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Top 10 Most Haunted Dolls in the World

Charley The Haunted Doll

In 1968, Charley was found in the attic of an old Victorian mansion in upstate New York. Charley was imprisoned in a trunk stuffed with 1930s newspapers, and a yellowed piece of paper with the Lord’s Prayer scrawled on it. The figurine was displayed alongside other dolls and toys by the household. On the other hand, Charley seemed to move on its own after a while, swapping positions with the other toys. Charley allegedly spoke to the family’s younger daughter in the middle of the night not long after. The parents disregarded the report and attributed it to their daughter’s active imagination. The small girl and her siblings, on the other hand, were afraid of Charley and refused to approach her. The family decided to put Charley back up in the attic trunk when inexplicable scratches formed on her body. Charley now lives in Beverly, Massachusetts, at Local Artisan, an oddities business just minutes from Salem.

The Voodoo Zombie doll

When purchasing something, especially a haunted doll, one must follow the salesman’s instructions. A Texas woman discovered this the hard way. She purchased a haunted voodoo doll on eBay and, despite the warning, removed it from its casket. The doll attacked her and severely damaged her. She hastily replaced it, but it was ineffective. Her attempts to sell or burn the doll were both unsuccessful. It would sit in the living room late, making strange noises. After a series of attacks, she summoned a priest, who consecrated the doll and sealed it in her basement.

Ruby the Haunted Doll

Ruby was passed down from generation to generation, but her owners were too uneasy about having the doll on display, so she spent decades in attics and basements. She could not only go from room to room by herself, but her touch seemed to cause tremendous melancholy and, in some cases, sickness if she was picked up. According to the previous owners, Ruby still belongs to their ancestor, a small girl who died while holding her favourite doll. Ruby was subsequently presented to the museum, where she was held by hundreds of visitors, each of whom had been overcome by the doll’s misery.


According to popular Japanese legend, in 1918, a youngster called Eikichi Suzuki purchased a big doll for his younger sister, Okiku, from the Hokkaido region. Okiku gave the doll her name after they grew inseparable. In a typical ‘okappa’ hairdo, its hair was raven black and cropped to around shoulder length. Her eyes were like burning coals, consuming everything in their path. The thing was hypnotic and enthralling, and it took your breath away. Okiku passed away a few years later. Her family believed that Okiku’s ghost haunted the doll. The object moved around, and its hair grew, which was even more terrifying. Presently, the doll is kept at a special shrine at Hokkaido’s Mannenji Temple. The temple priests clipped Okiku’s still-growing hair regularly.


Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll, or just Joliet, is a doll that is said to be possessed. It is thought to be quite hazardous. What if you knew your son would die if you had him? That is precisely the case with the owners of Joliet. The doll has been passed down to the owner’s daughter for four generations. Each woman gave birth to two children- A boy and a female. Each boy died three days after birth. Despite the apparent curse, the doll has been cared for and retained in the family. Probably because unique newborn screams have been heard in Joliet. And the doll’s present owner claims to hear four different cries, one for each of the four sons who died.


Doll baby Harold may appear to be a harmless doll, but he is the epitome of evil. Harold has had several owners in the past and is frequently seen on eBay. Someone even made Harold’s website and Facebook page and followed the doll’s every move.’ Strange things will happen to everyone who adopts Harold. He walks about by himself, talks, and his facial expressions vary daily. He gives people severe headaches, migraines, and backaches. Owners are occasionally injured for no apparent reason. Harold has been linked to two unexplained deaths.


Letta’s journey begins in Wagga Wagga, a small town in rural New South Wales, Australia. During the 1970s, a young guy named Kerry Walton chose to explore an abandoned house with his brother in this area. The two men had always been curious about the property, having grown up hearing rumors about it being a haunted mansion. When Kerry’s family first saw the doll, they were understandably nervous, but the bizarre events got them worried. According to legend, the Letta me Out doll would move around independently. Each morning, weird scuff marks, allegedly made by the doll’s shoes, were discovered all around the house. Furthermore, some persons developed an aversion to the doll’s presence, feeling ill, faint, or overpowered with emotion when the doll was there. Animals, particularly dogs, would act strangely around the doll, biting and attacking it.


Mandy, the Haunted Doll, lives in the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia, Canada, on the Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail. She is one of more than thirty thousand artefacts on display for the public, but she is the most unusual. In 1991, Mandy was donated to the museum. Her clothes were filthy, her body was shredded, and her head was cracked at the time. She was reported to be over ninety years old at the time. Mandy is said to possess remarkable abilities. Many people believe the doll has developed these abilities over time, but no one knows for sure because little is known about the doll’s past.
What is known is that she has a unique effect on everyone around her. As soon as Mandy arrived at the museum, staff and volunteers began to have strange and incomprehensible experiences. Lunches would vanish from the fridge and later be discovered stashed away in a drawer; footsteps might be heard when no one was present. The employees chalked off the incidents to being distracted, but it didn’t explain everything. Some visitors claim that the doll’s eyes appear to follow them around the room and have disturbed some tourists. Others claim to have seen the doll blink, while others had observed the doll in one place for several minutes before she moved.


Annabelle is played by far creepier doll in the movie. Annabelle has the same charming face as any Raggedy Ann in real life. Her story, on the other hand, is far from sweet. According to the Warrens, Annabelle was given to a young nursing student named Donna by her mother in 1970. When Donna and her roommate Angie were not at home, the doll would move around the flat. At first, the young women were prepared to put up with a moving doll, but things quickly became more frightening. The doll left letters requesting assistance. She then turned on Angie’s boyfriend. After discovering blood on the doll’s clothes, the young woman consulted a psychic. According to the psychic, the doll was possessed by the ghost of a little girl named Annabelle. The girls called the Warrens, who removed Annabelle from them and placed her in a glass case with a printed caution to the unwary: “Positively Do Not Open.”


Robert Eugene Otto received Robert’s name as a gift from a Bahamian servant. The servant had ties to black magic and voodoo, which played a big role in everything Robert is known for. Eugene would frequently converse with the doll while it was in his possession, and the doll would react. When something unpleasant happened, Eugene would declare Robert was to blame. He even went into hiding from Robert, claiming to be scared of his former closest buddy. Even the family’s neighbours saw strange things, such as Robert moving from window to window on his own. Robert is currently residing in Keywest, Florida, and may be found at the East Martello Museum. However, before snapping his picture or using your phone, you must first obtain his permission. Otherwise, your visit will be less enjoyable.

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