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Top 10 Most Beautiful Trees in the World

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10. Cherry blossom

One of the most popular landscape trees has beautiful spring flowers that bloom in light pink and white colors. The beautiful picturesque flowers are such a treat to the eyes that this plant is widely used as an ornamentation plant and is a great option for your lawn and garden. The flowers also have subtle fragrances. Originated from Asia and still seen a lot in Brazil, France, U.S.A, Australia, and India as they grow in wide varieties of soil. The Cherry Blossom flower is the national flower of Japan as many traditional beliefs are associated with it. Even its short life is often related to the life of famous Japanese samurais who could die for their masters without any second thought. Once Japan sent 3000 cherry blossoms to the U.S. Since then the National Cherry Festival is organized to signify and celebrate the friendship of the US and Japanese citizens. 

9. Jacaranda

Jacarandas are seen the most in Australia but it is a native flower of South America. It can grow in a wide variety of soil and in warmer places. The color varies from light to dark purple according to the different species and their climatic conditions. Baby Jacarandas can’t bear cold during the initial period but they slowly adapt to the climatic conditions around them and grow well. Chinese also use the leaves of trees to make purple dye and timber of some species of this tree is also in woodwork. Jacarandas festival is also celebrated in South Africa and a few cities of Australia. 

8. Rainbow eucalyptus

An evergreen tree native to tropical Indonesia, the Philippines, South America, and the Caribbean grows up to the height of 200 ft. The beautiful and vibrant appearance makes this tree useful in the decoration of the ground and field. It is of great significance in the pulpwood industry as paper and furniture are made from the wood of the tree. The bark of the tree shed different colors like brown, marron, blue, purple, orange like the shades of the rainbow and also called rainbow gum. It grows well in warm tropical summers.

7. Wisteria

Wisteria is native to a lot of places around the world. For Asian varieties, it is native to Korea, Japan, and China and in North America, they are native to the eastern part of the U.S. they are purple cascading flowers forming clusters of flowers. This grows well in extreme winter temperatures and is mostly used as an ornamentation plant. The flower blooms in different colors and each color symbolizes a different meaning. Some cultures, especially Japan, consider it as a symbol of good luck, romance, and devotion. It was named in the memory of physician Dr. Caspar Wisteria. The world’s largest wisteria is in California. It might take years to bloom.

6. Socotra dragon tree

Dragon Blood Tree is of great significance due to the red resin and sap obtained from it. An evergreen tree that grows well in the harsh climate of Socotra island. This island was even recognized by UNESCO as a world’s heritage site in 2008. It is also among one of the oldest forest communities. It is currently classified as a vulnerable species. It can live as long as 650 years. It forms an umbrella-like canopy. Some believe that it is the blood of the dragon so it is used in alchemy. It is also believed that it was first grown from the blood of the dragon which had fought with an elephant. It has a slow growth of about 1 meter every 10 years.

5. Maple

Maple trees are one of the most common trees found in the US. Maple trees live a long life of about 3000 years, yes, even when the dinosaurs existed. Maples are considered ‘tonewood’ as they carry the sound wave and hence are very significant in making a lot of musical instruments. The flower blooms in yellow, orange, green, and red colors. The maple leaf signifies the symbol of strength and endurance and is hence used on the Canadian flag and is also the national tree of Canada. 

4. Baobab

The baobab tree generally grows in the African mainland, Madagascar, and Australia. Also known as “ Tree of life” as they can live upto 3000 years. It can store 12000-litre of water and this is the reason why elephants and other animals chew the bark during the dry season to satisfy their thirst. People have a lot of beliefs associated with it, one of them being that God became angry with the never satisfying behavior and always craved for more nature of the tree hence turning it upside down so it doesn’t ask for more. Some also refer to it as a wish fulfilling tree, in earlier times the trunk of the tree was used as prisons.

3. Rhododendron

Rhododendron is native to Asia , Europe, North America and Australia . It grows well in cold climates. It is found in the mountains and tropical forest . It is also known as the rose tree due to the presence of flowers like rose on it.’Rhodo’ is a greek word for ‘rose’ and ‘dendron’ for the tree. It can survive till 100 years when the optimal conditions are maintained. Rhododendron Arboreum is the national flower of Nepal.

2. Maidenhair tree

It is one of the oldest living tree species. It is native to china and japan, The leaves are generally fan shaped and the fruit has a foul smell. This tree has been sustaining on the earth since the time of dinosaurs and hence known as a living fossil. This tree is a sacred tree in China and Japan and is a symbol of a changeless past. Its leaves are often used as bookmarks as they have the tendency to protect them from the booklice. Its leaves also contain excellent medicinal properties. 

1. Royal poinciana

Royal Poinciana originally belongs to Madagascar . It grows well in full sun, well drained moist soil. A governor had introduced the plant so it was named after him. It is widely used in decoration due to the rich orange-red flowers. It blooms in summer. They grow very fast and are generally very tall. When the tree is shaken it makes a sound and hence it is also called ‘shake-shack’. It blooms even in the hottest places. It comes with a lot of medicinal properties like providing relief from constipation. 

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