Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a huge platform with around 1 billion users of active users worldwide.
With the rise in influencers, there can also be livelihoods (or some free things at least).
Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks ever, whether we use it to keep up with our friends or to celebrate our favorite events.
Each time we post another warm selfie, where else can our friends hype ours publicly?
Speaking about popular stars, this social media platform is a perfect opportunity to keep nurturing their stardom.
Instagram just gives what fans need, their stars’ everyday activities.
Our generation has fully witnessed the growth of the network, growing numbers in the most-followed Instagram accounts.
This happens when celebrities give us a sneak-peek at their normal daily chores with stylish outings, here are the top 10 biggest Instagram accounts:

10. Taylor Swift: 122 million followers

The prowess of Taylor’s Instagram would be double. On the other side, she has the mysterious, hidden clues in her updates, like the Secret Cult, to communicate with her followers.
She’s one of Instagram’s best cat ladies and only when you think you’re not lying to yourself on Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin pictures.
Taylor, while quite privately, does not fear to show her incredible dance skills and cats on her Instagram when it comes to sharing stuff on her profile.
Taylor recently shared some crucial hints about what they think could be new music. We just know that her time of life is clear and we are like that.

Nat Geo
As we are talking about celebrities, we can not include other corporations like Nat Geo on our list.
The 135 contributing photographers submitted almost 20,000 pictures, each with an amazing and meaningful experience from their journeys.
Over 750,000 user engagements have been made for every picture on this site, giving an insight into what kinds of images and stories resonate around the world.
These are tales that bind us from massive storms to curious animals.

9. Neymar: 128 million followers

Neymar is our first football player on the list as being the most popular sport in the world, more footballers are coming up.
He’s playing as forward for Paris Saint-Germain at this time.
Not unexpectedly, his stories are full of photographs of the sports star playing football, hanging out with other popular celebrities while enjoying a luxury lifestyle generally.
His enthusiasm displays down to earth, certainly.
Neymar publishes some crazy action shots and fitness videos but also shares some of the most honest pics of friends and “bros,” as well as popular fans.

8. Beyonce: 134 million followers

With her pregnancy announcement at the top of the list, it was most liked post on Instagram.
Her own page is quite “straightforward,” most of the shots from her appearances and professional work, with a few more personal posts.
Bey is notoriously privately concerned and, unlike a lot of celebrities, her Instagram feed is not a deep window into her personal life, but it’s a pretty reliable window to her best looks–which includes every look she shares.

7. Leo Messi: 135 million followers

Leo Messi is the best football player in the world as well as another footballer to have made the list of celebrities with the highest Instagram followers.
The Argentine footballer plays for the national team of FC Barcelona and Argentina, which has helped his team to lead to three straight football finals.
He once announced his retirement from international football, but he eventually rolled back his decision because of the negative response of a huge fan support who wanted him back.
One of the most famous men in the world, his Instagram (which is not as active as others on this list) is what you could expect, shots of him, a glimpse into his personal life and other activities.

6. Kylie Jenner: 151 million followers

Kylie shows something new on her Instagram every time she posts something like the latest products from her lip kits to her sweet photographs with Stormi.
While Kylie may not have more social media followers than her elder sister Kim, she still makes a fortune for her different collections of Kylie Cosmetics (in fact so much that currently, she is the youngest billionaire in the world).
There are even over 20 million followers on her official brand’s account. We can see luxury AF all the time literally.
Kylie’s posts encompass the lifestyle of “Instagram,” with mansions, pools, private jets, and more exotic supercars than you saw in your life.
Watching posts from Kylie is like the dream fantasy you must go through after a day of runoff.
She once held the top spot for as most liked picture from Instagram.
Her account reflects on her private life and work, with plenty of the baby and her partner’s photos.

5. Kim Kardashian: 151 million followers

Kim is reveals everything (everything 😉) else in her Instagram posts when she doesn’t share her new fashion line selfies.
Whether it is her latest outfit that day; her sisters or her adorable children are taking a new picture, or she is showing her latest makeup collection of her own, Kim has a stream of stories is always on fire.
Kardashian sisters are in the top 20 as most-followed Instagram accounts.
She is probably quite similar to her family members’ accounts.
Some photographs of her posing and activities, and personal items such as old family photos.

4. Selena Gomez: 161 million followers

Selena Gomez might be the most successful Instagram influencer, but the actress revealed she doesn’t even have the app on her phone.
While she once had the highest spot, despite not posting as regularly as other Hollywood celebrities, Gomez has remained popular since.
Selena is just not late as the most followed person on Instagram (this year, made her slip to no. 4 from the top spot) as many of her latest posts are ads for brands with which she associates, such as Coach or Puma.
Nevertheless, Selena has mastered the art of crafting ads, which also are some of the posts that you really want to double-tap.
She fell to number 4, but more than 161 million followers are amazing by itself.
While she sometimes posts about her new projects and the work she is doing, her pictures are both fun and carefree, which makes her even more loveable.

3. Dwayne Johnson: 161 million followers

He reveals his incredible exercises or cracking dad jokes through Instagram.
Rock’s fans depend on his constant stream of enjoyable, personal stuff regularly.
We also know him for his inspirational posts, which give his fans every day a much needed positive attitude.
The star keeps people up to date with his workout routine.
This is a huge draw whether you are looking for a fitness or some eye-candy.
Our favorite WWE star’s body is ripped with muscles as hard it can be that’s why we call him Rock.
Another big Instagram asset of Johnson’s (although perhaps less celebrated) is his selfie videos showing the adorable teddy bear sleeping inside the armor suit. Now that’s tough and cute.

2. Ariana Grande: 167 million followers

Ariana Grande would be a social media goddess in the world of Instagram. 
The pop music hitmaker is no stranger to the media, regardless of whether she releases chart-busting singles or boldly talks about their own mental health. 
If she doesn’t share pictures of her Coachella Music festival acts or sets for the behind-the-scenes, she shares pictures of herself, friends portraying her goofing around.
Inevitably, one of the most famous and popular artists in the world would be so popular on Instagram.
Her feed is filled with pictures of her success, other celebrities and general examples of mainstream life.
The photo collection of Ariana is highly artistic in nature, with lots of filtered pictures in black and white and vintage. 
She is also a natural professional master of publishing promotional pictures (think concerts, campaign photos, and music videos).

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 189 million followers

Cristiano Ronaldo has most followers on Instagram, with numbers reaching up to 189 million followers.
Not unexpectedly, Ronaldo’s enormous followers on Instagram are in greater number than any other account than the photo-sharing site itself.
Buzz Bingo analyzes to show that he made around $47.8 million for paid Instagram posts, which is more than any other user in the world–and no other celebrity is close to him.
His closest rival in earnings from Instagram is unsurprisingly is Leo Messi himself (his closest rival from getting the status as “the best football player in the world”) who has made $23.3 million from paid Instagram posts.
He’s the captain of the Portugal National Team in 2019 and often displays his amazing soccer talents on Instagram and all the great places he’s been to around the world.
He plays for Juventus F.C. as and he has few surprises whenever it comes to his profile.
There are many family photos, soccer photographs of him and a lot of pictures of him who usually have good things.

Oddly enough, the Instagram account with the most followers is Instagram itself, with 320 million followers in 2019.
They clearly intend their feed to show Instagram’s best and most interesting users and trends.
In fact, they are also promoting the self-production of their own IGTV content.

These were the most-followed people on Instagram to give you an idea of how social media is slowly strengthening its influence.
It’s 2019, and the times have changed, including the way information gets to us.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the status of Instagram as the most popular (or most influential) platform on the Internet.
Whether its the best streams or the most faithful glams, which stars are the greatest follow-up to tell a lot about the state of pop culture–what accounts we have is the thirst for constant beauty shots and what makes us hit a “Share” button (like the one below 😊).

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