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Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss wedding

Joni Lamb, a prominent Christian broadcaster and co-founder of the Daystar Television Network, made headlines when she recently announced her marriage to Dr. Doug Weiss on Instagram. Dr. Weiss, a licensed psychologist, renowned author, and speaker, specializes in sex education and recovery. Let’s delve into the details of their relationship and wedding.

The Relationship Timeline of Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss

Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss first caught media attention in January 2023, sparking rumors about their relationship. However, it wasn’t until March 10 that Joni confirmed their engagement through an Instagram post, putting an end to the speculations. The couple exchanged vows on June 10, 2023, in a private ceremony.

Joni Lamb: A Christian Broadcasting Icon

Joni Lamb has been an influential figure in Christian television since the 1980s. As one of the co-founders, vice presidents, and executive producers of the Daystar Television Network, she has played a pivotal role in promoting conservative values and supporting the evangelical community. Lamb’s work with her late husband, Marcus Lamb, at Daystar has made her a well-known personality in the industry.

The Accomplishments of Dr. Doug Weiss

Dr. Doug Weiss is a highly respected psychologist with a focus on sex addiction treatment and recovery. He is the founder of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT) and serves as the Executive Director of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). Dr. Weiss has dedicated his career to helping individuals understand and overcome sexual addiction and intimacy issues. His expertise has been sought after by national television programs, including Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Good Morning America.

The Wedding of Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss

While the specifics of Joni and Dr. Weiss’s wedding have not been publicly disclosed, it is anticipated that they will share more details in the future. Joni shared a captivating photo on Instagram, showcasing her engagement ring and the joyous moment she shared with her new husband. The couple looked radiant and deeply in love.

Joni Lamb’s Previous Marriage to Marcus Lamb

Before entering into her marriage with Doug Weiss, Joni Lamb was married to Marcus Lamb. The couple tied the knot on August 7, 1982, and had three children together: Jonathan, Rachel, and Rebecca. Unfortunately, their marriage faced challenges when Marcus admitted to having an extramarital affair. However, Joni and Marcus chose to work through their difficulties and emphasized the power of forgiveness and faith.

Tragically, Marcus Lamb passed away in November 2021 due to complications from COVID-19. The couple’s journey was marked by controversies surrounding the prosperity gospel and sexual harassment lawsuits. While Joni Lamb has been vocal about her negative views on the LGBT community, it is important to separate those beliefs from her personal struggles within her marriage.

Joni Lamb’s Children and Family Life

Joni Lamb shares three children with her late husband, Marcus Lamb. Her son, Jonathan Lamb, is actively involved in the Daystar Television Network as a vice president and non-executive director. He has been a source of support for his mother since Marcus’s passing and is married to Suzy Katriel Lamb, a fellow executive at Daystar. Jonathan and Suzy have two children, Israel and Arielle.

Rachel Lamb, one of Joni’s daughters, also works within the family business. She serves as a host, marketing executive, and film producer at the Daystar Television Network. Rachel is married to Joshua Brown, and together they have two sons, Judah and Noah.

Joni’s other daughter, Rebecca Lamb, is also involved in the family business. She hosts podcast shows for the Daystar Television Network and is married to Jonathan Weiss. The couple has two children, Asher Samuel and Boaz David.

The Controversies Surrounding Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss

It is important to note that both Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss have faced controversies throughout their careers. Joni’s support for Donald Trump and her promotion of conservative values through the Daystar Television Network have generated criticism.

Doug Weiss’s divorce and subsequent engagement to Joni Lamb have also raised eyebrows. As a marriage counselor, his divorce may impact his credibility for some individuals. However, it is essential to separate personal relationships from professional expertise.


Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss have embarked on a new chapter in their lives as they begin their journey together as a married couple. Their wedding was a joyous occasion, and their shared faith plays a significant role in their relationship. While controversies surround their pasts, it is important to view their personal journeys separate from their professional achievements. As they navigate this new chapter, we wish them love, happiness, and continued success in their endeavors.

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