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Top 10 Weirdest Phobias

top 10 weirdest phobias in the world

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is defined by an excessive and persistent fear of a subject or situation. Phobias usually lead to a rapid onset of fear and last for over six months. Phobia is caused by distressing events, like almost drowning, that can lead to a phobia. All sources of phobia can be exposure to confined areas, extreme height, and bites of animals or insects.
Although many people have heard about phobias common to them, such as the fear of heights or the fear of snakes, some of them are strange.

10. Arithmophobia

strangest phobias

Arithmophobia is a fright of numbers. This fear is pretty different and has a wide scope of peculiar phobias, adding common anxiety for many numbers and fear of some peculiar numbers. Even the thought of doing a calculation in daily life in a person with arithmophobia may essentially increase a panic attack rate. Some physical symptoms of such phobia may sweat, trembling, lack of breath, choking feeling, etc. Some psychological signs may be a fear of losing control, fear of fainting, fear of dying, panic, anxiety, etc.

9. Pediophobia

Pediophobia is a fright of dolls. This one of the strangest phobias is a particular phobia, an illogical hysteria from something that does not show any signs of danger.
It is called Pediophobia because it can be brought about by known culture, horror movies, or any type of scary event linked to dolls.
A small thought of even looking at a doll may cause an exorbitant amount of stress and anxiety signs to a person experiencing Pediophobia and may even cause them to be petrified in fright.
Some pediophobia symptoms are speeded up heart rate, excessive sweating, panic attacks, screaming, lightheadedness, etc.

8. Nomophobia

top 100 weirdest phobias

Nomophobia is the fright of being away or disconnected from using their mobile phone. Some psychological aspects that may cause phobia are mobile phones’ excessive usage, low self-esteem, or an introverted personality. Some mental issues like social phobia or anxiety may also cause nomophobia signs. It is difficult to judge if the individual becomes nomophobic due to a phone using habit or already present tension disorders. When a person’s phone is not nearby or battery a Nomophobic can experience a form of dizziness, nausea, stress, depression, discomfort, lack of breath, speed up heart rate, etc.

7. Chorophobia

strangest fears and phobias

Chorophobia is a senseless fright from dancing. Such a situation arises only when an individual is very uncomfortable even at the thought of dancing.
Such weirdest fear can be a cause of a past bad event that may have been disturbing and embarrassing.
It can also be caused by fright from any other phobias; Depression may be another root cause for Chorophobia.
A person suffering from Chorophobia might find distinct himself from everyone in social gatherings.
The person who is afraid of dance will refrain from going to marriage ceremonies, parties or nightclubs, etc.
Such a person may also become very hostile by getting stressed by the thought of being asked to dance.

6. Chromophobia

weirdest phobia names

Chromophobia is a continuous fright to colors and is mostly a dependent reaction.
It may be a phobia of disliking the use of product design.
Most people having a fear of colors experience panic attacks, which are very scary and discomforting for an individual experiencing them.
Some psychological symptoms of chromophobia may be the fright of losing control, fear of death, the terror of getting unconscious, frightening sickness, etc.
Some physical signs of a person having chromophobia may be increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, tension in muscles, massive sweating, and high blood pressure.
A person having chromophobia may avoid going to places that have multiple colors presented. Such anxiety and thought are most likely a cause of their mental pain.

5. Pupaphobia

weirdest phobias ever

Pupaphobia is a fright of puppets and marionettes. This phobia falls into the larger group of automatonophobia, which is a fear of anything which wrongly depicts a conscious person like mannequins or statues.
There are the strangest fears and phobias but not anything like this.
Pupaphobia is more likely to be found in children, as puppets are mostly toys for kids.
The people having such a phobia would look at puppets as original animated objects, descriptively like living things, even if they are not original or living.
People with such a phobia would get afraid and tense and hide when they look at a puppet and even ignore seeing shows that involve puppets.
The leading root cause of such phobia may be dreams about killer puppets.

4. Neophobia

top 10 weirdest phobias list

Neophobia can be described as a fright of anything new, a very continuous and peculiar kind of fear.
Such fear may nullify the willingness to try any new things or even change your daily routine.
Such a term is commonly used to show a habit of not accept unknown or novel foods in kids.
Food neophobia is a significant issue in psychology.
There is no specific reason where such phobia may arise from; it can be from any kind of source, including genetic, biological, and psychological aspects.
Some physical signs of such phobia may be Breathlessness, Sweating, Heart pounding, and some psychological symptoms that might be a sense of losing control or low self-esteem.

3. Trypophobia

most weird phobias that actually exist

Trypophobia is a fright of groups for small holes, bumps, or patterns.
Any individual seeing such types of groups might show signs of dislike and fear.
A fear reaction can be brung about by things like seed pods or any zoomed picture of someone’s pores.
If the person has such a phobia, he will show signs by seeing trigger objects; such signs maybe fear, nausea, itching, shaking, and panicking.
It is said that these types of weirdest phobias ever are a mutative counter to alert the closeness of parasites or any other infectious diseases.

2. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

weirdest fears and phobias

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a phobia for fearing long words. This can also be termed as Sesquipedalophobia, and this phobia is considered a social phobia. Any linked adverse events can trigger such phobia.
It can be because of changes in your brain’s functioning or genetically if the family had a history of any kind of such phobias. A person having Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia would panic when they see a long word, causing them to feel a massive amount of fear and tension. They might even refrain from reading to not have to go through such long words that might cause extreme fright in them.

1. Phobophobia

weirdest phobias in the world

Phobophobia can be described as an unreasonable and excessive fear of having or establishing a phobia. It can be termed as an anxiety disorder and panic attack. In this kind of situation, anxiety issues are stabilized in a lengthened way linked with psychological fear.
This anxiety is created by phobophobia for bumping with the feared phobia.
This trigger phobia guides to boost the effects of the feared phobia which the individual may have grown. This phobia may be created by the unconscious mind and may be connected to a time when such a phobia was experienced, causing emotional agony and anxiety.

So these are the strangest phobias list, hope you liked and please do share them with your friends on social media.

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