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10 Amazing Facts of the World which will Shock you

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These are top amazing facts of the world Part-1.

10. Platypuses don’t have nipples

It might be strange that being born from leathery eggs, baby platypus does require nursing like other mammals.
But, female platypus does not have nipples. Instead, their milk is produced on their abdomen called mammary gland ducts
The baby platypus has to suck it through skin folds or fur of their mother.

09. Antarctica was once as warm as sunny california

Modern Antarctica rarely reminds people of beaches and sunshine. But according to new studies, it used to be a very pleasant warm location for the continent and its surroundings. During the Eocene, the climate of Antarctica resembled the modern Californian coast about 40 to 50 million years ago, while nearby polar islands were more similar to Florida.This could be one of the most surprising and one of the amazing facts of the world.

08. founder got dumped because of a match

Gary Kremen, the creator of, lost his girlfriend to a person she encountered at
Match founder Gary Kremen claims that he built the site with women in mind, and he realized that his effort was a success when his own girlfriend left him for another man she met at Match.
“You have to design the whole system for women, not men,” Kremen says, “Who cares what men think?”.

07.Dinosaurs roamed the earth for 150 million years; humans have been around for a mere 0.1% of that time

There were dinosaurs before there were humans. These animals roamed the world for 150 million years.
They did not burn out, despite common belief, because of an asteroid or because they were failed in terms of evolution. Nobody really knows what happened to these animals.
There are only theories. We’re likely never going to understand why they disappeared out ultimately.
We can explore their fossils only and understand what they have finished behind.

06. Coffee increases your urine production but doesn’t dehydrate you

The myth that coffee dehydrates you have been around since 1928 It does not dehydrate you, despite the liquid being a diuretic (a substance that increases the production of urine)
A latest research released in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by British scientists compared several common drinks with water’s hydrating effects.
The outcome? Ahh, you can hydrate with coffee.
Oh, and they also discovered it that skim milk was highly hydrating. The lesson? Don’t hesitate to drink the second cup of coffee.

05. Humans are the only animals that enjoy spicy foods

Scientists have had difficulty explaining, but it’s an evolutionary mystery, that humans are the only animals that really enjoy eating spicy food
Eating tender peppers does not seem to have any health advantages, so the main cause some suggested is the thrill factor or taste factor in most cases.

04. In a room with 23 people, there is a 50% chance of two of them having the same birthday. If there are 70 people, it increases to 99.9%

The birthday problem or the birthday paradox is a concept of probability that determines the likelihood among a group of people that two individuals have the same birthday.
Since there is a maximum of 366 days in a year, including 29 February, and assuming that each day of the year has an equal chance of being a birthday.
Statistically, there is a 50% chance that among 23 people two individuals have the same birth dates and when there are 70 people likelihood reaches 99.9%.
When there are 367 individuals, perfect 100% is achieved.

03. Pigeons, both male and female, produce milk to feed their hatchlings.

The milk produced by pigeons and doves is known as “crop milk,” and is a pale-yellow, semi-solid substance, unlike mammalian milk.
Crop milk is exceptionally high in protein and fats, more than in the cow or human milk portions. 
But it includes antioxidants and immune-enhancing elements just like mammalian milk.
Flamingos and penguins also produce a crop milk-like substance to feed their offspring.

02. The exact height of Mt. Everest is 29000 feet, surveyors added an extra 2 feet in official findings just to ‘sound realistic’.

Several efforts have been taken since 1715 to calculate the exact height of the mighty Himalayas’ highest point. 
While some attempts failed because of failing to access the mountains, others succeeded because internal variables such as light refraction were not taken into consideration in the calculations.
Sikdar used trigonometric calculations depending on readings made by James Nicolson, a former surveyor. 
Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor and General of India, apparently verified his calculations.
The height of Mount Everest was 8,840 m (29,002 ft). In fact, Mount Everest’s real height was calculated to be exactly 29,000 ft (8,839.2 m). 
But while releasing the data to the public, to make it seem more realistic, he added two feet to 29,000 feet.

01.If you have a dollar bill in your wallet there is a 90% chance that it was used to snort cocaine

The word “dirty cash” is for true, as cocaine contaminates about 90 percent of US one-dollar notes.
A 2009 research by the American Chemical Society, where researchers studied banknotes from over 30 cities in five separate nations including the United States, Canada, Japan, China, and Brazil, discovered “alarming” cocaine use in most locations.

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