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Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos

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No matter what the reason, there is no denying that some YouTube videos can be truly disturbing.
If you’re looking for some spooky entertainment, you might want to check out these top 10 scariest videos on YouTube.
These videos are not for the faint of heart, so watch them at your own risk. Here’s why they are so terrifying:

Obey the Walrus

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“Obey the Walrus” is a disturbing video uploaded to YouTube in 2008. It features a person named Johnnie Baima, a drag queen, dancing in a tutu and makeup while a distorted song plays.
The video’s eerie images and the performer’s unsettling dance moves have led some to consider it cursed, claiming it brings bad luck or even death.
Its origin and purpose remain unknown, and there are speculations of it being related to a cult or drug experience, though the cult association is likely a hoax.
The video has gained internet notoriety and has been parodied and referenced in popular culture.
Opinions on the video vary, with some finding it creepy and others finding it entertaining.
The video is known for being disturbing and scary due to the combination of the unsettling music, the strange dance moves, and the appearance of the performer.
The video has been associated with a Latin American cult known as “La Morsa” (The Walrus).


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“Bedfellows” is a chilling short horror film by Drew Daywalt, released on YouTube in 2014. The story revolves around a woman who wakes up in the night to discover a mysterious creature in her bed. With suspenseful music and an eerie atmosphere, the film delivers a terrifying twist ending that will leave you on edge. “Bedfellows” has received acclaim for its effective use of horror elements, earning awards and praise. However, it’s scary nature has also made it unsettling for some viewers. The film’s success has led to parodies and references in popular culture. Notably, the YouTube channel “TheBedfellows” features unrelated animated shorts.

Girls go psycho during makeup tutorial

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This video starts off as a normal makeup tutorial, but soon turns into a nightmare. The girl in the video suddenly starts screaming and stabbing herself in the eye with a mascara wand. The video then cuts to a scene of her lying on the floor covered in blood, while another girl laughs maniacally. The video is apparently a prank, but it’s still very disturbing and realistic.

Agamemnon Counterpart

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“Agamemnon Counterpart” is a bizarre and disturbing animated video that features a faceless man singing a nonsensical song against a colorful background.
The nine-minute-long video is full of glitches, static, and distorted sounds, creating a sense of unease and confusion.
Its meaning and intention remain unclear, with speculations ranging from mind control to messages from aliens.
Originally created by “BENNYDIAR” in 2007, the video is a distorted version of a scene from the 1977 film “Agamemnon” by Hollis Frampton.
It has gained a cult following online, sparking discussions and analyses.
Some find it creepy and unsettling, while others see it as intriguing and artistic.

Cursed Kleenex Commercial (Changing at Midnight)

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The “Cursed Kleenex Commercial” that changes at midnight is a video on YouTube that has gained notoriety for being disturbing and scary. The commercial features a young woman using a Kleenex tissue to wipe her tears. However, when watched alone at midnight, the video supposedly changes into a distorted, satanic-looking mess with a pair of black eyes staring back at the viewer.
The video is often associated with a curse, and it is believed that watching it alone at midnight can bring bad luck or even supernatural consequences.
The video has been uploaded to YouTube multiple times with different variations, including horror versions and Japanese versions.
The video has sparked discussions, analyses, and attempts to uncover its origins and meaning.

Performance Olivier de Sagazan 2008

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This video is a performance art piece by Olivier de Sagazan, a French artist who transforms his face and body with clay, paint, and other materials. The video shows him creating grotesque and monstrous forms on himself, while making strange noises and movements. The video is very unsettling and disturbing, as it shows the artist’s dehumanization and loss of identity.

Fatal diving accident caught on tape: Yuri Lipski

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This video is a footage of Yuri Lipski, a Russian diver who died while exploring the Blue Hole in Egypt in 2000. The video shows him descending deeper and deeper into the dark abyss, while his breathing becomes faster and more erratic. The video also captures his final moments, as he succumbs to nitrogen narcosis and drowns. The video is very sad and horrifying, as it shows the reality and danger of diving.

The Swedish Rhapsody

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The video itself is not particularly disturbing, but the sound in the video is what has made it so infamous.
The sound in the video is a high-pitched, electronic noise that is often described as being “shrill” or “piercing.”
The noise is not constant, but it comes and goes throughout the video.
It is most noticeable during the quiet parts of the song, and it can be quite jarring and unsettling.
The reason why the sound in the video is so disturbing is that it is not a natural sound.
It is a synthetic sound that has been created electronically. This makes it sound unnatural and alien, and it can be quite unsettling for some people.
There are a few theories about why the sound in the video is so disturbing.
Some people believe that it is because the sound is reminiscent of the sound of a human scream.
Others believe that it is because the sound is so high-pitched that it can cause physical discomfort.
Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that the sound in the Swedish Rhapsody video is quite disturbing and scary for some people.

Paris Catacombs Lost Footage

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Paris Catacombs Lost Footage depicts an unknown man who got lost in the underground tunnels filled with human bones and skulls.
The video shows him wandering in claustrophobic darkness, growing more panicked and disoriented. It ends with him dropping the camera and fleeing from an unseen threat.
The video’s suspense and fear make you feel trapped with him. It’s known for its disturbing atmosphere, isolation, and hopelessness the lost man experiences.
Urban legends and rumors about people getting lost in the catacombs surround the video. Some find it genuinely creepy, while others see it as intriguing found footage or a creative horror concept.

Creepy Witch Climbing Up Wall

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The “creepy witch climbing up wall” or “Creepy Climber” video on YouTube is a short, grainy video that shows a figure climbing up a wall.
The videos feature a witch-like figure climbing up a wall, creating a creepy and unsettling visual effect.
The figure is dressed in black and has long, flowing hair. It is difficult to make out any features of the figure, but it is often described as looking like a witch.
The video is disturbing for many reasons. First, the figure is climbing up a wall in a way that seems impossible. It is moving very quickly and fluidly, and it does not seem to be using any hands or feet.
Second, the video is very dark and grainy. This makes it difficult to see what is happening, which adds to the sense of unease.
The figure is often obscured by shadows, and it is hard to tell if it is actually climbing up the wall or just floating there.
The videos are known for their eerie atmosphere, with dim lighting, eerie music, and the slow, unnatural movement of the witch climbing the wall.
The combination of the supernatural element of a witch and the unsettling visuals creates a sense of fear and unease.
The “creepy witch climbing up the wall” video is a classic example of a “creepypasta.”
Creepypastas are short, horror stories that are often shared online.
The “creepy witch climbing up the wall” video is one of the most popular creepypastas of all time.

These spine-chilling and nightmarish YouTube videos have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on viewers seeking a thrill of terror.
From eerie urban legends to unexplained mysteries, each video delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche, invoking fear and fascination.
The internet is a vast and mysterious place, and many videos can be considered horrifying.
Some of these videos are intentionally designed to be scary, while others are simply the result of strange or unfortunate events.

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