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Top 10 Best Landscape Photographers

Landscape Photography is a kind of intricate art that probably has many talented photographers in it.
So it’s safe to say no list can do justice to the amount. 
Here, we have listed some of the famous landscape photographers in the world based on awards won, the mental impact of their photography & uniqueness.
These top 10 best landscape photographers in the world in 2020:

10. Sean Bagshaw

Sean is an adventurous explorer, a nature lover (mountaineer) and photographic artist for digital image creation based in Ashland, Oregon.
From his climbing days, Sean’s photograph expertise was developed as he took photos to record his experiences.
Today, instead of climbing, he mainly focuses his interest on picturing mountains.
In fact, while sleeping on a truck or tent, Sean could spend up to 3 months each year, searching for a suitable lighting environment, making it easy for him to capture the perfect picture.

9. Michael Frye

Michael is a professional photographer known primarily for his work on the landscape and the wildlife projects.
He likes to share his experience and wants to help his peers develop their expertise in photography.
Frye has written numerous books and numerous top photography magazines have published his articles.
Michael particularly likes to check the lighting he uses for the sake of constructing an artistic, whimsical or mystical setting.
He is the author of five books based on photography and since the 1980s, Micheal photographs regions near Yosemite National Park.
The portfolio he’s built since is nothing less than breathtaking.

8. Peter Lik

Peter Lik is a well-known Australian famous nature photographer, known for his scenic and panoramic landscape shots.
Lik made a name for himself in the photography industry with beautiful panoramic landscape photography images, earning one of the biggest international reputations.
Peter is a self-taught artist and has traveled all around the world to capture iconic images that are displayed in 13 of his own galleries.
His work portrays vivid colors and creates more than life pieces that celebrities and leaders of the world collect.

7. Michael Shainblum

This surreal style photographer developed an interest in photography since he was 16 years of age.
Shainblum was soon recognized for his creativity and his meticulousness for taking imaginative, surrealist photos and videos that told an exciting narrative often.
His clients are influential businesses such as Google, Nike, and Facebook.
With its amazing images of nature, he has gained great popularity from social media.

6. Erin Babnik

Erin began taking pictures for research and education as an art historian, documenting archeological sites and museums.
She has become a respected landscape photographer but also a pioneering photography coach celebrated for integrating nature, history, and philosophy.
Babnik has a vibrant, provocative style mixing risky experiences, modern techniques and classical art education which enables her to take one-of-a-kind pictures of the landscapes.
Her skill in photography in the landscape has been shown not only by her extremely beautiful pictures but also by her detailed articles and discussions on even the most advanced subjects.

5. Daniel Kordan

Daniel is a Russian born best landscape photographer who started his career in the Moscow regions with stunning scenic images of a lake.
Kordan’s images express nature’s elegance like no other, though they reveal a series of superficial golden light.
The possibilities that photography provides as an artistic medium are a deep curiosity for Daniel Kordan.
Although Daniel has a background in physics and art, he’s always loved being in nature, hiking, and mountain climbing.

4. Kilian Schoenberger

You may think color blindness is a serious disadvantage for a photographer.
But a photographer like Kilian has turned it into a strength as he uses it to create his own distinctive artistic style shots.
Kilian is a master of woodland photography and seeking out foggy sceneries.
He operates in the primitive northern landscapes and in wild woods, shot from outstanding angles in exquisite condition.
The Norwegian scenery is beautiful because it shows a lush but barren country in which life would be extremely difficult without modern technology.
Kilian Schoenberger’s photographs are very well designed and coordinated and he places at fourth position in our list.
The main reason is why he gives a delicate touch to the intensity of nature.

3. Ted Gore

Ted is a famous landscape photographer, born in California who got worldwide recognition.
Thanks to his sophisticated style, innovative compositions, and insightful photo editing.
The work of Ted Gore is strong, bold and unique: with his pieces, a touch of calmness with optimism and each picture he offers, have a punch.
He captures nature in the most unconventional ways and works tirelessly to provide insight into his creative processes and techniques through lectures and instructional videos.

2. Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a California Central Coast American photographer.
He is one of the most famous artists today in the contemporary world of America.
Particularly recognized for his landscape, outdoor, surfing and lifestyle photography.
Chris is a diehard adventurer who blends his journeys with good images of the landscapes.
Burkard posts many of his photos on Instagram based on his experiences, reflections, or perspectives.

1. Max Rive

Max Rive is a Dutch photographer who has been exploring Switzerland’s highlands since the age of five.
Rive’s passions for travel range from motorsport and cycling to shooting with an incredible desire to discover nature, succeeding in some of the most interesting imagery in his voyage with landscape photography we’ve never seen before.
Awesome and breathtaking, the elegance, passion and strong philosophical themes will surely impress viewers.
The sophistication and consistency of the colors are foremost fantastic.
Furthermore, the landscapes he chooses are magnificent themselves and display the beautiful aspects of the world at its best.
Ultimately, the human element on the shots speaks about the everlasting curiosity of mankind for the unseen.
It will inspire you or even the most indifferent individual for a hidden journey of adventure, travel, and discovery.
Considering the factors mentioned, we could term Max Rive as the best landscape photographer in the world today.

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