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Top 10 Weirdest Fruits

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weirdest fruit in the world

Annoyed by bananas? Apples bore to you? Oranges? Berries?
Looking for one of these not-so-local items in your supermarket shop?
If you’re attempting to taste some exotic fruits, travel around the world, or just search for weird and cool facts.
Here are the top 10 weirdest fruits in the world:

10. Budhha’s hand

strangest fruit

Citrus medica var sarcodactylis, or the fingered citron, is an odd-shaped variant of citron whose fruit is split into finger-like segments, similar to those seen on Buddha depictions.
Citron is usually attributed home to the Far East, possibly northeastern India or China, where most citrus fruits are domesticated.
It has a sweet aroma of citrus blossom and no juice or pulp. The mild-tasting pith(skin) is not bitter, so it is possible to peel the fruit or eat it whole.

9. Markut Lime

weirdest fruits

In Southeast Asia cuisine, its fruit and leaves are used in cuisine, and they use its essential oil in perfumery. Intense citrus fragrance emerges from its rind and crushed leaves.
The leaves are popular in Indonesian, Laotian, Cambodian, and Thai cuisines in Southeast Asia.
Fresh, dried, or frozen leaves are the most often utilized portion of the plant. Thai and Cambodian cuisines make extensive use of the leaves.
In Vietnamese cooking, the leaves of this strangest fruit are used to add flavor to chicken cuisine and to neutralize the harsh smell of steamed snails.
Tropical Southeast Asia and southern China.
It can be described as a combining taste of lemon, lime, and sweet orange.

8. Romanesco broccoli

weirdest fruit names

Romanesco broccoli is the species Brassica oleracea’s green flower bud.
It is chartreuse in color, first recorded in Italy. Romanesco has a remarkable look as its shape is a natural impersonation of fractal art.
Similar to cauliflower, but with a slightly nuttier, earthier flavor.

7. Pandanus

weird looking fruits

The fruit is sometimes known as Hala fruit, looks like pineapple on steroids.
This weirdest fruit comprises hundreds of pieces called keys or cones that are consumed mostly by Pacific Islanders and visitors to the region.
Each cone’s inside is pulpy, and the green outside border is so fibrous that it can be used as dental floss.
The raw fruit is chewed, boiled with shredded coconut, or ground into a paste by islanders.
Malesia, eastern Australia, and the Pacific Islands
It has a sweet pineapplish banana taste when ripe, it produces a foul odor as it ferments, earning it the local nickname “stink nut.”

6. Mangosteen

weirdest fruits in the world

Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian origin plant. Highly appreciated for its juicy, soft texture, mildly sweet and sour taste, the mangosteen has been cultivated in Malaysia, India, Borneo, Sumatra, Mainland Southeast Asia, and the Philippines since ancient times.
Southeast Asia, southwest India and other tropical areas
Its sweetish sour and tangy, juicy, somewhat fibrous.

5. Salak

strangest fruit in the world

Owing to reddish-brown scaly skin, fruit is better known as snake fruit. They’re about the tender fig’s size and shape. The pulp can be eaten. By pinching the peel, the fruit can be sliced, which should remove the skin to slough off so that it can be removed.
Its appeal can make it the strangest fruit in the world, but tastewise, it’s not that strange.
The taste is usually sweet and sour, with a strong bitter flavor, but its apple-like texture can differ from very dry and crisp like guava.

4. Horned Melon

top 10 weirdest fruits

Its fruit has horn-like spines, hence the name “horned melon.” Ripe fruit has orange skin and lime green, jelly-like flesh.
Saharan Africa
The flavor of the oozy green interior is a hybrid between cucumber, zucchini, and kiwifruit (though as it ripens, it tastes more like a banana).

3. Yellow dragon fruit

weirdest fruit ever

The exotic fruit is related to several unique cactus species native to the Americas.
Pitaya generally relates to the Stenocereus genus fruit, whereas pitahaya or dragon fruit relates to the Hylocereus genus fruit, both in the Cactaceae family.
Dragonfruit has little taste. In terms of flavor, the best way I can illustrate it is kind of like kiwi.
Not usually very sweet (such as a kiwi). Tend to be more flavorless it has a consistency similar to apple with kiwi seeds inside it.

2. Cupuaçu

exotic fruits

Cupuaçu, also spelled cupuassu, cupuazú, cupu assu, and copoasu, is a tropical rainforest tree related to cacao.
Common throughout the Amazon basin, it is cultivated in Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru and in the north of Brazil. It’s seriously one of the weirdest fruits ever seen.
South America
It has a unique aroma which is said to be a blend of chocolate and pineapple. Its taste, however, is more like pear with a bit of banana.

1. Star fruit

strangest fruit

Star fruit is perhaps the weird looking fruit in the world.
The fruit has distinctive ridges running down its sides (usually five but can occasionally vary); when cut in cross-section, it resembles a star, hence its name.
The entire fruit is edible and is usually eaten out of hand.
The fruit may also be used in cooking and can be made into relishes, preserves, and juice drinks.
The taste is difficult to match, but it has been compared to a mix of pineapple, apple, guava, grape, and citrus family fruits.
Unripe star fruits are firmer and extremely sour but when eaten with sprinkled salt, it tastes like magic.

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