Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

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“Flowers are the most divine creations after women” – Christian Dior. Their biological function is usually to create a mechanism of plant reproduction.
For several generations, almost every civilization in the world has idolized flowers as artifacts of beauty and fragrance.
Every flower stands for distinct emotional meanings and symbolism connected with them, while some are too uncommonly fascinating.
If you are considering to upgrade your hanging baskets to something exotic, here are the top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world:

10. Stargazer Lily

The Oriental lily (botanical name-Lilium Stargazer) is also regarded as the ‘Stargazer lily’ because of its big star-shaped blooms.
This is also among the best smelling flowers in the world, usually used to decorate luxurious interiors.
The beauty of the flower can be best described as petals decoratively stained in hot pink with textured freckles.
Even if they are lovely, stargazers are toxic plants by nature and should be avoided around pets.

9. Begonia

Begonias are very common with enthusiastic gardeners as brightly colored flowers with exceptional calm appearance.
Charles Plumier, a Franciscan monk, discovered these flowers in Brazil in 1690, the first recorded belonging to the genus Begonia
Begonia blossoms in spring, and their vibrant colors and appealing foliage may not be easy to care for.
These pretty flowers are an excellent complement to any garden

8. Anemone

There are many Anemone species, among them, we can term a Mediterranean-born species which belongs to the family, as the prettiest flowers bloom.
Its name originates from the Greek word “anemos,” which implies wind, also known as windflowers.
The flowering species are bigger with cup-shaped blossoms, and the flowering types in the spring are smaller on the ground.
These cute flowers come in bluish violet, white, pink, red, and violet pinkish hues.

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7. Passion Flower

Passionflowers are one of the plants in your garden that have the most amazing flowers with around 400 species you can grow. 
The most common is Passiflora edulis, the only one, which can develop into passion-fruit. 
Passion blossoms are generally violet, lavender, or blue and are native to South Ameica and Mexico.

6. Protea

As the national flower of South Africa, the King protea (Protea cynaroides) is one of the most spectacular species of Sugarbushes and rarest flowers in the world.
It is the largest of the species and has a massive bloom size that can reach almost 12 inches in width.
With long pink petals that surround a furry center, it is typically the star of the show within a bouquet.

5. Cherry blossom

These flowers have an exceptional blossom and are discovered mainly in Japan. In spring, they generally bloom in colors like pink and white.
The flowers will fascinate you if you plan on going to Japan in Spring.
The cherry blossom flowering plant is recognized in Japanese as “Sakura” and flower symbolizes renewal and faith.
People love to sit under the cherry trees and appreciate the incredible perspective of the flower.
It is also a sign of friendship between the United States and Japan, and Japan later sent the trees to represent their goodwill for the United States.
The cherry blossoms originated in the Himalayas and settled in Eurasia somewhere before arriving in Japan.
For building a friendship or a relation (even romantic), the Japanese consider cherry blossoms as the best flowers in the world to offer.

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4. Dahlia

There are many varieties of this flower which belongs to the genus Dahlia, originally from Central America.
Dahlias blossom every year, and about 42 species exist with at least twenty thousand sub-varieties.
Once Dahlias were both gathered and harvested as food by indigenous Central American peoples.
The Aztecs used epilepsy and used the long hollow stem as tubes for water.
Speaking about meanings and symbolization, Dahlias depicts dignity and instability, in the language of the flowers “like my appreciation goes beyond your care.”
These flowers are medium in size, and the biggest of them is ‘Dinner plate Dahlias’ with 9-10 inch diameter.
Dahlia is also the national flower of Mexico.

3. Tulip

You must have heard of the ‘flower garden of Keukenhof,’ this area in the Netherlands is among the world’s largest flower gardens that extend over a vast 32-hectare area.
Its a fact that the biggest floral industries in the world are located in the Netherlands and Germany.
Every spring, millions of tulips bloom in this garden. Imagine standing between these huge tulip farms.
While standing, surely you would feel like the heavens, because tulip is such a lovely flower that you could take notice of it immediately.
There are over 3,000 varieties of 150 distinct species plants belonging to tulip that is found throughout the world.
This popular flower variety makes it one of the world’s most used and grown plants.
Each spring, the cup-like tulip flowers open. This magnificent flowers, except blue, come in all the colors.

2. Orchids flowers

Orchids are one of the earliest flowers ever, and varieties found throughout the world are countless.
The Orchids are believed to be on the planet before the continents on the planet earth were divided.
There are 28000 known Orchidaceae species throughout the world. 
However, the flower can still be seen on every continent except Antarctica; It is well grown in tropical climates.
The orchid’s bloom is heavy enough to carry it down to the soil, which makes it more beautiful.
Many consider orchids as among the loveliest and most beautiful flowers in the world we can get.

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1. Rose

Because of its timeless elegance, the red rose is the most beautiful flower in the world.
We can discover thousands of distinct kinds of roses in a variety of colors, as it is a universal sign of love and romance.
This flower suits every style, ranging from the classic red roses to the famous Juliet garden rose (most preferred wedding flower in the US).
Juliet garden rose is considered my many florists as the most beautiful rose variety.

There were a countless number of flowers and their countless varieties, which confused me while preparing this best flowers list which is only limited to 10.
It’s certainly hard to avoid the sheer awesomeness of the flowers from the timeless rose to the exotic lily. 
If you’ve had a bad day, it is sometimes just sufficient to look at something pretty like a flower. 
Therefore we often paint walls with a floral design to remind ourselves of all aspects to see beauty.
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  1. Flowers are beautiful creatures indeed and I so love them! Even when I’m gifted a flower, I really do appreciate it a lot.

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