Top 10 Oldest Churches in the World

10. St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is the biggest Church in Vatican City. Saint Peter, who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, built the Church.
Peter was the first Bishop in Christianity.
The Church was the most remarkable architectural structure at that time in which many well-known artists worked.
Areawise, This is the biggest Church in the world spread across 5.7 acres, which holds around 60,000 people.
The Church has many treasures, The Egyptian obelisk, The fountains of Madena and Bernini, Two statues of St. Paul, the holy door, the Statue of St. Peter, Sculpted decoration, etc.

9. Church of Saint Peter

Based in Antakya, Turkey, this church was carved in the mountains, on mount stairs.
The pieces of mosaics and frescos are a vital sign that this church was constructed in the 4th or 5th centuries.
First Crusade 1098, Pope Pius IX, Capuchin friars in 1863, French ruler Napoleon III all were contributed to the restoration of this church.
The church is carved in the mountain with a depth of 13 meters length, 5 meters height, and 7 meters width.
The First Pope spread the message of Jesus Christ from this church.
And that was the first time when the name Christian gave to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

8. Stavrovouni Monastery

The church is constructed at the top of Troodos mountains, where we feel the piece of holy Cross. It is the oldest monastery on the island been built around the Byzantine period from the 4th century. This monastery monks were associated with the wording of spirits and curing any illness. The monastery was under renovation. And nurtured a treasury, includes frescoes and Icons. 

7. Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran

Basilica Church Basilica is located in the Diocese, Rome, and was constructed by Vassalleto.
The Basilica’s treasure includes its elegance and simplicity.
Ornated with tomb slabs of the Roman and Christian era found from the excavation.
Its elegance is defined in the center garden. With 36 per side makes it the biggest cloister in Rome.
The holy stairs have 28 steps and at the top of the window, protected by thick glass, which allows you to watch inside the holy of holies.

6. Etchmiadzin Cathedral

The church was constructed in the city of Vagharshapat (Etchmiadzin). It was recorded that this was the first church built in Armenia.
The construction of this church began in 303 and was built by Grigor Lusavarich in 239-330.
Illustrator states that Jesus Christ appeared and showed the exact point to construct the Cathedral.
The height of the Cathedral is 20 meters and has 33 meters long with 30-meter width.
Every century’s renovation modified the Cathedral’s structure with a mix of Armenian architecture and artistic style.

5. Cathedral of Saint Domnius

The location of this Domnius Church is based in the split, Croatia, and was constructed in the 7th century.
Roman ruler Mausoleum built this Church.
The Belltower and Church together called Cathedral St. Domnius.
Today, this Church stands on its original structure, without any renovation.
Built for the emperor in the 4the century with limestone and marble.
The first floor of the building contains a cathedral treasury like sacral artwork of the Romanesque and painting of the 13thcentury.
The treasury also includes objects and books.
This was constructed in Remarque’s style. There are all the way stairs to climb to the top of the bell.
From the top of the bell, you can see the split’s view and the surrounding of the Island.

4. Santi Cosma e Damiano

Santi Cosma e Damiano is a Church based in Brescia, Lombardy, and was constructed by the ruler Vespasian.
It was first a Roman temple then became a Church, constructed early In the tenth century.
The Church contains dominants of early Christians that reinstate in the mosaics and has a history of medicine because of two brothers, Cosmas and Damian.

3. Aqaba

Aqaba is a historic Church of the 3rd century based in Aqaba, Jordan, and excavated by the archaeologist in 1998.
Archaeologists discovered that this church has a unique architectural style.
The data found in the excavation site suggests that the church was built in the late 3rd century or the beginning of the 4th century.
The first phase was derelict in 293-303 while they built the second phase from 303 to 313.
The church’s discovery was found in basilica form, eastward orientation, glass lamps, a box of coins, and a bronze cross, which shows that all these things belong to Christians at the time.
The building was built with bricks on the stone foundation and had significant 3 aisled basilicas, which measured 85 feet by 53 feet.

2. Megiddo Church (Israel)

Megiddo Church is located in Jerusalem, Israel.
Dan Gayman was the founder of the Church. The excavation of this site states the artifacts found here are at least 1500 years old.
The place is known as “Glorious martyr” by the things found in the excavation.
There are also inscriptions that the Byzantine ruler, Tiberius II, helped in the Church’s construction.
In the excavation of this site, archaeologists found many colorful frescoes. Their wall was painted with several mosaics showing birds, fruits, and plants.
The building was elaborating designed with marble and calcite flowstone baptismal.
Archaeologists found the Floor mosaic with an eagle, which is the symbol of the Byzantine empire.

1. Dura Europos Church

Dura Europos is one of the former churches, was known as a Christian house church, and is based in Dura Europos, Syria.
The French and American archaeologists excavated Dura Europos in 1920 and 1930. They discovered that it was the house that converted for worship in between 233 to 256.
The current status of the Church’s structure is unknown after the ISIS took control over Dura Europos.
Fortunately, the Yale University art gallery preserved all the paintings found in the excavation site.
Various evidence like pictures of The Good shepherd, healing of the paralytic, Christ, and Peter walking on water paintings represent the earliest pictures of Jesus.
The Dura Europos Church is also famous for the paintings of a Samaritan woman by the well, Adam and Eve, and David and Goliath.

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