Top 10 Fastest Runners in the World

See our list of the 10 fastest 100m runners in history.
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is probably the answer, he is the fastest man in history with a 9.58 seconds world record time.
For now, we would be considering the men’s list. Florence Griffith-Joyner with a world record time of 10.49 is the fastest woman in history.
Remember that the statistics are accurate as of August 2012 and do not include the occasions that people who have taken drugs to improve their performance have used.

10. Leroy Burrell, Mike Rodgers (USA) Adekotunbo, Olusoji Fasuba (Nigeria) Fastest Time: 9.85

In the top ten, Burrell keeps the title for a long time. He is now 52 years of age in 2019.
A track and field sprinter competing in 100 m and 60 m, Michael Rodgers is an American sprinter. In the 100 m circuit in Doha 2019, he won the gold medal.
Olusoji Adetokunbo Fasuba is a 100-meter Nigerian sprinter. With 9.85 seconds in the event, he is the new African record holder, making him the fastest African ever.

9. Donovan Bailey and Bruny Surin (Canada) Fastest Time: 9.84

The Atlanta Olympic and World Champion from 1995 are Canadian Bailey. Countryman Surin seemed to have always played him first warrior. 

8. Richard Thompson, Trinidad. Fastest Time: 9.82

In 2008, Thompson burst into the stage when he was 23 when, behind Usain Bolt, he was awarded bronze at the Olympics in Beijing.
Yet still, he was only six years later at the age of 30 when he wasn’t running fast.
At Port of Spain in 2014, the Trinidadian finished the eighth fastest time.

7. Steven Mullings, Jamaica, Fastest Time: 9.8

He has never qualified for an Olympic Games or won a major medal in any color, but Mullings has the 7th fastest time runner in 100m ever.
He did so seven times only in 2011, including his quick run in Eugene, Oregon, where he crossed the 10-second barrier.
After a second drug test, which resulted positive, the Jamaican was banned for life a short time later.

6. Maurice Green, USA, Fastest Time: 9.79

Greene is the five-times world champion during his earlier years and held the world record of 100 at 9.79, with four Olympic medals.
It now holds a world record of 60 meters indoor sprint at 6.39 seconds. The American speedster enjoyed its glory till 1999.
He not only broke the world record of Donovan Bailey but also won the Seville World Championship Gold and competed in nine second sub-10 second runs.
Over six years before Asafa Powell broke the world record in 2005, the Sydney Olympic gold medallist, three times world champion defended it.
In 2003, Tim Montgomery ended it, as because of a positive result in a drug test, this time was dropped.

5. Nesta Carter, Jamaica. Fastest Time: 9.78

Nesta Carter, a Jamaican sprinter (born October 11, 1985), ranks sixth among the fastest 100-meter runners ever.
His time of 9.78 seconds in Rieti, Italy, was an improvement over 9.91 seconds on his previous best.
However, Carter’s achievement is often overshadowed by some of his teammates in Jamaica, who often steal the limelight in the 100 meters division, although he was one of only 8 runners who currently ran in 9.8 seconds mark.
Perhaps most notable for his part in the 4×100 Men’s Sprint Team in Jamaica, which has 2 Olympics and 2 world titles.
Six years ago, in the Rieti sprint in Italy, it was finally announced the international arrival of Carter.
But while he has achieved success, particularly in sprint circuits, he has never enjoyed the individual success offered to him.
Now he has a steroid case, which had cost him–and his teammates–gold from the 2008 Olympics.

4. Justin Gatlin, USA, Fastest Time: 9.74

In the first Diamond League of 2015, in Dubai, the controversial American challenged to break the Jamaican monopoly in 100m sprint which he did so 12 months earlier beat his personal best by 0.03 seconds from Brussels.
Gatlin was the fastest man in the world until his doping ban ended four years of his career.
He was a college student and record-breaker at 9.77 in 2006, with six consecutive NCAA titles in the TWO seasons.
He returned in 2010 from a suspension to win the 2012 WIC in 60 meters (6.46 meters) and a bronze win in the Summer Olympics in 2012 (9.79).
After his silver at the Rio Games 2016, Gatlin was also the first American to be awarded a medal in three Olympics.

3. Asafa Powell, Jamaica. Fastest Time: 9.72

Next on our list of the fastest 100-meter sprinters of all time, we have Jamaican sprinting legend, Asafa Powell.
Having won four world championship 100m gold medals and countless other medals, it comes as no surprise that he is on the list.
Between June 2005 and May 2008, Powell held the 100-meter world record with a time of 9.77 seconds.
However, he has since lost out on this world record.
Powell’s personal best time of 9.72 was set on September 2, 2008, in Lausanne in Switzerland.
It was not enough to bring him back the title of being the fastest 100-meter runner of all time.
He does, however, place a respectable fourth-fastest 100-meter time ever.

2. Yohan Blake, Jamaica. Fastest Time: 9.69 (tie)

Yohan Blake is the other athlete who comes into being as the second-fastest athlete ever.
On 23 August, in Lausanne, Switzerland, the young Jamaican who is nicknamed ‘The Beast’, set a personal best time of 9.69 seconds.
The sprinter has achieved a lot in his career even though he was only 23 years old.
His personal best time of 200 meters, for instance, is the second quickest time ever.
He is also the youngest man ever to cross the 10-second mark. He was 19 years old when he broke that 10-second mark.
It also has fourteen gold, four silver and three bronze medals in international athletics competitions.
In 2019, he’s just 29 years old, not bad. Probably, in fact, we will have to look at this guy to see if he can claim the title of the fastest 100 m runner ever.

2. Tyson Gay, USA. Fastest Time: 9.69 (tie)

Gay’s 9.69 is the second-highest record ever after Bolt and set a new American record with a sprint of 19.58 seconds for 200 m.
20 seconds in 200, 45 seconds in 400 and 10 seconds for 100 he would be the first sprinter ever to achieve this impressive record.
Born 1982 in Lexington, Kentucky, Gay now holds the 100-meter American record.
On 20 September 2009, his personal best time of 9.69 was Shanghai’s only fastest time in 100 m. It’s been equaled since then.
In all of the major championships, Gay won gold medals and was an IAAF 2007 athlete of the year after winning gold in the World Championships 100, 200 and 400 meters.
In recent months, the fact that he has tested positive for a controlled substance that has seriously impacted his career.
This could be a profession offshoot for Tyson.

1. Usain Bolt, Jamaica. Fastest Time: 9.58

Usain Bolt (b. 21 August 1986), with a time of 9.58 seconds, was titled the fastest man of all time.
On 18 August 2016, the Bolt’s had retired from Olympics as the only one to win three straight 100-and 200-meter Olympic gold medals in the history of Athletics.
9.58 for 100, 19.19 for 200, 14.35 for 150— world records all over the world.
Bolt was the only person to be a three-time 200 world champion in 2013.
In the last ten years, Bolt has become a famous competitor and has now been one of the best athletes in the world.
He has won 33 gold and 7 silver medals throughout his international athletics career.
This is also part of his international youth record. That’s still unbelievably impressive.
There seem to be very few men who even come close to being as fast as this man anywhere else.
Nobody went faster and probably never would. Ever!

World records and achievements are obtainable in every sport — but the 100-meter race is different.
This race can be officially considered the quickest person in the world by its World Record holder.
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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in America

In the U.S., sports are not only popular among most people but are also considered being a cultural component and are deeply integrated into society.
Wherever you live in the United States, every community has sports. Some prefer soccer stadiums for basketball arenas or even famous ballparks, but in each state, there are unprecedented traditions.
Throughout our American society, athletics of various kinds play a significant role.
These sports are extremely popular in the USA, but most importantly they are how values such as fair play, fairness and teamwork can be carried on.
Sports have contributed to social and racial integration and have been a “social glue” that connects America as a whole throughout history.
The need for activities such as running and swimming was stressed by early American leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.
American presidents, like Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, have actively supported American sports in the 20th century.

10. Boxing

Top Leagues-
Since the 20th century, Americans have shown great interest in boxing.
Mohammed Ali is trailing his followers at the height of his career with his spectacular winning record.
His disappearance from the boxing scene didn’t seem to stop viewers from across the United States to love the sport.
The appearance of several Americans on the global boxing scene has helped boxing become one of America’s top sports.
Because Muhammad Ali, the largest boxer ever to bear the phrase “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” is an American who only shows high esteem for sport in the country.
His greatest competitor Joe Frazier was also an American who added to the country’s entertainment value.
Yes, most of the best boxers in the world are from the United States, including Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler, and most recently Mayweather, who is still undefeated and is among the richest and most successful boxers in the history of broadcast tv.

9. Motor Sports

Top Leagues-
The most-watched kind of sporting event in the US, with an audience of over 20 million viewers, was after the National Football league motorsport.
This demonstrates how much Americans love motorcycles and racing cars.
NASCAR is setting the pace of motor racing in the country with events like the Daytona 500 also known as the “Great American Race” and the Indianapolis 500 being the most prominent race of the season.
The NASCAR also organizes prominent competitions including the Xfinity Series, the NASCAR Cup Series of Monster Energy, the Pinty series and the World Track Camping Series, amongst others.
America’s organizers and riders found that for motorsports horse racing tracks can be better off than public roads.
Since then, racing entertainment in the US has grown tremendously.

8. Wrestling

Top Leagues-
Wrestling attracts thousands into the arena where people go and watch the matches with all their enthusiasm.
Whether it’s WWE or MMA doesn’t matter, Americans simply love and enjoy the game.
The superstars, including John Cena, Triple H, the Rock, and The Undertaker, are also idolized who also made fortune in Hollywood too.
In the mid-1980s, it was a professionally sponsored sport in America.
Various American wrestling federations including the National Wrestling Association, the AWA, and Jim Crocket Promotions have merged in the USA to form Professional wrestling.
By 1984, Vince McMahon took the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as he was the one who led the Georgia Championship Wrestling.

7. Golf

Top Leagues-
We can consider heartland in golf is America. Throughout the country, there are hundreds of exquisite golf courses.
The golf culture of America remains highly enriched.
Golf started many centuries prior to the migration of Europeans in America.
They probably brought the game sailing through Atlantic, it’s the reason that the golf game has been popular in America for quite a while now.
PGA was founded in 1916 by the American Professional Golfers Association.
The department store owner Rodman Wanamaker was the inspiration for this initiative.
Tiger Woods, no doubt, has taken golf to new heights and even the great Arnold Palmer and rival his Jack Nicklaus tried but were not that successful as the Tiger.
But as Woods skyrocketed up the sport, he almost put it all down himself.
At least from the American point of view, Tiger’s sex scandals, controversies, and all negative things harmed the sport.
Currently, half of the top ten golfers on the PGA tour are Americans, among them are # 1 Dustin Johnson and #3 Jordan Spieth.
Yet while they are good golfers, neither have Woods or Palmer’s star quality which makes us watch Sunday’s television.

6. Tennis

Top Leagues-
Tennis is the next most popular sport in the United States. This game is also popular for men and women in particular.
In 1874, tennis was played in America first, at Mary Ewing Outerbridge’s home in the Staten Island Cricket Club, N.Y. In 1880, the United States held for the first time in history the American National Tournament.
On 21 May 1881, they established the United States Tennis Association to set up rules and organize tennis tournaments.
The U.S. National Championships Men’s singles are now known as the US Open.
In 1881, at Newport, Rhode Island, the first US Open was held. The American Open was one of the tennis majors officially established in 1924.
Tennis helped capture the imagination of the American public through tennis stars like Arthur Ashe, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, and Billie Jean King.
But tennis popularity reached its new heights in the United States during the days of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.
Sampras was the yard for the Grand Slam attainment or benchmark champion before Federer.
Others like Agassi became influential personalities in the sport.
Over half of the Top 100 Tennis Men on tour were Americans back in those Golden days.

5. Soccer/Football/Association Football

Top Leagues-
The fifth place in America is a sport that will definitely be on the top spot in the world.
Americans have shown a growing interest in soccer in recent years. While it isn’t as popular as American Football, it still was a big audience.
The Major League Soccer organizes the game with many well-known players from other countries joining the local teams in order to improve the game’s reputation.
Major League Soccer (MLS) is the largest professional football league in the United States.
MLS started by 10 teams since 1996 and currently, has now grown to 20 teams.
However new TV ratings are set following Team USA’s good competition for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Soccer is still rising in the United States with Major League Soccer as a global competition.

4. Ice Hockey

Top Leagues-
Ice-hockey is popular in the northern areas of America and Canada, in particular, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest competitive league men’s level hockey and the most popular event in North America.
In the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. won its first gold medal in ice hockey. It was America’s ice hockey team’s biggest success.
The victory was so impressive that it was known as the “Miracle on Ice” as a triumph against the formidable Soviet Union team.
Ice hockey in the United States can not be spoken of without considering the New York Rangers with the Madison Square Garden as their home ground.
They are the tribute to the accomplishment of the first Stanley Cup in the country.
This is primarily because the competition was dominated by the Canadian teams since the game started.

3. Basketball

Top Leagues-
In the United States, as American invented sport, both professional and collegiate basketball is popular.
That’s because the main stars in the university ranks are drawn up in the annual NBA Draft by different NBA teams.
This link between colleges and the NBA makes basketball one of the Top 3 sports in the USA most successful.
The NBA was taken into another stratosphere by Michael Jordan.
He has made the NBA one of the World’s most lucrative professional leagues let alone the United States.
The NBA is still a flourishing sport in America, with new generation players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James holding the torch and the arrival of international players.
This is one of the world’s most popular sports. NBA athletes are the world’s best-paid professional athletes.

2. Baseball

Top Leagues-
There’s only one American leisure activity, it’s weekend baseball.
The popularity began in the early 20th century and was never far withdrawn from the conscience of America.
Baseball is America’s favorite sport if you focus your argument on history and culture.
After football in the USA, the sport is the second, but it is always regarded as the most beloved American pastime in the country with a history that dates from over 150 years.
Yes, baseball is the country’s most loved sport when you construct your case from a cultural and historical viewpoint.
We know simply the New York Yankees as ‘Yanks’ and have the best team ever sponsored.

1. American Football

Top Leagues-
American football, referred to simply as football in the country, is the most popular sport in the country.
Whatever it is, football attracts millions of people from across American society, whether it is just high school football, college football or professional football.
Some say that it’s only through mentioning certain names like John Madden, Tom Brady, Al Michaels, John Elway and many others who are considered being the face of American Football that you could open up into a debate in the country as each football star is loved among their respected fanbase.
The NFL arguably has the highest league considering match crowd and TV ratings in the United States.
The enthralling NFL Super Bowl is the cherry on top of every American youngster.

Sports are important for America for three main reasons: firstly to reinforce the bonds of national unity, and secondly, to encourage physical exercise, thus reducing cases of obesity and other lifestyle disorders in a healthy country.
Sports are good for America. Finally, suspenseful entertainment with friends and family.

Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskey in the World 2019

The malt distilled whiskey beverage is made from the fermented mash.
The process usually includes grains like barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Interestingly, whiskey was a preferred currency of Pennsylvanian residents in America during the 18th century.
More interestingly, most of the costly whiskey bottles are high not because of their quality or taste, but because of the vessels they contain.
These are the most expensive whiskeys in the world:

10. The Macallan 1926 (fine & rare)- $ 75,000

The oldest one in Macallan’s Fine and Rare Collection.
In 1926 it was distilled and only bottled in 1986. The Brand produced only 40 bottles.
As no moisture is introduced to it, his version of Macallan is pure and concentrated.
The Macallan 1926 was, and it is the first distillery release in the Great & Rare range.
Every year, a small number of bottles have been released, up to 75,000 US dollars per bottle.

9. Springbank 1919 (fine & rare)- $ 78,000

Springbank 1919 is one of the few whiskey bottles which are aged over 50 years old that you can purchase online.
The Whiskey Exchange has it from a reputable distributor and delivers it to your front doorstep.
You will find it more at the auctions, and you probably won’t have the chance to see it at the wine and spirits store of your area.
Once upon a time Springbank 1919 was listed as the most expensive whiskey in the world in the Guinness Book of Records.
This has changed as you will see in its list the fact that 1919 is one of the most popular whiskeys on the planet is not changeable.
It’s one of the most popular whiskeys in the world until today.
Springbank 1919 is one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world for a price tag of 78,000 US dollars.
Springbank 1919 is a popular Scotch single-malt whiskey with its own niche market.
This distillery bottled drink was bottled in 1970 and is part of the 1919 vintage series.
The whiskey has been created using traditional production methods and is therefore valuable.
It is also a limited edition product since only 24 bottles have been issued by the brand.

8. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955- $ 94,000

A Glenfiddich bottle Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 sold for $94,000 in New York City in 2012 and is one of the most expensive bottles ever sold at auction.
Whereas other whiskey bottles are valued by their decanters, the rareness of this whiskey makes it so expensive.
The whiskey’s taste also has a valuable factor and is described as having a heavenly flavor of barley, pear, and heather.
The label comes from the name Janet Sheed, the granddaughter of Glenfiddich founder William Grant who lived till at the age of 110.
Only 11 bottles of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed were made at the time.
Before she died in 2012, Sheed was the oldest woman in Scotland.
A special cocktail with a wonderful flavor, woody oak, and hints of heather, hay pear with notes of spice, is the most expensive whiskey Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955.
The light and smoothing Scotch whiskey with a touch of cured meat and has a delicate aromatic nutmeg finish.

7. Dalmore 64 Trinitas- $ 150,000

Dalmore 64 Trinitas is a combination of the most exclusive and rare vintages in the distillery. It has 1939, 1926, 1878, and 1868 series whiskeys.
As one might expect, there seems to be little left (or none) of whiskey from over a century ago, which is why only three bottles of Dalmore 64 Trinitas were made.
Only one for direct sale is available, and 1878, is no reference to what happened to the two others.
Maybe their owners have been simply enjoying them or maybe they are not for sale currently.
However, the Dalmore 64 Trinitas bottles are more likely to sell much higher than their original purchase price after it finally appears at the auction.
For a price of 160,000 USD, Dalmore 64 Trinitas is being sold to being one of the world’s most expensive whiskeys.
It includes a blend of a variety of flavors, such as Colombian coffee, bitter orange, walnut and sweet raisins with subtle notes of sandalwood, white musk, patchouli, and grapefruit.
You will receive a hint of mangos, figs, caramel apples, roast coffee, treacle toffee, marzipan, and soft licorice after you sip it for the first time.
This is a complex alcoholic beverage. The sterling silver decoration of the bottle represents the “inner strength and outer shine” of the drink.

6. Dalmore 62- $ 192,000

Dalmore 62 is one of the most expensive whiskey in the world for $250,000 in Singapore dollars or $192,000 in USD. It was sold and created a history at Changi Airport.
The company has just released 12 bottles of different names in a limited edition of the series.
They (brand) sold one for 22,000 pounds in 2002, and others for 32,000 pounds in 2005.
By blending four different single malt whiskeys from the Scottish Highlands of 1939, 1926, 1876 and 1868 have been the creation of Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson.
It is said to be a century-old, rare, and special whiskey.
Like the Dalmore 64 Trinitas, it has whiskeys dating from the beginning of the 19th century.
The wood mold for which they created its decanter took 100 hours to be handcrafted and its quarter-million dollars are part of the beautiful platinum and crystal decanter involving Dalmore 62.

5. Macallan 64 Lalique Cire Perdue- $ 464,000

Macallan 64 is one of the whiskey brands that have a high price for its use of valued decanters.
Lalique Cire Perdue’s Macallan 64 was last seen when it received $464,000 at the 2010 auction for a bottle.
Macallan 64 is a Single Malt Whiskey from the Speyside distillery at Lalique Cire Perdue, which is aged for 64 years.
The quality of premium old whiskey was obtained by blending three Spanish oak casks from 1946, 1945, and 1942.
The iconic French Lalique, designed and created the special crystal decanter, can not be found anywhere else.
As the most expensive whiskey was at the time, the brand was able to register the most expensive whiskey in the Guinness Book of World Records.
The earnings were donated to Charity: Water, a clean water organization.
The taste at first comprises several flavors like cloves, cinnamon, cedarwood, orange peel, and peat smoke while subsequent transitions into concentrated peat smoke, treacle, walnuts, cocoa, and raisin.
Because of its unique combinations and subtle dark chocolate notes, it is a sophisticated drink.
The floral decanter was handmade by the cire perdue method and is considered exceptional, artistic and extremely expensive.

4. The Macallan M – $628,000

The Macallan M is one of the old and costly kings of whiskeys. The vintages are from 25 to 75-year-old and each of them is aged in Spanish oak.
The Macallan M’s decanter is made of handcrafted crystal however and it has been crafted and developed by a team of 17 craftsmen.
The bottle is six liters capacity and can’t be easily found which will only increase in value as the years go by.
A collaboration between the designer Fabien Baron, Lalique crystal and Macmillan is the creation of the beautifully designed bottle.
The crystal stopper is put in a luxury box later, so it has a beautiful and exclusive look.
The fruity overtones and the delicate flavor of leather violet, apple cedar, and lemon are enriched with the raisin flavor.
The bottle has been sold at a Hong Kong auction had an ABV of around 44.7%.
You might wonder what makes it so special to Macallan M that someone paid $628,205 in an auction in Hong Kong?
Whiskey experts agree that the Macallan M is an unusual product, but that its quality can be contained in such a bottle–a decadent, gazing decanter of the crystal of nearly six liters capacity.

3. The Macallan Valerio Adami – $ 1.05 million

On 3 October 2018, the obsession for The Macallan Whiskeys came to a head when Valerio Adami, a 60-year-old scotch, was sold for 1.05 million USD at Bonhams Whisky Sale in Edinburgh, Scotland, was one of the rare distilleries symbols.
The price was incredible but not unprecedented: in May, a similar-release bottle was sold for just over $1 million at another Bonhams auction in Hong Kong to set a new world record for the costliest whiskey bottle.
There’s also considerable bragging rights for the Macallan: distillery launches claim three of the most expensive whiskey spots (it’s 4 in our list).
The whiskey was bottled in 1986 and Macallan commissioned Peter Blake and Valerio Adami to design the limited-edition labels-12 Adami labels and 12 Blake labels.
Firstly, the rare factor: there are only twelve Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 bottles that have been produced and the number that remains in the world is uncertain — but speculations have it, one bottle has been drunk and another one has been demolished during an earthquake.
It also features an exclusive bottle tag designed by Valerio Adami, the eponymous pop artist.

2. The Macallan 1926 – $1.5 million

The 60-year-old Macallan was sold for a staggering $1.5 million, breaking the most recent records of the world’s most expensive whiskey.
The premium bottle was sold on 29th November 2018 at Finest & Rarest Wine & Spirits Christie auction in London.
The 60-year-old Macallan 1926 belonged to the 24-bottles limited edition series.
The Valerio Adami designed half while remaining was completed by the other Peter Blake.
The extremely rare drink was distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986 after sixty years of aging.
They preserved it in the ex-sherry casks of Macallan distillery in Scotland for six decades.
Every single bottle is hand-painted by renowned Irish artist Michael Dillon, the most expensive whiskey was filled.

1. Isabella’s Islay – $6.2 million

If you’re not always as concerned about your whiskey as the bottle, this is the top-of-the-line Scotch for you.
Isabella’s Islay is one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world, with an estimated price tag of US$6.2 million.
The reason behind its name is the place of origin, the Island of Islay.
The brand lets you customize and select the diamond-studded name on the bottle.
Isabella’s is one of the finest whiskeys ever you will taste.
It is made of rare ingredients and high-quality grains.
Islay Scotch Whiskey is a 30-year-old aged single malt that reflects Islay’s complexity incredibly.
It’s a blend of artistic talent and outstanding craftsmanship that makes it one of the world’s most well-designed drink bottles.
It has the most valuable and costly whiskey, as rare as it can be for a drink.
If you are thinking why would anyone buy it for 6.2 million dollars?
The Islay value is all tied into its decanter, containing 8,500 diamonds, 300 rubies, and exquisite white gold. Put the just bottle alone, and it’s worth moreover $6 million.
It is one of the finest things that money can buy, decanter apart, as far as the whiskey’s taste is concerned.
Isabella is the ultimate expression of the luxury scotch whiskey, and it cost a ton of money on its own even without a diamond and jewel-encrusted bottle.

Whiskey inspires the cult reverence that sends prices up more than any other spirit.
This brown-spoke obsession is particularly apparent for iconic labels like Pappy Van Winkle, who has long been a white whale for obsessed enthusiasts of 23-year-old Family Reserve.
Groups like Bourbon Mafia and Bourbon Exchange have added fuel to the fire, and keep track of black markets and fluctuating rates such as traders at the NYSE.
The price only proves what top one-percenters can do with their extra cash.

Top 10 Famous Artists Today

These popular artists have created unique ways of showcasing their iconic modern art, from abstract facial drawings to street art.
Below is the list of the top 10 famous artists today:

10. Zeng Fanzhi - Expressionism

Zeng Fanzhi is a Beijing-based Chinese contemporary artist.
His painting has always had an emotional directness, an innate mental understanding of the painter, and his carefully calibrated expressionistic technique from the early stages of his career.
In the early 90s, Zeng’s work travels to Beijing and reveals an immediate change in response to his absorption in a shallow setting, his landmark series Mask, which shows the contradictions between his dominant philosophical issues and ironic treatment of pompousness and the mentality implicit in his new urban life.
Zeng’s expressionistic methods are, however, contradictory to the conventional use of such techniques.
The portrayal of Zeng’s bare, exposed flesh and oddly inflated hands is not an attempt at mere pure emotional expression but, rather, a satirical depiction of emotions as a metaphor for the misplaced oneself and stunted self-realization against the superficially composed appearances of the subjects.


9. Richard Serra - Process art

The American painter Richard Serra joins the process art movement. He lives and works on the North Fork, Long Island, and in Tribeca, New York.
He is best known for his abstract sculptures in metal, the extensive appearance of which forces audiences to focus on the physical characteristics of the objects and their specific locations.
Richard Serra’s, one of the pre-eminent 20th-century sculptors,’s monumental works underline and change spectators’ perception of space and proportion.
Inspired by the modern dance at a very early stage in his career — especially by his encounters with the famous Judson Church dancers in New York City — and with Japanese zen gardens, the artist sought to create works that involve viewers in motion and capture the surrounding space in large sheet metal pieces.


8. Marina Abramović - Performance art

Marina Abramović is a Serbian body performance artist who uses her body as a subject and as the vehicle, known for her avant-garde performance pieces.
Abramović frequently endures risky and horrific acts to explore sensation and its impact, often with audience participation, by integrating music, sound, video, sculpture, and photography into her work.
She discusses body art, performance art and feminist art, the interplay between the artist, viewer, physical boundaries and psychological possibilities.


7. Jeff Koons - Sculpture arts

Jeff Koons, one of several American artists who appeared with an emphasis on the prevailing consumer culture of the decade in the 1980s.
He may be best known for his over-dimensional creations of kitschy souvenirs, toys, and ornaments, which are bright and shiny in his Celebration (1994–2011) series.
Koons provides strong and lasting support to otherwise ephemeral objects through his choice of materials.
Jeff Koons deals with taste, pleasure, celebrities and commercial ideas.
Koons transforms banal objects into pop-art symbols, experimenting with seductive industrial materials (like high chrome steel from his Balloon Dog sculptures and vinyl inflatables) and size changes and the intricate production environment of a variety of technicians.
Although he is frequently considered ironic and tongue-in-cheek, Koons maintains that his approach is sincere and ambitious.
His work has been based largely on the techniques and the stylistic elements of art history.


6. Banksy - Street art

Banksy has created a whole art subculture dedicated to his works, perhaps the most controversial street artist in the world.
At any given moment, Banksy’s work can impact anywhere.
Even after 20 years in the graffiti world, his name remains unknown.
As he has collaborated with a variety of media and forms of street art so being anonymous seems a logical choice.
His research includes not only many important, sometimes controversial images but also viral images on the Internet.
Banksy continued to respect Blek le Rat’s works and often reuse his old ideas in his graffiti art lifestyle.
Since the early 1990s, he has been highly active in graffiti.
He provided a photo of himself covering his head with a paper bag (naturally recyclable).
The rest of his fans don’t want to know his real identity but have loudly protested in Fleet Street for requesting him to unmask.
We can see his art in major cities from Vienna, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Paris, and Detroit.
And with his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” that was nominated for the Academy Award, he has moved from graffiti on colorful walls to paint onto canvas abstract art, and even movies.


5. Annie Leibovitz - Portrait photography

The American photographer Annie Leibovitz is noted for her beautiful, strange and memorable portraits of many famous people.
Crisp emotions and perfect lightings are her signature style.
The Leibovitz fashion style is bold contrasts and dramatic poses, and she refers her influence to the contributions of photographers Robert Frank and Richard Avedon.
Perhaps her best-known shot is the raw and intimate portrait of a naked John Lennon tied to his wife Yoko Ono, taken for Rolling Stone cover just hours before the assassination of Lennon.
The portraits of this photographer are held in the collections at Art Institute of Chicago, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and Los Angeles County Art Museum.


4. Robin Eley - Hyperrealism

This British-born and American educated artist based in Australia spends about 5 weeks working 90 hours a week on a painting.
Robin claims that he is trying to explore the conceptual isolation in the modern world and the plastic wrap on his images acts as a metaphor for this, as “it is something that you can see but do not experience though.”
Of his work with oils specifically, he is concerned with chiaroscuro, tonality, and drama in the style of the Old Masters for capturing the tactility of skin.

Artworks (paintings)

3. Ai Weiwei - Installation art

Ai Weiwei is a contemporary artist and political activist from China.
This also undoubtedly makes him one of the most controversial figures in the world of installation art.
While his revolutionary acts broaden the definition of art to include modern forms of social interaction, they underline the widening gap between the ideal and the real in Chinese society.
He devotes intellectual passion and poetry to his sculptures, portraits, and public artworks.
Also, he uses distinguishable or traditional styles of Chinese art in several critical observations of political and social issues in China.
In 2011 the ArtReview Magazine magazine publishers named this Chinese defector the most influential artist in the world.
As he has been a symbol icon to the ongoing fights for human rights in China.


2. Frank Gehry - Architecture

Frank Gehry is a Canadian-American architect known for postmodern design buildings such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
The award-winning architect has been disrupting the very essence of architecture for more than a half-century.
While Gehry is immensely innovative in his projects, his architecture is legendary with certain defining features.
His tendency in postmodern architecture, where design elements become scattered, is known as deconstructivism and often characterized by many as messy or loosely coupled.
Gehry uses corrugated metals primarily which make the appearance unfinished or dislocated.
His use of ingredients such as corrugated metals offers a raw and unresolved artsy vibe for some of the projects.
Gehry was one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable architects in recent times with this unique architectural style.


1. Gerhard Richter - Contemporary art

German contemporary artist Gerhard Richter is considered one of the most influential artists alive.
The works of Richter in abstraction and photo-based paintings contributed greatly to the medium’s development.
Gerhard Richter is well known for a multi-style interpretation of the painting medium, frequently integrating the visual effects of photography and refining them.
His large-scale photoreal representations of black and white pictures, which were painted in different gray tones, was created by Richter, and the result (sometimes considered being “photographic impressionism”) was blurred, and appeared smeared by portions of his paintings — reproducing counterintuitively photographic results and exposing his painterly eye.
Richter put Abstraction into his work of highly textured abstract gray monochromes and went about loosely between figuration and abstraction and created geometric “Color Charts,” bold gestural abstractions, observational paintings of everything from nudes, trees, vehicles to cities, architecture and Nazi settings.


Top 10 Automobile Companies in the World

In recent years, the automotive industry has undergone a worldwide slow-down, prompting major car suppliers to seek new and innovative profit-making approaches. Many have transitioned to higher-end, while some are more focused on competitive models contributing to larger margins of income. 2017 shows signs of recovery with a few of the main players hitting worldwide record sales.

10. PSA - France

PSA Automobiles is a French carmaker formerly known as PSA Peugeot Citroën, which manufactures motorcycles and motorbikes together with automobiles.
Amid some difficult years in this decade, much of which was the loss of €114 million in 2014, for which PSA Peugeot, the company bounced back soon.
In the middle of 2017, the French automaker announced a 15.4% global increase in sales.
The great performance of SUV sales, which account for 23 percent of combined sales, is responsible for the vast majority of this growth.
The situation remains rosy in 2018, with a 7.8 percent growth in Q2 sales from Peugeot.
The rise in Opel-Vauxhall purchase, together with an improvement in the selling of inferior Peugeot models, is attributable according to industry experts.
In the ASEAN region, it is aiming to double its sales. Previously, the company announced an agreement on vehicles for the Asian market with Naza Corp in Malaysia.

9. Suzuki - South Korea

This well-known automaker produces everything from vehicles to ATVs, formerly known as the Suzuki Motor Corporation Suzuki is the fourth largest car manufacturer in Japan and sells its cars in over 190 countries.
Although the world-wide footprint of Suzuki has declined in recent years, its sales in India (known as Maruti Suzuki), which together with Hyundai Motors, are still powered by its high overall profitability.
It recently announced its goal of selling 2 million cars annually in India by 2020 under the banner of Maruti Suzuki.
The 6.6 percent lower operating profit posted by the company in the second quarter of 2018 may make this prediction hopeful.
As in Q2, this financial year in 2019, Suzuki reported a net decline of sales up to 9.6% year-on-year.

8. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - Netherlands

The Italian-American car manufacturer was listed on both the New York Stock exchange and Borsa Italiana through the merger of Fiat and Chrysler.
Fiat–Chrysler saw its earnings in 2018 Q2 declined by 40 percent over the same time last year, after a solid North American sales performance in 2017.
This decline was not for slow sales but to a one-off price of €700 million for any possible future compensation resulting from emission violations of Ram pickups and Jeep Grand Cherokees manufactured between 2014 and 2016.
This precaution was because, in 2015, a US $105 million fine was imposed on Fiat/Chrysler.
North America Division has far outpaced its counterparts in Europe and the Asia Pacific in terms of sales.
The lower sales in these regions have cited increased competition in China and price competition in Europe. Nevertheless, the total sales in North America grew by 3 percent in 2017.
Fiat Chrysler Cars have 159 manufacturing facilities globally and are known as one of the ‘Big Three’ American automakers.

7. Honda - USA/Italy

With the ad campaign “The Power of Dreams,” the Honda Motor Company still corresponds to the story of its optimistic founder.
The global sales outlook of the Japanese carmaker increased by 2019. However, they continue to face decreasing total sales in the second year.
Because of the current rise in motorcycle sales, Honda raised its revenue outlook for the year ending in March 2019 by 11.3 percent to $7 billion.
Even with the upgraded forecast, its March 2017 sales of $7.42 billion are still below its record high.
The overall decrease in sales has a major role to play in declining growth in China.
Honda exceeds its Japanese rivals in China but still has quality problems with its two leading models, the Civic and the CR-V SUV.

6. Ford - Japan

Ford Motor Company is an American international automaker having headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.
It was created on 16th June 1903 by Henry Ford. Under the name Ford and most luxury cars under the brand Lincoln, the company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles.
Ford also holds Brazilian SUV maker Troller, an 8 percent ownership in UK’s Aston Martin and a 32 percent share of Jiangling Motors which makes Ford not only is one of the world’s largest carmakers but is also the largest family company in the world.
The Ford Company pioneered techniques of large-scale automotive manufacturing and large-scale industrial worker planning, using complex output processes defined by rolling assembly lines, which by 1914 became known worldwide as Fordism.
This technique is used by almost all manufacturing companies to this day.
In March 2008 Tata Motors of India bought Ford’s former UK divisions of Jaguar and Land Rover, which Ford bought in 1989 and 2000.

5. General Motors - USA

General Motors Company (GM), a Detroit-based international American company by producing, assembling, selling and exporting cars and car components.
Originally established as a holding company by William C. Durant on 16 September 1908.
The company is one of the world’s largest and biggest American car manufacturers.
As of 2018, Forbes ranked General Motors 10th spot by total revenue among Fortune 500 America’s largest companies.
General Motors runs manufacturing and assembly plants that produce a wide variety of vehicles.
Popular automotive brands like Buick, Chevrolet Cadillac, and Hummer are part of its lineup portfolio.
The company’s core car brands are Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, manufacturing cars in over 37 countries.
It also controls and keeps major ownership in other international car companies, including Holden, Wuling, Baojun and Jiefang.

4. Hyundai- USA

The company was founded by the Hyundai Motor Company in 1998 by the acquisition of a 51% stake in the second-largest South Korean car company, Kia Motors.
Hyundai owns 33.88% of Kia Motors as of 31 December 2013.
This global conglomerate manufactures a wide range of products and has become South Korea’s biggest automaker.
In October 2018, Hyundai-Kia sales increased by almost one percentage point compared to last year’s same quarter.
It sold 408,160 units worldwide this October, down from 404,321 last October. The jump was mainly because of high domestic results, with sales 25% higher than last year.
Strong sales of Santa Fé and Kona were the leading way. The best-selling car in Korea has been Santa Fe and Kona’s best-selling month since its release in the first years.
Generally, in 2014 and 2015 the car manufacturer has been rebounding from several difficult years since they suffered from a strong Korean currency.

3. Nissan group- Germany

As an important cross-cultural automaker, the Renault Nissan-Mitsubishi Partnership will be remembered as the longest-lasting alliance ever.
The Coalition partners combine forces to build a stronger global network. They cooperate together on innovative ideas, thus upholding their own corporate identities.
Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi’s strategic partnership is not a merger or an acquisition, but through a cross-sharing agreement, it unites the three organizations.
The model was groundbreaking in the auto industry during the 1990s and acted later as a model for General Motors and the PSA Group, Mitsubishi, and the Volkswagen Group and Suzuki.
The Partnership has greatly extended its reach by establishing new alliances with car manufacturers, including Daimler of Germany, China’s Dongfeng and AvtoVAZ of Russia.

2. Toyota - Japan

A Japanese international car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Aichi, Japan.
In 2017, Toyota hired 364,445 employees around the world and was the sixth-largest corporation in the world by revenue as of September 2018.
They manufacture not only cars and trucks under five different brands in the Toyota Group but also manufacture industrial equipment and individual automotive products.
Toyota’s business was struggling after it’s country’s defeat in WWII, but it eventually came back in the 1950s.
Toyota sent executives to visit American manufacturers and took notes on new innovations and ideas to become more successful by implementing those techniques at Toyota.
Toyota is the world’s leading hybrid vehicle manufacturer and one of the largest companies to support the introduction of hybrid vehicles in the global mass market.
Toyota is also a hydrogen fuel cell market leader. Toyota and Lexus both crossed 10 million milestone in January 2017 by combined global sales of their hybrid car models.

1. Volkswagen Group - Germany

It has overtaken Toyota and sold 10.8 million cars during 2016 and remains the biggest automaker in the world through its exports in 2017 and 2018. 
Over two decades, it has held Europe’s largest market share. It ranked seventh among the world’s largest companies in the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list. 
Volkswagen Group market passenger cars under the Volkswagen owned brands like Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and the Volkswagen flagship brand; (commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses) under the marquee, MANScania, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and motorcycles under the Ducati ;
Recording sales and a strong recovery from the ‘diesel gate scandal’ Volkswagen has been able to overcome the previous number two from Toyota. 
For the first time in their history, Volkswagen’s strong sales of Porsche, Audi, Skoda, and other flagship brands lead to a surpass of 10.4 million units.

Top 10 Most Popular Sport in the World 2019

most popular sport in the world

In this list, we are going to see the most popular sport in the world by participation & overall viewership.
The role of physical activities in our lives is very important.
But the problem with the modern lifestyle is that we take sports seriously during the early childhood until the later years of our lives when we find it as a hobby, a boring exercise activity, and even a career just to earn money.
Contrary to local physical recreational games played (like Mexican Basque Pelota or Indian Kabaddi), there are some favored mass-following sports that people play in every part of the world.
To describe popularity, we need several parameters. It covers the courts and stadium crowd, broadcast and online fanbase, follow-up social media, etc.
We can define popularity based on the number of funds available and the number of available endorsement deals.
Throughout our lives, athletics or any physical activity plays an important part.
We often should take sports seriously from childhood until late years, when we may consider it as an amusement, a fitness practice, and even a career occasionally.
Here are the top 10 most popular sport in the world:

10. Golf

top 10 sports in the world

Fans: 450 million
Primary love for the sport: USA, European Countries, Japan & South Korea.
With over 450 million fans in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
Golf is all about the accuracy of handling the club and ball.
In golf, to win, competitors have to hit balls with the highest number of holes by using many types of clubs in the least attempts.
Golf may not be most played sport in the world but has a wide and a following that flows among the elites of our society like businessmen or celebrities, that’s why this sport (like cricket) is well known as the “Gentleman’s game.”
It’s also a very calming game that is absolutely entertaining.
And it’s no surprise that in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, the UK, South Africa, and South Korea it has the largest professional specter.
Although golf ranks in the last position in our top 10 sports in the world list, it has the most income and the biggest prize money for the players.
Anyone with skills like that of tiger woods can become the richest sportsman in the world.
Global Fan Base: In contrast to young people, golf is one sport that is more attractive to adult people.
The international game has over 450 million followers, particularly in the US, Canada, and Europe.
Golf does not fit well for the general public because of its accessibility.

9. Rugby/American football

most famous sports in the world
Estimated No. of Fans: 475 millionPrimary love for the sport: USA, UK, Commonwealth
Rugby is a physically active sport with two teams of 15 players each attracting a large audience demanding a good dose of an adrenaline rush, particularly in European countries and in areas where the British Empire took over during the 18th and 19th centuries.
American football a variation of rugby is a sport that is played by two teams of eleven players on the rectangular pitch, which is known as football in the United States and gridiron, in some other nations.
One team attempts to charge with the oval ball in hands or pass it to another player to run towards the goal post.
While the other team players try to stop the charging player, at least 10 yards in four downs must push for a new set of four downs and the drive continued.
If not, they have to transfer the ball to the opposing team.
Global Fan Base: Worldwide, enthusiasts play it as rugby but majorly, it centers the fan base of American football predominantly in the US.
US Football is one of America’s most popular sports. In other parts of the world, this game has low popularity.
The NFL players in the USA are the most popular American soccer league.

8. Baseball

Fans: 500 million
Primary Sphere of Influence: United States, Caribbean, Japan.​Baseball is another sport dominated by the United States with five hundred million followers. Back in 1876, the first sports league was established, and the game continues to grow. Even at the street level, people countries such as the United States and Japan love baseball. Citizens in those areas love this sport and many opt for a baseball career since childhood. The Nippon League and the MLB respectively are Japan’s and the United States’ main leagues.Global Fan Base: US, Canada, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

7. Basketball

most watched sport in the world

Estimated No. of Fans: 825 million
Primary Sphere of Influence: Global
Basketball is one of the world-famous sports. We can again regard the United States as the birthplace of basketball.
Basketball is an exciting and skillful sport. You develop skills through regular practice and exercise in your backyard driveway or open space.
Indoor basketballs on flat and smooth surfaces while outdoor surfaces have a rugged finish to stand up against rougher conditions.
Dr. James Naismith from Massachusetts, USA originated & developed modern basketball in the late 19th century.
Today, basketball has been established into one of the world’s most famous and highly paid sports.
Michael Jordan could be a first-class example of professional performers who made his name globally as synonymous to basketball.
Global Fan Base: There are around 825 million Basketball fans. The popularity among the fans is primarily among the US, Canada, Philippines, Japan, China, etc

6. Table Tennis

most popular sport in the world

Fans: 875 million
Regions where game is played: Global
Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is an indoor sport that began in England, and in which two to four players hit a lightweight plastic ball back and forth with a wooden or plastic racket.
Nearly all clubs every country in the world plays this game on an amateur level.
Table Tennis is not a sport with many talents display platforms but as a hobby, we enjoy this indoor competition all over the world and no other sport can compare with it in terms of sheer excitement.
Besides, professional table tennis is limited to countries such as Indonesia, China and Malaysia and, to a certain degree, India, for playing this game professionally.
Global Fan Base: Table tennis enthusiasts are spread across the globe.
The community of over 875 million fans all over the world is large, with millions of hobbyists, amateur players, and professional table tennis players.

5. Volleyball

world famous sports

No. of Fans: 900 million
Fan-base regions: Western Europe, North America.
Our favorite beach game with friends is here.
Another US origin game of the late 19th century is yet very simple, but an exciting game and places specific needs on player’s physical strength and engagement.
Approximately 900 million people worldwide play volleyball regularly.
People all around the world play this sport both in the indoor stadium or outdoor field.
It is the fifth most popular sport with the most registered affiliates federations of all sports.
Volleyball, with little rules and few rules, is an incredibly easy & enjoyable game.
It’s all a ball and a net you like. Volleyball was launched in the Olympic Games in 1964 and its transition on the beach was a significant kick-off for its accelerated popularity growth worldwide.

4. Tennis

most popular sport in the world

No. of Fans: 1 billion
Demography of fans: Global
Lawn tennis matches attract the crowd with spiking popularity when the tournaments begin which also makes it the first entry to our top 10 sports in the world list that hits a billion marks in the number of followers.
The doubles variant of the sport (2 players vs 2 players) is also very famous worldwide.

The game is played in all Asian, African, Oceania, Hispanic and North American nations. Some top tournaments include the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon Championships, and the USA were the four Grand Slam tournaments. Opens are usually most-watched. Tennis is only a common indoor club sport in India, although it is only limited to urban regions. The game is developing at a quick rate in Asia and so don’t be shocked to see that tennis ranks above in the future.Fan base: Tennis has a fairly good worldwide fan base. Although in developed countries it is more widespread than in developing countries. Tennis superstars, such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, are well-known worldwide, attracting hundreds of millions of fans around the globe towards the sport.

3. Field hockey

top 10 sports in the world

Estimated No. of Fans: 2 billion
Influence: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
It has been around since the 3rd century BC and enthusiasts have transformed playing rules styles overtime accordingly.
Field hockey attracts fans from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with enthusiasts worldwide two billion.
For many young people, this growing sport has become a mainstream obsession.
We can play it on several types of surfaces including dirt, grass, and floor, which provide a variety of game styles.
The specifications for field hockey depend on the level of play, but the equipment used is the same.
A very popular sport in the commonwealth, it has similar gameplay and rules as that of football the only distinction is that the ball is much larger, guided by an unusually J shaped bat rather than player’s feet.
If we include other variations like Ice hockey or Floorball, overall hockey could be the most popular sport in the world.

2. Cricket

top 10 most popular sport in the world is cricket

Estimated No. of Fans: 2.5 billion
Sphere of Influence: UK, Commonwealth countries like India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, etc.

Ranking second between the top two was a difficult task, as the sheer fan following between these two rival games is simply very high.
The game has a fanbase that records 2.5 billion people worldwide.
But also, there are many countries in which people do not know what cricket is.
The countries where cricket is the most played, both on-street and professional levels, are in the Indian subcontinent, South Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.
Pakistan and India’s extensive rivalry is not just limited to sport and is one of the world’s most-watched matches worldwide followed by the FIFA World Cup Final and the Spanish el-Clasico.
Cricket is just a passion and a life-and-death issue for the fans and the players in the areas in which they play it.
The four-year Cricket World Cup is known to be a highly watched and expensive global event each year and the best team on all occasions is Australia, England, and India.
While some global superstars who are also the richest cricketers in the world rank in this sports rank among top global athletes.
Global Fan Base: Cricket’s fan base is limited to certain nations. This sport is not that popular in the US, most of Europe and most of Asia.
Yet, people from some major nations play this game with the utmost joy.
Cricket has the world’s second-largest number of fans, with about 2 to 3 billion people.
In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, and in Australia, cricket is the most-watched sport (sometimes only watched sport).
Around 2.2 million people worldwide viewed their TVs in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

1. Football

biggest sports in the world

Estimated No. of Fans: 4 billion
Sphere of Influence: Global
Okay, the most famous and most-watched sport in the world, football or soccer, shouldn’t be a shock.
Many historians say it started in China, whereas others suggest that the Greeks and the Romans invented the game.
However, to the modern interpretation of play, we can trace it back to England, which is the sport of today.
The number of followers has been so high that every second person in the world is a fan of football, mainly because it only needs a ball and a decent ground.
Global Fan Base: The number of people who actively follow the sport and track their global and regional tournaments is unimaginable.
Soccer arguably statistically is the biggest & most played sport in the world both locally as well as internationally.
Football is undoubtedly the king when it comes to TV viewing.
Top football players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are global star icons.
If there is any local or international rivalry, billions of soccer fans around the world are doodling on their telescreens to give you an idea of the popularity of the sport.
The same applies to the world’s biggest club competitions and champion leagues.

I am apologetic if I couldn’t include your favorite game in our most popular sport in the world list.
There are around 8000 officially recognized sports around the globe, as you might ask which one is best among them.
The real answer is all, as long as you are having a physical exercise while you enjoy is good.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World 2019

Richest Women in the World

Although there are no women in the Top 10 richest people in the world list, we can’t deny that women can not archive billionaire status in the 21st century.
Many women, including Laurene Powell Jobs and Abigail Johnson, are active agents of change in this list ranging from heirs to self-made millionaires.
Others like Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken work as guardians for their family and foster leadership for the next generation.
And then, there is Gina Rinehart & Abigail Johnson who, because of their management business skills, acts as role models for women.
Regardless of their wealth, these women have a passion for the profession, a vision for the organization they support.
Here are the top 10 richest women in the world:

10. Kwong Siu-hing: $15.1 billion

richest woman in the world

She is Kwok Tak-Seng’s wife, who created Sun Hung properties (real estate company) in China.
She worked in 2008-2011 in the same organization as chairman.
Now, she controls the Sun Hung Kai Properties Group, Hong Kong’s best property developer as a shareholder.
By 2008, a family trust with approximately 41.53% of the shares effectively controls the firm SHK Properties, making her the company’s largest shareholder.

9. Gina Rinehart: $15.2 billion

richest self made woman in the world

Lang Hancock, father of Gina Rinehart, who is the Chairman of the Company, Hancock Prospecting.
Nevertheless, Gina does not have a conventional heritage background or can be called an heiress because she is the one who has bravely taken on and rebuilt her father’s bankrupt iron-ore company.
Forbes declared Gina to be the world’s richest woman in 2012, but this year in 2019 she is in 8th position.
Gina still has plans to expand her company and travels the world with her $80 million private jets she has no plans to stop.

8. Iris Fontbona: $15.4 billion

Richest Women in the World

Iris Fontbona, the head of the richest family in Chile, inherited the Luksic Group in 2005, following the death of her husband Andronico Luksic.
Latter had developed a fortune in the mining of copper and beverages and had left the business to Jean-Paul, Andronico and Guillermo Luksic and Fontbona with three sons.
While Andronico is still the company’s face, the 76-year-old was recognized for expanding the business, including a major decision to buy a 70 percent stake in Chilean TV, Channel 13.
Banco de Chile, which is the second-largest bank in Chile, Compania de las Cervecerias Naciones Unidas, are some of the group’s leading assets
She also controls the largest copper mines in the world under Antofagasta Holdings.

7. Abigail Johnson: $15.6 billion

richest self made woman in the world

Abigail is a famous American businessman and was born on December 1961.
She began her career as a portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments, a company founded by her grandfather, and is also a graduate from the Harvard Business School.
Upon entering the position of President and CEO status and having a company share of 49 percent in 2014, she became one of the world’s powerful women.
She was eventually appointed Chairman of the Group in 2016. In 2016, Forbes put her in 16th position and 34th place in 2014, ranking her that time among the sixteenth richest woman in the world.

6. Laurene Powell Jobs: $18.6 billion

richest woman in the world

Apple’s legacy has been taken up further by Laurene Powell Jobs, the wife of late Apple founder Steve Jobs.
She started as a philanthropist and after her husband’s death, she gradually got the responsibility of taking care of the company.
She currently owns 38.5 million shares of Apple and a stake of 8% of Disney Company. Powell also created a College Track company for its own reason, which trains students for high school and university graduations.
Furthermore, she is the founding member of the Emerson Collective, a resource bank that helps those interested in improving social and educational issues.

5. Susanne Klatten: $21 billion

richest women in the world

Today, 56 years old, German-born businesswoman and mother of three, & also one of the biggest shareholders in BMW controls over 19 percent of the world’s largest luxury car maker.
Yet Susanne, there behind her brother Stefan Quandt, owns more than 23% of the firm, is only the second-biggest shareholder.
As an entrepreneur, Susanne’s success does not rely on the main business of the family.
Over the years, she has concentrated on Altana AG, an internationally recognized pharmaceutical company founded by her grandfather.
To date, she is chairman and sole proprietor of Altana AG, which is said to generate $2.5 million annually in revenue.

4. Yang Huiyan: $22.1 billion

Wealthiest Women in the World

Yang Huiyan is the daughter of Yeung Kwok Keung a self-made businessman who founded Country Garden Holdings, the construction developer of Guangdong, China.
At a tender age of 25, in 2007, when she inherited 70 percent of her father’s assets and became the richest person in China.
Now 37, she is China’s richest woman, with 57% of the development company’s shares.
Yang also chairs the Bright Scholar Education Holdings, China’s largest global and bilingual K-12 school provider.
Together with her aunt Yang Meirong, she owns 92.59% of the education firm.

3. Jacqueline Mars: $23.9 billion

wealthiest woman

Jacqueline Mars is the granddaughter of the biggest candymaker in the world Frank C. Mars and the successor of the company who holds around 30% of the stake.
She began to work in the company as till 2001 Food product Group President & then serving as a member of boards till 2016.
Currently, the Chairman of the Board of Directors is her son, Stephen Badger.
Mars is also a renowned philanthropist who serves as President of the Mars Foundation and has made significant contributions to the Australian Outback doctors and National Symphony Orchestra.
She also sits on six boards, including the National Archives, and in the Smithsonian.

2. Alice Walton: $44.4 billion

richest woman in the us

 She is the daughter of the late Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart Stores & sister of American Businessmen John T. Walton, S. Robson Walton, and Jim Walton.
Alice Walton does not have an essential role in the Walmart corporation unlike her brothers Rather, she is a patron to artists and involved in philanthropy.
She is also the founder and chairman of the Museum of American Art of Crystal Bridges, which she established in 2011.
In 2017, Walton created the Art Bridges non-profit foundation to expand the nation’s awareness of American art.

1. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers: $49.3 billion

Richest Women in the World

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers owns 33 percent of L’Oreal, the largest manufacturer of cosmetics worldwide.
Before that, her mother Liliane led the business until 2017.
The L’Oreal corporation is a big brand that owns Garnier and Lancome brands.
She is now the world’s richest woman, and also an accomplished writer as she wrote three novels, one of which was based on Greek God.
Francis was already playing a major role in managing the fortune of her family as the head of his own investment firm and of the chairman of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation before she was named the holder of the $107.5 billion stakes in L’Oreal after his mother’s death in 2017.
Nonetheless, it is not an easy task of handling her mother’s corporation.
But while the late Liliane Bettencourt was, before her death, the richest woman in the world, Francoise today holds the same spot as her mother before as the world’s richest women’s 2019.

MacKenzie Bezos is not included because after the 2019 rankings were released by Forbes she acquired her individual wealth of 37 billion.
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Top 10 Richest Cricketer in the World in 2019

top 10 richest cricketer in the world

Here in this post, we will see some of the richest cricketer in the world in 2019 & see why they are so rich.
Over the years, cricket has become one of the most popular sports in India & almost all commonwealth countries.
The Indian Maharajas and British Lords, who decorated the team’s ranks once, polished the game we see it today.
Cricket’s evolution of T20 not only enriched cricket’s reach for wider audiences but tournaments such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Big Bash League (BBL) reflect as enormous revenue generators and cricket players world-wide are competing at these tournaments to expose themselves to huge amounts of income.
The following is the countdown of the top 10 richest cricketer in the world 2019:

10. Shane Watson Net Worth : $30 Million

richest cricketer in the world

National Team: Australia
Salary: $4.0 million
While Shane Watson was once a national team player in Australia, he’s signed with the IPL team Chennai Super Kings at the moment.
Watson has a nice skills balance, and he’s an incredible all-rounder between a bowler and a batsman.
He was one of the best players in Australia, but injuries rarely gave it a chance to enjoy a lengthy international cricket spell.
Watson made 307 appearances internationally and scored 10950 runs.
He used his brilliant full range skills in many of the T20 leagues worldwide.
He was the most expensive player in the 2016 IPL, as RCB bought him on a two-year ₹9.5 crores/year contract.
In 2016, Watson left international cricket but still plays many T20 leagues.
He also played with Sydney Thunders in the Australian Big Bash League.

9. Yuvraj Singh Net Worth : $35 Million

top 10 richest cricketer in the world

National Team: Australia
Salary: $4.0 million
The very own “Yuvi” of India Yuvraj Singh is the number 9th in this The very own “Yuvi” of India Yuvraj Singh is the number 8 in this top 10 richest cricketer in the world list.
Known primarily as an all-rounder, Singh successfully served as the Indian ODI team’s Vice-Captain.
He hit six sixes in six balls against England for a game, which is one of his most famous performances.
He was the Man of the Tournament for his all-rounder display at the 2011 World Cup. Sadly, after he beat cancer, he still didn’t find his mojo back.
Yuvraj is a popular Indian personality who has endorsed brands such as Puma, LG, Reebok, Xbox, Revital and Pepsi.
For consecutive seasons in 2014 and 2015, he was the highest-paid cricketer in IPL.
Delhi Daredevils purchased him in 2015 for ₹16 crores. In 2017, by the name of YWC, he started his own fashion clothing label, which received a lot of positive feedback.list.

7. Jacques Kallis Net Worth : $35 Million

National Team: Australia
Salary: $4.0 million
We also know Kallis as the best batsman in South Africa.
Jacques Kallis, although long retired, has a net worth of $35 million.
His performance in the games is known to be solid, and fans love his batting style.
Besides the sport, Jacques Kallis is also known for his successful coaching career!
In IPL 2012, he played a key role contributed to making Kolkata Knight Riders the champions.
In 2014, a one year contract with the Big Bash League franchise of Sydney Thunders was signed by the former South African all-rounder.
In 2017, he was appointed a brand ambassador for Advanced Hair Studio India.

6. Virender Sehwag Net Worth : $40 Million

Virender Sehwag is a famed cricketer, a known aggressive batsman from Delhi, India.
He was also the captain of Delhi Daredevils for a long time and holds various unbroken cricket records.
For example, he holds a record of the highest scorer in Test match & batsman to achieve the fastest triple century.
You can bet that Virender Sehwag is a comfortable retired life with a net worth of $40 million.
Sehwag launched an international school for students with disabilities in his free time.
In his 8-year IPL career, he represented Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab.
He’s currently a Star India commentator. For a very long time, Viru was Hero Honda’s brand ambassador.
He also promotes international brands such as Boost, Samsung, Reebok, Adidas, and many more.

5. Shane Warne
Net Worth : $52 Million

top 10 richest cricketer in the world

As an Australian cricket team captain, we know Shane Warne for his many as a legendary wicket-taking bowler.
Being retired for several years, he is still one of the richest cricketers in the world, maintaining a net worth of $50 million.
Warne now works for cricket games on the Nine Network as a commentator.
Warne has worked with his charity foundation since his retirement, which focuses primarily on improving children’s lives.
For Australian fans, Warne is a national star. In the 2008 IPL first season, Warne was the captain of the Rajasthan Royals winning team.
In 2011, he retired from IPL and is now Rajasthan Royals’ head coach.
Brands such as Victoria Bitter, Pepsi, and McDonald’s, etc. have been promoted by this Australian legend.

4. Brian lara Net Worth : $60 Million

Placing no.5 on our richest cricketer in the world list is Brilliant Batsman Brian Lara from West Indies.
Lara has the highest score as an individual, the second-highest batting performance and the highest number of runs in the history of cricket.
In 2012, the superstar was also inducted in the ICC Hall of Fame.
Brian Lara has additional cash to spend with an amazing net worth of $60 million.
Lara is a philanthropist by establishing the Pearl and Bunty Lara Foundation, an organization that focuses on helping with social care problems.
Lara was also the Indian Tyre company MRF’s brand ambassador, which helped to gain worldwide popularity.
Lara has become a professional golfer after retirement from cricket and has also won several international golf competitions.

3. Ricky Ponting Net Worth : $65 Million

Ricky Ponting is an unbelievably famous cricketer, commentator, and coach who comes from Australia.
He is also one of the top batsmen in the history of the sport, even if he is also a bowler and a close catching fielder.
The former captain from Australia is the only cricketer to win in two consecutive World Cups (after the Clive Lloyd from the West Indies).
He has supported many brands such as Valvoline, Adidas, Pura Milk, Rexona, kookaburra bats and more.
He was a very popular commentator for Channel 9 due to his popularity and glorious cricketing profession & is the head coach of the Delhi Capitals IPL Team, which was placed 3rd in the 2019 season.

3. Virat Net Worth : $92 Million

top 10 richest cricketer in the world

National Team: India
Salary: $3.1 million
As per Forbes, Virat Kohli the current Indian cricket team captain & best batsman in the world is today the richest and the most marketable cricketer.
In 2019, his net worth is around $92 million(₹ 644 crores) which earned him 3rd spot in top 10 richest cricketer in the world list & is the richest cricketer of India in 2018 & 2019.
He has been the iconic young person with his exploits on the ground, good looks, and aggressive attitude.
You’ll recognize him while watching TV that Virat Kohli is an aspect of almost all alternate TV ads.
Kohli became the highest-paid IPL player when he extended his contract with Bangalore in 2018 with Royal Challengers.
Regarding wealth, he ranked 83rd position among Forbes, the only Indian who made him the best 100 & is currently highest paid cricketer in India.
Kohli charges almost 4 crores a day for his shoots and his endorsements in 2019.
It has signed a five-crore agreement with Audi India in 2015 and has promoted brands such as Pepsi, Valvoline, Google, Hero Moto Corp, Colgate, Tissot, Too Yumm, Manyavar, and so on.
In 2018, he was also appointed as Brand Ambassador for Uber, the world-famous carrier.
Kohli is also the owner of FC Goa a soccer team ISL. It also has its own Wrogn and One8 fashion brands (partnering with Puma).

2. MSD Net Worth : $111 Million

highest paid cricketer in india

Mahendra Singh Dhoni also is known as MS Dhoni is a successful & richest cricketer in the world who lead the Indian team to several wins in his time as a captain.
Under his captainship, Indian cricket team won two Asia Cups, an ICC Champions Trophy, and the 2011 Cricket World Cup.
Because of his tremendous success, MS Dhoni has a net worth of 111 million dollars with him.
He holds several unbroken records, including most T20I winning and most wicket-keeper catches.
Almost every other brand you might know has been endorsed by Dhoni.
He has been a promoter of Gulf Oil, Reebok, TVS Motors, Red Bus, Sony Bravia, Lays, Amrapali, Snickers, GoDaddy, Colgate, Orient, and many others.
For nearly 7-8 years, he was also Reebok’s brand ambassador & was among the highest-paid athlete 2018 by Forbes.
Dhoni has also invested in the Chennaiyin FC team of ISL and is also the owner of his ‘Se7en’ fashion brand.
Dhoni is the only Chennai Super Kings captain since IPL started and under for ₹15-crore/year contract.

1. Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth : $115 Million

richest cricketer in the world

Sachin is the world’s best cricket batsman of all time. Sachin is the only cricketer in international cricket with over 34,000 runs in total and holds a record for scoring 100 centuries.
We Indians do not see Tendulkar in India as a person but more than a superhuman figure.
Regarded as the best cricket player in the world, he is not just a hero but also a godly character.
Many of the worldwide brands like BMW, Pepsi, Luminous, Adidas, Canon, Phillips, Britannia, VISA, Castrol, etc have been endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar.
When he became the brand ambassador of MRF in 2001, Sachin was the first cricketer to score a deal of ₹100-crore.
He helped BCCI (Indian cricket board) to clear the debt, which currently in 2019 is the world’s richest cricket board.
Tendulkar owns 520 crores properties & is also the mentor of the Mumbai Indians a 4-time IPL champion team.
Sachin is the richest cricketer in the world of all time & also the richest Indian sportsman according to Forbes.

You might notice that almost half the list comprises Indian players & there is a reason for that.
Cricket is the most popular game in the world after football.
It is mainly for its popularity in the Indian subcontinent in enormous numbers.
Many cricketing stars have become national icons and successful companies have used their reputation for a positive brand image to the most. Today, Cricket is a commercial entity.
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Top 10 Most Handsome Men in the World in 2019

most handsome man in the world

It is often said that men are from mars & certainly mars is a beautiful red planet.
And we cannot call men beautiful, but they are handsome.
While there are more important factors apart from good-looks when listing among 3.5 billion people top 10 hottest men in the world, which definitely takes more factors than mere looks.
Which factors?
Popularity, wealth, genetics, intelligence, muscularity, etc are some of them.
Being a man myself I’ve researched & studied all popular men of all countries based on many other factors & listed 10 most handsome men in the world:

10.George Clooney

hottest men in the world

He’s charming, he’s sleek, and he smiles amazingly. It’s the character that makes him hot.
George Clooney eventually came a little out of his hotness to become a handsome aged man, but for some unidentified reason, he was certainly on the top shelf for his film profession.
Clooney looks fantastic, almost great, menacing eyes, gentle smile, etc… but he combines looks with beauty and some sort of diabolical youth that drives women’s nuts.
He’s not intimidating, but neither is he too adorable. He has a square jaw and head, but he doesn’t overdo it either.

09.Chris Evans

most handsome men in the world

If the captain is not there, this list cannot be completed.
He is a wonderful man with a provocative look, making him listed on the top rank of the most beautiful males on the planet.
His blue eyes and his beautiful look are the most impressive and attractive characteristic of him, which stands out in distinct hairstyles.
Women are driven crazy towards him because of his boyish charm, which definitely irresistible to women looking for a new boy toy.

08.Bradley Cooper

worlds most handsome man 2018

Bradley Cooper has entered the “Sexiest Man Alive” poll of People Magazine.
His eyes are described by women as most seductive eyes, especially when he smiles.
With that, he can mould in any look which we would consider handsome.
A soilder with a heart-done, Romantic guy-done, intelligent confident man-done.

07.Henry Cavill

most handsome men in the world

This British actor for his films like Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017) has won a large reputation as a Superman in the DC Extended Universe.
Recently, he was seen in Mission: Impossible–Fallout, a CIA assassin for Ethan’s Special Activities Division who has been responsible for tracking his squad and performed the personality of August Walker.
His broad & Supermanish jawline manages to get him some extra female fans.

06.Hritik Roshan

most handsome man in india

Roshan is blessed with amazing height, nice looking, and a lovely personality. 
With such personality, he deserves a mention on the list of top ten most handsome men.
With his hazel eyes, he not just a skilled handsome actor but also a world-class dancer, some of his dance moves are completely insane.
This Indian actor has all the requirements that are required to be officially mentioned “Greek God”.

05.David Beckham

most handsome men in the world

Known as the sexiest man or hottest sports person, people after looking at this famous footballer can not disagree.
We can recognize David Beckham as one of the world’s most marketable sports players. Women go over him even at 44.
He’s sold as a brand, with his self-image also in style and existing.

04.Idris Elba

most handsome men in the world

Idris Elba smolders with his signature suit look on the cover of many magazines.
He was also the contender to bag the James Bond role. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that.
However, it doesn’t make fans less love him!
In the U.S. media, however, people are “sexy” men, film stars, fit and dressed, with a strong jaw, sweet eyes and prize points for his British accent. That’s he is.

03.Zac Efron

most handsome men in the world

Well,’ His blue-sparkling eyes,’ for one reason.’ That’s the only reason why women are insane all over him.
In comparison with a young, Cary Grant, Zac Efron’s charm and sex appeal were honest to goodness teenage idol.
He knows how his muscular alpha physic can flaunt.
Zac’s hair is on the right track and always on the right track makes him the icon for a hairstyle.
He has tried everything and looks outstanding as always, from floppy hair to formal side-cutting hair.
Zac is slaughtering the hearts every time with his good looks and perfect hair, from Layered Round with Bangs to Side Parted Highlights.

02.Tom cruise

hottest men in the world

Tom Cruise is known for the role of Ethan Carter in Mission Impossible film series and is a well known American actor and producer.
Tom Cruise often tops among most handsome men in the world (but not this one). 
At this age, he is still very sexy and attractive and it is the best candidate for a date for most ladies.
Women throughout the world are always insane about their dedicated appearance and personality.
Personally, I would say he is most good-looking man in the world to this day.

01.Brad Pitt

most handsome men in the world

He is being synonymous with male handsomeness both in the normal sense and scientifically.
With is sharp jawlines, hairstyle & “not-giving-a-fuck” attitude has placed him in a Bad-Boy stereotype.
He is a two-time winner of People’s “Sexiest man alive” one in 1995 & other in 2000.
He has an appealing mixture of qualities and characteristics.
The head and his body are proportionate. He has wonderful eyes which shine in the edges when he smiles twinkly. He is ever fit, he dresses well, but he often dresses informally, but he never seems to wear trashy garments.
Brad Pitt single-handedly tops many hottest men in the world lists.

I hope you loved reading this article about the most handsome men in the world.
Most of them are almost actors (the reason for their worldwide popularity) but apart from just looks & acting skills, they are equally smart and successful in their respective fields.
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Top 10 Rum Brands in India Dark & White list 2019

rum brands in india

Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic beverages with a loyal following of party lovers worldwide.
Using sugarcane or molasses, they produce rum & all its variants.
This molasses is fermented and distilled so that a transparent alcoholic liquid is produced after the fermentation.
They store the liquid in oak barrels after the distillation is done & this distilled alcoholic is rum.
The method of aging can differ from the brand. Some people can take rum as neat while others drink it with mixers.
Rum has many health benefits like promoting heart health by thinning blood, stress relief, etc.
The Rum industry today includes many Indian rum products that each have a firm base of their own customers.
Rum is one of the most consumed beverages in India.
If you plan to move behind your comfort whiskey zone or want to taste the finest brand.
Here, I will assist you to choose from the list top 10 rum brands in India:

10. Jolly Roger

rum brands in india

Jolly Roger is a real dark rum that gives every sip an exotic flavor.
The dark rum products are much more popular in the Indian market than their other varieties.
The taste has original matured rum and natural spices and is produced from fermented molasses in Jamaican pot still.
With an elegantly constructed bottle, it has a rich aroma and a well-balanced flavor.
It is another great brand of rum in India with the tastes of spices and a Molasses-based product.

09. Old port

best rum in india

In 1948, Amrut Distillery started manufacturing rum and brandy and provided them throughout India to military canteens.
Its Rum is rich in molasses, charcoal-filtered, this tipple is hectic and flavourful, with many woody notes, citrus, and butter.
This brand has 4 different varieties- Old Port Matured Rum, Old Port Deluxe Rum, XXX, Amrut Classic Rum, the XXX one is rich in molasses, and bright copper colors.
A further exciting reality about this brand is that Rum is older than the other products for longer periods.

08. McDowell’s No. 1

rum brands in india

McDowell’s No.1 is a United Breweries Limited (UBL) Indian spirit brand.
It was started in 1990-1991 and is distributed in 13 nations in the variation of Celebration (Dark) and Caribbean (White).
McDowell’s No.1 is the country’s biggest rum brand, in many ways.
But distillers have filled the genuine taste in the dark rum, with a note of vanilla and caramel.
This brand is not only known in India but also worldwide. For its quality and taste, it has earned many prizes.
McDowell, which has dominated the industry for centuries, is one of the most loved rum products in the nation.

07. Contessa

rum brands list

Contessa wine is a Radico Khaitan brand and is very popular within the military.
It is made with the spirit of cane juice and has notes of cocoa, vanilla and dry fruits such as raisins while the rum is aged for 12 years.
Awarded several prizes including a Silver Medal in the World Selection (2008) for this rum, which is sold in over 60 countries.
Contessa is the rum which is best to drink in winter because of its warming ability.

06. Hercules

rum brands in india

Hercules, too, is an iconic rum brand popular among defense forces.
What makes this rum so special is that it doesn’t give you any hangovers.
It basically comes in 3 variants Hercules White Rum Hercules Deluxe Rum (Dark),  and Hercules XXX Rum (Dark).
The XXX variant is special, which will surely knock you out.

05. Havana Club

dark rum brands

Havana Club is one of the best-selling rum products in the world that was founded in Cuba in 1934.
It is the fifth-biggest rum brand in the world and it is products sold over 120 countries worldwide.
It has a unique flavor of Caribbean chocolate and vanilla in its all rums which are aged for around 7 years.
A reliable and smooth light rum that works very well with cocktails like Mojitos and also for the classic Piña colada.

04. Captian Morgan

rum brands in india

This rum is named after the 17th-century Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica who was also a privateer.
Captain Morgan is manufactured & marketed by British company Diageo under the slogan of “To Life, Love & Loot”.
It is distilled by using pure sugarcane & aged in special oak barrels for at least one year, taste-wise it has mild hints of spices.
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum are the variations available in India.

03. Malibu

best rum in the world

Malibu is produced from rum from the Caribbean and has a taste of coconut.
The owner company, a French brand named Pernod Ricard, calls it a flavored rum.
Nothing better than a delightful large glass of Malibu served in cocktail style on a tropical summer holiday.
Caribbean rum is smooth and fresh in favor of the coconut.
Now in 2019, Malibu rum is flavored in many distinct variants, including bananas, pineapple, passion fruits, melons, and mango.
We can also make a blend called Malibu Fresh, with tequila of the same brand called Malibu Red, as this strong variant (~35%) is called Malibu Black.

02. Bacardi

dark rum brands

Bacardi has over 200 products and marks as a premium alcoholic brand.
They have now established sales in more than 150 nations in 1862 & its open-winged fruit bat logo is a world-famous.
They offer it in several incredible flavors like lemon, orange, green apple, raspberry, and dragon berry.
Its original version has a fruity taste with some notes of vanilla which is ideal for making cocktails(usually high-end bars or 5 stars use Bacardi as a base for all the rum-based cocktails)
Speaking about variants it has 3 in India – Bacardi Select (Dark Rum), Bacardi Superior (White Rum) and Bacardi Gold (Gold Rum).
No doubt here, bacardi still managed to be among top top 10 rum brands in India.
Despite its global popularity it cannot beat our top ranker here.

01. Old Monk

rum brands in india

Most iconic & best among rum brands in India is here, the legendary Old Monk.
This rum brand is so popular that it has its own different base of drinkers (including me) necessarily because of its affordable price.
Most of the times, when you go to a wine shop or any bar & when you ask for rum, they usually serve you Old Monk.
Aged for 7 years, this rum has a very special sugary vanilla flavor that doesn’t overshadow its original rum taste.
Old Monk is enjoyed by mixing with a cola based drink, with water or sometimes neat.
It comes in 5 variants: Supreme, XXX, Deluxe XXX, Gold Reserve, and White Rum.

A 750ml of rum costs around 1000 Rs in India, the only reason Rum is cheap in India is because we are sugarcane producing nation & sugarcane is the primary ingredient as said earlier to make Rum.
Because of this abundance of Sugarcane in India, Rum is cheap.
I hope you enjoyed this list of best rum brands in India list.
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