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is beluga cat dead

Beluga Cat, a popular internet feline, gained fame for its distinctive smile and charming online presence. Beluga, a Domestic Shorthair cat, became widely recognized through memes and social media platforms like YouTube. The cat’s unique grin led to its portrayal as a “polite cat” and garnered a significant following online. Despite the cat’s rise to internet stardom, it is essential to note that Beluga is not a special breed but rather a beloved Domestic Shorthair cat that captured the hearts of many with its endearing smile. Recently, there have been rumors circulating about Beluga Cat’s demise, causing concern among fans and followers. 

The Rumor

The rumor about the death of Beluga Cat, also known as Ollie, started circulating on various social media platforms1However, these rumors were not substantiated by any official announcements or reliable sources1In fact, several users on platforms like Reddit confirmed that Beluga Cat was still alive after checking the official accounts1It seems there was some confusion as another cat named Ollie, owned by Ricky Gervais, had passed away1.

Origin and Spread of the Rumor The rumor appears to have originated from social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook1Some users posted about the alleged death of Beluga Cat, leading to confusion and concern among the online community1However, other users quickly debunked the rumor, stating that they had seen recent posts from the official accounts of Beluga Cat1The rumor seems to have spread due to a misunderstanding, as another cat named Ollie had indeed passed away1.

Public Reaction

The rumor about Beluga Cat’s death led to a wave of confusion and concern among fans1Many fans expressed their shock and sadness on social media platforms like Reddit1Some fans were in disbelief, while others were trying to confirm the news1There were also fans who were hopeful that the rumor was not true1.

Discussions and Speculations on Social Media Platforms On Reddit, a thread titled “did ollie/beluga cat died?” attracted numerous comments1Some users reported that they had checked the official accounts and confirmed that Beluga Cat was still alive1Others mentioned that they had seen the rumor on TikTok and were trying to search for more information1There were also users who speculated that the rumor might be an inside joke or a misunderstanding1Some users pointed out that the Ollie that died was Ricky Gervais’s Siamese cat, not Ollie the polite cat1.

The Truth about Beluga Cat’s death

However, this rumor was debunked by users on Reddit who checked the official accounts and confirmed that Beluga Cat was still alive6The confusion seems to have arisen because another cat named Ollie, owned by Ricky Gervais, had passed away6.

In conclusion, Beluga Cat, also known as Ollie, is alive and well. The rumors of Beluga Cat’s death were just that – rumors. It’s always important to verify information from reliable sources before believing or spreading rumors.

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