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Is Mouch Leaving Chicago Fire?

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When we were predicting who the psychic meant when they said that Herrmann was going to feel “great pain” soon – we didn’t think it was going to be Mouch. After a devastating twist in the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale, we’re all left wondering: Does Mouch die on Chicago Fire? Warning: Spoilers below.

Mouch’s Importance in Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is NBC’s popular drama series in the One Chicago universe that follows the stories of firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department’s fictional Firehouse 51. Christian Stolte plays longtime firefighter Randall McHolland (known to the firehouse as “Mouch”). He earned the nickname due to his love for the station’s couch (Mouch is almost always sitting on the couch watching television when he’s not on call).

Stolte has been with the procedural since the very first season in 2012 and is one of the few remaining original firefighters left (along with David Eigenberg, Eamonn Walker, and Taylor Kinney – who is currently taking a temporary leave of absence on the show due to personal reasons). Mouch is also the president of the Firefighter’s Union and a representative who works closely with Firehouse 51 when they have issues with the CFD.

Mouch’s Past Tragedies

Stolte’s character has endured tragedy before on Chicago Fire. In Season 6, Mouch suffered a heart attack when he was in a burning building. The actor admitted to One Chicago Center in 2018 that there was a point where he wasn’t even sure if Mouch was going to make it. “I knew a little bit before you did [that Mouch lived] but I didn’t know immediately, so I had reached the point where I had to entertain the possibility that I wouldn’t be coming back,” he said. “And that would be heartbreaking because this show has been the gig of a lifetime. The people I get to work with are the best group of people I could possibly ask for.”

He also revealed that his role on Chicago Fire “does beat me up a little bit.” “I think I’m aging a bit more quickly [working] on the show, so maybe that would have been the bright side of my character dying. But it didn’t work out that way, so lucky me,” he added. Ultimately in Season 6, Mouch died briefly off-screen but he was able to be revived. But in the Season 11 finale when Mouch was caught in gunfire – the odds might not be in his favor this time. Does Mouch die on Chicago Fire? Here’s everything we know.

The Shocking Season 11 Finale

The answer is no. In Season 12, Episode 1, Chicago Fire revealed that Mouch was still alive after his brush with death in the Season 11 finale. In the episode, Mouch was injured when responding to a call about a sniper at a power plant. While Casey, Stella, Carver, and Gallo helped stop the sniper – the end result wasn’t exactly what they hoped. Mouch was hit by stray shrapnel during the gunfire. Herrmann rushes to Mouch’s side after he saw the blood and yells that Mouch needs an ambulance fast.

Mouch is rushed to the hospital for his injuries, and the firehouse is eventually alerted that Mouch is alert and recovering. But toward the end of the episode, his condition only worsened. Herrmann was at Mouch’s bedside and saw that his friend was pale. He noticed that Mouch was bleeding out and then he started to flatline. As blood runs off the side of Mouch’s hospital bed, Herrmann screams for a doctor to help. Unfortunately, the episode ends on a cliffhanger with no further updates about Mouch’s status.

Fan Reactions and Behind-the-Scenes Clues

Fans were especially distraught at the prospect of losing one of their favorite firefighters. They took to social media to express their thoughts on the Season 11 finale. “No no not Mouch! I did not see that coming,” one Twitter user said. “NO MOUCH IT CAN’T BE YOU IT CAN’T MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS,” another Twitter user pleaded.

Although Mouch’s fate was left hanging in the balance, a behind-the-scenes photo from the upcoming Season 12 revealed whether he survived his injury. Following a months-long production hiatus due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes, the Chicago Fire cast and crew returned to set in the fall of 2023. While NBC and Wolf Entertainment have not revealed any official footage yet from Season 12, the actors have been seen out and about filming in Chicago. One shot, shared by @EmJ_I_say on Twitter, shows Mouch sitting behind the Firehouse 51 ambulance with Cruz and Herrmann. Although the photo is grainy, Stolte can be seen suited up in firefighter gear, which suggests Mouch is not only alive and well but also on duty. However, we still don’t know the context of the scene or what is happening in it. For all fans know, it could be a flashback scene.

Stolte’s Future on Chicago Fire

The answer is also no. Prior to the confirmation of Stolte’s return to Chicago Fire, there were clues about whether Mouch’s fate in Season 12 that spoiled the cliffhanger ending (which is what happened with Kim Raver’s Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy).

During the Season 11 finale, the actor posted a heartfelt tribute to the show on his Instagram page that sounded like a farewell to Chicago Fire. “Our 11th Season Finale airs tonight. No spoilers, I just want to say it’s been an extraordinary 11 years, and I am so very grateful for the experience. Truck on, Chi-Hards. #ChicagoFire #OneChicago,” he wrote in the caption. The post’s comments flooded with worried fans who didn’t want to see the firefighter go. “Hope that wasn’t a goodbye Christian,” one person commented, while another asked: “Are you leaving this show? We cannot do this anymore this entire night has been a nightmare.”

Eigenberg, who plays veteran firefighter Cristopher Herrmann (who often acts alongside Mouch on Chicago Fire), weighed in on the cliffhanger and the potential loss of his on-screen comrade. “I don’t know what they’re going to do, but I don’t want to lose Christian because it’d be a huge hole in my life,” Eigenberg told TVLine while promoting the new NBC docuseries LA Fire & Rescue. “There’s a lot of love on our show. When we come back from the strike, we’ll be in our 12th season. We’ve been together a lot. When you look at pictures of us from 12 years ago, we were a lot younger,” Eigenberg said. “We’ve been through stuff. We’ve been through a lot on our show.”

He continued: “I’ve watched Christian become a grandfather… Christian is one of the funniest guys on the show. He’s a real sourpuss, but, man, is he funny. We laugh a lot every day. I don’t want to lose anybody on the show. We’ve got a great group. We don’t have any jerks.”

The Season 11 finale was the final episode for showrunner and co-creator Derek Haas. Our sister site Variety reported in November 2022 that he was exiting Wolf Entertainment at the end of the 11th season. Haas helped launch Chicago Fire and the One Chicago franchise with co-creator Michael Brandt. He is also the executive producer on both spinoffs Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.


While the Season 11 finale of Chicago Fire left fans on the edge of their seats, the Season 12 premiere revealed that Mouch survived his brush with death. Christian Stolte will continue to bring the lovable character to life on the show. Fans can look forward to more exciting and emotional moments as the firefighters of Firehouse 51 face new challenges in the upcoming season.

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