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Top 10 Most Hated People in the World

most hated person in the world right now

History is filled with many tyrants, evil people, and serial killers. These selfish personalities have marked their impact, which cannot be forgotten for centuries to come.
But there shouldn’t be any doubt that there are still some people we love to hate.
Unlike hated people before who people disliked for their brutality or evil deeds, thanks to the informational age, we hate people for various odd reasons.
Those reasons could be justified, and some are just magnified among the masses (thanks to social media).
To reach the highest level of hatred, a person must say or do many things.
Here is a collection of listings of individuals so loathed by many people with hostile roving eyes that the despised would be dead by now if people could kill.
The personalities listed below have committed acts that have sparked national or worldwide outrage.
This results in an endless supply and ever-growing network of haters directed against them and their actions.
Take a look at this list of the top 10 most hated people on earth:

10. Xi Jinping

who is the most disliked person in the world

China and its President Xi Jinping are losing international support.
Despite being more economically prosperous and politically powerful than before, Xi seized control, and the Chinese people have received less respect from the rest.
According to a poll, negative perceptions of China rose in the last year because the country handled the COVID-19 outbreak.
President Xi Jinping’s policies have significantly moved from the key ideas that have guided China’s political, economic, and foreign policy for decades.
Which resulted in pushing the country in an unexpected new direction.
Rather than earning respect, Xi Jinping believes in purchasing respect and underestimates the value of “soft” power in terms of global impact.
He has urged the Chinese to promote their own culture and values globally to raise the country’s worldwide standing. Jinping is a threat to the entire planet and his own country.

9. Taher Shah

most hated people in the world

In 2013, Pakistani singer Taher Shah took the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons when his song “Eye to Eye” went viral and became an internet sensation.
The trolling hadn’t stopped for that song, and he came up with another video, “Angel,” that gave everyone a splitting headache.
Taher Shah provided plenty of fodder for Twitterati with his songs, soon ablaze with many memes and gags.
Some even claimed that his tunes are more dangerous than the coronavirus.
Later, he created and directed a single called “farishtey,” which was similarly mocked by internet users.

8. Martin Shkreli

who is the most hated person in the world 2022

According to social media, Martin Shkreli, the 39-year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, maybe the most disliked guy in America right now.
He’s been dubbed a “morally bankrupt psychopath,” a “scumbag,” a “trash monster,” and “everything that is wrong with capitalism,” among other things.
Daraprim was just acquired by his company.
The medicine developed in the 1950s is the most effective treatment for toxoplasmosis, a relatively uncommon parasite infection.
People with compromised immune systems, such as AIDS sufferers, relied on the medicine, which cost around $13.50 (£8.80) per dose, until recently.
Mr. Shkreli declared that the price would be increased to $750 per tablet.
He has become a pariah among patient-rights organizations, legislators, and hundreds of Twitter users because of the over 5,000 percent rise and his belligerent defense of the decision.

7. Kim Jong Un

top 10 most hated people

For the past 50 years, the world has gotten accustomed to North Korea’s absurd threats that lead nowhere.
Kim Jong Un is one of the world’s most terrifying dictators, and some feel that Koreans will never be at peace as long as he is in control.
He does not guarantee his own people’s basic living conditions and starves them to death.
He incites neighboring countries and the most developed countries, such as the United States.
For years, North Korea has participated in what experts in Washington call a “provocation cycle.” This means It escalates provocative activity such as missile launches or nuclear tests, followed by charm offensives and pledges to start a discussion. The provocation cycle continues to spiral dangerously under Kim Jong Un’s leadership.

6. Kanye West

West is no stranger to controversy, and his burgeoning ego undoubtedly keeps him in the spotlight.
Drunken Kanye West smashed Taylor Swift’s MTV Award Acceptance.
At that time, he declared she didn’t deserve the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video over Beyoncé.
So most of the backlash comes from the backlash from Taylor Swift supporters.
He is known for mistreating his own fans, including forcing a disabled guy to stand during a concert. He is constantly embroiled in brawls with the paparazzi.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber rose to popularity at a young age, owing to his hit ballad “Baby,” and then went from being one of the most liked persons to being the most judged due to the problems he was involved in.
He has a history of making racist videos. He has spit on his supporters and punched them in the face on numerous occasions.
He once stated that he opposes abortions and thinks rape occurs for a reason.

4. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is thought to be a hypocrite because he always opposes sexism and bigotry.
He is notorious for donning blackface and acting as a black man, and there is a video of him circulating online in which he grudgingly has ladies guess what’s inside his pants (the crotch area).
This act received a lot of backlashes.
The gaming community was also angry when he mocked people who watched videos of people playing games but didn’t really play the game.
In addition, specific footage from his show “The Man Show” was quite unpleasant to some viewers.

3. Jake Paul

Jake Paul gained stardom on Vine before starring in the Disney Channel sitcom Bizaardvark for two seasons as Dirk Mann.
As a result of his actions, Paul has been involved in many controversies throughout his career, including performing dangerous stunts and uploading age-inappropriate material to YouTube, being fired from his Disney television show Bizaardvark, and being charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly.
There have been many scams and charges of sexual assault leveled against him.

2. Vladimir Putin

most hated man 2022

Approximately half of Americans had a favorable view of Russia a decade ago.
The times have undoubtedly changed.
A recent survey from the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Putin has become a pariah due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 
Fully 90% of Americans now have a negative view of Russian President Vladimir Putin (86 percent “extremely unfavourable”).
In comparison, only 4% hold a positive opinion. According to many of his former associates and friends,
Putin is skeptical and anxious as a former intelligence agent.
He has a “we versus them” mindset and exaggerates the danger. He holds loyalty in high regard and despises disloyalty.
Putin has built up a mafia-like oligarchic stratum (better known as his inner circle) at the top of Russian society.
He is the president of a democratic country that does not live up to democratic values.
Russia is a hyper-presidential state, which means the president has enormous power (The New Tsar, one might call).

1. 6ix9ine

most hated people on earth

Daniel Hernandez, who is only 24, maybe one of the world’s most despised individuals.
His music is known for its violent rapping style.
In contrast, his public presence is known for his rainbow-colored hair, numerous tattoos, legal problems, and well-publicized celebrity feuds.
Hernandez was sentenced to four years of probation and 1,000 hours of community service after pleading guilty to a felony count of exploiting a child in a sexual performance in 2015.
In 2018, he was arrested on charges of racketeering, weapons, and drugs.
He faces up to 47 years in prison after pleading guilty to nine charges, including a murder plot and armed robbery.
For his role as a prosecution witness in the Nine Trey Gangsters trial, he has almost universally been hated and ostracised by other members of the hip-hop industry.

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  1. Here is the top 15 most hated people (Some of them are in my opinion
    16. Snoop Dogg
    15. Dixie Damelio
    14. James Charles
    13. Addinson Rae
    12. Charli D’ Amelio
    11. Chris Brown
    10. Xi Jinping (President of China)
    9. Tyga
    8. Martin Skhreli
    7. Amber Heard
    6. Kim Jong-un
    5. Joe Biden
    4. Kanye West
    3. 6ix9ine
    2. Donald Trump
    1. Justin Bieber

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