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Top 10 Longest Hair in the World

10. Natasha Moraes de Andrade

Natasha Moraes de Andrade is a girl from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was nicknamed ‘Rapunzel’ by her schoolmates due to her extremely long, wavy, chestnut-colored hair. Her hair had never been cut since she was a baby, measuring 5 feet, 2 inches, just one inch shorter than her petite frame.
In 2012, at the age of 12, Natasha decided to cut her hair for the first time to fulfill her family’s dream of having a fairytale home. Despite her tears during the shearing of her 1.6m hair, she was determined to make a positive change. Natasha sold her hair, earning $4,800, which she now plans to use to provide her family with a new house.
This decision has given Natasha a new perspective on life, and she looks forward to a brighter future for herself and her family.

9. Nilanshi Patel

Nilanshi Patel is an 18-year-old girl from Gujarat’s Modasa, India. She has held the Guinness World Records title for the longest hair on a teenager since 2018. When she was 16 years old, her hair measured 170.5 centimeters.
However, by November 21, 2018, Nilanshi Patel’s hair length had reached 1.75 meters.
She has been growing her hair since the age of six and calls it her Lucky Charm. She was one of the Rapunzel longest hair in the world record verified by Guinness. Her nickname is Rapunzel.
But then two years later, just before her 18th birthday and after 12 years of growing it, she decided to cut it all off.
At that point Nilanshi’s hair had grown even longer, reaching the jaw-dropping length of 200 cm (6 ft 6.7 inches) and securing her a second title, this time for the longest hair on a teenager ever.

8. Chenq Shiquin

Chenq Shiquin, a Chinese woman, is known for having incredibly long hair. According to sources, her hair has grown to a length of over 2.4 meters (approximately 8 feet). She has not cut her hair for a period of 16 years. 
Chenq Shiquin is the owner of a beauty salon. However, it’s important to note that she does not hold the record for the world’s longest hair. The record for the longest hair is held by another individual.

7. Sarwan Singh – 2.49m

Sarwan Singh is a Canadian Man who holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest beard.
He has never trimmed his beard, which is now 2.54 m (8 ft 3 in) long.
Sarwan Singh broke his own record of 2.49 m (8 ft 2.5 in) in 2010 on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Italy.
Sarwan Singh has a detailed beard-care routine, which includes shampooing, conditioning, and combing his beard daily.
After drying his beard, he combs oil and gel through his facial hair.
Sarwan Singh gives each and every hair great attention and begins the morning by washing his beard with shampoo and conditioner.
He also spends a lot of time combing his beard to keep it tangle-free and neat.

6. Tran Van Hay

Tran Van Hay was a Vietnamese man who held the record for the world’s longest hair. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 79.
His hair was estimated to be around 6.8 meters (over 22 feet) in length and weighed 10.5 kilograms. Tran Van Hay had not cut or washed his hair for over 50 years.

5. Ni Linmei

Ni Linmei is a Chinese woman who is known for having very long hair. Her hair was measured to be 3.6 meters (11.8 feet) long in 2017. She has not cut her hair for 18 years, and her hair has grown an incredible 48cm in 2016 alone. Ni Linmei is aiming to break the Guinness Record for the longest hair.

4. Dai Yue Qin

Dai Yue Qin, also known as Miss Dyq, is a Chinese woman who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest hair in the world. Her hair was measured to be 5.627 meters (18 feet 5.54 inches) long in 2004
Dai Yue Qin was born in 1964 in South China. She won the first prize of long hair quantity in 1992’s Shanghai big world Ji Nice big prize match. Dai Yue Qin is also known for having the straightest hair in the world.
Her hair is 420cm long or 4.2 meters. It takes her around 1-2 hours to comb it.

3. Ram Singh Chauhan

Ram Singh Chauhan is an Indian man who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest mustache in the world. His mustache was officially recorded as 4.29 meters (14 feet) long in 2012. Ram Singh Chauhan has not trimmed his mustache in 32 years, and it has been growing since 1982.

2. Asha Mandela

Asha Mandela is a woman from Clermont, Florida, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest locks in the world.
Her hair was measured to be 5.96 meters (19 feet 6.5 inches) on November 11, 2009, and today, they measure up to 33.5 meters (110 feet).
Asha first began growing her hair over 40 years ago, after moving from the island of Trinidad and Tobago to New York, USA.
Her husband, Emmanuel Chege, a professional lock stylist from Nairobi, Kenya, is the “biggest fan of Asha’s locks” and has dedicated countless hours to styling her hair.
Asha wears “chunky” locks or smaller finger-sized ones so that she can wash them thoroughly which uses up to six bottles of shampoo once a week and two full days for them to dry.

1. Xie Qiuping

Xie Qiuping is a Chinese citizen who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest hair in the world. Her hair was measured to be 5.627 meters (18 ft 5.54 in) long on 8 May 2004. She began growing her hair to its current length in 1973 at the age of 13. Xie Qiuping is still the record holder for the longest hair in the world.

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