Top 10 Scariest Roller Coasters in the World

10. Kingda ka

The tower of Kingda Ka is visible from a distance, piercing the skyline of Six Flags. There’s no denying that it’s a trick and a once-in-a-lifetime rush. The launch can terrify you to the point of insanity. But in the end, even though its tower soars to a record-breaking 456 feet, Kingda Ka is likely to leave you with a sense of emptiness. Like most other launched roller coasters, the brakes on Kingda are released just before the ride begins, leaving the train to temporarily free-float in neutral. This roller coaster is terrifying and will make you feel completely disoriented. An experience that cannot be matched is having a seat in the first row of a fully occupied coaster while travelling 128 miles per hour on a bright day.

9. Manta

The Manta roller coaster is the only flying roller coaster of its kind, and it was named after the manta rays that swim through the ocean. At the beginning of the course, riders glide over unusually smooth tracks before launching themselves headfirst and facedown. The roller coaster has four inversions, one of which is a loop that looks like a pretzel and is located approximately 98 feet in the air. Look for live coral, stingrays, fish, and other forms of marine life in the aquarium that stretches from floor to ceiling while you wait to board the ship. This will help you take your mind off the impending danger.

8. Formula Rossa

The Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi is home to the roller coaster that holds the record for the fastest speed in the world. The Formula Rossa roller coaster is a pneumatic ride that can achieve up to 240 kilometres per hour and reach maximum speed in fewer than five seconds. The distance of the track, which is 2200 metres, is another highly amazing aspect of the competition. The trip lasts for one minute and a half and is made at high speed, giving tourists a one-of-a-kind opportunity to feel the emotions and stress experienced by the world-famous racers driving Ferraris.

7. Takabisha

Most people come to see the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, which can be seen on clear days from the top of this huge roller coaster. This assumes, of course, that you have the presence of mind to spot the landmark before Takabisha begins its enormous descent. People have the impression that they are about to be thrown out of their seats due to the steep falling angle of 121 degrees, which holds the record for being the steepest in the world. Since it is a coaster with a single car, it doesn’t make a difference where you sit.

6. GateKeeper

On a roller coaster, an inversion occurs when the riders are completely turned upside down, with their feet pointing towards the sky and their heads pointing towards the earth. The record for the highest point at which riders are inverted is held by The Gatekeeper, located at Cedar Point Park in the United States. This record stands an astounding 170 feet above the earth. After the inversion, there is a diving drop, essentially a weightless feeling. This part of the ride will make even the most courageous explorers scream their lungs out. Since May 2013, The Gatekeeper has maintained its position as the record holder.

5. Steel Dragon 2000

The Steel Dragon 2000 is well-known for being the longest roller coaster in the entire globe. It is an exciting ride that lasts for four minutes and will send you plunging from a height of 94 metres (307 feet) and reaching speeds of over 150 kilometres (95 miles) per hour. This is not a ride for those who are easily scared! As the Steel Dragon makes its gradual ascent, passengers can take in a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding landscape, including cherry blossom trees, if they visit at the appropriate time of year. There is a menacing pause at the very top just before it starts its full-force descent.

4. X-Scream

In addition to being housed at the STRAT, the X-Scream is a gigantic roller coaster of 866 feet in the air. It launches you 27 feet over the edge of the STRAT, where you will hang upside down for a few seconds above the strip before being pulled back, and this process is repeated repeatedly. Even though you can predict the undulating motions, the ride is intended to surprise you and give you the impression that you are continuously in danger of falling from the structure.

3. Goliath

This one has a great-sounding name! Goliath is a relatively new wooden roller coaster that debuted in 2014 at Six Flags Great America in Illinois. After reaching 72 miles per hour, Goliath dethroned El Toro as the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster. Goliath is not only the longest and steepest wooden coaster but also has the most extreme drop of any ride at 85 degrees. In addition, it is the only wooden roller coaster that can flip upside down. This scary ride would still be astounding even if it were composed of steel.

2. Tower of Terror II

Tower of Terror II, a magnificent steel roller coaster, which, at the time it was constructed, was both the quickest and the tallest of its kind. The vehicle, which can hold up to 14 people, moves backwards at a speed of 100 miles per hour as it climbs the ride’s namesake tower, which is an amazing 377 feet in height. You will float weightlessly for 3.25 seconds when ascending the vertical portion of the trip and then again while descending it. This will give you 6.5 seconds of weightlessness during the journey. As soon as you reach the peak, gravity exerts its influence, and your descent begins almost as quickly as your ascent. Its slogan is “Face Gravity, Face First,” which is exactly what the roller coaster does.

1. X²

The X² is the first attraction in the world to feature the fourth dimension, and it is a massive steel maze that is 3,610 feet long. On a separate axis, it may autonomously rotate in either direction through a full 360 degrees. A rider starts perched on the edge of a gigantic wing-shaped vehicle 20 feet wide and then races at 76 miles per hour while spinning head-over-heels. This ride has a drop of 200 feet and a speed of 76 miles per hour. The X2 ride is designed to be more intense than any other ride and more exhilarating and terrifying.

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