Top 10 Celebs by Most Followers on Instagram

Most Followers on Instagram list

It is the seventh-largest social media platform, with around 1 billion monthly active users worldwide to keep up with our friends or to celebrate our favorite events.
With the rise in Influencers on Instagram, there can also be livelihoods (or some free things at least).
Each time we post another warm selfie, where else can our friends hype ours publicly?
Regarding popular stars, this social media network is a perfect opportunity to keep nurturing their stardom.
The application gives what fans need, their stars’ everyday activities.
Our generation has fully witnessed the growth of the network, growing numbers in the top Instagram followers.
This happens when celebrities on Instagram give us a sneak-peek at their normal daily chores with stylish outings.
If you are curious to know who rules this Facebook-owned photo-sharing world, here are the top 10 accounts with most followers on Instagram 2020 list:

10. Taylor Swift: 127 million followers

most followed Instagram accounts

The prowess of Taylor’s online popularity would be double. On the other side, she has the mysterious, hidden clues in her updates, like the Secret Cult, to communicate with her followers.
She’s one of Instagram’s biggest cat ladies with Meredith’s, Olivia’s, and Benjamin’s pictures floating around explore feeds.
Taylor, while quite privately, does not fear to show her incredible dance skills and cats on her Instagram when it comes to sharing stuff on her profile.
Taylor regularly shares some crucial insights about her new albums, titles, and much more. 
Currently she holds her 10th spot compared to Justin Bieber by a small margin.
We, as her fans, can understand that her life is flowing smoothly, just like the way we like to see her.

National Geographic
As we are talking about celebrities, we can not include companies like Nat Geo on our list. 
The 135 contributing photographers submitted almost nature 20,000 pictures, each with an amazing and meaningful experience from their journeys. 
Over 750,000 user engagements have been made for every picture on this site, giving an insight into what kinds of images and stories resonate around the world. These are tales that bind us from massive storms to curious animals.

9. Neymar: 133 million followers

Most Followers on Instagram

Neymar Jr. is our first soccer player on the list, and more footballers are coming up. 
He’s currently playing as forward for Paris Saint Germain F.C.
Not surprisingly, as football is one of the highest-paid sport, his Instagram stories are full of photographs with other stars playing football, hanging out with popular celebrities while enjoying a luxury lifestyle generally. 
Neymar’s enthusiasm displays down to earth, certainly. He posts some crazy trick shots and fitness videos but also shares some pics of friends and “bros,” as well as hanging out with fans.

8. Beyonce: 141 million followers

most followed person on Instagram

Beyoncé is an American Hollywood actress and singer who became renowned in the late 1990s as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, one of the best-selling girl groups ever.
With her pregnancy announcement in 2017 at the top of the list, it was the most-liked Instagram post.
Her page is quite “straightforward,” most of the shots from her appearances and professional work, with a few posts with Jay Z and children.
Bey is notoriously privately concerned and, unlike a lot of celebrities, her Instagram feed is not a deep window into her personal life.
But it’s a pretty reliable window to her best looks–which includes every look she shares.

7. Leo Messi: 143 million followers

Best social media football stars

Lionel Messi is among the best football players ever to have made the list of celebrities with the most followed Instagram accounts.
The Argentine footballer plays for the national team of FC Barcelona and Argentina, which has helped his team to lead to three straight football finals.
He once announced his retirement from international football, but he eventually rolled back his decision because of the backlash from his die-hard fans who wanted him back.
One of the most famous people in the world, his Instagram (which is not as active as others on this list) is what you could expect, shots of him, a glimpse into his personal life, and other activities.

6. Kim Kardashian West: 160 million followers

most followed person on Instagram

Kim is reveals everything (really 😉) in her Instagram posts when she doesn’t share her new fashion line selfies.
Whether it is her latest outfit that day; her sisters or her adorable children, she is showing her latest makeup collection of her own, Kim has a stream of stories that are always on fire.
Kardashian sisters, including Kendall Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie, Kourtney Kardashian, and of course, Kim are termed as Queens of Social Media.
She is probably quite similar to her family members’ popular Instagram accounts.
She sometimes shares her posing photographs and activities, and personal items such as old family photos.

5. Kylie Jenner: 162 million followers

top Instagram models

Kylie shows something new every time like the latest products from her lip kits to her engaging photographs with Stormi.
She has surpassed her elder sister Kim in terms of social media following on Instagram.
Kylie primarily makes a fortune, through different collections of Kylie Cosmetics (in fact so much that currently, she is the youngest billionaire in the world).
Additionally, there are around 24 million followers on her official brand’s popular account. We can see luxury AF all the time literally.
Kylie’s posts encompass the lifestyle of “Instagram,” with mansions, pools, private jets, and more exotic supercars than you can see in your life.
Watching posts from Kylie is like the dream fantasy you must go through after a day of runoff.
She once held the top spot for as most liked picture from Instagram.
Her account reflects on her private life and work, with plenty of the baby and her partner’s photos.

4. Selena Gomez: 168 million followers

best Instagram accounts

Selena Gomez might be the most successful Instagram influencer, but the actress revealed she doesn’t even have the app on her phone. 
While she once had the highest spot, despite not Instagram posting as regularly as other Hollywood celebrities, Gomez has remained popular since.
Selena is just not late as the most followed person on Instagram (this year, made her slip to no. 4 from the top spot) as many of her latest posts are ads and social media marketing for big brands with which she associates, such as Coach or Puma. 
Nevertheless, Selena has mastered the art of crafting ads, which also are some of the posts that you want to double-tap. 
She fell to number 4, but over 168 million followers are amazing by itself. 
While she sometimes posts about her new projects and the work she is doing, her pictures are both fun and carefree, which makes her even more loveable.

3. Dwayne Johnson: 172 million followers

most popular Instagram accounts

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reveals his incredible exercises or cracking dad jokes through Instagram.
Rock’s fans depend on his constant stream of enjoyable, personal stuff regularly.
We know him for inspirational posts, which give his fans every day, a much needed positive attitude.
The star keeps people up to date with his workout routine.
It’s an ideal Instagram as it should be if you are looking related to fitness or some eye-candy.
Our favorite WWE star’s body is ripped with muscles as hard it can be, that’s why we call him The Rock.
His selfie videos showing the adorable teddy bear sleeping inside the armor suit are another of his Instagram highlights (although perhaps less celebrated). Now that’s tough and cute.

2. Ariana Grande: 175 million followers

most followed people on Instagram

Ariana Grande would be a social media goddess in the world of Instagram. 
The pop music hitmaker is no stranger to the media, regardless of whether she releases chart-busting singles or boldly talks about their mental health. 
If she doesn’t share pictures of her Coachella Music festival acts or sets for the behind-the-scenes, she shares pictures of herself, friends portraying her goofing around.
Inevitably, one of the most famous and popular music artists in the world would be so popular on Instagram.
She fills her feeds with pictures of her success, other celebrities, and general examples of mainstream life.
The photo collection of Ariana is highly artistic, with lots of filtered pictures in black and white vintage style. 
She is also a natural professional master of publishing promotional pictures (concerts, campaign photos, and music videos).

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 204 million followers

who has the most followers on Instagram?

Take the most popular sport in the world and combine it with a handsome face with exceptional skills of that sport, you’ll get the most followed person on Instagram.
Buzz Bingo analyzes to show that he made around $47.8 million for paid Instagram posts, which is more than any other user in the world–and no other celebrity is close to him.
His closest rival in earnings from Instagram is Leo Messi himself (his closest rival in the sport), who made $23.3 million from paid Instagram posts.
He is the captain of the Portugal National Team and currently plays for Juventus F.C. in 2020.
Ronaldo often posts his amazing soccer tricks and all the great places he’s been to around the world.
There are many family photos, soccer photographs of him and a lot of pictures with usually good things.
Cristiano Ronaldo has most followers on Instagram, with numbers reaching up to 203 million followers in 2020.

Oddly enough, the most followed Instagram account is @instagram itself, with 330 million followers in 2020.
They intend their feed to show Instagram’s best and most interesting users and trends.
They are also promoting the self-production of their IGTV content.

These were the most-followed people on Instagram to give you an idea of how social media is slowly strengthening its influence.
It’s 2020, and the times have changed, including the way information gets to us.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the status of Instagram as the most popular (or most influential) platform on the Internet.
Whether its the best streams or the most faithful glams, which stars are the greatest follow-up to tell a lot about the state of pop culture–what accounts we have is the thirst for constant beauty shots and what makes us hit a “Share” button (like the one below 😊).

Top 10 Most Successful English Football Clubs

Football is an easy game played between twenty-two players and is loved throughout the globe.
But what makes Football the most popular sport in the world?
It’s an exciting game to play, and enthusiasts can play a quick game with their mates anytime and anywhere.
It’s a flexible sport with no requirements except a ball because even if there are no eleven-a-side number players, you can adjust it to something like a seven-a-side.
Speaking about professional footballers, at the end of it all comes down to overall prizes won.
According to overall prizes, won here are the top 10 most successful English football clubs:

10. Nottingham Forest

In the last football season, the Nottingham Forest team grabbed a total of thirteen national and international football trophies.
The club won a total of 2 FA Cups and a total of 4 Football League Cup and has achieved one English Premier League trophy until the present day.
Nottingham Forest once bagged the FA Community Shield and became the Full Members’ Cup’s winners twice.
The UEFA Super Cup was only once won by Nottingham Forest in its club history and UEFA Champions League twice till now.

9. Newcastle United

Newcastle United F.C. is among the biggest long-term sports team in English Football.
The entire population of the city supports its team profoundly.
However, Newcastle is also a club to be supported by everybody around the world as a strong team.
The roller coast ride to support the Toon is one of the best things football has to offer from its recent success to its wonderful history.
Returning to the Premier League, they still dream about finding an owner who will propel them financially back to the top table with Mike Ashley in charge.

8. Aston Villa

Aston Villa may be dropped out of the Premier League in the last ten years or so but was one of the first teams to win domestic championship titles and cups.
They have seven league titles and FA Cups for their first division, as well as a European Cup.

7. Everton

Everton Football Club is a Liverpool based English professional football club competing in the Premier League.
During their footballing career in the last 2019-20 football season, Everton was the recipient of 24 national and international football trophies.
Until now, the club has won 9 titles in the English Premier League and 5 FA Cups throughout its history.

6. Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs is an elite club that has long been playing at a top-level. In the UCL last year, they were finalists.
In the past 2019-20 football season, Tottenham Hotspur won a total of 26 international and national soccer trophies in its club career.
Two titles from the English Premier League have been achieved by the club so far.
Besides, in their club history, they have won a total of eight FA Cups and four Football League.
Nine times up until now, Tottenham Hotspur won the FA Community Shield and was formerly the winner of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.
In their club history, Tottenham Hotspur has twice won the UEFA Europa League.

5. Manchester City

The reigning champions of the Premier League. Holders of FA Cup and League Cup.
The British club comprises some of the biggest South American football stars like Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Ederson, and of course, the crowd-pleaser Fernandinho.
It is also helpful to know that they won half the last eight titles from the Premier League.
Manchester City has become the standard for other teams after a huge and sustained financial investment. ⠀

4. Chelsea

The Blues, undoubtedly a modern giant, funded in billions by Roman Abramovich, is perhaps the most successful English club last decade before Man United.
Chelsea has been the winner in the UEFA Champions League four times before and has once been the winner of FA Community Shield.
The English club has doubled the UEFA Winners’ Cup and once won the UEFA Super Cup.
Once in its club history, Chelsea has reached the UEFA Europa League.

3. Arsenal

Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club that plays in the Premier League, England’s top football flight in Islington, London.
In England, Arsenal is one of the three leading clubs since they are promoted to the First Division.
Even though they are far from winning the league these days, sometimes they still won an FA Cup.

2. Liverpool

In terms of trophies and the UCL champions Liverpool are Manchester United’s biggest rivals.
As of the last football season, Liverpool has won 61 national and international football trophies.
They are now the second most successful English football team on our list of the top 10.
So far, the club has won 18 titles in the English Premier League, winning eight FA Cups and eight Football League Cups.
Liverpool has been the winner of the FA Community Shield 15 times, and the UEFA Champions League has been won five times.
Three times since its inception, the English club has won the UEFA Europa League.
Three times in their club history, Liverpool achieved the UEFA Super Cup.

1. Manchester United

Manchester United acquired the first place, to no surprise. Even in the Premier League era, they are the Team with the most league titles.
Manchester United was not fighting for the title every season long ago but, since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, they have flown all over, but this has not prevented them from winning any additional Trophies, the FA Cup and the Europa League in recent times.
Man United, is without a doubt, the biggest club in the UK at the moment.
The red devils have developed an enormous global track record thanks to the efforts of legendary managers Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson.

20 Most Beautiful Russian Women

beautiful Russian women pictures

It is undeniable that Russia is home to one of the world’s most admirable, ambitious, and most beautiful women ever.
The best thing about Russian chicks is that they truly represent what a real woman is.
Most of them are independent, but they appreciate men’s masculinity, that’s why they are some of the most desirable women for dating.
We have carefully analyzed many Slavic women from the entertainment industry, business, and sports. It’s not a countdown because we have placed these beauties randomly.
Here are the 20 most beautiful Russian women in the world:

20. Ksenia Sukhinova

hot russian women

She was the second Russian woman who was rewarded as Miss World in 2008 and was previously named Miss Russia in 2007.
Ksenia Vladimirovna Sukhinova is the titleholder of the Russian TV host, model, actress, and a beauty pageant.
She is also known as Russia’s Paris Hilton and has bragged the role in a reality TV show, Dom-2.
Ksenia is a politician too, A member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Opposition, she’s beautiful and experiments with her daily style.

19. Irina Antonenko

hot russian girls

Irina Igorevna Antonenko is the titleholder of the title Miss Russia 2010 and is a Russian actress, model, and beauty pageant.
She was ranked in the Top 15 in Miss Universe’s 2010 contest on 23 August 2010 in Las Vegas.
Both her parents have been in the police force. She has played many roles in television series.
We look forward to her beautiful and lovely appearance.

18. Anna Semenovich

beautiful russian women

Anna Grigorievna Semenovich is a famous Russian singer, actress, model, and former competitive ice dancer, a blend of beauty and brain.
She retired because of injury from ice skating and later pursued a career in singing and acting.
Russian public well knows her roles and wonderful performances on TV.
The diva was also a former soloist of the “Blestyashie” group (2003-2007).

17. Natalie Glebova

hot russian girls

Natalie Glebova, the titleholder of the Miss Universe titles, and is a Russian Canadian TV host, writer, dancer, model, and beauty pageant.
Glebova had previously been crowned Miss Universe Canada 2005.

16. Alena Zavarzina

russian beauty

Alena Igorevna Zavarzina is a Russian snowboarder and champion in professional in parallel slaloms and parallel giant slaloms.
In the 2014 Winter Olympics, she is a bronze medalist, and in 2011 World Champion in the parallel giant slalom.
In the 2016/17 World Cup season, she won the parallel giant crystal slalom globe.

15. Daria Strokous

beautiful russian women

With her exceptionally gorgeous looks, this Russian model, photographer, and actress intensify the definition of charm.
She debuted with Prada at Milan, Paris Fashion Week in 2007, and immediately gained popularity in 2008 with the identifying from V Magazine as one of its top 10 models.
Daria endorsed and promoted many leading fashion brands such as Dior, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, D & G, and H&M.

14. Ekaterina Guseva

russian babes

Jekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva is a Russian film, theater, TV actress, singer, and meritorious artist.
Her presence in the 2002 Brigada TV show made her famous.

13. Kristina Asmus

beautiful russian women

Kristina Igorevna Asmus is a Russian theater and film actress who is popular in Russia, for her role as Varya in the TV series “Interns.”
In 2010, Maxim magazine termed her as the sexiest Russian woman.
Through her athletic background, her gymnastics was good, and we well know this in her body for her appearances in many sports.
She’s happily married to an actor named Garlik Kharamow and has a cute daughter.

12. Nyusha

hot russian girls

Yekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva is a theater artist, TV actress, pop singer, and Meritorious Artist of Russia.
She is known for her appearance in the 2002 Brigada TV series.

11. Xenia Tchoumitcheva

eastern european women

Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a Russian model, an actress, blogger, and a businesswoman known professionally as Xenia Tchoumi.
This stunning Russian beauty is an omniscient one we could say.
She’s been there in things now and succeeds in so many things.  Xenia is an outstanding beautiful Russian lady entrepreneur with drop-dead looks.
She has a Bachelor in Economics degree that brings us even more happiness. She has also engaged in many issues actively.

10. Anna Kournikova

russian dating

Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova Russian professional tennis player and an American TV host and is also best known as the girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias.
Her appearances and her renowned status made her one of the world’s most famous tennis stars, probably the most popular hot Russian woman.
She retired from playing professional tennis at the age of 21 due to some spinal issues.
This blonde has such a sexy vibe that even the King of Latin Pop couldn’t escape her Slavic charm.
After her active retirement, she now lives in Miami and lives her amazing American life with her twin children, Nicholas and Lucy.
Anna worked in films, magazines, and television series apart from being a tennis star.
Her high-profile figure draws millions of people to seek her pictures on the Internet, which made her one of Google’s most searched for athletes.

9. Marina Abrosimova (MakSim)

beautiful russian women

Marina Sergeyevna Abrosimova is a Russian singer, songwriter, and music producer, better known as MakSim, her stage name.
You might be surprised to know that she composed and sang the song “Doroga” for Russian Walt Disney film “the book of the masters” released in 2009.
She also dubbed as ‘Giselle’ in the Russian version of ‘Enchanted.’
This successful singer can easily take our hearts and mind away with those eyes and natural red hairs.

8. Yanina Studilina

slavic women

Yanina Sergeevna Studilina is a Russian theatre film star, fashion model, and TV host.
The fascinating actress has worked in various Russian movies and plays. She is also a good anchor and a symbol of fashion.

7. Valentina Zelyaeva

hot russian women

Valentina Zelyaeva is a Russian model on the cover of Vogue’s Spanish, Chinese, Greek, and Mexican editions.
Born in Moscow, Russia, she was still part of the Soviet Union at the time of her birth.
Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, and Valentino are among her runway appearances.

6. Maria Kirilenko

hot russian women

Maria Yuryevna Kirilenko-Stepanova is a former Russian professional tennis player.
She won the U.S. Open Women’s Singles in 2002, and her first WTA Tour title in 2005, to defeat Anna-Lena Grönefeld in China Opens.
She’s a seriously good tennis player and additionally, pleasantly hot and beautiful too.
This Russian tennis player was famous for British newspaper readers “The Sun” in the year 2008.
Maria was then known as the sexiest player of tennis.

5. Victoria Lopyreva

beautiful russian women pics in the world

The Russian host Victoria Petrovna Lopyreva is an actress, model, blogger, and titleholder of Miss Russia, a beauty pageant won in 2003.
She was the FIFA World Cup 2018 official ambassador, which was held last year in Russia.
Having over 3.6 million on Instagram, she is among Russian celebrities with the highest followers on Instagram.

4. Lera Kudryavtseva

gorgeous looks

This exquisite Russian is renowned for her intriguing anchoring. Her desirability and confidence make us wonder about her secret.
Lera was born on May 19, 1971, in Kudryavtsev.
In 1990, she married Sergei Linyuk, a singer with whom her relationship only lived until 1992.
Also, at 18, she had her first child, Zhan Lenyk (29). Then in 2004, she married Matvei Morozov.
And now she is said to have been in touch with Sergei Lazarev, a legendary guitarist since 2008.

3. Yuliya Snigir

hot russian girls

Yuliya, néeSiriskina, is a Russian actress and model.
Born in Donskoy, Tula Oblast, Russia, and graduated from high school number 20 Donskoy, she received a good education.
In pursuit of a good education, she moved to Moscow and went to Moscow State Pedagogical University Faculty of Foreign Languages.
She had her big break after getting an opportunity as one of the leading roles in Russian science-fiction blockbusters, The Inhabited Island (2008) and its sequel the Inhabited Island: Skirmish.
Yulia has become the brand ambassador of Mexx clothing and Mexx perfume and has now become the face of L’Oréal in Russia.

2. Tatiana Kotova

hot russian women

The prominent Russian singer, actress, and television star Tatiana Nikolaevna Kotova became very successful while performing in a girls’ band called VIA Gra.
She won the title “Miss Russia 2006” and was a former soloist in the Ukrainian female pop group’s Nu Virgos (VIA Gra).
Tatyana Kotova, majoring in economics and crisis manager (which sends shivers to me as a fantasy girl).
See her facial features! She looks like a real woman!
The blonde dominated most people’s hearts (including mine).

1. Irina Shayk

beautiful russian women pics

This charming lady tops the list when it comes to Russian girls. 
Irina Shayk began her modeling career after she took part in the “Miss Chelyabinsk 2004” beauty contest.
Irina has been featured for the first time throughout the Russian models on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and also of Armani Exchange Spring / Summer 2010, and the Kanye West’s Power video. 
She has an enormous 13.2 million followers on Instagram in 2020.
Formerly, the beauty was in a relationship with the best football player in the world, Ronaldo, and recently broke up with one of the hottest men in the world, Bradley Cooper. ranks her as an “Industry Icon.” 

While preparing this list, I randomized every lady mentioned randomly using’s List Randomizer, shockingly Irina Shayk was sequenced in the first place.
I didn’t want my viewers to feel that I’m biased towards popular beauty. I ran the algorithm once again, and the result was an extreme shock for me. 
How on the holy earth is this possible, except Irina, it changed all other numbers?
I have respect for the TRNGs algorithm and decided to go with the stubborn algorithm (Hey!, randomizing doesn’t mean shuffling).

Top 10 Gross Foods Around the World

gross foods

When you start a taste bud discovery of what can become fascinating dishes for a modernized American palate, the world is a diversified place. 
As strange as some of the dishes can be, many have profound ethnic backgrounds, some are the dishes of popular festivals, and royal dinners.
I meant no offense to readers who eat this food regularly this list is just for fun because after all, food is food.
What we may think as delicacy might be a disaster to our primate counterparts. 
Why people eat this type of food?
As we all can understand that before the grocery store concept or domestication of animals, prehistoric humans had to either farm or hunt their favorite foods.
As the scarcity of the animals increased, the prehistoric dishes diversified and integrated into the culture.
Some cultures changed with time, while some cultures preferred to stay with their traditional “tasty cuisine.”
Here we will list down some weird foods that people actually eat, and you may know some of them from the show, bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern.
Take this list lightly and enjoy eating for a foodie adventure, Bon appétit!
These are the top 10 gross foods around the world:

10. Cockroach Soup

disgusting foods

Finding a cockroach even nearby your takeaway meal might make you furious, let alone finding in your food.
But, some people might find it tasty, as gross, it may seem Cockroach soup is probably the most disgusting food in the world to eat. 
While you may feel disappointed to get a dead cockroach in your soup, some individuals consider it healthy and pay it to be included in the soup specifically.
Where you may find it?
Some countries like Madagascar, Southeast Asian countries and China
How does it taste?
It leaves a particular mild taste which I cannot describe in soup texture-wise you may feel like deep-fried burnt french fries that are too crispy if eaten immediately

9. Head cheese

weird food that people eat

It’s not simple to live as a peasant in the middle ages as you get leftover pieces of meat for dinner. 
So what to do when the head of a goat, sheep, or pig is all you can have? 
Make cheese with it! Head cheese is not a block of actual cheese.
It is a “food soup” produced of all the animal face parts that nobody wishes to consume and sometimes including feet.
Delicious isn’t it? A pickled version of Head cheese with vinegar is known as souse.
Where you may find it?
Everywhere, It’s middle-age peasant’s dish from Europe. 
If local meat groceries can provide you the ingredients, you can make your own. 
The only difference is that most people (almost none) eats them today.
How does it taste?
Varies in texture, depends on what part you got. Overall it has a strong cattle smell or taste.

8. Cod Milt or Cod sperm sacs

gross foods

Cod Milt, or Cod sperm sacks, also known in Japanese as ‘shirako,’ may seem frightening and uncomfortable, but in Japan, this reproductive organ is a cherished delicacy.
The squeamish adventurers will find it difficult to get past the strange-looking shape of milt, which looks a little like the brains of pigs, but if they do, they will be greatly rewarded for their leap of faith.
Where you may find it?
Japan and East Asia.
How does it taste?
Cod milt has a buttery, custard-like texture and taste, with a subtle sweetness to it.

7. Rat meat

bizarre foods

Rat meat is one of the gross foods that is a dietary foodstuff in others, while prohibited in some societies. 
Taboos include concerns about a disease or spiritual prohibition, but in many locations, people have incorporated this disgusting food into local diets.
This one is interesting:
If you’re not satisfied with eating rats, why not try eating after rat leftovers? 
In India, there is a rat temple of Karni Devi, and people from all over the world go to meet millions of living pet rats, believed to be adored ones’ reincarnations. 
Worshippers believe that the rats in the property are the goddess to whom they devote the temple.
Before entering the temple, people have to take off their shoes and carry some milk or baked goods for sharing with rats. 
It’s believed as a blessing from the goddess herself if a rat eats alongside with worshippers.
And don’t dare to harm any of these creatures because the temple has its punishment for harming them.
Ironically, the workers and all who lived around the temple survived the Black Plague, and to date, there are no recorded cases of humans contracting a disease from the temple rats.
Hindus believe that their rodent dwellers have protected their property against alien rats carrying the lethal fleas.
Must visit once.
Where you may find rat meat?
China, North Korea, and Southeast Asia
How does it taste?
People who have tried it say it tastes like chicken

6. Pacific Geoduck

strange food

Geoducks are weird creatures at the bottom of deep ocean water burrowing in the sand. 
They develop up like a tree so that their bodies can reach the ground layer and get some food.
None of this is particularly odd, and I’m aware geoducks have a great flavor, but they’re just about something. 
Perhaps it’s the term ‘Gooey Duck,’ which doesn’t sound pleasant. 
Or perhaps it’s the fact that they look like they should be censored by a big black box.
It may look somewhat familiar to some naughty heads
Where you may find it?
Particularly in East Asian and Pacific cuisine
How does it taste?
It tastes like a raw clam with salty oceany taste

5. Hákarl, fermented shark

grossest foods

First, take a poisonous shark. Then, cure it with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months. 
After drying, cut it into strips then, you’ll get Hakarl, the most disgusting food you will ever find in artics.
The strong ammonia smell makes many first-timers gag.
Where you may find it?
How does it taste?
The fresh shark’s acid contributes to the ammonia smell. Soft yellow hákarl from the shark’s corpse has a cheese-like texture, while yellowish stomach meat is chewier. 
Those who taste it describe the flavor from fishy and gentle to strong blue cheese.

4. Casu Marzu


Casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese produced from goat’s milk, sometimes referred to as maggot cheese.
But the manner people prepare it is what causes this dish so dreadful. 
Cheesemakers add the eggs of flies early in the fermentation cycle. The eggs develop and start eating for weeks.
As it breaks the fats of the cheese down, there is a unique flavor that many eaters to be “delightful” in taste.
Many individuals carefully remove the maggots at the time of consumption. Some adventurers may keep them reflecting maggots add an extra flavourful punch.
Where you may find it?
Italy and some parts of France.
How does it taste?
It has a taste like stronger blue cheese Gorgonzola with a somewhat stinky taste.

3. Balut


If someone put balut on your tray, you might believe that a hard-boiled egg is served. 
That’s until you open it and spill out an intact duck’s egg on the dish. 
Balut is produced when fertilized duck eggs are put in hot sunlight, regarded as a street food delicacy in several Asian nations.
The server holds the eggs up to the light after about eight days and inspected to make sure the budding embryo is ready. 
The eggs are then cooked and served with a salt dash and a few lemons juice squirts.
Where you may find it?
Southeast Asia
How does balut taste?
A good balut, including the embryo, is milder in flavor, and there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the embryo’s texture.

2. Gaebul (Live Spoon Worms)

crazy food

Whether cooked or raw, I mention it, Koreans enjoy their seafood, live. 
Spoon worms (Gaebul) are a type of marine animal that is very commonly found in Soth Korean fish markets.
Together with its supposed “turn-on” characteristics, the odd-shaped presence of spoon worms gained them the nickname of “penis fish.”
Usually consumed raw and live, Gaebul is generally sliced into bits of bite-size that keeps turning around on the tray before popping into our mouth.
Do you never know what else is there in this crazy world? 
Where you may find it?
How does it taste?
It tastes like chewy saltwater (To be clear, I never tried this dish and not considering to taste it).

1. Virgin Boy Eggs

most disgusting food

After reading about spoon fish, let me be clear this is an SFW post, don’t get frightened by the vulgar cannibalistic name of this dish.
By eggs, I mean real eggs.
A local delicacy in Dongyang, China, regular chicken or duck eggs are immersed in the urine of children under ten years of age. 
Egg makers gather urine from primary school volunteer kids. Locals are willing to pay twice for these bad guys with the notion that these eggs are great for body circulation.
We can only imagine what disgusting gross foods are waiting for you on the other side of the globe.
Be ready to stand for them–they charge about twice the price of an ordinary egg. 
This is also a way for young boys to ‘piss off’ adults.
Where you may find it?
Dongyang, China.
How does it taste?
According to people who have tried it mention salty-sour taste.

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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World

most popular sports in the world by participation

Throughout our lives, athletics or any physical activity plays an important part.
But the problem with the modern lifestyle is that we take sports seriously during the early childhood until the later years of our lives when we find it as a hobby, a boring exercise activity, or like a career to earn money.
Contrary to local physical recreational games played (like Mexican Basque Pelota, or Indian Kabaddi), there are some favored sports around the world that people love to play.
To describe popularity, we need several parameters. It covers the courts and stadium crowd, broadcast and online fanbase, follow-up social media, etc.
We can define popularity based on the number of funds available and the number of available endorsement deals.
Here are the top 10 most popular sports in the world:

10. Golf

top 10 sports in the world

Fans: 450 million
Love for the sport: the United States, European Countries, Japan & South Korea.

Golf is all about the accuracy of handling the club and ball. 
In golf, to win, competitors have to hit balls in the highest number of holes by using many types of clubs in the least attempts.
Golf may not be most played sport in the world but has a wide and a following that flows among the elites of our society like businessmen or celebrities, that’s why this sport (like cricket) is well known as the “Gentleman’s game.” 
It’s also a very calming game that is entertaining.
And it’s no surprise that in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, the UK, South Africa, and South Korea, golf has the largest viewership statistics.
Although golf ranks in the last position in our top 10 sports in the world list, it has the most income and the biggest prize money for the players. 
Anyone with skills like that of tiger woods can become the richest sportsman in the world.

Global Fan Base: In contrast to young people, golf is one sport that is more attractive to adult people. 
The international game has over 450 million followers, particularly in the US, Canada, and Europe. 
Golf does not fit well for the general public because of its accessibility.

9. Rugby/American football

most watched sport in the world

Estimated number of Fans: 475 million
Primary love for the sport: USA, UK, Commonwealth

Rugby is a physically demanding sport with two teams of 15 players each, attracting a large audience demanding a good dose of an adrenaline rush. 
Enthusiasts usually play this game in European countries and in areas where the British Empire took over.
Players can play American Football, a variation of rugby by two teams of eleven players on the rectangular pitch, which is known as football in the United States, and gridiron, in other nations. 
One team attempts to charge with the oval ball in hands or pass it to another player to run towards the goal post by tackle or takedown.
While the opponent team players will try to stop the charging player, at least 10 yards in four downs.

Global Fan Base: Worldwide enthusiasts play it as rugby, but majorly, it centers the fan base of American football predominantly in the US.
Football is the most popular sport in America, but in other parts of the world, this game has low popularity. The NFL in the USA is the most popular American soccer league.

8. Baseball

most viewed sporting event

Estimated No. of Fans: 500 million
Primary Sphere of Influence: United States and Japan
Baseball is another sport dominated by the United States, with five hundred million followers by participation. 
Back in 1876, the first sports league was established, and the game even today continues to grow. 
Indeed, on the street level, enthusiasts around countries such as the United States and Japan love baseball. 
Citizens in those areas love this sport, and many opt for a baseball career since childhood. 
The Nippon League and the MLB are Japan’s and the United States’ main leagues.

Global Fan Base: US, Canada, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

7. Basketball

most popular sport in the world

Estimated No. of Fans: 825 million
Primary Sphere of Influence: Global

Basketball is one of the world-famous and the highest paid sport with average salary around $7.5 million per year. We can again regard the United States as the birthplace of basketball. 
Basketball is an exciting and skillful sport because you develop skills through regular practice and exercise in your backyard driveway or open space. 
We can play indoor basketballs on flat and smooth surfaces while outdoor surfaces have a rugged finish to stand up against rougher conditions. 
Dr. James Naismith from Massachusetts started playing and developed modern basketball in the late 19th century.
Today, we have established basketball into one of the world’s most famous and highly paid sports. 
Michael Jordan could be a first-class example of professional performers who made his name globally synonymous with basketball.

Global Fan Base: There are around 825 million basketball fans. The popularity among the fans is primarily among the US, Canada, Philippines, Japan, China, etc.

6. Table Tennis

biggest sports in the world

Fans: 875 million
Regions where the game is played: Global

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is an indoor sport that began in England, and in which two to four players hit a lightweight plastic ball back and forth with a wooden or plastic racket. 
Nearly all sports clubs in all countries in the world play this game on an amateur level.
Table Tennis is not a sport with many talent display platforms, but as a hobby, we enjoy this indoor competition all over the world, and no other sport can compare with it in terms of sheer excitement. 
Besides, professional table tennis is limited to countries such as Indonesia, China, India, and Malaysia. 

Global Fan Base: Table tennis enthusiasts are spread across the globe. 
The community of over 875 million fans all over the world is large, with millions of hobbyists, amateur players, and professional table tennis players.

5. Volleyball

world famous sports

No. of Fans: 900 million 
Fanbase regions: Western Europe, North America.

Our favorite beach game with friends is here. Another US origin game of the late 19th century is yet very simple, but an exciting game and places specific needs on the player’s physical strength and engagement.
Approximately 900 million people worldwide regularly play volleyball. Enthusiasts typically play this sport both in the indoor stadium or outdoor field.
It is the fifth most popular sport with the many registered affiliates federations.
Volleyball, with few and strict rules, is an incredibly easy & enjoyable game.
It’s all a ball and a net you like. Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games launched volleyball in the Olympic Games in 1964, and its transition on the beach was a significant kick-off for its sped up popularity growth worldwide.

4. Tennis

most popular sport in the world

No. of Fans: 1 billion
Demography of fans: Global

Lawn tennis matches attract the crowd with spiking popularity when the tournaments begin, which also makes it the first entry to our top 10 sports list that hits a billion in the number of followers.
The doubles variant of the sport (2 players vs 2 players) is also very famous worldwide.
The game is played in all Asian, African, Oceania, Hispanic and North American nations. 
Some top tournaments include the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon Championships, and the USA were the four Grand Slam tournaments. 
The game is developing at a quick rate in Asia, and it won’t be surprised to see that tennis ranking higher in the future.

Fan base: Tennis has a large worldwide fan base. Although in developed countries it is more widespread than in developing countries. 
Tennis superstars, such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, are well-known worldwide, attracting hundreds of millions of fans around the globe towards the sport.

3. Field hockey

top 10 sports in the world

Estimated No. of Fans: 2 billion
Influence: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia

It has been around since the 3rd century BC, and the performers have transformed playing rules styles overtime accordingly.
Field hockey attracts fans from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
For many young people, this growing sport has become a mainstream obsession.
We can play it on several types of surfaces, including dirt, grass, and floor, which provide a variety of game styles.
The specifications for field hockey depend on the level of play, but the equipment used is the same.
A very popular sport in the commonwealth, it has similar gameplay and rules as that of football.
But the only difference is that the ball is much smaller, guided by an unusually J shaped bat rather than the player’s feet.
If we include other variations like ice hockey or Floorball, overall hockey could be the most popular sport in the world.

2. Cricket

cricket popularity

Estimated No. of Fans: 2.5 billion
Sphere of Influence: the UK, Commonwealth countries like India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, etc.

Ranking second between the top two was a difficult task, as the sheer fan following between these two competitive games is very high.
The game has a fan-base that records 2.5 billion people worldwide. But also, there are many countries in which people do not know what cricket is. 
The Indian subcontinent, South Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom are the countries where cricket is the most played, both on-street and professional levels.
India Pakistan’s long-time rivalry is not just limited to sport and is one of the world’s most-watched competitions worldwide, followed by the FIFA World Cup Final and the Spanish el-Clasico. 
Cricket is like a life-and-death issue for the fans and the players in the areas in which they play it.
The four-year Cricket World Cup is known to be a highly watched and expensive global event each year, and the best team on all occasions is Australia, England, and India.
While some global superstars who are also the richest cricketers in the world rank in this sports rank among top global athletes.

Global Fan Base: Cricket’s fan base is limited to certain nations. This sport is not that popular in the US, most of Europe and most of Asia. 
Yet, people from some major nations play this game with the utmost joy. Cricket has the world’s second-largest number of fans, with about 2 to 3 billion people. 
In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, and in Australia, cricket is the most-watched sport (sometimes only watched sport). 
Around 2.5 million people worldwide viewed their TVs in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

1. Football

most viewed sports in the world

Estimated No. of Fans: 4 billion
Sphere of Influence: Global

Okay, the most famous and most-watched sport in the world, association football or soccer, shouldn’t be a shock.
Many historians say it started in China, whereas others suggest that the Greeks and the Romans invented the game. 
However, to the modern interpretation of the play, we can trace it back to England, which is the sport of today. 
The number of followers has been so high that every second person in the world is a fan of football, mainly because it only needs a ball and a decent ground.

Global Fan Base: The number of people who actively follow the sport who track their global and regional tournaments is unimaginable.
If we consider overall statistics, Soccer is the biggest sport in the world.
Football is undoubtedly the king when it comes to TV viewing. Top football players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are global star icons, and there is no denying considering their global popularity (both rank as most followed Instagrammers).
If there is any local or international rivalry, billions of soccer fans around the world are doodling on their TVs to give you an idea of the popularity of the sport. 
The same applies to the world’s biggest club competitions and champion leagues.

There are around 8000 officially recognized sports around the globe and uncountable unofficial ones.
So which sport is the best?
All sports are best as long as you are having physical exercise while you enjoy it.
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Top 10 Best Tequila Brands in India

Tequila Brands in India

Tequila is an exotic drink made from Blue Agave Plant extract, primarily originated in Mexico. 
For drinkers of all ages, love for Tequila continues.
Tequila arrives in a variety of distinct colors from a pure, clear distilled beverage to a dark brown color. 
The color differs according to the aging process, and the wood used for storing. 
This beverage has never been on average India’s consumer collection, but it occupies a unique place in the country’s hearts of fine spirits connoisseurs.
Tequila is usually taken neatly in Mexico. By law, it can only be made in Jalisco state and can be enjoyed as shots with lemon or in cocktail form. 
Which makes this drink costly, that’s why individuals prefer to avoid drinking it outside in bars or restaurants.
If you are planning a trip to Goa or want to try something new to tingle your taste buds we have listed the best tequila brands in India with price:

10. Montejima Reposado Tequila

Tequila Brands in India


Originating in Mexico, the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits awarded Double Gold medal to Montejima Reposado.
It is one of India’s popular tequila brands, beautifully mixed with wood and vanilla, and is rich in flavor.
For nearly two months, makers keep the solution in oak barrels. The wonderful blend and its fruity flavor create it unique.

9. El Agave Blanco Tequila

tequila brands and prices


The triple distillation process produces exceptional, transparent, and clear El Agave Blanco tequila.
Its flavor is exceptional as the distillation process of the roasting method as component brick ovens extents its Mexican essence with a smooth finish and rich luxurious taste that is unforgettable.
Also, it has a quite affordable price ranging from 1800 to 2000 rupees in India, which you cannot resist.

8. Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila

Price~1500/- for 750ml

Made by 100% Blue Weber Agave from the Los Altos region in Jalisco’s central area, Piedra Azul Tequila Reposado is distilled in Tototlan’s century-old La Madrileña.
Aging in oak for a minimum of four months, distillers make Piedra Azul Reposado exhibit light, sweet flavors of vanilla and honey blended with fresh citrus and a smooth, clean texture.
Piedra Azul Reposado is also a flavorful addition to any premium cocktail, delightful to sip on its own.

7. XXX Siglo Treinta

tequila brands in india with price

Price~2600/- for 750ml

Many enthusiasts love the strong taste then XXX Siglo is an ideal option for the perfect kick to taste buds.
Once you open the bottle, the unique aroma of Blue Agave will surely attract you to go for a sip to enjoy this exotic drink choice.
XXX Siglo Treinta’s original essence, embedded tightly in the core of the best Blue Agave, made by slowly boiling in stone ovens that produce the delightful honey flavor that for decades has been characteristic of Mexico’s culture.
You’ll get wild kick after taking a sip, full-flavored with a touch of caramel.
Its initial smoothness and a high kick through mouth and throat will make you enjoy all the fire without burning sensation.

6. Blue Head Blanco

tequila brands in india with price

Price~3150/- for 750ml

Blue Head Blanco Tequila by Tequilera Las Juntas is a perfect choice if you go for your tequila shots with slow sips for the sweet and oak-based taste.
You will certainly enjoy the intense and citrus earthy notes to only order you some more shots after the first sip.
Blue Head Silver Blanco Agave is my favourite tequila with affordable cheap price and premium taste.

5. U4RIK Tequila Añejo

Tequila Brands in India

Price~3300/- for 750ml

U4RIK Anejo Tequila has a wonderful, smooth and flavorful balance as distillers age this tequila in specially selected oak barrels for at least two years. 
It has almost floral pine notes that complement the sugar-rich agave and a one-dimensional taste with a familiarity of whiskey. 
U4RIK is the 2-time winner in the Best Spirit Competition competition in the world.

4. Riazul Premium Añejo Tequila

Tequila Brands in India

Price~4000/- for 750ml

After two distillation processes, Riazul Premium Anejo tequila is 100% agave and stored in French white oak wood barrels.
This tequila has an added rich French flavor mixed with marzipan, oak, espresso, butter toffee, and a touch of cinnamon and clove.
We should designate this tequila as a French drink a top world taste.

3. Asombroso Silver Tequila

Silver Tequila

Price~4000/- for 750ml

It is a type of tequila that does not require a combination of salt, lemon, or cocktail.
Indeed, one can feel that these additions would be unfair to this truly refined experience of agave.
The flavor is fantastic, and the taste is amazing, and smooth texture results from the care that goes while brewing.
Drinking the Asom Broso Silver Tequila is an experience varying from the first punch of fennel, licorice, anise, and dried herbs to the toast and mellow finish.
Aeration brings out notes of chocolate, olive brine, rye bread, and green olive.

2. El Capo Extra-Aged Añejo Tequila

Is tequila made in India?

Price~11250/- for 750ml

Forgive me for including this high-priced tequila brand, but I can’t control myself to include this one.
Dark gold color and the smell of strong caramel, oak, vanilla, and almonds distinguishes this tequila that is aged for at least five years in the barrels of oak.
Taste like notes Walnut, fruit, chocolate, fruit flavor, and a trace of dried fruit.
One of Mexico’s most promising and traditional distilleries, Tequilera Newton, makes this best tequila for shots.
Since its inception in 1941, El Capo extra-aged tequila has been one of the most significant products distilled process using manual distillation and fermentation procedures from carefully chosen Blue Agave.
This is one of the popular brands of tequila in the world in terms of flavor awesomeness.

1. Don Julio 1942

Tequila Brands in India

Price~5300/- for 750ml

Don Julio 1942 is the best tequila brand in India for top-notch pleasure, celebrating a special occasion, or just enjoying a high-level pure tequila experience.
This small-batch tequila is aged for at least two-and-a-half years and has rich dark chocolate, caramel, and oak notes.
1942 has the distinction of being meticulously aged and being incredibly pure with no extra flavors.
The outcome is an ultra-smooth, smooth flavor that is slightly nutty yet slightly delicious taste, making it a tequila to appreciate on the rocks and neatly.

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Top 10 Richest Cricketers in the World

top 10 richest cricketers in the world 2020

Over the years, cricket has become one of the most popular sports in almost all commonwealth countries.
The Indian Maharajas and British Lords, who decorated the team’s ranks once, polished the game we see it today.
Cricket’s transition from test matches to T20 not only improved its reach for broader audiences, but tournaments such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Big Bash League (BBL) generate enormous revenues for the sponsors.
Top world cricketers are competing at these tournaments to bestow themselves huge amounts of income.
The following is the countdown of the top 10 richest cricketers in the world 2020:

10. Shane Watson Net Worth : $30 Million

Shane Watson Net worth

While Shane Watson was once a national team player in Australia, he’s signed with the IPL team Chennai Super Kings at the moment.
Watson has excellent skills in balance, and he’s an incredible all-rounder between a bowler and a batsman.
He was one of the best players in Australia, but injuries rarely gave it a chance to enjoy a lengthy international cricket spell.
Watson made 307 appearances internationally and scored 10950 runs.
He used his brilliant full range skills in many of the T20 world cups and leagues worldwide.
He was the most expensive player purchased in the 2016 IPL auction, as RCB bought him on a two-year ₹9.5 crores/year contract.
In 2016, Watson left international cricket but still plays many T20 leagues.
He also played with Sydney Thunders in the Australian Big Bash League.

9. Yuvraj Singh Net Worth : $35 Million

richest cricketers in the world 2020

Yuvraj Singh, “Yuvi” ranks in 9th position in the richest cricketers in the world list.
Known primarily as an all-rounder, Singh was the Vice-Captain of the Indian ODI team.
He hit six sixes in six balls against England for a game, was one of his most famous performances.
He was the Man of the Tournament for his all-rounder display at the 2011 World Cup. Sadly, after he overcame cancer, he didn’t find his mojo back.
Yuvraj is a popular Indian personality who has endorsed brands such as Puma, LG, Reebok, Xbox, Revital, and Pepsi.
For consecutive seasons in 2014 and 2015, he was the highest-paid cricketer in IPL.
Delhi Daredevils purchased him in 2015 for ₹16 crores. In 2017, by the name of YWC, he started his fashion clothing label, which received a lot of positive feedback.

8. Jacques Kallis Net Worth : $35 Million

Best cricketer in the world

Jacques Kallis is a cricket coach and former South African cricketer.
Kallis is retired now in 2020 but is enjoying his active cricket retirement with a net worth of $35 million.
We know his performance in the games to be solid, and fans love his batting style.
Besides the sport, Jacques Kallis is also known for his successful coaching career!
In IPL 2012, he played a key role in making Kolkata Knight Riders the champions.
In 2014, the former South African all-rounder signed a one year contract with the Big Bash League franchise of Sydney Thunders was signed.
In 2017, Advanced Hair Studio India appointed him as their brand ambassador.

7. Virender Sehwag Net Worth : $40 Million

highest paid cricketer in india

Virender Sehwag is a popular Indian cricketer, a known aggressive batsman from Delhi, India.
He was the former captain of Delhi Daredevils for a long time and still holds various unbroken world records.
For example, he holds a record of the highest scorer in a Test match and first batsman to achieve the fastest triple century.
Virender Sehwag is living a comfortable retired life with a net worth of $40 million.
Sehwag launched an international school for students with disabilities in his free time.
In his 8-year IPL career, he represented Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab.
He’s currently a Star India commentator. For a very long time, Viru was Hero Honda’s brand ambassador.
He also promotes international brands such as Boost, Samsung, Reebok, Adidas, and many more.

6. Shane Warne Net Worth : $52 Million

top 10 richest cricketer in the world

We know Shane Warne, a former Australian cricket team captain as a legendary wicket-taking bowler.
Being retired for several years, he is still one of the richest cricketers in the world, maintaining a net worth of $50 million.
Warne now works for cricket games on the Nine Network as a commentator.
He has worked with his charity foundation since his retirement, which focuses primarily on improving children’s lives.
For Australian fans, Warne is a national star. In the 2008 IPL first season, Warne was the captain of the Rajasthan Royals, the winning team.
In 2011, he retired from IPL and is now Rajasthan Royals’ head coach.
Brands such as Victoria Bitter, Pepsi, and McDonald’s, etc. have been promoted by this Australian legend.

5. Brian lara Net Worth : $60 Million

Wealthy cricketers

The Trinidadian former international cricketer, Brian Charles Lara from the West Indies cricket team, has been widely recognized as one of the greatest cricketers of all time.
Lara has the highest score as an individual, the second-highest batting performance, and the highest number of runs in the history of cricket.
In 2012, the superstar was also inducted in the ICC Hall of Fame.
Brian Lara has additional cash to spend with an amazing net worth of $60 million.
Lara is a philanthropist by establishing the Pearl and Bunty Lara Foundation, an organization that focuses on helping with social care problems.
Lara was also the Indian Tyre company, MRF’s brand ambassador, which helped to gain worldwide popularity.
Lara has become a professional golfer after retirement from cricket and has also won several international golf competitions.

3. Ricky Ponting Net Worth : $65 Million

richest cricketers in the world

Ricky Ponting is an unbelievably famous cricketer, commentator, and coach who comes from Australia.
He is also one of the top batsmen in the history of the sport, even if he is also a bowler and a close catching fielder.
The former captain from Australia is the only cricketer to win in two consecutive ICC World Cups (after the Clive Lloyd from the West Indies).
He has supported many brands such as Valvoline, Adidas, Pura Milk, Rexona, kookaburra bats, and more.
He was a very popular commentator for Channel 9 due to his popularity and glorious cricketing profession & is the head coach of the Delhi Capitals IPL Team, which was placed 3rd in the 2019 season.

2. Virat Kohli Net Worth : $92 Million

top 10 richest cricketer in the world

As per Forbes, Virat Kohli the current Indian captain and one of the best batsman in the world is today and the most marketable cricketer.
In 2020, his net worth is around $92 million(₹ 644 crores) and is the richest cricketer of India in 2020.
He has been the iconic young person with his exploits on the ground, good looks, and an aggressive attitude.
You’ll recognize him while watching TV that Virat Kohli is an aspect of almost all alternate TV ads.
He has the second most followed Instagram account in India, with 48.7 million followers, while 33.5 million followers on twitter.
Kohli became the highest-paid IPL player when he extended his contract with Bangalore in 2019 with Royal Challengers Banglore.
Regarding wealth, he ranked 83rd position among Forbes, the only Indian who made him the best 100 & is currently the highest-paid cricketer in India.
Kohli charges over 4 crores a day for his shoots and his endorsements in 2020.
It has signed a five-crore agreement with Audi India in 2015 and has promoted brands such as Pepsi, Valvoline, Google, Hero Moto Corp, Colgate, Tissot, Too Yumm, Manyavar, and so on.
In 2018, he was also appointed as Brand Ambassador for Uber, the world-famous carrier.
Kohli is also the owner of FC Goa a soccer team ISL. It also has its own Wrogn and One8 fashion brands (partnering with Puma).

2. Dhoni Net Worth : $111 Million

MS Dhoni net worth

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (also is known as MS Dhoni) is a successful batsman and wicketkeeper.
Under his captainship, the Indian cricket team won two Asia Cups, an ICC Champions Trophy, and the 2011 Cricket World Cup.
Because of his tremendous success, MS Dhoni has a net worth of 111 million dollars with him.
He holds several unbroken records, including most T20 winnings and most wicket-keeper catches.
Almost every other brand you might know has been endorsed by Dhoni.
He has promoted brands like Gulf Oil, Reebok, TVS Motors, Red Bus, Sony Bravia, Lays, Amrapali, Snickers, GoDaddy, Colgate, Orient, and many others.
For nearly 7-8 years, he was also Reebok’s brand ambassador & was among the highest-paid athlete 2018 by Forbes.
Dhoni has also invested in the Chennaiyin FC team of ISL and is also the owner of his ‘Se7en’ fashion brand.
Dhoni is the only Chennai Super Kings captain since IPL started and is currently under ₹15-crore/year contract.
Because of some hassles with BCCI, he had to step down from team captainship.

1. Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth : $115 Million

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth

Sachin is the world’s best cricket batsman of all time and is the only cricketer in international cricket with over 34,000 runs in total and holds a record for scoring 100 centuries.
We Indians do not see Tendulkar in India as a person but more than a superhuman figure.
Regarded as the best cricket player in the world, he is not just a hero but also a godly character.
Sachin endorses many global brands like BMW, Pepsi, Luminous, Adidas, Canon, Phillips, Britannia, VISA, Castrol, etc.
When he became the brand ambassador of MRF in 2001, Sachin was the first cricketer to score a deal of ₹100-crore.
He supported BCCI (Indian cricket board) to clear the debt, which currently in 2020, is the world’s richest cricket board.
Tendulkar owns 520 crores rupees worth properties and is also the mentor of the Mumbai Indians, a 4-time IPL champion team.
He is now active in other sports too in terms of his business aspirations, Sachin is the co-owner of Pro Kabaddi League team, Tamil Thalaivas
Sachin Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in the world of all time and the richest Indian sportsman, according to Forbes.

You might notice that almost half the list comprises Indian players & there is a reason for that.
Cricket is the most popular game in the world after football.
It is mainly for its popularity in the Indian subcontinent in enormous numbers.
Many cricketing stars have become national icons and successful companies have used their reputation for a positive brand image to the most. Today, Cricket is a commercial entity.
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Top 10 Rum Brands in India

rum brands in india

Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic beverages with a worldwide following of party lovers. 
Many best rum brands are introducing new, higher-end, and more costly bottles in their lineup.
Indians are traditional with rum, unlike expensive whiskeys we prefer taste instead of aged value, or rareness.
How Rum is made?
Rum is an alcoholic distilled beverage made with fermentation and distillation of molasses (sugarcane juice). 
After distillation, they age the alcoholic liquid in oak barrels and after the aging process; We get rum.
The method of aging can differ from brand to brand. 
How many types of rum are there?
There are 3 main types: white rum, dark rum, and spiced rum.
Is rum is good for health?
It has many health benefits like promoting heart health by thinning blood, stress relief, etc.
The Indian alcohol industry today includes many products, and each brand has a firm base of customers.
Some people prefer to take rum as neat while others drink it with mixers.
Below is the list of top 10 best rum brands in India:

10. Jolly Roger

rum brands in india

Jolly Roger is a real dark rum that gives every sip an exotic flavor.
Its dark rum products are much more popular in the Indian market than their other varieties.
The taste has an original matured flavor with natural spices and is produced from fermented molasses in Jamaican pot still.
With an elegantly constructed bottle, it has a rich aroma and a well-balanced flavor.
It is another great brand of rum in India with the tastes of spices and a Molasses-based product.

9. Old Port

best rum in india

In 1948, Amrut Distillery started manufacturing rum and brandy to supply them throughout all military canteens.
Its Rum is rich in molasses, charcoal-filtered, this tipple is hectic and flavourful, with woody, citrus, and buttery notes.
This brand has 4 different varieties: Old Port Matured Rum, Old Port Deluxe Rum, XXX, Amrut Classic Rum, and Old Port XXX (rich in molasses, and bright copper colors).
A further exciting fact about this brand is that it is older than the other products mentioned on the list.

8. McDowell’s No. 1

rum brands in india

McDowell’s No.1 is a United Breweries Limited (UBL) Indian spirit brand.
It was started in 1990-1991 and is distributed in 13 nations in the variation of Celebration (Dark) and Caribbean (White).
McDowell’s No.1 is the country’s biggest rum brand in India, in many ways.
As McDowell distillers have satisfied the genuine taste of the dark rum, with notes of vanilla and caramel.
This brand is not only known in India but also worldwide. For its quality and taste, it has earned many prizes.
McDowell, which has dominated the industry for centuries, is one of the most loved rum products and best rum brands in the nation.

7. Contessa

rum brands list

Contessa wine is a product from Radico Khaitan and is very popular among military personnel.
It is made with the spirit of cane juice and has notes of cocoa, vanilla, and dry fruits like raisins while they age the rum for 12 years.
Awarded several prizes, including a Silver Medal in the World Selection (2008) for this rum, which is sold in over 60 countries.
Contessa is the rum that is best to drink in winter because of its warming ability.

6. Hercules

rum brands in india

Hercules, too, is an iconic rum brand popular among defense forces.
What makes this rum so special is that it doesn’t give you any hangovers.
It comes in 3 variants: Hercules White Rum Hercules Deluxe Rum (Dark), and Hercules XXX Rum (Dark).
The XXX variant is special, which will surely knock you out.

5. Havana Club

dark rum brands

Havana Club is one of the best-selling rum products in the world, founded in Cuba in 1934.
It is the fifth-biggest rum brand in the world, and its products are sold across 120 countries.
It has a unique flavor of Caribbean chocolate and vanilla in its all rums, which are aged for around 7 years.
A reliable and smooth light rum that works very well with cocktails like Mojitos and also for the classic Piña colada.

4. Captian Morgan

rum brands in india

This rum is named after the 17th-century Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica, Sir Henry Morgan, who was also a privateer.
The British company Diageo makes & sells Captain Morgan under its marketing slogan, “To Life, Love & Loot.”
It is distilled by using pure sugarcane & aged in special oak barrels for at least one year, taste-wise it has mild hints of spices.
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum are the variations available in India.

3. Malibu

best rum in the world

Malibu is produced from rum from the Caribbean and has a taste of coconut.
The owner company, a French brand named Pernod Ricard, calls it a flavored rum.
Nothing better than a delightful large glass of Malibu served in cocktail style on a tropical summer holiday.
Caribbean rum is smooth and fresh in favor of the coconut.
Now in 2020, Malibu rum is flavored in many distinct variants, including bananas, pineapple, passion fruits, melons, and mango.
We can also make a blend called Malibu Fresh, with tequila of the same brand called Malibu Red, as this strong variant (~35%) is called Malibu Black.

2. Bacardi

dark rum brands

Bacardi has over 200 products and marks as a premium alcoholic brand.
They have now established sales in over 150 nations from its inception in 1862.
Its open-winged fruit bat logo is the most popular global icon.
Speaking about its rum, Bacardi offers it in several incredible flavors like lemon, orange, green apple, raspberry, and dragon berry.
Its original version has a fruity taste with some notes of vanilla, ideal for making cocktails (usually high-end bars or 5 stars hotels use Bacardi as a base for all the rum-based cocktails).
Considering variants, it has 3 in India: Bacardi Select (Dark Rum), Bacardi Superior (White Rum), and Bacardi Gold (Gold Rum).
No doubt here, Bacardi still manages to be among the top 10 rum brands in India.
Despite its global popularity, it cannot beat our top-ranked best brand on our list.

1. Old Monk

rum brands in india

The most iconic & best rum brand in India is here, the legendary Old Monk.
To give you an idea of its popularity, it has a different base of drinkers (including me) for a unique taste, not necessarily because of its affordable price.
Mostly when you go to a wine shop or any bar and ask for rum, servers usually serve you Old Monk.
Aged for 7 years, this rum has a very special sugary vanilla flavor that doesn’t overpower its original woody taste.
Old Monk is enjoyed by mixing with a cola based drink, with water or sometimes neat.
It comes in 5 variants: Supreme, XXX, Deluxe XXX, Gold Reserve, and White Rum.

750 ml (khamba) of rum costs around 1000 Rs in India, the only reason Rum is cheap in here is due to sugarcane production.
As we all know, sugarcane is the primary ingredient.
Because of this abundance of sugarcane in the country, rum is cheap (unlike tequila or vodka).
I hope you enjoyed this list of the best rum brands in India.
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Cheers 🍷!

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in America

most popular sports in america by TV ratings

Sports in the United States of America is not just an athletic activity but a cultural component that is deeply integrated society.
Wherever you live in the US, every community has sports or some form of physical games. 
Some prefer soccer stadiums, basketball arenas or even famous ballparks, but in each state, there are unprecedented traditions.
Throughout our culture, athletics of various kinds play a significant role. 
From an early age, popular American sports teach kids values such as fair play, sportsmanship, and teamwork.
Sports have contributed to social integration and have been a “social glue” that connects the US community as a whole.
Early American leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin stressed the need for activities like running and swimming. 
American presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy, have actively supported American sports in their tenure.
In this post, we will explore the top 10 most popular sports in America:

10. Boxing

american sports

Since the 20th century, Americans have shown great interest in boxing.
Mohammed Ali was trailing his followers at the height of his career with his spectacular winning record.
His retirement from the boxing scene didn’t seem to stop viewers from across the States to love the sport.
The appearance of several Americans on the global boxing scene has helped boxing to become one of the most-watched sporting events.
Because of Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer ever to bear the phrase “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” is an American who only shows high esteem for sport in the country.
His biggest competitor, Joe Frazier, was also an American who added to the country’s entertainment value.
Most of the best boxers in the world are from the United States, including Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler, and Mayweather.
Star level champions among the richest and most successful boxers in the history of broadcast TV.

9. Motor Sports

professional sports revenue statistics

The most-watched sport in the US, with an audience of over 20 million average attendance, is NASCAR auto racing championships.
This shows how much Americans love fast motorcycles and racing cars.
NASCAR is setting the pace of motor racing in the country with events like the Daytona 500 also known as the “Great American Race.”
It’s the Indianapolis 500, as the most prominent car racing event of the season.
The NASCAR also organizes prominent competitions including the Xfinity Series, the NASCAR Cup Series of Monster Energy, the Pinty series and the World Track Camping Series, amongst others.

8. Wrestling

most viewed sporting event

Wrestling attracts thousands into the arena where people watch the matches with all their enthusiasm.
Whether it’s WWE or MMA doesn’t matter, Americans love and enjoy the game.
The superstars, including John Cena, Triple H, the Rock, and The Undertaker, who are idolized and made a fortune in Hollywood too.
In the mid-1980s, it was a professionally sponsored sport in America.
Various American wrestling federations, including the National Wrestling Association, the AWA, and Jim Crockett Promotions, merged to form professional wrestling.
By 1984, Vince McMahon took the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as he was the one who led the Georgia Championship Wrestling.
Mixed Martial Arts promotion companies like UFC are slowly gaining momentum.

7. Golf

most popular sports in usa

We can consider that America is the heartland of golf, and throughout the country, there are hundreds of beautiful golf courses.
The golf culture of the country remains highly enriched as pastime American favorite sport.
Golf started many centuries before the migration of Europeans in America.
American Professional Golfers Association founded its league, PGA, in 1916.
The department store owner Rodman Wanamaker was the inspiration for this initiative.
Tiger Woods has taken golf to new heights and even the great Arnold Palmer and rival his Jack Nicklaus tried but could not achieve success as Tiger.
But as Woods skyrocketed up the sport, he almost settled it all down himself.
From the fans’ point of view, Tiger’s sex scandals, controversies, and all negative things harmed the sport.
Currently, half of the top ten golfers on the PGA tour are Americans, among them are # 1 Dustin Johnson, and #3 Jordan Spieth.
Yet while they are good golfers, neither have Woods nor Palmer’s star quality, which makes us watch Sunday’s television.

6. Tennis

fastest growing sport in america

Tennis is the next fastest-growing sport in America and is popular among both men and women.
In 1874, they played the first tennis match at Mary Ewing Outerbridge’s home in the Staten Island Cricket Club, N.Y.
In 1880, the United States held for the first time in history the American National Tournament.
On 21 May 1881, organizers established the United States Tennis Association to set up rules and organize tennis tournaments.
The U.S. National Championships Men’s singles are now known as the US Open.
In 1881, at Newport, Rhode Island, the first US Open was held. The American Open was one of the tennis majors officially established in 1924.
Tennis helped capture the imagination of the American public through tennis stars like Arthur Ashe, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, and Billie Jean King.
But tennis popularity reached its new heights in the United States during the days of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.
Sampras was the yard for the Grand Slam attainment or benchmark champion before Federer.
Others like Agassi became influential personalities in the sport.
Over half of the Top 100 Tennis Men on tour were Americans back in those Golden days.

5. Soccer/Football/Association Football

most popular sport in the world

The fifth place in the US is a game so loved that it is the most popular sport in the world. 
Americans have shown a growing interest in soccer in recent years. While it isn’t as popular as American Football, but still has a big audience. 
The Major League Soccer organizes the game with many well-known players from other countries joining the local teams to improve the game’s reputation. 
Major League Soccer (MLS) is the largest professional football league in the United States. 
MLS started by 10 teams since 1996 and currently, has now grown to 20 teams. 
However, new TV ratings are set following Team USA’s good competition for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Surprisingly, the United States women’s national soccer team are current champions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
Apart from MLS, American football players are showing interest in participating in tournaments like UEFA Champions League and Premier League.
Professional soccer stars like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are also showing interest in potential participation in MLS.

4. Ice Hockey

Most Popular Sports in America

Ice-hockey is one of the major professional sports in the USA and Canada.
National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest competitive league men’s level hockey and the most popular event in the North American continent.
In the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. won its first gold medal in ice hockey. It was America’s ice hockey team’s biggest success.
The victory was so impressive that we knew it as the “Miracle on Ice” as a triumph against the formidable Soviet Union team.
Ice hockey in the United States can not be spoken of without considering the New York Rangers with the Madison Square Garden as their home ground.
They are the tribute to the accomplishment of the first Stanley Cup in the country.
Its because the Canadian teams dominated the competition since the game started.

3. Basketball

most watched sport in us

In the United States, as an American invented sport, both professional sports league and collegiate basketball is the most loved sporting event.
This is because the main stars in the university ranks are drawn up in the annual Draft by different NBA teams (National Basketball Association).
This link between colleges and the NBA makes basketball one of the Top 3 most successful sports in the USA.
Basketball star, Michael Jordan took the NBA into another stratosphere.
NBA finals are most-watched sporting events this is because the NBA is one of the World’s most profitable professional leagues let alone the United States.
With new generation players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James holding the torch and the arrival of international players, this game is increasing in popularity.
NBA players are the highest-paid athletes in the world.

2. Baseball

most viewed sporting event

There’s an only one-weekend leisure activity, it’s baseball.
The popularity began in the early 20th century and was never far withdrawn from our conscience.
After football in the USA, the sport is the second, but we always regard it as the most beloved American pastime with a history that dates from over 150 years.
Yes, baseball is the country’s most loved sport when you construct your case from a cultural viewpoint.
We know simply the New York Yankees as ‘Yanks’ and have the best team ever sponsored.
As a proud Angeleno, my favorite major sports league teams are Los Angeles Dodgers and in the minor league, Los Angeles Angels.
Major League Baseball (MLB) is the oldest professional baseball association in the United States and Canada, with the highest-ranking in all professional baseball leagues.
MLB also ranks among popular sports leagues in the world.

1. American Football

biggest sport in america

American football, referred to simply as football in the country, is the most popular sport in the USA.
This spectator sport attracts millions of people from across American society, whether its high school football, college sports, or professional football.
Some say that it’s only through mentioning certain names like John Madden, Tom Brady, Al Michaels, and John Elway, who are considered as the face of the sport.
You could open up a debate for the best player in the country, as each football star is loved among their fanbase.
NFL arguably is the richest sports league in the world, considering match crowd and TV ratings in the United States.
The fascinating NFL Super Bowl is like an annual festival for every youngster.
Football still, is American’s favorite sport to watch on TVs considering viewership data.

Games are important for the American public for three main reasons:
Firstly to reinforce the bonds of national unity, and secondly, to encourage physical exercise, thus reducing cases of obesity and other lifestyle disorders.
Finally, as a suspenseful entertainment with friends and family.
Which one you consider to be the most popular sport in the United States comment down below.
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Top 10 Highest Paid Sports in the World

highest paid sport in the world

Sports careers are often the dream thing, with many kids and adults aspiring to a career as a professional athlete.
While the physical demands of professional athletics are intense, rewards are high, with the average pay for players in many fields.
But the question arises, what sport pays the most?
It depends upon the physiological and psychological aspects of the wannabe player.
To clear further confusion, and to help you clearly decide your dream game, here are the top 10 highest paid sports in the world:

10. Tennis

most paid sport
  • Average tennis player salary: US$38,800 for male players and US$40,180 for female players

The possibility of tennis players to become a professional is like a huge gamble.
And the probability of stable tennis earnings is little to none, let alone enormous wealth.
This level of uncertainty also applies to professional tennis players.
Just like other sports athletes, the small likelihood of a large payout is attractive for new tennis players.
Highly qualified players, both women, and men can earn significant prize money.
While the players that rank between 200 and 2,000 almost make nothing.
The winners take home approximately 18 percent of the total prize money from the 128 players that qualify for each of the four Grand Slam tournaments.
Those who perform only get 0.3 percent in the first round.
This does not a factor to the sponsorships and approvals received by top placings.
Roughly in 2020, 14000 players are qualified as tennis professionals, and nearly half of these athletes will never earn a dime.
The other end of the spectrum is a combination of competitive awards, appearance fees, and sponsorship deals.
It includes big sports brands such as Nike and top-ranked players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and the Williams sisters earn millions.

9. Combat Sports

Boxers earn a purse for every fight, not a regular salary.
There are quite different payments for professional boxers.
Before the fight, the boxer’s Manager will negotiate the purse in the contract on a case-by-case basis.
Pay ranges from several hundred dollars to millions per fight and is the highest for popular TV and title fights.
The boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao earned approximately $100 million each from pay-per-view purchasing in the fight in 2015.
The popularity of MMA in recent years has grown significantly thanks to fighters like Conor McGregor.
Although in companies like the UFC, a considerable salary gap still exists from the highest to the lowest paid.
In fact, the rise of some of the top stars in the sport implies that. In 2018, 187 fighters (33% of UFCs) won six figures.
To put this into perspective, an average U.S. household income is about $45,000 a year, but over one third (213 fighters-37%) of the UFC fighting demographic in 2018 made less of the average U.S. household in 2018.
However, the popularity of MMA is increasing as these figures continue to grow to make it the highest-paid sport.
WWE says the average wrestler on the main roster is 500,000 dollars annually, while the top performers make up seven numbers.
However, it is far more difficult to determine an individual wrestler’s pay.
Rumors on the internet tied up a former Lesnar deal of $5 million a year, while others claim the new contract worth $3 million for a three-year deal.

8. Golf

The best golf players like Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, and Jack Nicklaus made their position immortal in the sport’s history.
These wealthiest athletes earned millions from Golf and have the highest net worth.
According to Forbes, one of the world’s leading golf players and the most successful athlete of all time, Tiger Woods still holds a record for achieving 11 times the first place in Forbes list of Richest Players.
In 2002, he first ranked at the top with a net revenue of 69 million dollars.

7. Autoracing

Various competition events, like the Formula 1 Grand Prix or NASCAR, have earned their reputation as one of the highest paying sport in the world.
High-income prizes and many reputable supercar brands compensate for the involvement of life-threatening risks.
F1 legend: Michael Schumacher was ranked as the highest-paid in the list of 1999, with $49 million in total revenue.
In local or regional tournaments, club professionals can earn money.
But they earn most of their income from regular paychecks, often with lesson fees and professional income supplemented.
PGA top-level pros made a median of $68,600, ranging from $40,000 to $140, 000, according to a 2010 American compensation survey by the PGA.
A median of $37,000 has been paid by assistants who are full PGA members, ranging from $22,000 to $59,000.
High-speed and cross-country motorcycle racing has become a major sports industry with more than a dozen pro-circuit races worldwide.
Global motorcycle brands compete with each other with their fastest bikes in the premier class of motorcycle roads racing events like MotoGP and Superbike World Championship.
Talking about MotoGP, the only Asian rider, Takaaki Nakagami, is at the bottom of the league.
Nakagami has signed a contract with LCR Honda Castrol in 2018 with reported revenue of an estimated € 250,000 (RM1,21 million roughly).
It’s the same figure for another rookie, Xavier Simeon, who signed the equipment for Reale Avintia Racing.
With the cool annual figure of $2 million (about RM7.8 million), Andrea Iannone of Suzuki ECSTAR began to earn the top ten.
LCR Honda Castrol’s Cal Crutchlow comfortably earns $2.5 million (RM9.75 million) for driving his Honda RC213V as quickly as he can.

6. Ice Hockey

Players in Ice hockey need to maintain high levels of conditioning in games that are sometimes physically demanding and even combative.
Over recent years, the requirements for off-season athletes have increased to a tough 82-game schedule and several playoff rounds.
In useful exercises, the skill of skating, handling, and shooting is perfected.
Based on the relatively small size of 23 players on the roster and a 50-50 split between owners and players.
The average earnings of players in different NHL teams range from 1.54 million to 3.54 million.
For one of the over 150 minor league teams, most pro-hockey players within the United States and Canada play.
Depending on the level of the League Minor, the amount is accounted at $40,000 to $90,000 per year.
This highest-paid professional sport relatively pays higher compared to field hockey.

5. American Football

highest paid sport in the world

NFL players are engaged in one of the most physically challenging sports, in which athletes collide at high speed.
Football strategy in terms of its complexity surpasses any other sport.
To prepare for an unlimited number of potential situations, players need to study and master extensive playbooks.
Cases are common and players take considerable time to repair damage in the physical therapy and other treatment settings.
To reduce injuries, considering recent attention on traumatic brain damage and during practice sessions, the NFL has established limitations on player contact.
The average career in the NFL is the shortest among all popular sports in America, about 3.5 years.
While it is America’s best-paid sports, NFL players are paid well below their level compared to other major sports.
The average salaries ranged from 2.07 million to 2.99 million for NFL players on different teams in 2017/18.
It is only the top competitors like Matt Ryan who earn the most.
Football lineups have 53 players (for backups) that are much considerably larger than other sports, so they should divide the wages of each team member between them.
Team owners do not guarantee NFL contracts beyond the current season so that teams can cut low ability players without compensation.
Players will usually receive non-refundable guaranteed signing bonuses.
Colleges act as the small football league, so most paid employment is in the NFL.

4. Soccer

When you consider the professionally qualified footballers, you’re always attracted to the elite players who are at the very top.
Highest-paid athletes in the world with their gifted skills, who intensify the World Cups and the Champions Leagues.
Most followed players like players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar earn the biggest pay and get the most money for their approval.
A large majority of professional players earn only a fraction of what those stars are carrying home in just one week.
The salaries of the top football players depend upon a lot of factors, like the league in which they play, the tax system where they belong, and how well they (or their managers) negotiate a deal.
Add additional factors such as performance criteria related to a clean sheet and goal-scoring bonuses, promotional clauses, and photography rights to measure the actual earnings of players.
Other than the United States, professional soccer players can make millions of dollars a year, though the majority won’t do so much.
Some national league bodies, like the MLS, set wage regulations that determine how many clubs can pay players.
There are no such limits in other countries.
Football earnings are usually not based only on salaries but also include bonuses, patrons, rights, backing and, sometimes, a cut of club profits.

3. Baseball

which is highest paid sport in the world
  • Average MLB salary: $3.4 million- $4.36 million

Successful MLB players implement rigorous off-season training sessions to enhance strength and flexibility.
The MLB season includes 162 games and several rounds of playoffs to cope with a taxing schedule for players.
Many experts think hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult tasks in sports, which requires the batting skills of players to continue to keep their edge.
The average annual salary for MLB players in 2018 was 4.52 million.
Supported by a strong union, they guarantee the safety of guaranteed contracts and a generous pension program to players making baseball the highest-paid sport in America.
Most professional baseball players are playing for one of the over 240 minor league teams in the United States.
They receive much smaller pay and benefits, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 a month, but with certainty to make in the big league team.
The top 100 players drawn from school or college receive bonuses of $500,000 to $2 million.

2. Cricket

highest paid sport in the world 2020

In 2017, the world’s most valuable cricket captain almost made 20 times more than the rest of the players.
International cricketers earn about $1 million on average from playing international matches for their national teams.
We used the above figures on international cricket and do not take into account T20 league player earnings, other domestic leagues or endorsements.
Speaking about professional sports leagues, the biggest among them, The Indian Premier League (IPL) has shocked cricket professionals with its rich owners and global appeal.
It has attracted topmost players from five continents with average paychecks of up to $111,000 per game of three hours.
This is a tremendous amount of money in a sport that traditionally includes domestic league games in the international version.
Although cricket is among the world’s most popular sport, no domestic league actually was operated as a business before the IPL was launched in 2008.
But with the IPL teams being paid up to $1.55 million for only one season of five weeks, compared to $500,000 and $1 million in national teams.
We could conclude that cricket is indeed the extremely loved highest-paid professional sport commonwealth countries.

1. Basketball

highest paid sport in america

The NBA players earn an average salary of $7,422,823 in 2018-19.
Basketball is the highest-paid sport in the world with an enormous salary and plenty of sponsorship opportunities.
There are fewer NBA teams compared to baseball and football, which enables franchisors to dedicate more resources to recruiting players.
Usually, players sign guaranteed contracts to receive compensation even if they become injured or are cut off by a team.
According to Forbes magazine, players like LeBron James during his first 16 years, earned more than twice as much of his $270 million in pay.
It dwarfs Kevin Durant’s current ten-year $275 million Nike deal with a $187 million on-court revenue over 12 seasons.
James is the highest-paid player in NBA for the sixth consecutive year at 92 million dollars, including salary and endorsements.
For an active basketball player and as a sportsman overall, this is a world record.
His largest endorser is Nike and their new research lab on the Business campus of Beaverton, Oregon is named after James.
Last month, Nike LeBron XVII hit stores for the seventeenth iteration of his signed shoe.
The world’s leading basketball players in places such as Spain, Greece, Italy, China, and Argentina also earn high salaries of over 1 million dollars.

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