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Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World

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10. Saudi Arabia

For 2 decades, Saudi Arabia’s economy has been growing steadily mainly from the last 5 years. Saudi Arabia is known for its oil reserves through which its economy is increasing. It has a GDP of 782.5 billion dollars and per capita income is around 55000 dollars.
They have strong military power which can economically influence as per the statistics. Saudi Arabia ranked 17 out of 138 in the firepower index.
Their relationship with other nations is developing quite and their military has an influence on politics. They got recent membership in WTO, and are founding members of OPEC.

9. South Korea

South Korea has one of the largest gross national savings and foreign investment reserves in the world. It has a GDP of 1.6 trillion dollars and a GDP per capita income of over 43000 dollars. Technology and cars are the two important exports in South Korea.
The Republic of Korea Armed Forces (ROK Armed forces) manages the powerful military force having the standing armed forces which is one of the highest. Now, they have the First Operations command and the Second Operational Command after modernization.
After it got liberation post World war II, they have been maintaining their relations with the nations well. Also, members of many international organizations like G-20, UN, WTO.

8. Israel

Israel nation has a technically strong economy with pharma, cut-diamonds, technology equipment which are their major exports. Their GDP is over 360 billion dollars with a per capita income of over 37000 dollars.
After its independence in 1948, Israel has strong military power. For the past few years, they have been using high technology equipment in their military.
Post World war II, the UN proposed to divide the area into Arab and Jewish which the Arabs had rejected. But, Jewish had declared themselves independent in 1948. So, they have been influenced by the immigrants of Jewish from all over the world politically as well.

7. Japan

Japan’s economy grew higher mainly after the 2011 natural disasters. They are the largest producers of steel, motor vehicles, and electronic equipment. They have a GDP of 5 trillion dollars and over 44000 dollars per capita.
After getting defeated in World War II, Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) has started and in recent years’ JSDF is doing the work in the operations of the peace under the United Nations.
Their relationships with North Korea are not good at times and they maintain good relationships politically all over the nations. Also, member of several international organizations including the UN, World Bank.

6. France

The France Economy is showing little enthusiasm for the past 5 years. Its economy has the involvement of both the Government and private sectors. France has a GDP of 2.8 trillion dollars and over 45000 GDP per capita.
Since 2018, their expenditure on military power has increased by spending 5% and also getting modernized with fully latest technological weapons. Also, they have been putting their focus on cyber defense since the year 2018.
The influence of France has been on the globe in the past and at present also. They are the founding members of the UN and had permanent membership at the Security Council.

5. United Kingdom

The UK Economy has been getting better over the past decade. It has a GDP of 2.8 trillion dollars and nearly 45000 dollars as per capita income. Their economy mainly depends on exports and imports which equals above 60% of their GDP.
From the year 1707, the UK’s military power is evolving as the greatest powers. They are modernized with every possible latest equipment. Making agreements with other nations to uplift the strength after the modernization of their power.
As the UK is a highly developed nation, its global political influence comes from the British Empire. Now, at the global stage, they may arise several questions as they are getting withdrawal from the European Union.

4. Germany

Since unification, the German economy has been growing steadily with a GDP of 4 trillion dollars and GDP per capita income is around 52000 dollars. Germany adopted a social market economy which is open-market capitalism.
The German military is ranked as 13th among the world in the Global Firepower index that shows Germany has military power. It has a very strong military international alliances.
Politically, Germany can show the impact on Europe as it is considered as powerful in those European nations. Also, they are members of major international organizations like UN, EN, G-20, NATO.

3. China

As the most populous country in the world, China is economically powerful with 13.6 trillion dollars of its GDP and around 18000 dollars as their GDP per capita. China had moved quickly to the trillion-dollar economy in the last few years.
As China is getting it’s military modernized, raising its potential military superpower at the global power projection capabilities. Also, they are spending their economy on the military power that is next higher to the US.
Since 1971, China has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Also, the member of several regional and international organizations like WTO. For two decades, getting impactful at the political level at international places.

2. Russia

Russia’s economy is now 1.7 trillion dollars and GDP per capita is 28000 dollars which makes them economically powerful.
After making the various reforms in 2008, the Russian military has become the most powerful military in Europe.
Russia is one of the important raw suppliers which gives importance to Western Europe politically and also exerts pressure on the European countries. Also, Europe grants the power to Russia which can make an impact politically as the European Union is 12 times larger than Russia.

1. United States

The United States has the world’s largest economy with a GDP of around 20.5 trillion dollars which is the highest in the world. GDP per capita is around 62000 dollars.
The US military has the highest military budget with the world’s most powerful military. The recent statistics show that it has a strong military power of over 96%.
The reason why the US shows an impact on the political is they maintain good relations well with all the nations in the world.

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