Top 10 Strongest Kids in the World

For a wider range of reasons, physical exercise in children is important.
It contributes to reducing weight and possibilities of obesity while improving muscle and bone strength.
But some people take it to extremes,
These mini superhumans are definitely anything but average from being able to use thousands of push-ups to pulling a car!
Some wannabe superstrong children literally can’t wait till 18 or it might be their ambitious parents.
The kids may look humble, but they possess tremendous power and respect within their community.
You will be surprised by the strength of these young people, many of whom aren’t even in high school.
It could be their insane strength training or a genetic mutation, there is no denying that these kids are stronger than any other average human.
Here are the top 10 strongest kids in the world:

10. Maryana Naumova

Maryana Naumova is a Russian powerlifter known for her age group with more than a dozen records.
In 2015 she recorded bench pressing 331 pounds (150 kg) in the Arnold Classic.
She was born in Staraya, Russia to Olga Ivanova and to Alexander Naumov.
Maryana started lifting heavy weights at the age of 10 and quickly gained popularity while getting sponsorship deals from MHP.
Also, She quickly became the first woman under the age of 18 to compete professionally weightlifting.

9. Jake Schellenschlager

Jake Schellenschlager is a competing bodybuilder and powerlifter with an of just 14 years old.
He trains seven days a week and participates in numerous competitions throughout the year.
He’s a natural competitor (doesn’t use steroids) and is strong enough to lift up twice his own body weight, which is really impressive considering his age.
Jake started training since he was 12.
His love to train started by watching his father work out (which impressed him) and told his dad that he wanted to be the strongest kid in the world.
After spending the last two and a half years of training, he set world records for his weight class – under 123 pounds.

8. Naomi Kutin

Naomi Chaya Kutin is a powerlifter who began her career at the age of 8 and has set numerous records for her sports in several weight classes.
Kutin, a 16-year-old with a bodyweight of only 132 pounds, has lifted weights thrice her bodyweight.
She has squatted 325 lbs and deadlifted around 365 lbs.
Her warm-ups include a high volume of heavy metal and a series of grunts that psyche the teenager who is normally reserved.
Kutin has gathered a cult following and is named by her peers as “The Super Girl.”
She squatted 215 lbs when she was 10 which, at the time was more than twice her body weight.
After a few years, she easily squats 250 lbs+ which sets her apart from others.

7. Yang Jinlong

Yang Jinlong, a seven-year-old from Anhui Province in China, defies China’s traditional logic and expectations at the very bottom of the global BMI (body mass index) list.
He weighs about 110 pounds, approximately 3 times a 7-year-old’s average weight.
But big strength comes with the price of big weight and this child clearly needs no motivation or encouragement to clear his vegetable plate.
The kid is so powerful that he can alone push cars, carry his father, and lift large heavy grain bags and rest them on his shoulders.
The miniature strongman is now a web fame star in China with his complete cheeks and a large smile, as people flock to see what he’ll pick up next.
Yang Jinlong is showing no sign of stopping and currently weighs over 50kg.
When asked how he produced such power, grinning Yang replied “Because I’m fat!”.
We know two things now with this statement. Yang is strong and honest.

6. Varya Akulova

Varvara Yurievna Akulova was born into a group of circus performers Yuriy Akulov and Larisa Akulova on 10 January 1992 at the Ukrainian mining town of Kryvyi Rih.
When Varya was 10 years young, she managed to work in a circus with her mother and dad.
The name Varya Akulova doesn’t mean a lot to you, but she is known in Ukraine as the strongest girl in the world.
At the mere age of 8, she was able to lift the weight and pull stunts straight out of a sci-fi fantasy movie.
Varya Akulova was able to lift a total weight of 350 kg while her own weight was just 40 kg.
At three years of age, the Ukrainian girl first lifted a 100 kg barbell. Varya Akulova is now 21, has become a pretty lady, and still holds weightlifting records.
The family is now living in Kyiv and her next target is the Olympic Golden Medal and the Strongest Woman’s World Title.

5. Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe is a body-builder and Romanian gymnast.
When he was 2 Giuliano began to work in the gym together with his dad.
In the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009, it was written.
With a weighted ball among his legs, Giuliano has set a record For the fastest 33-foot hand walk.
This stunt was done by the tiny Bodybuilder on an Italian TV show before a live audience and woken up literally the following morning.
A year later, for 90-degree push-ups (an exercise when the legs do not touch the ground) Stroe set the world record.
Now 14 years old, the young athlete lives with his family in Italy.
Giuliano and Claudio now concentrate on boxing, participating in different competitions.

4. Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra is born in 2005 and currently lives in Roosevelt Park, Michigan with his parents Dana & Neil Hoekstra.
Liam’s greatest miracle was the part that a biological mother gave up to accept, who worried about the various medical conditions suffered by the baby.
However, Dana and Neil Hoekstra have been his foster guardians since and have chosen to take him as their own son.
Liam’s first super-strength display was when he was 5 months old when bent an iron bar.
While other children struggled with chin-ups, for Liam, it was as easy as knocking at a door.
He took his torso even further over the bar and held it for minutes, much for the surprise of his schoolmates, who must have thought he would take a different breakfast cereal brand every morning!
A rare genetic myostatin disease called muscle hypertrophy was diagnosed after several inspections and tests.
You might ask whats this awesome syndrome?
Myostatin deficiency is is a condition in which the body quickly builds its muscle and inhibits body fat. 
And in fact possibly to envy all of you gym fanatics, young Liam can eat more ice cream and KFC chicken wings without worrying about looking chubby and has 40 percent body muscle and low fat.
The child is superior to other boys of his age and is wired to excel in any muscular activity in which he can be placed.
Liam Hoekstra literally has enough power to lift relatively heavy dumbbells comfortably without heavy breathing or easily lift furniture around the house.
His skeletal structure, muscle mass, can grow rapidly fast without heart complications.
If he wished, young Liam would sit on the couch all day long with potato chips and his body will always get ripped naturally while watching his favorite Nickelodeon series. 
It’s so cool!

What is he up to now?
He has fun playing hockey for the Squirt B team of the Muskegon Chiefs, and he is, of course, he is a kid, after all. 
If you want to stay up to date with Liam and see what he is doing right now, check his Facebook page.

3. CJ Senter

You might better know him as “the Workout Kid”
This 10-year-old quite a phenomenon blew away everyone with his workout abilities.
CJ center educates and motivates others to be healthy his own DVDs workout programs motivation other kids to have a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthily.
He loves working hard and training, but does not advocate any sort of weight training because he knows that children shouldn’t have any strength exercises. His secret is to just exercise with the body and eat healthy foods, and many!
Now 17 years old, he started his fitness company at the age of 10, created his own special fitness guide and DVD sets designed for children!

2. Andrey Kostash

This Ukrainian little is an absolute machine. Have you noticed how many of the most powerful children in the world come from countries such as Russia and Ukraine? It certainly is not just a coincidence. 
Andrey began training at the age of five because he thinks children soccer and friends are overrated.
According to him,  Exercise develops confidence and strength.  At six Andrey finished 3,000 push-ups in a row (without break).
It lasted 2 hours and 29 minutes and Kostash was not that impressed with himself by that number.
His personal best was closer to 6,000, but the 4,000 pushups of this native Ukrainian were still successful in break a new record.

1. Richard Sandrak

The Ukrainian-born, American Bodybuilder, martial artist and actor, Rickard Sandrak, also known as Little Hercules, is known both as the world’s strongest boy for the muscular physique he made in his early years. 
He had massive muscles when he was eight, perfect six-pack abs, and moved more like a contortionist. 
He gained international popularity not only as a mini bodybuilder but because of his martial arts and appearances on TV and movies.
But for the impressive physique, the young boy paid a price. 
Richard says that he’s been training all his days and he has not been allowed to go out and spend time playing with his friends or simply put, he didn’t have a normal fun childhood.
He was never allowed to eat candies or unhealthy food, was obliged to eat lettuce while he was a kid while his family members used to eat pizza.

Where is he now?

Sandrak was now reported to have stopped bodybuilding after he got bored and after his dad was arrested and went to prison in an interview with the inside edition in 2015 and he is now doing cardiovascular exercises, chin-ups, stair climbing, and riding on his skateboard. Richard still seems to be in reasonable shape but is far from the ripped muscular body he used to have before. Although he has abandoned bodybuilding ever since he has set himself a very different objective: aerospace research.
His current dream is to get a job at NASA

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