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Top 10 Fastest Rap Songs ever

fastest rap song in the world
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Rapping (or hip-hop music) is a musical form of vocal performance incorporating rhyme, rhythmic speech, vocal expression, and the street vernacular, interpreted or sung in a wide range of ways.
A typical rap song comprises 3 parts:
1. Content (what is being said),
2. Flow (rhythm, rhyme)
3. Delivery (cadence, tone)
Unlike other music genres, content delivery (or poetry) is fast in hip-hop, and perhaps it’s one of the major distinguishing aspects.
But some rappers always love taking things to the extreme (I mean to the extreme’s extreme).
Times change, culture change, and so do hip-hop music and its sub-genres.
Like Chopper rapping,
Chopper is a hip-hop style that originated in the US Midwest and rhymed or rapped quickly.
This style is typically characterized by the inclusion in each bar and line of two or three times more syllables than most other forms of rap.
The beat tempo of chopper songs is often much more than most other rap genres, especially from the Midwest, ranging from 90 BPM to 180 BPM.
One of the key aspects of the style is the maintenance of the quality of lyrics to rhyme and content while having a fast pace.
I won’t say that any song is the fastest, because it would surprise you at how often all parts of this culture change, and how fast you measure what rap songs to include.
So, I will only list a bunch of songs that the community accepts fast. Here are the top 10 fastest rap songs in the world:

10. Mr. Tung Twista

“Mr. Tung Twista” was Twista’s first single from his album, Runnin ‘Off at da Mouth, then known as Tung Twista.
It was released in November 1991 shortly when Twista became the world record holder of Guinness Books as the fastest record holder in 1992.

9. FlowMotion

Faces of Death is a debut studio album of American B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e’s (now known as the BoneThugs-n-Harmony). Originally released in 1993, the album was remastered digitally in 1995.

8. Worldwide Choppers

“Worldwide Choppers” is a weird rap song sung by American rapper Tech N9ne.
It’s the third single on his eleventh studio of All 6’s and 7’s study. The song is widely known for its rhythmic, rapid-fire rap breakneck flows.
“Worldwide Choppers” is a multilingual track that includes rap verses in English, Danish, and Turkish, produced by Michael Summers (also known as seven).
Turkish lyrics are by Turkish rapper Ceza and Danish lyrics are by Danish rapper U$O.
Other Rappers like Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twista, D-Loc, JL of B.Hood, and Twisted Insane are all featured in the single.

7. Look At Me Now (Remix)

The song is the remix of the original ‘Look At Me Now’ by Chris Brown featuring Busta Rhymes, Twista, Lil Wayne, and Mac Lethal.
Cris Brown’s original is also fact-paced, but the extreme chopperish content Twista brings out here is insane.

6. New West

NoClue is a West Coast Hip Hop Hip Hop artist. He has established himself in each of his songs as a multi-dimensional lyrist with sharp, upbeat energy.
As an early musical influence, Brown counts rapper Tupac Shakur. He explains that “the world had no idea what kind of an effect his stage name was going to have.”
After hearing his song ‘New West,’ its no wonder why he is called “No Clue.”

5. Clash of the Titans

To spread the love over Eminem’s Rap God in this freestyle, Krayzie Bone makes Chuck run for his money in his own version of ‘Rap God’ named ‘Clash of the Titans’ by name drops.

4. 60 Second Assassins

All I can say is this song is a pumped-up, mixed-up version of 60 Second Assassins by Layzie Bone and Krayzie Bone.
The new version features Busta RhymesLayzie BoneTwista, Krayzie Bone, and  Jaz-O.

3. 100 Round Clip

Michael Johnson is an American rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, known by his stage name “Twisted Insane.”
Fellow artists Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Twista, and Busta Rhymes are likely influenced by him.
Twisted Insane began to assemble a cult after his incredible rap speed and verbal ability.
Listening to his ‘100 Round Clip’ feels like someone is shooting an AK-47 in rhythmic 100 round magazine.

2. Rap God

Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Crosses 1 billion-View Mark on YouTube ‘Rap God’ made its debut on the platform back in late 2013.
The popular track also holds – a Guinness World Record for the “most words in a hit single.”
The lyrics have earned a reputation for their fast delivery and their attention to the controversial content that made Eminem a music artist who you couldn’t ignore during the heavy days of his career.
Sometimes, he raps slowly, and sometimes, he fastens up, and out of the blue, he mixes it up.
He experimented a lot while making this song, as throughout the song his flow never gets old.

1. That Music

If there was a category for “superhuman tongue,” I’m pretty sure a hip-hop artist named Crucified would hold the title for his song ‘That music.’
Crucified is an American chopper rapper from New Braunfels, Texas.
He also mumbles a lot in most of his songs to make things worse.
As a result, Guinness World Records does not officially recognize him as the fastest rapper ever to have audible lyrics that cannot be heard and understood.
He also ruins most of the songs where he is featured as a prominent artist because of his absurdly fast gibberish delivery.
This song depicts the pinnacle of war between Humans and Music.

The world of rap is home to some of the fastest and most lyrically intricate songs out there.
From the pioneers of the genre to the newest rising stars, these Top 10 Fastest Rap Songs in the World are sure to get your heart racing and your head bobbing.

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