Top 10 Gross Foods Around the World

When you start a taste bud discovery of what can become fascinating dishes for a modernized, American palate, the world is a diversified place.
Truth is, as strange as most of these dishes can be, many have profound ethnic backgrounds, some of which are the dishes of popular festivals and royal dinners.
I meant no offense to readers who eat this food regularly this list is just for fun because after all food is food.
What we may think as delicacy might be a disaster to our primate counterparts.
Similarly, in our civilization cultures, people vary and the cuisine varies.
This article is about 10 gross foods around the world according to some western standards.
Take this list lightly and enjoy eating for a foodie adventure, Bon appétit!

10.Cockroach Soup

Finding a cockroach even nearby your takeaway meal might make you furious let alone finding in your food.
But, some people might find it tasty,as gross, it may seem Cockroach soup is probably the most disgusting & healthiest food in the world to eat.
While you may feel disappointed to get a dead cockroach in your soup, some individuals pay and order it in a soup specifically.
Where you may find it ?
Some countries like Madagascar,South east Asian countries and China
How does it taste ?
It leaves a particular mild taste which I cannot describe in soup texture wise you may feel like overfried french fries that are too crispy if eaten immediately

9.Head cheese

It’s not simple to live as a peasant, you get leftover pieces when you get the food. So what to do when the head of a goat, sheep, or pig is all you can have?
Make cheese with it! As gross foods, it may sound, head cheese is not an actual cheese; It is a “food soup” produced of all the animal face components that nobody wishes to consume,sometimes feet are also included.
Delicious isn’t it ? A version pickled with vinegar is known as a souse.
Where you may find it ?
Everywhere, It’s actually middle age peasent’s dish from Europe. If local meat grocery can provide you the ingredients you can make your own. Only difference is that most people(almost none) eats them today.
How does it taste ?
Varies in texture depending what part you got.Overall, it has a strong cattle smell or taste.

8.Cod Milt or Cod sperm sacs

Cod Milt, or cod sperm sacks, also known in Japanese as ‘ shirako, ‘ may seem frightening and uncomfortable, but in Japan, it is a precious delicacy.
The squeamish adventurers will find it difficult to get past the strange-looking shape of milt, which looks a little like the brains of pigs,
but if they do, they will be greatly rewarded for their leap of faith.
Where you may find it ?
Japan and East Asia.
How does it taste ?
Cod milt has a buttery, custard-like texture and taste, with a subtle sweetness to it.

7.Rat meat

Rat meat is one of the gross foods that is a dietary foodstuff in others, while prohibited in some societies. Taboos include concerns of disease or spiritual prohibition, but in many locations, it has incorporated them into local diets by many rats.
This one is interesting:
If you’re not satisfied with eating rats, why not try eating after rat leftovers?
On contrary with its neighbors, in India there is a rat temple of Karni Devi, people from all over the world go to meet millions of living pet rats, believed to be adored ones’ reincarnations.
They believe that the rats in the property are the goddess to whom they devote the temple.
Before entering the temple, people have to take off their shoes and take the milk and baked goods for sharing with the rats.
It’s supposed to be good luck and don’t you dare to harm any of these creatures because the temple has its own special punishment for harming them.
Ironically enough the workers at the temple and all who lived around it survived the Black Plague and till date, no one had a disease from them.
They believe their rodent dwellers to have protected their own property against alien rats carrying the lethal fleas.
Must visit once
Where you may find it ?
China,North Korea and South East Asia
How does it taste ?
People who have tried it say it tastes like chicken

6.Pacific Geoduck

Geoducks are weird creatures at the bottom of deep ocean water burrowing in the sand.
They develop up like a tree so that their bodies can reach the ground layer and get some food.
None of this is particularly odd, and I’m aware geoducks have a great flavor, but they’re just about something.
Perhaps it’s the term, ‘Gooey Duck’ It doesn’t really sound pleasant. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they sound like they should be censored by a big black box.
It may look somewhat familiar to some naughty heads
Where you may find it ?
Particularly in East Asian and Pacific cuisine
How does it taste ?
It taste like raw clam with salty oceany taste

5.Hákarl, fermented shark

First, take a poisonous shark. Then, cure it with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months.
After drying, Cut it into strips then you’ll get Hakarl top gross foods you will ever find in artics.
The strong ammonia smell makes many first-timers gag.
Where you may find it ?
How does it taste ?
The fresh shark’s acid contributes to the ammonia smell. Soft yellow hákarl from the shark’s corpse has a cheese-like texture, while yellowish stomach meat is chewier.
Those who taste it describe the flavor from fishy and gentle to strong blue cheese in a wide range of terms.

4.Casu Marzu

Casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese produced from goat’s milk, sometimes referred to as ‘ maggot cheese.
But the manner they prepare it is what causes this dish so dreadful.
They introduce the eggs of flies early in the fermentation cycle. The eggs develop and start eating for weeks.
As it breaks the fats of the cheese down, there is a unique flavor that is considered delightful by many.
Many individuals meticulously remove the maggots when the moment arrives for human consumption.
Some keep them in, though, thinking they’re adding an extra flavourful punch.
Where you may find it ?
Italy and some parts of france.
How does it taste ?
It has taste like more stronger blue cheese Gorgonzola with somewhat stinky taste.


If someone put balut on your tray, you might believe that a hard-boiled egg was served to you.
That’s until you open it and spill out an intact duck’s egg.
Balut is produced when fertilized duck eggs are put in hot sunlight, regarded a delicacy in many Asian nations.
They hold the eggs up to the light after about eight days and inspected to make sure the budding embryo is ready.
The eggs are then cooked and served with a salt dash and a few lemons juice squirts.
Where you may find it ?
South East Asia
How does it taste ?
A good balut, including the embryo, is milder in flavor, and there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the embryo’s texture.

2.Gaebul (Live Spoon Worms)

Whether cooked or raw, I mention it, Koreans enjoy their seafood, live. Spoon worms are very commonly found in Korean fish markets as a marine animal.
Together with its supposed “turn-on” characteristics, the odd-shaped presence of spoon worms gained them the nickname of “penis fish.”
Usually consumed raw and live, Gaebul is generally sliced into bits of bite-size that keeps turning around on the tray before popping into our mouth.
You never know what else is there in this crazy world?
Where you may find it ?
How does it taste ?
Apparently, it tastes like chewy saltwater.(To be clear I never tried this dish and not considering to taste it)

1.Virgin Boy Eggs

After reading about spoon fish let me be clear this is an SFW post don’t get frightened by this vulgar cannibalistic name of a dish
By eggs, I mean real eggs,
A local delicacy in Dongyang, China, regular chicken or duck eggs are immersed in the urine of children under 10 years of age.
They gather urine from primary schools given voluntarily. Locals will pay twice for these bad guys with the notion they are great for body circulation.
We can only imagine what disgusting gross foods are waiting for you on the other side of the globe.
Be ready to stand for them–they charge about twice the price of an ordinary egg.
This is also a way for young boys to ‘piss off’ adults.
Where you may find it ?
Dongyang, China
How does it taste ?
People who try it say it has a sour taste.

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