top 10 dangerous dogs

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dogs have been part of the human world since the beginning of their domestication.
They were used to protect livestock because of their instinctive guarding ability.
These animals are remarkably intelligent, which makes them good and loyal companions.
While often described as “Man’s best friend,” these animals were not meant to communicate spontaneously with humans.
Almost every dog can cause unimaginable harm and danger, but some breeds show more violent aggressive responses to bite causing serious injury! It depends on a breed to breed.
Based on how many attacks have been recorded & common aggressive temperament concerning average size (like Chihuahuas are aggressive but cannot be considered that dangerous).
These are the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world:

10.Siberian Husky

dangerous dog breeds

Huskies were a traditional breed of domesticated dogs used as sled dogs in the northern regions.
Very athletic and good to move goods luggage with thick coats and unique color fur pattern and an impressive face mask with special blue eyes.
Most of the Huskies love people and are friendly, social creatures.
The owners will say to you that their dog is humble, intelligent, alert and gentle.
However, Huskies are always fired up and active, so aggressive behavior can certainly lead in some way or another.
Keeping large dogs with young children is not a great idea.
Especially if the dog is not familiar with people involved around it, things may go bad with children left alone with a husky.
The Siberian Huskies, however, is a dangerous breed, regardless of the size and age of the casualty, as the statistics prove it.

9. Boxer

world dangerous dog

Boxers are hunting dogs because we human beings, have used them as attacking dogs or as watchdog!
They’ve got a strong jaw and bite force–perfect to protect!
Most Boxers are dominant dogs and show aggression against other dogs of the same sex. They are sometimes aggressive to humans as well.
Like huskies, many of the attacks by the Boxer involve children because they don’t know how to act around with these dogs.
Unless we do not properly handle this breed, situations can quickly become dangerous and even fatal.
Shabbily trained or bred Boxers could harm a person, especially a child, to a considerable extent.
Such dogs were indeed bred in Germany for hunting and to compete in dog fightings.
You will never know how or when natural instincts will kick in.
But they can turn out very offensive attackers if they are not properly trained!
The other thing to remember when training boxers is that we should avoid punishments and harsh treatment as these factors may irritate them.

8. Akita

most dangerous dog in the world

An Akita is a large and strong breed of dogs with a noble yet bullying presence.
They were initially used in feudal Japan to protect kingship and nobility. Akita was also trained to hunt wild boars, black bears, and sometimes deer.
The Akita doesn’t stand back and scare easily from threats. They are therefore courageous and faithful stewards of their families but only if properly trained and socialized; They are caring, friendly, and fun dogs.
An Akita when lonely or bored can make it extremely prone to attack.
This breed needs positive socialization and consistent, regular training. They often respond with rage attacks if they are abused or badly treated.
A dog, especially Akita, considers long-term eye contact to be a challenge, which can be violent at any moment.
It is a courageous and willing dog who is naturally diligent about outsiders but very loyal to its family.
Sometimes, they are often hostile to other dogs, especially same-sex ones, that’s why they are best suited for the household who plans in keeping only one dog otherwise they may harm other dogs.
This dog breed will be vicious if permitted or if not properly raised.

7. Alaskan Malamute

deadliest dog

An Alaskan Malamute is like the Siberian or Alaskan Husky breed but is much larger in size.
They’re not aggressive dogs in general, as many owners will tell you, as they are good with people including children.
These are big dogs that were originally grown for freight transportation in snowy regions.
A Malamute maintains a strong drive to hunt down and capture prey from their ancestors.
This sometimes occurs as attacks on other animals or dogs; sometimes as attacks on children.
Around 1966 and 1980 in the United States, five deaths were because of the Malamute attacks.
The main problem, however, is that the Malamute, like the Husky, has a ton of energy that needs to be used on productive use (sledding or hunting).
Until their activeness is not transmuted or used for a long time, their behavior could be violent.
It is likely incompetent owners who drive the Malamute to show aggression.
These dogs require physical and mental stimulation to keep their minds and body healthy.
Such dogs weigh up to 50 kg, so it can certainly prove risky to encounter an angry Alaskan malamute.

6. Mastiff (English & Bull)

dangerous dogs list

Powerful, fierce, and strongly built dogs are the Bullmastiffs.
Such dogs are highly sensitive to security and are reliable for dependability.
These dogs become incredibly reliable and obedient with consistent training from an early age.
However, the Mastiff can be aggressive for various reasons, just like with all dogs.
Neglect and poor training, for example, can be the major cause.
We must teach mastiffs early for socialization. This is the only way to learn how to read & distinguish the behavior of normal people with bad guys.
As they are by genetics distant from unfamiliar people. As they can be a suspect threat of everyone outside the family without socialization.
Such an approach can lead to unusual stubbornness and aggressive behavior.
With a dog breed of this size, both activities may lead to dangerous situations.
They are typically about 36 inches tall and can weigh up to 230 pounds.
You as an owner (or if considering to own) have lots of responsibility for training this strong dog, looking to keep a Mastiff.

5. Wolf hybrid

aggressive dog breeds

It’s not a good idea to own a pet gray wolf, even worse is owning a wolf dog.
As you may predict the behavior of a normal wolf, but cannot comprehend what a wolf-dog might do.
It may have been wrong if Wolves had deliberately been hybridized with dogs as wolves are one of the most deadly & biggest carnivores overall let alone canines.
Some breeders report that the hybrids are shy for people, while others say that the wolf’s predatory instincts are generally maintained by these hybrid dogs pointing that hybrids could turn out to be the world’s deadliest dog breed.
Between 1982 and 2014, Wolf hybrids seemed to have 19 casualties.
Wolf-dog hybrids are classified by the United States Human Society as wild animals.
There is also no guarantee that standard canine rabies vaccination will affect a Wolf Hybrid.
These dogs, as you might already perceive, are genetically half wolves half dogs which can make them unpredictable.
They have a wild and challenging mind on their own! Many states have already banned owning a Wolf Dog in the house as a pet!.

4. Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman Pinscher is a fearless dog often used in special forces, like the police.
Dobermans can weigh up to 100 pounds over other dogs 28 inches tall.
They need to be trained as soon as possible because they have so much energy.
The greatest concern about raising a large dog breed is the ability to perform proper training in obedience.
Of course, they are smart dog breeds definitely. But their dominating nature and weight also make it somewhat challenging to learn.
Many owners describe their Dobie as loyal, habitual, energetic, alert and brave.
But it is possible that with practice they are effective (in fact too much effective).
Maintaining a Doberman demands extra care. Probably those who failed to do this were those who contributed to the accidents caused by Dobermans.
Maintaining and strengthening traits such as independence, intelligence, and aggressive patterns is common among this breed.
While the breeding people in recent decades have tried to ease the rage, the Doberman today still responds with hatred towards strangers.

3. German Shepherd

top 10 most aggressive dogs

The origins of the breed date back to the 1800s in Karlsruhe, Germany.
In the United States, its second most popular dog breed known as Alsatian.
No training can make these dogs likely to attack people (mostly strangers) and smaller dogs.
They are integral and important aspects of any police force unit all around the world.
Most people sometimes call them police dogs for their considerable use in forces.
But since they are so credible for combating crime, they can become dangerous if placed in a difficult situation.
The typical German Shepherd who belongs to the family believes that he has one task “to protect the family”.
Accidents could occur with this kind of mentality.
So long as german shepherds see someone (or something) as dangerous for the pack, your German shepherd will probably attack and defend its family (humans or other dogs).
The attack can be brutal and sometimes fatal because it is 25 inches tall and weighs at 80 pounds 300 pounds of biting force it is a sheer display of their considerable biting strength.
They can accidentally hurt small children, even if they don’t want to.
The German Shepherd is by far the most popular housekeeper in the USA.
In fact, they are the most aggressive dog breeds in America, except for Rottweiler.
During the Second World War, German and French used them as military dogs.

2. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are dangerous dog breeds and are also known as unsafe family dogs, particularly for households in which the owner is an amateur without a calm and confident personality.
To avoid dangerous reactions, you need to be disciplined and cautious constantly!
Rottweilers were bred to have exceptional strength and good herding and defending instincts.
Rottweilers are the second breed in the United States by the number of dog attacks.
If you are considering buying one, pay a premium of time and training for a Rottweiler puppy.
Though, in reward, you get one of the world’s fiercest dog that will guard you.
Even if the Rottweiler is usually a good-natured pet, they do whatever they need to protect the pack (you or your family).
Many owners will call them loyal, intimidating, courageous and trustworthy.
Perhaps all the deaths were the effort by robbers to enter the property.

1. Pit Bull

top 10 dangerous dogs

The pit bull is probably the most infamous breed on the list. Even by its owners or family, they are considered unpredictable and vicious.
State and local governments around the world are strict in restricting this dog’s ownership by breed legislation.
Originally bred as fighting dogs, we still know it for its extreme aggression, strength, and determination for an attack.
Pit bulls have the most fatal attacks against adults 21 to 54 years of age.
Pit Bull are fighting dogs and will strive with the determination to do their job until it is over!
They have a strong jaw with a strong bite-force and are well known for not easily releasing their bite.
I used to own a white male Pitbull (who died in an accident) which was nothing like a normal dog in terms of brutal strength.
There was an incident in a farmhouse when my Pitbull found a big bone of a rotten dead lamb.
As I didn’t want him to have any health-related problems, I tried to grab that piece of bone which resulted in a kind of tug of war between us.
Taking that bone out of his growling mouth was like pulling a metal bar struck between industrial gears.
His aggression cost me many dollars buying a new industrial chain, which used to break anyway (I used industrial chains, as he used to snap any rope easily).
This is the dog breed that ends in combination with the strength of a bulldog and agile energy of the terriers.
Pit Bull even today are used in dog-fighting, in some countries where the dogs are trained to fight until death.
All these factors make Pitbulls the strongest yet the world’s deadliest dog breed.

Obviously, any pet may attack a human; dog bites are not confined to such dangerous breeds.
If a dog of a usually friendly breed has been mistreated, is poorly socialized or is out-of-sorts on a given day, you can maul your leg in anytime soon.
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