52 Most Useless Inventions

The world is full of useless inventions. From the DVD rewinder to the pet rock, countless gadgets serve no practical purpose.
But while these inventions may be useless, they can also be quite funny.
For example, there is the “Talking Toilet Seat” that plays music or tells jokes while using the toilet.
Or the “Selfie Drone” that follows you around and takes selfies of you.
And then some inventions are so impractical that you wonder who would actually use them.
Like the “Banana Slicer” that slices bananas into precise circles, or the “Spork” that combines spoon and fork features.
Whether you find them funny, strange, or just plain useless, these inventions remind us that not all ideas are created equal.
But even if they don’t serve any practical purpose, they can still bring a smile to our faces.
Some of these inventions are so bizarre that you won’t believe they actually exist.
Below is the list of most useless and hilarious inventions ever created:

Portable Standing Chin Rest

The portable standing chin rest is a peculiar invention that aims to provide a comfortable spot for resting your chin while standing.
It is a small accessory that you can carry with you and attach to your chin whenever you feel the need for a brief respite.
Although it may seem like a rather bizarre idea, the portable standing chin rest gained attention for its unique approach to providing support.

Control-Alt-Delete Wand

The control-alt-delete wand takes the popular computer key combination and turns it into a wand-shaped gadget.
With a flick of the wand, you can mimic the famous key combination and perform a reset or access task manager.
While it may not possess any actual magic powers, this quirky invention adds a touch of whimsy to the mundane process of restarting the computer.

Baby Mop

The baby mop is an invention that combines the crawling adventures of infants with floor cleaning.
It features a onesie equipped with mop-like extensions, allowing babies to unknowingly clean the floor as they crawl around.
While the concept may raise some eyebrows, proponents argue that it promotes physical activity for both babies and parents while maintaining a clean home.

Solar-Powered Flashlight

The solar-powered flashlight, as the name suggests, utilizes solar energy to power its light source.
While it may seem counterintuitive to rely on the sun’s energy to illuminate the dark, this invention emphasizes the importance of renewable energy sources.
Although its practicality may be questionable, the solar-powered flashlight serves as a lighthearted reminder of our environmental responsibilities.

Walking Sleeping Bag

The walking sleeping bag aims to provide a convenient solution for those who wish to move around while enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag.
By incorporating leg sleeves and zippers, this invention allows individuals to walk, or rather shuffle, without needing to exit the cozy confines of their sleeping bag. It is an amusing and unique take on portable comfort.


The butter stick takes the ordinary butter dish to a whole new level of convenience.
Shaped like a traditional glue stick, this invention allows you to spread butter directly onto your toast or bread without the need for a knife.
While it may not revolutionize the culinary world, the butter stick offers a playful twist to your morning routine.

Shoe Umbrellas

Shoe umbrellas are tiny canopies that attach to your shoes, offering protection from rain and puddles. Designed to keep your feet dry and stylish, these miniature umbrellas are an interesting addition to wet-weather fashion. While their effectiveness may vary, they undoubtedly bring a sense of whimsy to otherwise dreary days.

Avocado Saver

An avocado saver is a gadget designed to preserve the freshness of cut avocados. With its unique design, it tightly seals the exposed portion of the avocado, preventing oxidation and keeping your guacamole or avocado slices fresh for longer. While it may seem like a niche invention, avocado enthusiasts appreciate the dedication to preserving their favorite fruit.

Breast Cushion

The breast cushion is an invention aimed at providing comfort and support to nursing mothers. It is a cushioning device that helps alleviate the strain on the breast while breastfeeding, ensuring a more comfortable experience for both mother and baby. Although it may elicit a few chuckles, the breast cushion serves a practical purpose in enhancing the breastfeeding journey.

Fish Training Kit

The fish training kit is an amusing invention that encourages fish owners to interact with their aquatic pets in a unique way. With the help of training tools and treats, you can teach your fish to perform various tricks, such as swimming through hoops or pushing objects. While fish may not possess the same level of intelligence as dogs or cats, this kit adds an element of entertainment to aquariums.

USB Pet Rock

The USB pet rock is a quirky twist on the popular pet rock craze from decades ago. This updated version of the pet rock comes with a USB connection, allowing you to plug it into your computer and enjoy simulated interactions with your virtual pet rock. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era, offering a lighthearted virtual companion.

Motorized Ice-Cream Cone

The motorized ice cream cone is an invention that aims to make eating ice cream a more convenient and less messy experience. With a small motorized attachment, the ice cream cone rotates on its own, allowing you to enjoy your frozen treat hands-free. While it may seem unnecessary, it appeals to those who wish to savor their ice cream without worrying about drips and spills.

Screen Privacy Hat

The screen privacy hat is a curious invention that combines fashion and privacy. Designed with a broad brim, this hat shields your face and eyes from prying eyes and unwanted glances at your digital devices. While its effectiveness may be debatable, the screen privacy hat offers a lighthearted solution to privacy concerns in the age of technology.

Car Desk

The car desk is an invention that caters to individuals who find themselves needing a workspace while on the road. It is a foldable desk that attaches to the steering wheel, providing a surface for writing, typing, or organizing documents. Although it may raise some safety concerns, the car desk offers a practical solution for those who need to be productive while commuting.

DVD Rewinder

The DVD rewinder is a comical invention that parodies the days of VHS tapes. Shaped like a traditional VHS rewinder, this gadget humorously aims to rewind your DVDs, even though DVDs do not require rewinding. While its functionality is non-existent, the DVD rewinder serves as a nostalgic reminder of outdated technology.

One handed zipper

One-handed zippers, such as the Magzip and Under Armour’s magnetic zipper, are designed to make zipping and unzipping easier for people who have difficulty using both hands.

Tea Nespresso Capsules

The tea Nespresso capsules bring the world of convenience to the realm of tea brewing. Designed similarly to coffee pods, these capsules promise to deliver a perfectly brewed cup of tea with minimal effort. However, tea enthusiasts argue that the ritual and complexity of tea should not be replaced by such convenience-driven innovations.


PuppyThumbs is an invention that aims to improve the dexterity of dogs’ front paws. These small, thumb-like attachments fit over the dewclaws of dogs, enabling them to grip objects and perform more intricate tasks. While it may seem like an odd concept, PuppyThumbs opens up new possibilities for dogs to engage in interactive play and potentially assist in various activities.

The Finglonger

The Finglonger is a humorous invention inspired by the animated series “Futurama.” Shaped like an elongated finger, this gadget claims to extend the reach of your finger, enabling you to interact with objects that are just out of grasp. While its practicality may be questionable, the Finglonger appeals to fans of the show and those who appreciate playful novelties.

Solar-Powered Cigarette Lighter

The solar-powered cigarette lighter takes an environmentally friendly approach to an otherwise harmful habit. This invention harnesses solar energy to generate the heat needed for lighting cigarettes. While it may seem contradictory to promote sustainability in the context of smoking, the solar-powered cigarette lighter serves as a reminder of the importance of considering renewable alternatives.

Two-Person Sweatshirt

The two-person sweatshirt is a garment designed for sharing warmth and coziness with a friend or loved one. It features a large, oversized sweatshirt with multiple armholes, allowing two people to comfortably wear it together. While it may look unusual, the two-person sweatshirt provides a lighthearted way to bond and stay warm during chilly days.

The Perfect Eyedrop

The Perfect Eyedrop is an inventive solution to the sometimes challenging task of applying eye drops. This gadget aims to improve accuracy and minimize waste by incorporating a precision dispenser that delivers the perfect amount of liquid to the eye. While it may seem unnecessary for some, those who struggle with traditional eyedroppers appreciate the convenience and ease of use.

Noodle Fan

The noodle fan is a peculiar invention that combines the joy of eating noodles with the comfort of a personal fan. It features a small fan attached to a pair of chopsticks, providing a refreshing breeze as you enjoy your favorite noodle dish. While it may be seen as unnecessary, the noodle fan adds a touch of whimsy to mealtime and offers a respite from the steamy noodles.

Subway Sleep Guard

The subway sleep guard is an invention that aims to provide a more comfortable and secure napping experience while traveling on public transportation. It is a small, foldable device that attaches to subway poles or handles, creating a supportive structure for resting your head. While it may seem unconventional, the subway sleep guard offers weary commuters a chance to catch some Zs during their daily journeys.

Men Bra

The men’s bra challenges traditional notions of undergarments by offering a supportive and shaping garment specifically designed for men. It aims to provide comfort, support, and a streamlined silhouette. While the concept may be met with mixed reactions, the men’s bra represents the evolving fashion industry and the breaking of gender stereotypes.

Air-Conditioned Shoes

Air-conditioned shoes offer a unique solution for hot summer days. These footwear innovations incorporate small built-in cooling systems that circulate air around the foot, providing a refreshing and cooling effect. While they may not be practical for all occasions, air-conditioned shoes offer a playful twist to footwear technology.

Fork Alarm

The fork alarm is an inventive device that aims to discourage mindless eating habits. It features a built-in alarm that sounds if you take too many bites within a certain time frame, reminding you to eat more mindfully. While it may seem like an extreme approach, the fork alarm serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and savor each bite.

Plow Gun

A plow gun is a unique tool that merges the functionality of a snow plow and a gun-like apparatus. It allows users to clear snow from their driveways and pathways by shooting it away with compressed air. While it may not be the most efficient or practical solution, the plow gun adds a touch of creativity to winter chores.

Pizza Fork

The pizza fork is an invention designed to enhance the pizza-eating experience. It features a fork with a rotating wheel attachment, allowing you to cut and lift a perfect bite-sized portion of pizza. While it may be seen as unnecessary, the pizza fork appeals to pizza lovers who appreciate the precision and want to enjoy their slices with ease.

Touch Screen Fingers

Touchscreen fingers are small attachments designed to enable touchscreen functionality on gloves. These conductive tips allow you to operate your touchscreen devices without removing your gloves, providing convenience during cold weather. While it may seem like a simple solution, touch screen fingers offer a practical way to stay connected without compromising comfort.

Toilet Golf

Toilet golf is a quirky invention that turns bathroom breaks into mini-golf sessions. It comes with a small putting green mat, a putter, and a hole that fits around the base of the toilet. While it may be considered unconventional, toilet golf provides a lighthearted form of entertainment for those seeking a playful distraction during their time on the throne.


Clamato is a unique drink made from a combination of clam juice and tomato juice. It offers a savory and slightly briny flavor profile that may not appeal to everyone. While its taste may be an acquired one, Clamato has gained a dedicated following and serves as a key ingredient in popular cocktails such as the Bloody Caesar.

The Talking Toilet Seat

The talking toilet seat adds a touch of humor and surprise to the restroom experience. Equipped with motion sensors, it provides playful greetings, funny remarks, or even snippets of trivia when someone sits on it. While it may not be essential, the talking toilet seat adds a whimsical element to an otherwise mundane daily routine.

The Shake Weight


The Shake Weight gained attention for its unique design and claimed benefits for toning and strengthening the arms. It features a weighted handle that generates resistance as you shake it vigorously. While its effectiveness may be debated, the Shake Weight exemplifies the range of fitness gadgets available in the market and the creative approaches to exercise.

The Snuggie

The Snuggie became a cultural phenomenon as a blanket with sleeves, offering warmth and comfort while allowing freedom of movement. It gained popularity for its practicality and versatility, making it suitable for various activities while keeping you cozy. While its simplicity may seem amusing, the Snuggie has become a staple in many households.

The Pet Rock

The Pet Rock became a fad in the 1970s, showcasing the novelty of owning a rock as a pet. While it may seem utterly useless, Pet Rock represents a whimsical trend that captivated the public’s imagination and humor. It serves as a reminder of the power of simplicity and the capacity for humans to find joy in the simplest of things.

Broom and dustpan slippers

Broom and dustpan slippers are a type of cleaning tool that can be worn on the feet. They are designed to make cleaning floors easier and more convenient. The slippers are made of microfiber material that attracts dust and dirt, allowing users to clean as they walk around the house

Avocado on a Stick

Avocado on a Stick is a portable snack that combines the creamy goodness of avocado with the convenience of being served on a stick. It allows you to enjoy avocado slices without the need for a plate or utensils, making it an on-the-go option for avocado lovers. While it may appear peculiar, Avocado on a Stick offers a unique and mess-free way to indulge in this beloved fruit.

Coffee Table Jigsaw Puzzle

The coffee table jigsaw puzzle brings together two popular pastimes: coffee table books and puzzles. It features a jigsaw puzzle integrated into the surface of a coffee table, allowing you to enjoy the challenge and relaxation of puzzle-solving while also serving as a functional piece of furniture. While it may be unconventional, the coffee table jigsaw puzzle adds a creative and interactive element to your living space.

Telephone Booth Humidifier

The telephone booth humidifier combines nostalgia with functionality. Shaped like a traditional telephone booth, this small device humidifies the air in your surroundings, adding moisture to combat dryness. While it may seem like a quirky choice, the telephone booth humidifier adds a vintage touch to modern humidification technology.

The Baby Cage


In the 1920s and 30s, some parents in urban areas thought it was a good idea to put their babies in cages outside their windows to get fresh air. Needless to say, this is not a safe or practical invention.

Toaster Strudel

Toaster Strudel is a pre-packaged breakfast pastry that gained popularity for its convenience and deliciousness. It consists of a flaky pastry filled with sweet fillings such as fruit or cream cheese, accompanied by a separate packet of icing for customization. While it may not be groundbreaking, Toaster Strudel offers a quick and tasty breakfast option for busy mornings.


The spork is a utensil that combines the functions of a spoon and a fork into one handy tool. It features a spoon-like shape with tines on one end, allowing you to scoop, stab, and eat various types of food with a single utensil. While its simplicity may be amusing, the spork serves as a practical solution for those seeking efficiency during meals or on-the-go dining.

Banana Slicer

A banana slicer is a kitchen gadget designed specifically for slicing bananas into even, uniform pieces. It consists of a curved frame with evenly spaced slots, allowing you to place a banana inside and press down, resulting in perfectly sliced sections. While slicing bananas manually is relatively easy, the banana slicer offers a fun and efficient approach to this task.

The Pizza Bagel

The pizza bagel combines the flavors of pizza and bagels, offering a unique culinary creation. It features a bagel topped with pizza sauce, cheese, and various toppings, baked until golden and melty. While it may not be considered gourmet cuisine, the pizza bagel caters to those who enjoy the combination of these beloved comfort foods.

The Selfie Drone

The selfie drone takes self-portraits to new heights by offering an aerial perspective for capturing photos and videos. Controlled through a smartphone app, this compact drone allows you to snap pictures or record footage from unique angles. While it may seem extravagant, the selfie drone adds excitement and creativity to capturing personal memories.

The Slap Chop

The Slap Chop is a manual kitchen tool that simplifies the process of chopping vegetables and other ingredients. It features a mechanism where you place the food on a cutting board, and with a swift downward motion, the blades chop the ingredients. While its commercial gained attention for its catchy jingle, the Slap Chop offers a straightforward solution for quick and hassle-free food preparation.

Swiss Knife Gardening Tool

The Swiss knife gardening tool combines multiple gardens implements into one compact device. It features various attachments such as pruning shears, trowels, weeders, and more, providing a versatile solution for gardening enthusiasts. While it may not replace specialized tools, the Swiss knife gardening tool offers convenience and efficiency for smaller gardening tasks.

Wearable TV Screen

The wearable TV screen allows you to bring your entertainment wherever you go. It is a wearable device that features a small screen positioned in front of your eyes, providing a personal viewing experience. While it may not be suitable for extended periods, the wearable TV screen offers a novel way to enjoy media while remaining mobile.

Toilet Cap washbasin

A Toilet Cap handwash basin is a type of sink that attaches to the top of a toilet, replacing the toilet lid. It allows users to wash their hands using fresh water that fills the toilet tank, which then becomes grey water for the next flush, saving water.

Wipers on Glasses

Wipers on glasses are small attachments or built-in features that allow you to wipe away raindrops or fog from your eyewear. They ensure clear vision even in challenging weather conditions. While it may seem unusual, wipers on glasses offer a practical solution for those who rely on glasses or sunglasses and frequently face issues with visibility.

Diet Water

Diet water is a satirical concept that pokes fun at the diet industry’s tendency to label products with unnecessary and exaggerated claims. While water is already a zero-calorie beverage, diet water adds a humorous touch by emphasizing its lack of calories, sugar, and fat. It serves as a reminder to approach health and wellness with a critical eye and a sense of humor.

The world is full of useless and funny inventions. From the DVD rewinder to the pet rock, countless gadgets serve no practical purpose.
But while these inventions may be useless, they can also be quite funny.
And in a world that can sometimes be serious, a little bit of humor is always welcome.
So next time you’re feeling down, remember that there are people out there who have invented things like the “Pizza Bagel” and the “Glove Spoon.”
And that makes you feel a little bit better about yourself, doesn’t it?

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