per its namesake’s headquarters of Ping An Insurance.
There is a total of 33 fast double Decker elevators to move around its 115 floors.
American architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates provided architectural design, and Thornton Tomasetti handled structural design.
Originally, the building designs called for including an antenna. But designers eventually called this plan off because of concerns about flight interference.
This building has one of the world’s two highest observation platforms, 562 meters high, for those who enjoy observing from the heights.

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Saudi Arabia - 1,972 Feet

You might also know this building as Mecca’s Abraj AlBait or Jeddah Tower which is located in Saudi Arabia.
This building has plenty of inside amenities like a meeting center, an Islamic museum.
There are two prayer halls, a shopping mall, a Lunar Observation Center and a living place for 10,000 people.
Also, Its clock has the biggest clock face in the world.
The Saudi Binladin Group, which is the largest construction firm in Saudi Arabia, constructed the Abraj Al-Bait.

2. Shanghai Tower, China - 2,073 Feet

The Shanghai Tower, which stands at 2,073 feet or 632 meters, the second-highest building in the world. 
It also has elevators recognized as the world’s second fastest-moving elevator. Particularly acknowledged for the building’s “twist,” it gives the tower a funky and interesting look. 
Inside there are offices, a restaurant, shops, cafes, and parks, and there are also observation decks. 
As windows that are created with double-glass and nine main sections that contain a small atrium with panoramic views throughout the skyscraper, you can functionally get an amazing view on each floor.
Gensler, an American architecture firm, designed this building. Its original aim was to function for hotels and offices.

1. Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates - 2,717 Feet

tallest building in the world

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with a height of 2,717 ft (0.83 km).
Its Architectures intended the design primarily from steel and concrete by the same engineers were in charge of other famous Supertalls such as the Willis Tower in Chicago and One World Trade Center in New York City.
The construction of the building, finished in 2010, was a component of an effort by the United Arab Emirates government to change the economy of the country from one based only on oil to more tourism and service-based country.
Burj Khalifa has 19 residential towers with 30,000 residences, nine restaurants, shopping malls, and an artificial lake.
Burj Khalifa has 163 floors making it as highest floor building in the world.

On the north side of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Tower, formerly known as the Kingdom Tower, is a skyscraper on hold. 
They plan it to be the first 1 km high building in the world and will surpass Burj-Khalifa as the tallest skyscraper in the world but currently; it is the development phase.
At the same time, there is the Dubai creek tower (1300m+ height), which will be the tallest tower in the world in the future.
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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in California

There are many cities in America, each with different rules and a specific mindset of the population.
These rules and laws (both social and federal) can lead to variations of illegal activities in various states.
Analyzing states, California has led the country to reduce its population in prison during the last decade.
Criminal patterns between localities to localities vary greatly. 
You may know the present situation if you live in California.
Last year, 31 of the 58 counties of the State experienced an increase in violence, while 22 saw an increase in property crimes. 
The majority of the rest remained flat or declined.
According to statistics released by the State Attorney General, the most violent and property crimes were declined last year and continued to fall.
To ease the countdown, we have created a formula,
((Violent crime+(Murders*10)+Rape+Robbery+Assault+Property crime+Burglary+Larceny-theft+Motor theft+Arson)/Population)*100) for a crime committed per 100 people, based on data by FBI report on 2018 crime statistics.
These are the most dangerous cities in California:

10. San Bernardino

  • Crime rate: 11.1
  • Population: 217,986

San Bernardino may not be one of the state’s largest cities, but it’s one of the places with the least community safety.
There are 217, 986 total population in San Bernardino, and there is a likelihood of violent and property crime 1 to 77 odds.
Its because this region has no strict police protection and laws.
For years, San Bernardino was ranked one of the poorest and most dangerous in the nation, along with high crime rates.
If in this city you still want to live, District Scout says Devore Heights is the best neighborhood.
Cajon, Arrowhead Springs, Devils Canyon Road, and Del Rosa are also safe areas.
While the local police have tried over recent years to turn things around, San Bernardino is still a hotbed for all kinds of crimes.
If we consider the poorest cities in California per capita wise, San Bernardino ranks at the bottom.

9. Barstow

rates of violent crime
  • Crime rate: 11.7
  • Population: 24,095

It’s a dangerous, boring place and the worst city without hope.
Barstow is actually three times more dangerous than the state average, which is far higher than the national average itself.
One in 25 people in Barstow gets robbed every year.
What’s more? Its water is contaminated from rocket fuel from the nearby military base.
Barstow can hang its hat on being mentioned in several notable films, including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Hangover trilogy, not favorably, I guess.

8. Santa Monica

Most Dangerous Cities in California
  • Crime rate: 12
  • Population: 92,674

According to 2018 data, Santa Monica is the 8th most dangerous city in California.
Although Santa Monica still has a chance of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 19.6.
But its crime rates have decreased consistently in both categories in recent years.

7. San Francisco

poorest cities
  • Crime rate: 12.52
  • Population: 889,282

The second densely populated and fourth biggest city of California is San Francisco, with a population of 889,282.
Although it’s Northern California’s cultural and commercial center, it is also the seventh-worst city in California to live in.
Many people go to the bay area to enjoy the township and see the beauty of the city.
Every year in San Francisco, people in the city have 1 out of 18 likelihood of becoming victims of types of crimes.
This is far more than the national average of crime in the United States (4.9 per 100,000).
The Tenderloin region of the city has the highest overall crime rate, and the entire city is struggling with homeless people.

6. Red Bluff

highest crime rates
  • Crime rate: 12.58
  • Population: 14,315

The Red Bluff is situated at a location 125 miles north of the town of Sacramento, and Residents living in this town are prone to different types of crimes.
12 to 13 per 100 people are likely to be victims of property crime.
The rate of violent crime has also increased by almost 30% between 2017 and 2018.

5. Eureka

most dangerous cities
  • Crime rate: 12.63
  • Population: 27,174

Eureka is yet another small town with a very fearsome reputation.
You probably expect the city to be quite quiet with around 27,000 people.
Eureka, however, has a wide array of highest crime rates in California, and 1 in 13 of the city’s population are likely to suffer.
In California, 30 miles north of Sacramento, between 2017 and 2018, Eureka has experienced a rising rate of violent crimes.
This linked population has a probability of 1 in 137 being the victim of violence and 1 in 18.2 of being the victim of robbery or arson in 2018.

4. Signal Hill

worst cities in California
  • Crime rate: 13.29
  • Population: 11,711
Signal Hill is a city-based in the city of Los Angeles County, California.
Located high on a hill and completely surrounded by Long Beach City, the city is an enclave.
You have the potential to become a victim of aggravated assault with a probability of 1 in 187.
Murder, rape, robbery, and assaults are some of the violent crimes committed.
As far as property crime is concerned, you have a 1 in 16 chance from being victimized.

3. Oakland

  • Crime rate: 13.29
  • Population: 4,30,230

The fight against crime has become a losing battle in the city over the years.
Although the overall crime rate has declined in recent years, violent crime remains a major problem for the city.
Oakland is only California’s eighth biggest city but by far most violent.
This city is also ranked for most murders by city USA if we consider official murder records (70 in 2018).
1 In 78 of the residents are victims of assault crime in Bump city, a number that has steadily increased, is ridiculously high.
Oakland’s residents have one in 7.6 odds of being a victim of violence.
Property crime in this city is also on the rise, which means in the future, we can see Oakland up on the list.
You may wonder why anyone would live in this city at such high crime rates.

2. Commerce

  • Crime rate: 17.5
  • Population: 12,961

Commerce is a city in south-eastern California, Los Angeles County, United States of America.
Ironically, Commerce calls itself a “Model City” but is also one of the safest cities on this list.
But this town in the south-east of Los Angeles is highly criminalized.
The good news is that in recent years violent crimes have fallen by almost 30%, and property crime has also fallen slowly in 2018 to a 1 among 13.

1. Emeryville

  • Crime rate: 36.4
  • Population: 12,016

Emeryville is the most dangerous city in California.
It’s a small city in California’s northwestern Alameda County and located on the border of the San Francisco Bay River, in a corridor between Berkeley and Oakland.
Probably most people will be surprised to see Emeryville as California’s most dangerous town.
But this is the third year in a row, which was at the top of FBI reports (report analysis ranked it at the top in 2015, 2016, 2017).
It is also the smallest city on this list with locatation-wise nearness to the north of Oakland and east of San Francisco.
People face insanely high property crimes at risk of 1 per 6 residents (9 times greater than Los Angeles).
Fortunately, between 2017, and 2018 violent crime has decreased by 37%, but 1 in 70 incidents of violence is still disturbing.
The rate of overall violent crime or murder rate is “normal” compared to other towns.

There are many other towns which we could have included on the list.

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Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World

Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World

As upcoming artists take center stage, the wildly acknowledged musical style called rap continued to increase as well as established rappers break new milestones.
Many rap artists are at the top of entertainment, including many who have succeeded not only in creating and playing music but also in building and running their own companies.
There are some of today’s best-known companies owned and operated by these hip-hop artists.
Let us look at Forbes magazine’s recent release of the top 10 richest rappers in the world:

10. Snoop Dogg

top 10 richest rappers

Net Worth:

You can’t miss but observe Snoop Dogg when it comes to rapping. This year in 2020, he is one of the most popular artists.
In fact, he was nominated 97 times and won 26 times in various record awards.
Snoop Dogg has this lovely, enjoyable personality, which attracts fans from all over the world.
Even if he stops dropping an album suddenly, he will be an icon of the history of rap culture.
He has largely expanded his fanbase by his albums, concerts, and tours. But we shouldn’t forget that he is also a famous businessman and actor.
Snoop was the creative chairman of Priority Records and a pitchman for Airbnb and Hot Pockets.
While Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion or Snoopzilla, will always be one of the coolest rappers around, though he never drops new albums these days.
The loose personality of Snoop gives his marketing prospects a fascinating vibe to sell.

9. Lil Wayne

wealthiest rappers

Net Worth:

Lil Wayne is quite an incredible figure in the rap world.
While he was in prison for some time, he still succeeded incredibly to become among the wealthiest rappers.
He has more records than Elvis Presley on the Billboard Hot 100.
Wayne has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, which puts him right up there with the legendary Beyonce.
Lil Wayne went into the world of business, as did many other rappers of the industry.
He got its own clothing line, his own shoe line, and he also owns a flavorful cigar factory.
Lil Wayne has also collaborated with successful entertainers like Drake and Nicki Minaj.

8. Ronald "Slim" Williams

Net Worth:

Ronald “Slim” Williams is one of the richest rappers alive.
In his role as Co-founder of Cash Money Records with his younger vocal brother, Birdman, Slim earned his fortune.
Every Cash Money records have to carry a mandatory credit to him as an executive producer.
All Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Young Thug albums, which smashes the charts, is raking a serious amount of money for him.
It is no surprise that we know him as ‘The Godfather’ of the Label because of his elusive nature and a fat wallet.
And if you wonder exactly what 170 million dollars you can buy today, the list goes on:
Manhattan’s West 42nd Street 15,000 sq ft condo for sale, which includes 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, Lamborghini, Brooklyn Net’s courtside seats and a journey to space at its price tag for some fatal reasons.
Ronald Williams could buy two of these properties at $85 million.

7. Eminem

Best hip-hop artist

Net Worth:

Eminem is the best selling rapper of all time and is known as King of Hip-Hop or King of Rap music.
Unlike his mentor Dr. Dre, who has many incredibly profitable businesses, Eminem earned his fortune mostly by album sales, sell-out tours and performance fees. 
However, Slim Shady has worked just fine to ensure an extraordinary big bank account. 
The influence of Eminem in several hip-hop circles is incomparable, and his records continue to draw massive numbers even in the streaming era. 
His ‘Kamikaze’ creation surprise dropped from nowhere last year, reached the top of the Hot 100 Billboard, and went platinum–but musical success alone can’t earn anyone over 200 million dollars at that time. 
Going diamonds is seldom for an album, but from 2000 to 2002, Eminem’s albums did.
If this post wasn’t about the top 10 richest rappers but best hip-hop artists, Eminem would have ranked on top.

6. Master P

highest net worth rapper

Net Worth:

Before Diddy and Jay Z decided to become both businessmen and musicians, Master P (or P. Miller as he’s known at the management board) set the blueprint for the future rap businessmen.
He was the first highest net worth rapper in the music industry.
Percy Miller made incredible amounts of money while his record label No Limit Records, which was relaunched as New No Limit Records.
In that time he launched several stars that were striking while the iron was hot and released ten times more albums than before. 
In the late nineties, he signed Snoop Dogg for a 3-album deal.
He was caught up in TV, film, and even professional wrestling and broke into traveling, the real estate industry, stocks, toys, sport, car, and other industries. 
Winning no major music awards, he succeeded in doing all this. We could term him as king of diverse income.
Forbes assessed Miller’s net worth at nearly $700 million, which put him as the third-richest hip hop artist in 2009.

5. Drake

richest rappers in the world list

Net Worth:

Forbes just crowned Drake for making it into the millionaire’s club as the fifth richest rapper with a net worth of *****.
Besides the record-breaking albums which topped the charts, the Canadian star was profited from an investment in real estate and securing a place of residence at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas.
In the TV series Degrassi: The New Generation, he debuted into media as a teenager.
This early beginning in the field of entertainment may have opened his doors, but it was his pure talent that put him on the list of world’s richest rappers.
He is also the Toronto Raptors NBA team’s global ambassador.
His deal with Apple Music is big ($19 million), and he launched a whiskey company, Virginia Black.
The rapper earns a large share of his revenues from touring, record-selling, and endorsement from big companies like Sprite, Nike, and Apple.

4. Kanye West

Net Worth:

His accumulative net value is estimated somewhere near the quarter of a billion marks on paper, but Kanye claims he’s broke financially.
Credit goes to the launch of his own fashion line, or the running of G.O.O.D.’s music, that puts back 10 million bucks each time for every sellout event or brand collaboration he does.
For years he was recognized for his music beats, and since his first hit album, he ranked consistently among the Forbes list rappers.
He was capable enough to release his own record, besides started his career as an all-time businessman.
So far, Kanye has earned 21 Grammy and is one of the most globally recognized artists.
His Yeezy clothing line has just launched shoes and products in collaboration with companies like Nike and Louis Vuitton.
West works in architecture, politics (to some extent), design, and many other activities.

3. Diddy

richest rapper net worth

Net Worth:

Sean “Diddy” Combs started out with his label Bad Boy Records in the 90s, building his name in production and rap.
Initially, he worked with the likes of Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans. 
Diddy, with his smart business deals, owes much of his success to Sean John and Enyce for his clothing lines.
He has a 50% stake in the Ciroc vodka brand, owns an alkaline bottled water brand ‘Aquahydrate’ with the popular actor Mark Wahlberg and the tequila brand ‘DeLeón.’ 
We eventually saw him rise as the first billionaire recording artist in hip-hop history, with his recent major stakes in the multi-platform TV network, Revolt TV.

2. Dr. Dre

richest rappers in the world according to Forbes

Net Worth:

Dr. Dre is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, record producer, actor and audio engineer.
He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.
Thanks to Apple’s purchase of Beats Electronics in 2014, Dr. Dre gained a massive increment of points for the Forbes richest rappers lists.
Forbes estimated he made around 620 million dollars from selling Beats— a musician’s biggest annual paycheck in history.
After all, Dre shifted an obscene sum of money in late last year to a healthy amount of Apple’s stock.
In 2020, he could once again challenge his rivals for the top spot.
Add to this list also his own extensive music with years of royalty, and we have no doubt that he will join the billionaires club soon.

1. Jay Z

Jay Z net worth

Net Worth:

Shawn Corey Carter, known professionally as Jay-Z, is the richest rapper in the world in 2020, according to Forbes.
Although Jay Z is one of the most influential rappers, he has invested in many start-ups and established companies with his exceptionally good financial quotient.
He earns a beautiful package annually through a combination of clothing, music production, and rap.
Jay Z has worked with some of the industry’s most successful artists, selling over 100 million of his records.
He has become a businessman and has formed Roc Nation Sports, where he works as an NBA sports agent.
Jay Z is also an incredibly successful Co-owner of the 40/40 Club in New York.
He had not released a solo record since 2018 (Everything is Love by Beyoncé).
But his businesses earned him enough wealth to rank in last year’s richest musician in the world.
Also, he is married to Beyoncé, not a big loss, even if we don’t include his assets, $1 billion.
Jay Z and Beyoncé both combined are now worth 1.4 billion dollars.

You might notice that all these Forbes list rappers started out in the 90s, so was the introduction of hip-hop in the mainstream. 
Current generation hip-hop might have shifted a little materialistic side, according to many fans
Modern rappers talk much more about money, possessions, and finances than they used to do in the era of Gangsta rap.
What’re your thoughts? Let me know in the comments down.
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Top 10 Best DJs in the World Right Now

best dj in the world

We have seen different trends and movements throughout the music that changed the world forever.
In that Disk Jockeying was a subtype in which a Jockey would introduce an old song with a new twist.
Jimmy Savile was the first DJ in the world, and since then, we had many international artists till now.
Today, we will list down famous DJs who are ruling the genre for a decade.
We won’t be including music artists like Alan Walker, Kygo, and DJ Khaled because they fall into a diversified genre.
Here are the top best 10 DJs in the world in 2020:

10. DJ Snake - France

top 10 dj in the world

DJ Snake has brought the genre to the charts with his first hit in 2013 “Turn Down for What” song & is also nominated for a Grammy.
This Frenchman is at the heart of the electronic trap music genre.
He achieved his first initial mainstream hit in 2015 with “Lean On,” a multi-platinum, worldwide chart-topper featuring Major Lazer and vocalist MØ, before defeating the achievement of that song with Justin Bieber’s 2016 “Let Me Love You.”
The next year, snake released his solo track, “Magenta Riddim” which was an instant hit, following that he released “Taki Taki” featuring Selena Gomez.
This one topped on the global level that in early 2019 was immediately followed by “Try Me” and “SouthSide.”

9. Skrillex - USA

best dj in the world

Sonny Moore, also known by his name Skrillex, is an American DJ specializes more in Dubstep, EDM, electro house, and Moombahton.
He started his career in music around 2004 from a local band where he was the lead vocalist.
Around 2008, he started mixing & composing his own songs in which the first hit was the “Hate.”
This proved like a launchpad which was later followed by super-hits like Bangarang, First of the year (Equinox), Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.
Skrillex is also Grammy awards winner eight times, one time Annie award & two times MTV Video Music Awards.

8. Marshmello - USA

top djs in the world

DJ Chris Comstock (Marshmello) is an EDM producer and DJ.
Marshmello also is known as Dotcom and is one of your DJs making new hit songs by passing years.
He has a signature “feel-good” production style which makes him & his music completely unique.
He first gained international attention for releasing remixed songs by DJ duos Jack Ü & DJ Zedd, which eventually became a successful hit.
Marshmello is known for collaborations for a remix or composing with other musical artists.
Among them, almost all have been multi-platinum listed in several countries and have ranked in the Top 30s on Billboard Hot 100’s.
Some superhits include “Silence,” “Summer,” “Wolves,” “Friends,” “Happier,” and recent “One Thing Right” in 2019.
Many of his tracks are remixes, while others are original or collaborative productions.
This is part of what gave Marshmello amazing success.
He can take a track that was otherwise not friendly to the dance floor and transform it into a main stage anthem.

7. Hardwell - Netherlands

Hardwell performing in Tomorrowland

Hardwell is a Dutch electro house DJ originally from the Netherlands and works as a record producer and remixer. 
In 2013 and again in 2014, DJ Mag voted him as the number one DJ in the world. 
DJ Mag again listed him on number three position in DJ Mag’s top 100 polls for 2018 DJs. 
Unlike other DJs in our list, we well know Hardwell performing at best music festivals more than production he plays both his songs & remixes from other artists.
In 2020, he will be mostly performing in the Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn, and Tomorrowland. 
This Dutch DJ won first recognition for “Show Me Love vs B” bootleg in 2009. 
He founded the Revealed Recordings record label in 2010 and a Hardwell On Air radio show and podcast in 2011. 
Under his label, he has released eleven compilation albums and a documentary film. 
Hardwell’s popularity skyrocketed after he released his debut studio album, United We Are, in 2015. 
Songs like “Spaceman,” “Imaginary,” “Live The Night,” “Bigroom Never Dies” and recent “Summer Air” in 2019 are some hits recognized for him.

6. Tiësto - Netherlands

best dj in the world

Tiësto is a Dutch DJ also from Netherlands & record producer.
He was named “All Time’s Greatest DJ” by Mix magazine by-poll from Fans.
In 2013, DJ Mag readers voted him “the best DJ of the last twenty years.”
He is also considered by many sources to be the “Godfather of EDM.”
His first solo album, “In My Memory,” was released in 2001, which gave him several major hits that started his career.
DJ Magazine elected him World No. 1 DJ consecutively for three years from 2002 to 2004 in his annual Top 100 DJs.
Tiësto launched his radio show Tiësto’s Club Life on Radio 538 in the Netherlands in April 2007.
He has released his third Elements of Life studio album which was nominated for Grammy in the coming years.

5. Calvin Harris - UK

top 10 dj in the world

With the release of his first album, “I Created Disco” in 2007, Calvin’s career in the EDM world started.
The album’s tracks entered the top spot on the UK singles chart and sold 223,845 copies just in the UK.
This British DJ then published his second album Ready for the Weekend in 2009 after his excellent beginning.
After its release, this album again came directly to number 1 in the UK Albums Chart and sold 274,786 copies.
With many famous artists such as Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Example, Florence Welch, he released many more his collaborated tracks.
Now that’s what we talked about by working with the popular artist, he received a lot of fame.
In 2012, he released his latest album 18 Months, which just an instant hit in the EDM scene for this album sold over 923,000 copies in the United Kingdom.
This album gave him the biggest achievement in his life, making him internationally famous.
And now Calvin Harris is the richest DJ in the world!!!

4.David Guetta-France

david guetta dj

A French DJ, music programmer, record producer and sonic writer, Pierre David Guetta.
Over 9 million albums and 30 million solo studios have been sold around the world.
In the 2011 poll of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, Guetta was voted number one.
With his album, One Love from 2009 Guetta was a major success.
These included the hit singles “When Love Takes Over,” “Gettin Over You,” “Sexy Bitch,” and “Memories.”
Personally, he is my favorite DJ.

3.Armin van Buuren-Netherlands

best dj in the world 2019

Armin van Buuren is a top DJ in the world, record maker, and remixer known for his progressive house singles.
His six songs have become global successes for a popular radio series called ‘A State of Trance.’
The music impressed Armin, who was born in Leiden, South Holland.
When he was 14 years old, he began to create music and performed as a DJ in many local bars and pubs.
He started to gain larger prospects of music over a period. In the early 2000s, he gradually moved his attention from law to music.
To date, Armin has published six studio albums and is now one of the most famous Dutch DJs.
In the US, he is a record holder for the highest amount of appearances on the Billboard Dance/Electronics list.
In the USA he has also received a nomination for his song ‘This is Whatever It Feels Like.’

2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Belgium

DJ duo dimitri vegas and like mike

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Belgian brother group have been delighting audiences all around the globe for over 15 years now with some of the finest songs around.
The collaboration with Tomorrowland was key to their explosive popularity.
This made these brothers more popular in the most challenging music areas.
They had to tour the world and develop their activities, supporting productions and screenings with the support from Tomorrowland.
Dimitri Thivaios (Dimitri Vegas) and Michael Thivaios (Like Mike) were born in Willebroek, a tiny town in Antwerp, Belgium.
They shifted into Ibiza in 2003 and started staying in some top clubs on the island.
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s musical style is generally referred to as in EDM.

1. Martin Garrix - Netherlands

best dj in the world

Martin Garrix DJ and record producer from the Netherlands. 
He is said to be the world’s number one DJ, and he picked up music at the very tender edge to learn guitar and fed his passion. 
Garrix has a degree in production in Utrecht from Herman Brood Academy. 
Tiesto influenced Garrix’s performance in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 and expressed a desire to become a DJ. 
Martin Garrix began experimenting with progressive house music, tried to make this style, and distracted him from his patent large-room sound style. 
He had worked early 2015 on his track, ‘Forbidden Voices’ that was a blessing to his official Facebook page for 10 million Facebook likes.
Garrix is also the best EDM DJ with the highest followers on Instagram in 2020.

Honorable mentions,

If this list wasn’t about the top 10 DJs in the world, I would have included late Avicii, deadmau5, The Chainsmokers, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, etc.
I hope you enjoyed this list, comment down below your favorite DJ and please share this post on social media with your friends.
See you at EDC Las Vegas 2020.

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