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Top 10 Best Online Car Racing Games for PC

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This post is about best online car racing games for PC that are best in the current racing genre.
It is no simple task to choose the finest racing games on the PC.
There are so many aspects to add: not only just high graphics and the hair-raising sound design, but both of which help to get you into practice, as if you were at the driver’s seat & it’s the matter of winning or losing, if any misjudgment you could go straight in the woods or wreck your car. ⠀
In Online genre, you will compete against highly skilled video-gamers ready to get pink slips.
It’s time to warm up your fingers & motor-skills here are Top best online car racing games for PC:

10. TrackMania 2: Lagoon

The environment of the game is wonderful, and developers have made a wonderful job of making a tropical paradise.
The distinctive appearance and feel contribute much to the variety and the tropics add a beautiful background.
As usual, the series keeps its excellent vehicle physics.
They are a combination of straight-up arcade controllers and more drifty controlling games such as Dirt series and this game pushes you to really have a feeling of physics to use the controls carefully.
The main attraction was always Lagoon’s mechanism, and the game has a fantastic range of great aspects.
The graphics & textures are smooth and sharp, with incredible information on the vehicles.
It’s a lot of fun as this franchise is among the best car racing games for PC and I can recommend it all together.

9. Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2 may be the greatest option that makes any game in this list more realistic and accessible.
This game has a dynamic perspective, which shifts subtly on a context basis and does not lock your perspective over the hood.
When your driver avatar looks straight into a soft correct corner your perspective changes a little bit into the pitch.
Your perspective moves a lot more in a sharper angle so you have a feeling of what you are riding in, but it’s not really disorienting.
It feels natural as only graphics alone do not make a game feel realistic.
Shift 2 is genuinely made for promoting the fun and achievement of driving and is a fantastic success in the genre of online car racing games.

8. Project CARS 2

If you’re a lover of modern sports cars, you must get this game.
Thanks to Slightly Mad Studios, the development team of Project Cars 2 entered the industry for the first time in 2017.
The video game readily competed with other long-standing, realistic games as Project CARS 2 had over 70 vehicles, 30 locations, and over 100 different courses.
But the most amazing addition is the stunning game’s climate system, which calculates a tremendous amount of variables on materials and surfaces physical features and rain to spill out, and use moist weather.
Project CARS 2 is now strong in eSports scene, so the simulation can be the perfect substitute for a time on the path for youthful aspiring drivers.

7. The Crew 2

Unlike most car games for PC releases, Crew 2 provides players with an open world to explore and race.
Crew 2 will not limit players to vehicles alone.
Instead, players can cross vehicles, ships, or even airplanes in the video game.
The story of Crew 2 shows that players are playing a part of an unidentified rider who creates havoc in the city.

6. F1 2019

F1 2019 is out earlier than usual in this season, but as marketed does the style of Hamilton offer exactly?
Or, in the last five years, every Ferrari title contest is yet another deception.
As the great F1 2019 reviews have widely praised, the AI continues to be uncannily realistic, and the challenge remains steep if you dislike seeing the more arcades of the myriad riding aids that this game offers.
However, this stimulating game is glowing away from the overwhelming heat of the track.
A comprehensive and story-drawn starting point for Formula 1, however, although it fizzles into a more traditional, ten-season campaign, it is still a good touch of the solo missions that accompany your ascent to the major leagues.
If you are planning to play online car racing games best suitable for competing with your friends.

5. Dirt Rally 2.0

The latest DiRT 2 from Codemasters is not perfect, but it is one of the finest rallying games there with realistic physics.
This is a game with a wide range of rally cars, tracks, and styles.
In rally 2.0 your Co-driver will give instructions, numbers, and directions to you quickly, and if you can’t handle the track with small bends, then you’ll be smashing into a tree or deep into the deep trench before you know it.
The transfer of momentum in Dirt Rally cars and of the sensation of raw power will utterly impress you while the tires are digging for traction.

4. Forza Motorsport 7

Sony owns the Gran Turismo series, but Microsoft holds its own, Forza.
The latest game within the primary franchise is Forza Motorsport 7, designed by Turn 10 Studios, with players having over 700 cars with more than 32 places for racing.
Similarly, a dynamic weather system is available for this specific installation, we can personalize several features.
All the details and the graphics in this game are just magnificent.
Not only do they focus on the automobiles (which look great too), but they also think about how the wind & rain can respond to the surroundings.
In this one, all feel fantastic.

3. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa is back, Kuno Simulazioni brings us Competizione instead of a sequel.
It adds a dynamic mix of day/night weather and graphics, even GT Sport can not do so.
This racing game will appeal to loyal enthusiasts of the genre and overtakes the previous Assetto Corsa in virtually all departments.
Competizione took a while to function through Early Access turmoil, but they left only a few bugs to crush after its 1.0 launch.
The handling of a good force feedback wheel is greater than ever, and it clasps the weather cycles, a must-have a difficult-wearing sim arcade.
Assetto Corsa series are best car racing games for PC & altogether with its prequel both of them are ideal to race against other gaming drivers.

2. Need for Speed: Heat

With a fresh trailer, the most famous street racing game is back and all indications point to a moving game away from a film version of the genre Fast & Furious.
The recent installment, instead, is called Speed Heat Need and is now is returning to its police pursuit roots.
Night mode feels more like the NFS Underground, but with high graphics.
The most desired and warm follow-up seems to be the inspiration for night racing (with Underground graphic elements).
Elements from all effective series entries appear to be combined and combined in a pleasant experience.

1. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best competitive games to purchase now.
It pushes you to open British roads in some of the most exotic vehicles in the world instead of controlled routes or environments.
With over 400 vehicles, players can compete on the many intense high-speed tracks between themselves.
Similarly, some servers support up to 72 players who fill races.
Forza left the Australian Outback in Horizon 4 for the British Isles. Forza’s ten-hour tour takes you to the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District coastline, and to beautiful British villages.
The landscapes are changing as seasons vary from spring to summer and fall to winter.
You must adapt the driving for every season and you may feel that your car is sensitive to subtle modifications like wet leaves and frozen highways that increase your awareness of the landscape and make you manage the terrain skillfully.

There you have it, Top 10 best online car racing games for PC you can play now in 2019.
Speaking about games, especially racing games, as they improve motor skills to a great extent in real life.
How? By analyzing & coordinating turning decisions within split seconds only by your visual sense is definitely a good treat for your decision reflexes.
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  1. Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne is the killer game still in 2020, while Asphalt 9: Legends is not up to that mark.
    Game makers plz don’t release a game without any feedback.

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