Top 10 Strongest Militaries in the World

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10. Turkish Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Turkey are the standing second-largest military force in NATO, after the U.S. Armed Forces, with militaries, civilian and paramilitary personnel. In 1952, after becoming a member of NATO, they have initiated a modernization for its armed forces, and in the late 1980s; the modernization process was initiated for the second time with the latest equipment and techniques. In 1998, Turkey had started a modernization program worth US$160 billion for 20 years including various tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, submarines, warships, and assault rifles. It is a contributor to the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program in Level 3. Turkey produces new-generation military equipment and to become self-sufficient in terms of military technologies.

9. Italian Armed Forces

Four branches exist in the Italian Armed Forces. Apart from the Navy, Army, and Air force, there is a 4th branch namely Carabinieri which involves missions and combat force operations abroad. Not being the part of armed forces, the part of the military named Guardia di Finanza that operates a large fleet of ships, aircraft, and helicopters. Guardia di Finanza also can operate at warfare scenarios with its latest highly technical weapons. After the Second World War, they are more engaged in international peace support operations under the United Nations by currently participating in the various 26 missions.

8. British Armed Forces

Since the formation of the Armed Forces for Great Britain in the year 1707, evolving as the world’s greatest powers includes many wars in history. The UK is also the permanent member of the UN Security Council. The UK Armed Forces include various reserves namely Volunteer Reserves, Regular Reserve, Sponsored Reserves, and also standing forces. British Armed forces consist of Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and a blue water navy with 77 commissioned ships. For the modernization of the Armed forces, the UK has been spending a lot of money, manpower, latest techniques in every possible way. Also for the modernization of armed forces, making agreements with other nations to uplift their strength in every possible way.

7. French Armed Forces

France has the largest armed forces in size in Europe and is also considered as the most capable armed forces in Europe. They have been putting the main focus on cyber defense since the year 2018. The army had modern and fully latest technological weapons in the form of the Chassepot also they had many advanced machines like Lebel and Berthier rifles, Fusil MAS36 CR39, Armement Air-Sol Modulaire (AASM) HAMMER, and many more. Increased expenditure on defense by spending 5% from 2018. Also, the French Armed forces are considered as the sixth most powerful military in the world stated by Credit Suisse.

6. Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Korean Armed forces also known as the Republic of Korea Armed Forces (ROK Armed forces). South Korea manages a large and powerful military force having one of the largest standing armed forces in the world. Previously ROK Army organized into three i.e., the First Army (FROKA), Second Operational Command, and Third Army (TROKA). Under modernization, the 1st and 3rd Armies are incorporated into the First Operations Command and the Second ROK Army has converted into the Second Operational Command. It has one of the highest defense budgets in the world, by ranking 10th globally and ranking as the 6th most powerful military force on the planet in 2020.

5. Japan Self-Defense Forces

Japan was deprived of any of the military capabilities after got defeated in World War II by the Allies. Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) has the 5th largest military budget in the world. In recent years’ JSDF has engaged in peacekeeping operations under the United Nations. With the ongoing threats from other ones, Japan is expanding and modernizing its fighting capabilities actively. Japan has a pool of research expertise in the range of ‘dual-use’ technologies, including various electronics, rockets, sensors, aeronautics, artificial intelligence, man fewer systems, and robotics, which have clear military applications. They have ranked as the fifth-most powerful military force in the world.

4. Indian Armed Forces

Indian Armed Forces have the second-largest military force in the world and also have the world’s largest volunteer army with the third-largest defense budget in the world. Despite having Army, Airforce, and navy, the Indian Armed Forces are also supported by Coast Guards, paramilitary organizations, and also the various institutions and inter-service commands. They have engaged in major operations or missions which was been held till now. The Indian armed forces are steadily undergoing modernization by investing in areas like futuristic soldier systems and also in the missile defense systems. Under the modernization, recently India got its 1st Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to oversee the three Army, Airforce, and Navy.

3. People's Liberation Army

Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) is the Peoples Republic of China’s army which is the largest military force in the world and having the 2nd largest defense budget in the world. PLA consists of 5 branches namely the Navy, Air Force, Ground Force, Rocket Force, and the Strategic Support Force. As China is getting modernizing the military, PLA called a potential military superpower by rising global power projection capabilities having significant regional power. China under modernization developing new technology types of equipment like high-powered lasers, high-powered microwave weapons, kinetic-energy weapons, etc…By increasing the concentration on cyber and space warfares. Also, PLA is considered as having the world’s 3rd most military power.

2. Russian Armed Forces

The armed forces of the Russian Federation or Russian Armed Forces are the most powerful military in Europe and 2nd most powerful military in the world. Russian Armed Forces consist of Ground forces, Navy, and the Aerospace forces as the major operating branches. Additional to the branches also have troop branches, Special Forces as well which supports the main branches. The Armed Forces have reformed in the year 2008, the major reforms are reducing the number of officers, centralizing officers training centers, reorganizing the reserves and air forces, reorganizing the army into a brigade system. To make the defense modernized despite the sanctions and weakened currency, Russian’s local industry has been instrumental.

1. United States Armed Forces

The United States Armed Forces are the world’s most powerful military also having the highest military budget in the world. Also has the largest US Air Force, US Navy by Tonnage in the world. Both the US Navy and Marine Corps forms as the 2nd largest air arm in the world. US Armed Forces consist of Army, Navy, Air force, Space Force, Marine Corps, and also the Coast Guards. Although having a major defense competition from Russia and China, the US also the most to spend to modernize the defense types of equipment and also to evolve. The U.S. Armed Forces have significant capabilities in defense and power projection which results in advanced and powerful technologies enabled.

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