Top 10 Best Vodka Brands in India

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Vodka is a colorless and odorless drink is made from potatoes or grains, originated in the Eastern European regions, namely Russia. 
The volume of alcohol in it is around 20-50% v/v and is typically colorless. 
Due to its colorless & mild flavor, the beverage is a delight of a mixologist and a favorite part of a wider number of cocktails.
Many people in India, particularly youth, wish to keep their drinks a secret, but usually, they have little or no choice. 
Any aged alcoholic beverage (like expensive whiskey) will give your breath a strong smell when consumed.
The taste of vodka is relatively milder compared to other alcoholic beverages. A good quality Russian vodka brand will smell mild lemon or berries.
If you are an enthusiastic alcohol lover who wants to try something else than Whisky or Rum, try any of these top 10 best vodka brands in India:

10. Grey Goose

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Grey Goose is one of India’s leading imported premium vodka brands. It’s a brand from France having its creative origins from Russia.
Founded by Sidney Frank in 1990, this is one of the only brands of vodka to be distilled with French tradition, Maître de Chai.
The distinct taste of vodka can only be produced during the complex filtration process.
You can buy Grey Goose vodka in various flavors in India.
Try this vodka because the distillers make it of wheat from the Picardy region of France.
The distillation process also comprises transporting its distillate to the region of Champagne, where Grey Goose is finished before it’s available in the market.
Sidney saw an opportunity in the spirit market for “high-end vodka” and started manufacturing Grey Goose.

9. Wodka Gorbatschow

best vodka brands in india

This Vodka is produced and sold by Henkell & Company India Pvt Ltd from Berlin, Germany, but is packaged in India locally. In the beverage, the company sells it in 42.8% alcohol v/v.
It is also one of Germany’s most consumed spirits. This brand is synonymous with quality, high level of purity, and mildness.
This best-tasting vodka is collected by a quadruple-chill filtration process giving it a premium taste.
Wodka Gorbatschow has quite distinct in taste, and after consumption, many connoisseurs will feel its light softness.

8. Eristoff

best vodka in india

Eristoff is a Georgia Vodka brand, and the first Russian vodka developed in 1806 from the Northwest Province of Racha. 
Eristoff’s finest vodka is up made of 100% grain spirit, triple distillation, and then filtration by charcoal, a technique first established by the Russian distillers of the 18th century. 
In 2020, Bacardi India produces Eristoff. In Georgia, Gorjestan, the Persian word is the Eristoff logo of a wolf howling at the crescent moon, meaning “land of the wolf.” 
Officers and business leaders in mature groups especially, actively consume it in a very delicate, sophisticated manner. 
In the Indian market, Eristoff is gaining momentum quickly as one of the top vodka brands in India and is now widely accepted by consumers.

7. Absolut Vodka

absolut vodka price in india

Absolut Vodka is an alcoholic brand in southern Sweden, manufactured near Åhus, and is a subsidiary of the French group, Pernod Ricard.
Absolut, after Bacardi, and Smirnoff, the world’s third-largest vodka brand that sells in 126 countries.
This fine alcoholic drink is the smoothest vodka, with 400 years of Swedish tradition behind it.
Absolut has maintained the tradition of pure and perfect Swedish Vodka, using pure Swedish water from the city of Ahus and wheat grown in the surrounding countryside.
The Absolut Vodka makes this alcoholic drink up in 27 different variants and the most attractive bottles with wonderful packaging.
The miniatures, in particular, are adorable and even better.
A gift to vodka lover in the budget seems to have a set in 7 different Absolut flavors in miniatures is a perfect present.

6. Vladivar Vodka

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This vodka is a popular product of the United Breweries Group and a common among masses.
The clean taste and extraordinary smoothness of Vladavir, the number two vodka brand in the UK, is formally devised by third-generation master distiller by the triple distillation process.
The grain and the charcoal are 100% pure and have the highest transcendent pureness when filtered.
That is a wonderful combination of this premium vodka of Vladi, which gives it a super-smooth taste.
In India, there is only the classical version of Vladivar vodka. The brand also includes flavored Vodka drinks specially made for women in this price range.
In some of the top restaurants in India, you can enjoy Vladivar vodka.

5. Smirnoff

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Smirnoff is a world-famous vodka brand and is the best brand in India. 
Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov launched this vodka brand in Moscow back in the mid-1800s.
Shortly after its launch in India, Smirnoff captured a significant part of the country’s liquor market.
Diageo USA claimed that the Smirnoff was the world’s largest vodka brand considering total alcohol sales by March 2006.
An Indian Whiskey named Officer Choice was officially dethroned from its position in 2014.
Also, the 2012 World Spirits Awards were awarded the Gold Medal for producing the best vodka.
This vodka has a three-fold distilling process and prepares the content of vodka from the purest and finest grains.

4. White Mischief

best vodka brands in india

This is once again a blue-and red-packed translucent Vodka Bottle.
A good Vodka label popular cheap vodka brands in India and is sufficiently good for sales in our populous country.
It is again a product of the world-renowned United Breweries group with a high-quality rating from the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) achieved standards.
It is made by a process in which the taste, flavors, and smoothness are aligned with the flamboyance of young and vodka enthusiasts, threefold to the highest levels of purity.
If you don’t want a very expensive vodka and want to get tipsy at a party, it comes in your budget.
White Mischief is an almost neutral, tasteless tasting vodka.
These characteristics enable White Mischief Vodka to be blended with any juice or soft drinks.
There’s a special flavor of strawberries that women prefer.

3. Fuel

The second-largest vodka brand of India in the deluxe segment is Seagram’s Fuel Vodka.
The brand is purely unique, innovative, and youthful. Brand owners, Pernod Ricard, describe it as India’s second most popular brand.
Fuel is available in India with various flavors and offers value for money.
This vodka is made of the finest grains and is filtered three times while keeping up with the traditions of Pernod Ricard.
The classic vodka version of Fuel is therefore deprived of any flavor or taste.
Besides distilling fuel vodka in various exotic aromas, Pernod Ricard also takes into account the requirement of discretion for women and younger drinkers in this country.

2. Romanov

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Tough the name of this brand sound hardcore Russian but is owned by an Indian brand, United Breweries Ltd.
This vodka derived its name from the last Russian monarch Romanov Dynasty, which was overthrown by soviets in the Russian revolution.
Romanov and White Mischief majorly control India’s domestic market, which in 2010 increased to 89%.
In my opinion, in the case of Romanov, it’s because of two reasons: Extreme taste and Pocket-friendly.
Affordable clubs and college students consume this Vodka brand.
Cheaply priced, Romanov vodka is very smooth to consume either neat, with some water or mixed (with any coke or sprite).

1. Magic Moments

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Magic Moments Vodka comes from Asia’s second-largest distillery, Radico Khaitan, which also owns Contessa (one of the best Indian rums). 
Launched back in 2006 with Pure Blends and Smoothness, Magic Moments is triple distilled, rice grain gluten-free.
Several international awards have been awarded, not only for its standard variation but also for its six flavors. 
Magic Moments is distilled using the finest Indian grains. 

It is tripled filtered by a unique secret process, ensuring its crisp taste and almost no aromas. 
Magic Moments say that, while drinking, their vodka has a “smooth as silk” taste.
Certainly, it is, as Magic Moments is the best vodka brand in India with affordable price you can buy for your next party.

Instead of mixing it with cocktails and food, we can best enjoy this Slavic drink on the rocks, enjoying its pure taste.
The fun fact is that the Vodka spirit was initially invented for medicinal purposes. This colorless and fragrant drink still has many health benefits.
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