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Ezoic Review (My 2 year experience with Ezoic)

Ezoic review
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Back then, I just created my first Google AdSense account. After getting approval, I expected it would be my Tim Ferris-style passive income. But soon after a month, I realized my expectations were far from the truth.
I ramped up my website’s traffic volume and even gained a 50% traffic surge. But unfortunately, even after increasing my website traffic, the AdSense rpm still ranged from $0.50 to $2.
My disappointment was obvious, and after all the investments which I made into building the website (both financially and psychologically), I’ve found an alternative soon.

My journey with Ezoic,

After thorough and careful research, I came across Ezoic… which claimed to be a better alternative to AdSense. The minimum requirement was 10,000 impressions per month (Thank God! They removed that minimum threshold now), and fortunately, my website was churning enough traffic around the range of 10,000 visitors, So I decided to apply, and Yippie! my website got approved.

How has Ezoic helped me grow?

I think summing up how Ezoic helped me grow couldn’t be covered in this single post; they are backed by many VCs and investors, so their new technological prospects in the future are endless; but still, I’ll try my best to be as short as possible.

  1. Earnings Skyrocketed: Increased my earning 3x or even 4x per 1000 visitors compared to Google Adsense within a month.
  2. Access to Multiple advertisers: Many Ad networks (almost all) bid to place ads that would have not accepted my website in this lifetime. Their premium program, which yields fixed Ad revenue from premium Ads is out of this world.
  3. Improved my website’s UI/UX: We have greater control over Ad size formats, types, nature of ads, color, Ad cushioning, etc.
  4. Improved Core Web Vitals: The feature of accelerating your website’s speed was paid before May 2021, but currently the feature, now renamed LEAP is free for everybody. It just feels awesome to get some additional premium product with no extra cost. 
  5. Nameserver integration: It’s a good idea to get your website served from the CDN, After joining Ezoic my website is served from superfast Amazon AWS servers (and Cloudflare too). For security reasons, I trust AWS servers more than any shared hosting.
  6. Analytics: I’m an analytical guy, who trusts real numbers more than the feeling of just earning more. Ezoic’s analytics is a combination of Google Adsense’ analytics and Google analytics (A more suitable word would be Google analytics on steroids) helped me see trends, traffic, yield, visitor engagement, ctr, etc
  7. Ad placeholder optimization: I believe Ezoic has a dedicated AI for determining the best position to display ads which maximizes yield as well as the visitor experience. I believe only Ezoic has this feature. This feature gradually increases your overall revenue optimization for the long term.
  8. Fast ad serves: Serving Ads at a fast rate is really important these days, considering how Google is serious about making a Website’s speed a ranking factor. 
  9. Childlike Support: I know this isn’t really a technical feature but seriously, currently Ezoic has the best technical support team in the entire digital advertising space. These guys will literally help you with anything from Ads, website speed, design to even UX. Expect a solution to your problem for sure even if it takes months, they will guide you towards the solution (or find one if there’s no existing solution). Ask them a problem 100 times, they’ll answer you 101 times.
  10. Knowledgebase and weekly Walkthrus: Sometimes, I feel like I’ve joined an online academy of Digital Advertising Mastery. Ezoic conducts weekly “online classes” where they feature experts from almost all related domains with rich unique topics and a brief QnA session that helps you to improve your expertise, clear your doubts and explore new opportunities.
  11. Timely smooth international payments: We know how tedious it can be to receive international payments through banks and that too by paying high fees. That isn’t the case with Ezoic; expect smooth international payment into your local currency on the 28th of each month (funnily sometimes, I get to know its 28th when I see my bank’s message of credited payment).

What have I learned using Ezoic?

As a budding businessman, an enterprise can grow together with the customers they serve. If you provide quality to customers (publishers in this case), you’ll grow with twice the speed. Learning from Ezoic to provide better value to customers, I’ve hired some of the best grammar experts and data analysts to make sure I’m providing the best ever (and accurate) content to my visitors.

Are there specific tools that have helped me achieve success?

Ezoic LEAP and Analytics really helped me. The former turned my website blazingly fast and later helped me find new relevant topics with high yield.

There are tons of additional features Ezoic analytics is armed with, to explain how each of them has helped me requires another long article (which, ill publish soon ;)).

I’m excited to see their new feature named “Enhanced AI Placeholders.”

Do I have data to show your results?

Here are the numerical proofs of my two-year Ezoic journey,

Overall Revenue

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Website’s traffic remained constant but there is an upward flux in the overall revenue

AI in Action

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Ezoic Adtester in Action

Where am I now in terms of Ezoic Levels, traffic, and revenue, and how did I start?

The term exponential growth with my experience with Ezoic would be an understatement,
I started with a $30 per month Adsense account.
Currently, I’m on level 3 with traffic of around 120,000 visitors per month and earn up to $500 to $700 per month.

Tips I want to share with fellow publishers

  1. Improve website quality parameters like UI/UX, content grammar, reliability, smoothness, etc; Don’t try to use shortcuts.
  2. Learn statistics, probability, and numbers; Analytics is an extremely powerful feature.
  3. Use their LEAP feature to your advantage; don’t panic if your website breaks or it results in something counterproductive; Use their support assistance or go old school trial and error, after a lot of iterations and combinations, you might find the perfect setup that won’t hamper your revenue, UX and Core web vitals. Use technology recommendations and learn as much as you can (If you use WP, learn LEAP basics from their dedicated WP assistance blog).
  4. Joining Ezoic is like being part of a family, unlike other Advertising platforms for whom you are just a client, Ezoic treats you as a part of their family; You can constantly follow them on Twitter, Facebook or become part of their social media groups like Facebook, Discord, Reddit, etc where you can discuss various topics (Ads, tech issues, opportunities, events, digital ad space, etc) with other clients of theirs. I would suggest you actively take part in their discussions, help, get helped, or just learn others’ experiences.
  5. Ezoic organizes some events where they offer prizes, participate in those events as motivation to improve your performance further; it’ll trigger competitiveness inside you and motivate you to perform better than ever and yes, you can also win cash prizes, sweet!


If you are just beginning to build your blog and planning to monetize your website, Ezoic is the best beginner option, as said earlier, they are funded by many investors, and their team is eager to fund that fund into your new budding website in the form of top-notch premium features. I don’t consider any other option other than Ezoic, I have multiple websites monetized by them and I ain’t planning to go anywhere in the future. My strong suggestion would be to give it a try and check the results yourself. 

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