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Top 10 Most Successful English Football Clubs

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Football is an easy game played between twenty-two players and is loved throughout the globe.
But what makes Football the most popular sport in the world?
It’s an exciting game to play, and enthusiasts can play a quick game with their mates anytime and anywhere.
It’s a flexible sport with no requirements except a ball because even if there are no eleven-a-side number players, you can adjust it to something like a seven-a-side.
Speaking about professional footballers, at the end of it all comes down to overall prizes won.
According to overall prizes, won here are the top 10 most successful English football clubs:

10. Nottingham Forest

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In the last football season, the Nottingham Forest team grabbed a total of thirteen national and international football trophies.
The club won a total of 2 FA Cups and a total of 4 Football League Cup and has achieved one English Premier League trophy until the present day.
Nottingham Forest once bagged the FA Community Shield and became the Full Members’ Cup’s winners twice.
The UEFA Super Cup was only once won by Nottingham Forest in its club history and UEFA Champions League twice till now.

9. Newcastle United

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Newcastle United F.C. is among the biggest long-term sports team in English Football.
The entire population of the city supports its team profoundly.
However, Newcastle is also a club to be supported by everybody around the world as a strong team.
The roller coast ride to support the Toon is one of the best things football has to offer from its recent success to its wonderful history.
Returning to the Premier League, they still dream about finding an owner who will propel them financially back to the top table with Mike Ashley in charge.

8. Aston Villa

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Aston Villa may be dropped out of the Premier League in the last ten years or so but was one of the first teams to win domestic championship titles and cups.
They have seven league titles and FA Cups for their first division, as well as a European Cup.

7. Everton

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Everton Football Club is a Liverpool based English professional football club competing in the Premier League.
During their footballing career in the last 2019-20 football season, Everton was the recipient of 24 national and international football trophies.
Until now, the club has won 9 titles in the English Premier League and 5 FA Cups throughout its history.

6. Tottenham Hotspur

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Spurs is an elite club that has long been playing at a top-level. In the UCL last year, they were finalists.
In the past 2019-20 football season, Tottenham Hotspur won a total of 26 international and national soccer trophies in its club career.
Two titles from the English Premier League have been achieved by the club so far.
Besides, in their club history, they have won a total of eight FA Cups and four Football League.
Nine times up until now, Tottenham Hotspur won the FA Community Shield and was formerly the winner of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.
In their club history, Tottenham Hotspur has twice won the UEFA Europa League.

5. Manchester City

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The reigning champions of the Premier League. Holders of FA Cup and League Cup.
The British club comprises some of the biggest South American football stars like Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Ederson, and of course, the crowd-pleaser Fernandinho.
It is also helpful to know that they won half the last eight titles from the Premier League.
Manchester City has become the standard for other teams after a huge and sustained financial investment. ⠀

4. Chelsea

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The Blues, undoubtedly a modern giant, funded in billions by Roman Abramovich, is perhaps the most successful English club last decade before Man United.
Chelsea has been the winner in the UEFA Champions League four times before and has once been the winner of FA Community Shield.
The English club has doubled the UEFA Winners’ Cup and once won the UEFA Super Cup.
Once in its club history, Chelsea has reached the UEFA Europa League.

3. Arsenal

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Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club that plays in the Premier League, England’s top football flight in Islington, London.
In England, Arsenal is one of the three leading clubs since they are promoted to the First Division.
Even though they are far from winning the league these days, sometimes they still won an FA Cup.

2. Liverpool

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In terms of trophies and the UCL champions Liverpool are Manchester United’s biggest rivals.
As of the last football season, Liverpool has won 61 national and international football trophies.
They are now the second most successful English football team on our list of the top 10.
So far, the club has won 18 titles in the English Premier League, winning eight FA Cups and eight Football League Cups.
Liverpool has been the winner of the FA Community Shield 15 times, and the UEFA Champions League has been won five times.
Three times since its inception, the English club has won the UEFA Europa League.
Three times in their club history, Liverpool achieved the UEFA Super Cup.

1. Manchester United

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Manchester United acquired the first place, to no surprise. Even in the Premier League era, they are the Team with the most league titles.
Manchester United was not fighting for the title every season long ago but, since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, they have flown all over, but this has not prevented them from winning any additional Trophies, the FA Cup and the Europa League in recent times.
Man United, is without a doubt, the biggest club in the UK at the moment.
The red devils have developed an enormous global track record thanks to the efforts of legendary managers Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson.

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