Top 10 Weirdest People in the World

The world is full of strange and fascinating people, who have done or are doing things that most of us would never imagine. Here are some of the weirdest people in the world, based on their unusual behaviors, lifestyles, or abilities.

Sajad Gharibi

Also known as the Iranian Hulk, this bodybuilder weighs over 300 kg and has a chest size of 178 cm. He claims to be able to lift up to 175 kg and wants to join the Iranian military to fight ISIS. He has over 500,000 followers on Instagram, where he posts pictures of his massive physique.

Kim Goodman

She holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest eyeball protrusion, at 12 mm. She discovered her talent when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask and her eyes popped out. She can pop out her eyes on command and says it does not hurt or affect her vision.

Amoo Hadji

He is an Iranian man who has not taken a bath in over 65 years. He lives in a remote village in the desert and smokes animal dung instead of tobacco. He wears a war helmet to protect his head from the sun and eats rotten porcupine meat. He says he chose this lifestyle because he believes cleanliness brings sickness.

Ngoc (Vietnamese man who has not slept in 50 years)

He is a farmer who claims to have insomnia since 1973, when he suffered a fever. He says he has tried sleeping pills and herbal remedies, but nothing works. He still works on his farm every day and does not feel tired or ill. Doctors have examined him and found no abnormalities in his brain or body.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri

He is an Iranian refugee who lived in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for 18 years, from 1988 to 2006. He was stuck there because he had no passport or citizenship and could not enter France or return to Iran. He slept on a bench in the terminal and survived on donations from travelers and airport staff. His story inspired the movie The Terminal starring Tom Hanks.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu

He is a Japanese inventor who has over 4,000 patents, including the floppy disk, the digital watch, and the karaoke machine. He says he gets his best ideas by diving underwater until he is almost out of oxygen, which stimulates his brain. He also takes pictures of every meal he eats and analyzes them for nutritional value. He plans to live until 144 years old.

Timothy Dumouchel

He is an American man who sued a TV company for $5,000 in 2002, claiming that his TV was defective and made him addicted to watching it. He said he watched TV for four days straight without sleeping or eating, and that it caused him marital problems, obesity, and diabetes. He also blamed the TV for making his wife overweight and his kids lazy.

Michel Lotito

He was a French entertainer who had a rare condition called pica, which made him crave non-food items. He ate metal, glass, rubber, plastic, and other materials, and claimed they did not harm him. He ate an estimated nine tons of metal in his lifetime, including a bicycle, a shopping cart, a coffin, and a small airplane. He died of natural causes in 2007 at age 57.

Mitsuo Matayoshi

He was a Japanese politician and self-proclaimed messiah who founded the World Economic Community Party in 1997. He believed that he was God and that he would judge the living and the dead at the end of the world. He ran for various offices in Japan, including prime minister and emperor, but never won any elections. He died in 2018 at age 69.

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

He is an Indian man who has an addiction to eating bricks, mud, and gravel. He consumes up to three kilograms of these materials every day and says he cannot stop himself. He has been doing this for over 20 years and claims it does not affect his health or teeth. Doctors have diagnosed him with pica but have not been able to treat him.

Romario Dos Santos Alves

He is a Brazilian bodybuilder who injected himself with synthol, a substance that artificially inflates muscles. He wanted to look like the Incredible Hulk and achieved huge biceps measuring 63 cm in circumference. However, he also suffered from infections, blood clots, nerve damage, and kidney failure. He nearly had his arms amputated and had to undergo several surgeries to remove the synthol.

Edward Smith car lover

He is an American man who claims to be a mechaphile, someone who is sexually attracted to machines. He says he has had sex with over 1,000 cars, including a Volkswagen Beetle, a Ford Ranger, and a helicopter. He also
Edward Smith is a man from the United States who gained notoriety for his admission of being a mechaphile, someone who is sexually attracted to machines. In 2008, he admitted to ‘having sex’ with 1000 cars, and the helicopter used in the television show Airwolf. He has also been featured on the ITV show “This Morning” where he talked about his experiences as a mechaphile. Is there anything else you would like to know?

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