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Andrew Tate’s “What Color is Your Bugatti?” Meme

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Andrew Tate, a renowned kickboxing world champion and entrepreneur, has become a popular figure in the world of memes, particularly with his “What color is your Bugatti?” meme. This meme has gained significant traction on social media platforms and meme generators.

Origin of the Meme

The “What color is your Bugatti?” meme originated from a video featuring Andrew Tate, a world champion kickboxer and entrepreneur. In the video, Tate discusses the color of his Bugatti, which led to the creation of the meme.

Tate gained notoriety for flaunting his wealth, including his $5.2 million copper Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. The meme stems from a viral clip in which Tate mocks people for criticizing the color of his car, implying that they are not successful enough to own one themselves. The phrase is used to belittle others and assert one’s own superiority based on material possessions.

The phrase “What color is your Bugatti?” is commonly used as a way of flaunting one’s wealth. It’s a rhetorical question that implies the person being asked does not have a Bugatti. This phrase became popular after Tate faced backlash for his choice of color for his Bugatti and responded with this now-famous quote.

The meme reflects Tate’s persona as a proponent of toxic masculinity and conspicuous consumption, and it has been perpetuated through social media and online forums. The meme’s origin and popularity are closely tied to Tate’s public image and the controversy surrounding his online presence.

Unfortunately, Andrew Tate himself cannot answer this question anymore as the Romanian authorities have seized his Bugatti Chiron, among other luxury vehicles, due to allegations of human trafficking.

The meme has since been widely shared and used in various contexts on social media platforms, often to create humor, express extravagance, or mock ostentatious displays of wealth.

The Bugatti’s Color

Andrew Tate’s Bugatti is officially called “Bad Man Copper.”

The color of his Bugatti is a distinctive reddish-brown. This color is due to its copper carbon bodywork, which gives the car a powerful and imposing look.

The car was fully customized with an exclusive paint finish according to the manufacturer. The paint finish had to pass Bugatti’s quality audit, which includes an examination of each carbon body panel to check for imperfections.

The interior of the car is black with red and copper accents and includes a custom headrest with “Tate” on it. According to Andrew, it took 5 months to build the Chiron.

Each Chiron Pur Sport has a 16-cylinder, 1,500-horsepower engine that is tested for eight hours. After the engine is installed, the car was test driven at 124 miles per hour on a rolling road inside the factory. Before the car was delivered, a technician spent 2 days polishing it and a 6-hour audit was conducted.

The Chiron can hit a top speed of 218 mph and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. It’s an iconic reddish-brown hue that lets everyone know who the Big Boss is.

Impact and Usage

The meme has become a popular way to express extravagance, humor, and sometimes to mock ostentatious displays of wealth. It has gained significant traction on social media platforms, becoming a part of internet culture.

Andrew Tate’s iconic response, “What color is your Bugatti?” went viral on TikTok after some people disliked the color of his Bugatti. This phrase is often used as a rhetorical question implying that the person being asked does not own a Bugatti.


The meme is widely used in various contexts. It is often customized to fit different scenarios, contributing to its popularity and reach. The meme is frequently shared on social media platforms and meme generators.

The meme has also been used in a tongue-in-cheek manner, with Andrew Tate implying that if you don’t have a Bugatti, you’re a peasant.

Meme Variations

The meme has seen numerous variations, with users often customizing the text to fit different scenarios. These variations have further increased the meme’s popularity and reach.

The meme’s popularity has led to a wide range of adaptations, each adding a unique twist to the original concept.


One of the key factors contributing to the meme’s variations is the ability to customize it. Users can easily add text to images or memes, creating their own unique versions. This has led to a plethora of variations, each tailored to fit different scenarios.

Meme Chains

Another common variation involves creating “meme chains”. These are multiple images stacked vertically, each adding a new layer to the meme. This allows for more complex and nuanced variations of the meme.

Image Effects

Users have also experimented with various image effects to create variations of the meme. These effects include posterize, jpeg artifacts, blur, sharpen, and color filters like grayscale, sepia, invert, and brightness. These effects can significantly alter the look and feel of the meme, leading to a wide range of variations.


Andrew Tate’s “What color is your Bugatti?” meme has become a significant part of internet culture. Its origin, impact, and variations all contribute to its popularity and widespread use. Despite its seemingly simple premise, the meme carries a deeper cultural significance, reflecting society’s fascination with wealth and status.

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