Top 10 Interesting Facts About Tigers

Some of the interesting facts about the tigers are that they have stories about their unmatched strength and glory in China, Siberia, and India for thousands of years.
Because of this, they have become one of the world’s most renowned predators and are the largest felines.
Tiger is more powerful than 13 human males. A tiger can kill an Indian bull gaur of 770 kg and can drag his carcass for fifteen yards, showing massive strength.
Below we have listed the Top 10 facts about tiger:

10. Personality-wise, If Lions are king Tigers are Army Chiefs

Commander-in-chief is a position that has the supreme command and control over the armed forces of a kingdom or nation.
Unlike the leader of the kingdom, the chief has to make real-time decisions on warfare strategies, tactics & execution.
And if the situation arrives, have to fight with bare hands and survive because most enemies will target commander; destroy the leader, the army will automatically finish.
Commander is a combination of intelligence, leadership and skilled fighting abilities.
In most folklores, apart from strength, tigers are considered villainous, calculating, rough and strategically intelligent.
It’s evident from their habitat and hunting styles.

9. Tigers are considered to be smartest among all big-cats

Tigers have physically bigger brain cavities among the category of the big cats, showing higher intelligence than other carnivores (Polar bears have the biggest brain carnivores).
One of the most interesting facts about the tiger is that they are highly strategic when it gets to hunting, unlike other big cats their diet comprises both agile animals like chitals or sambal deers and hefty buffalos.
According to hunt, they change their hunting strategy.
For deers, tigers don’t just run haphazardly after but wait quietly and patiently for the right time to strike.
And when hunting large animals, they wait for a bull or buffalo to isolate from the group or isolate them by a fake attack and that too all this alone.
While swimming, if a crocodile attacks a tiger, it will not go for its neck, but its soft stomach, as the tiger understands it cannot strike through the body scales of the crocodile.
These amazing animals, apart from hunting, also have a strong memory. The short-term memory of the Tigers holds nearly thirty times longer than the average human can.
Because of this, they remember much more than we humans do.

8. Rivalry with wolves

In their ecosystem, tigers dominate most other predators.
In a recent study, it is found that the Siberian tigers can cause wolves to extinct locally.
Many eyewitnesses claimed that wolves have been killed by Siberian tigers, not for meat, but to end competition.
As a result, the areas of wolf and tiger are rarely overlapping. If a tiger enters the wolves’ territory, they will either leave or will be killed.

7. Their tongue is like barbed nail plate

Tigers have tongue covered with many small, sharp, rear-facing projections called papillae. 
These papillae have a harsh, rasping texture to the tongue and assist them to rip the skin, bones, fur, and flesh of their prey.
Zookeepers know it, tigers love to lick the paint right off the walls of their enclosures in the zoo.
But when a friendly tiger licks you, there’s no need to worry: like domestic cats, tigers often lick other tigers or the people they’ve become familiar to love and not aggression they will even use licking as a manner to relieve anxiety in the same manner we hug!

6. Tigers sometime hunt and kill bears

If you live in Canada you might think Grizzly bears are invincible, The only natural hazard to an old bear is a gang of wolves, even though they are hardly a threat. 
Then you might not know about Siberian brown bears of Ussuri.
It is truth in wild that tigers easily dominate other predators like Wolves, Leopards, and Bears.
But it surprised me when I studied the unusual interaction between Siberian tigers and Ussuri bears.
These big cats hunt and kill bears! Ussuri bears makeup 1.4% of the diet of the Siberian tiger.
So I believe this shows why the tiger is one of the primary predators in the world.

5. A tiger’s roar can paralyze prey

The threatening roar of a tiger can paralyze the animal that hears it, sometimes including skilled human zookeepers. 
Tiger’s roar is for more private purposes: attacks or warnings, annoyance or anger or dread, or sexual availability.
All these vocalizations have distinct sounds and differ in loudness.
The MGM film logo’s Lion has a tiger’s roar and even in Disney’s Lion King Simba’s roar in ending scene is of a Tiger.
Tigers are mostly forested inhabitants and their lands are smaller than they would own a lion’s pride.
Depending on why they make the noise, some measurements suggest that lion’s roar can be heard at greater distances than tiger roars, so they are likely to be louder.
But, the tiger’s roar is louder up close and far scarier.

4. Tigers are gentleman and have manners

It is interesting yet unusual information about tigers is that they share their meals, unlike lions.
Although tigers are solitary animals, they sometimes fall into touch with other tigers. 
Male tigers will share their food when this occurs and let the females and cubs first eat.
This is an interesting case of respectful conduct in the animal kingdom, as other animal species’ males pose a threat to females and young when it’s not a mating season.

3. Eyes

Tigers have the brightest eyes in the world of any other animal. At dark, or in the beam of a torch, they blaze back with amazing intensity
Tigers are getting ready to hunt until night time because their night vision is six times better than that of humans because of a retinal adaptation that reflects light to the retina.

2. Unique stripes

Most of the types of cats have marks on both their hair and flesh.
The unique pattern of stripes on tigers indeed acts like their identity, similar to human fingerprints.
Even if you were to shave off Tigers’ fur, the marks would still be seen.

1. Symbol of strength, fierceness and protection

The tiger is the true embodiment of an elegant but bluntly dangerous wild animal.
It has developed the sign of bravery, the real significance of power, the supreme apex predator, the horror of the jungle, feared by all, unbeatable and unstoppable.
As a spirit animal, willpower, bravery, and personal strength are said to be the significance of the tiger.

Sadly, in this human-dominated world where forests and wildlife are continuously shrinking with growing demand in the black market for tiger hunting.
Share this post about facts if you love tigers and want them to be part of this planet in the future.

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