Top 10 Scariest Things in the World

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Fear is all up among feelings that have huge impacts on humans. Every living being is subject to fears whether it is because of any object, place, or incident. Here we have 10 scariest things that take the soul out of humans.

Krokodil and other lethal drugs

Drugs are the scariest and deadliest things humans can ever have these make them experience death without being dead. In which a drug, called krokodil, has enormously shaken the humans and their fear. Krokodil is popularly known as Crocodile or Russian Magic has deadly side effects and is extremely addictive because of less duration of its effectiveness.
Every little amount of this caustic drug injected into the body can cause serious damages to skin, veins, bones, and muscles. Other lethal drugs like Acetaminophen which is considered to be the most dangerous are Cocaine, and Digoxin (death risk more than 20%). And all of the population that knows the impact of this drug fears it.


If nature could be gorgeous and pleasant to us, it could also be dangerous and scary in which Gympie is one of those dreads that can take the soul out of life. Gympie plants are popularly known as suicide plants found in rainforest areas. It is deadliest because of the stinging hairs found all over the plant and transmits a neurotoxin when touched.
It is considered to be the most toxic of all stinging trees of Australian species. It’s hairs cause an exceedingly painful stinging sensation that could last from 1 to 2 days. It has been found that the workers of rainforest areas have had a horrible experience with these plants.

Biological weapons

People think biological weapons are nothing but a plot content of movies like The Rain and Contagion which show how terrifying biological weapons could be to vanish away the existence of humans or any living beings. But very few humans know about the dreadful biological weapons. It is one of the scariest things that can ever happen in human existence.
Biological weapons are also known as biological agents intentionally used in bioterrorism which includes deadly viruses, fungus, bacteria, and protozoan, etc. This weapon is dreadful because it can cause a large number of deaths in short times. Among the toxic biological weapons, bacillus anthracis bacteria cause anthrax is considered as the most deadly agents. During the terrorist attacks these weapons were used in, everyone feared them.

Brain-eating amoeba

As a kid, we used to play in the stored rainwater, untreated pools, and water pits but never thought about the hidden deadly thing inside it. We learned either through movies or documentaries that being far away from clean water if somehow we get water, we should first boil it and then consume. Brain-eating amoeba itself sounds deadly terrifying, isn’t it?
The brain-eating amoeba can actually scare any human from getting into unknown water, swimming pools, or lakes. The amoeba gets into humans’ brains through the water as it is found in lakes, ponds, and untreated pools or wells. Though the infection isn’t contagious but dreads humans going in or consuming water from outside or unknown sources.

Box jellyfish

When it comes to water deadly disease we can not forget about water deadly monsters like Box jellyfish. Human desires to experience everything by touching, holding, or having it but some need only to get observed being far away that’s good for both. How fearsome it could be for us to even imagine creatures like a box jellyfish that can kill humans within two minutes.
This marine venom is considered to be among the most deadly on the planet, containing toxins that attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells which cause cardiac arrest, paralysis, or instant death. There are numerous horrific cases recorded of deaths due to severe stinging by box jellyfish.


We can only imagine or watch in movies like Greenland how natural disasters could vanish human existence in seconds. Through research, it has been reported that dinosaurs’ existence ended because of an asteroid which is much more the size of meteoroids. An asteroid that was equally dangerous as 10 million atomic bombs that made the land continuously explode every single second for almost 33 years.
This could be a really horrific thing to humans and make anyone insane if it turned out to be a real nightmare. Although the size of the meteoroids is considered to be very small compared to asteroids, there have been few cases that depict the death of a few people in the past and people assess it as a myth.

Nuclear Weapons

We have read in history about the horrific world wars and the conclusions. How a nuclear weapon was brought in Nagasaki and Hiroshima made it lose its figure and potential. Among the nuclear weapons, the atomic bomb is considered to be the most disastrous weapon in the world which is enough for an entire city to destroy.
The unfortunate fact for humans about nuclear weapons is even if the nuclear weapons are being exploded way far from them, it still has the potential to affect them excessively because of its radiation which lasts longer.

Cursed objects

The object that brings bad luck or has a bad perception in history is considered to be a cursed object. There are plenty of cursed objects in categories like books, movies, places, paintings, and days. There are very popular cursed objects like “The Cursed Mirror of Myrtles Plantation”, “The Hands Resist Him Painting”, “Annabelle The Possessed Doll”, and “The Anguished Man’ Painting”.
Among which Annabelle Doll is assessed as the most popular cursed object in the world. For centuries, people have been most worried about cursed objects or numbers like 13. It has been reported that many building blocks don’t have a 13th floor. People who believe in such curses refuse to sit in the 13th row or any kind of 13th numbered chair.

Radioactive waste

The term radioactive itself depicts the harmfulness of radiations. There are more than 440 operating nuclear power plants and industries that produce radioactive wastes. Being excessively harmful to humans as well as the environment, these power plants are regulated by government agencies.
Radioactive waste is by-products of nuclear processes. But when it comes to the horrific sides of this power plant even a minor mistake can result in disastrous events. History has major disastrous events among which the Chernobyl incident can’t be erased from our minds in ages since then.

Big sized insects

Insects within the animal kingdom are usually associated with the idea that they are smaller and can easily be mashed by a single press. The insects that are found inside or around the house don’t seem so terrifying but still, they could be one of the scariest things. Very few know about Silverfish found in bath-tub, showers, and sinks.
Another scariest insect that is found in the home is fleas. Wingless external parasites that suck the blood, cause discomfort and itches when biting and they can also transmit blood-borne disease. Other insects that can make human experience scare unknowingly are Fero ants, Dust mites, Bed bugs, spiders and House centipedes, etc.

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