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Top 10 Cheapest Places to Fly Into Europe

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As we travel to Europe, many of us who live in the US visit multiple cities and have the option of traveling to different European destinations.
But as airlines change prices quickly, how can we know which cities are the cheapest to fly to?
Not too many years ago, almost all discounted flights to Europe were to London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam at the biggest and busiest airports.
But due to lowering competition (airlines closing off) and increased fares amidst airlines, the times have changed.
For this, knowledgeable travelers can take advantage of different starting points for international flights to enter the European Union.
For those who don’t, we have created a list for the top 10 cheapest places to fly into Europe:

10. Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy

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In the Milan metropolitan area of Northern Italy, Milan Malpensa Airport is the biggest international airport.
In Milan, the smaller of Alitalia’s two main hubs are usually cheaper than flying to Rome.
But flying to Rome is probably better if you don’t have plans to visit Milan.
Oddly enough, Alitalia never seems to have the best price.
The city seems to be better for low-cost flights in 2015, but largely because the Atlantic is crossed by the Emirates with cheaper fares from some cities.

9. Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland

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It is the primary airport for central Europe flights and is also the nearest to the city center to ensure short and comfortable transfer times for passengers. 
The busiest airport in Poland operates 300 flights each day, covering a wide range of domestic and international destinations. 
It was a hub for LOT Polish Airline, offering services to O’Hare as well as from the JFK, New York.
If you love to visit the medieval marketplace of Cracow or to the impressive museums in Danzk or Warsaw’s green cobblestone roads or Woodstock Music Festival, this might be the best option for you.

8. Dublin Airport, Ireland

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The airports of Dublin and Shannon are on opposite sides of Ireland, and both are Aer Lingus’ active hub, and Aer Lingus is among the cheapest European airlines.
Both are airfare prices that stay similar to North American countries (which is normally a little cheaper in Dublin).
Essentially, if you want to begin your trip to Ireland in Dublin, travel to Dublin and fly to Shannon if you would like to continue your tour elsewhere.

7. Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

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Copenhagen International Airport has a median price for a round ticket from North American countries at around $800.
This allows US travelers to explore the white cliffs of Denmark, forests, deserted dunes, and visually beautiful-historical cultural sites without spending much money.
Besides being the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines, the airport also serves as the main port of entry to the other north countries, serving as an operating base for Thomas Cook Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

6. Gatwick Airport, London, UK

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The Gatwick Airport is a major international airport located 29.5 miles south of central London, close to Crawley, in western Sussex, south-east England. 
After Heathrow Airport, it is the second busiest airport in the UK. London has four major airports, and only one of them could have the lowest trans-Atlantic fares. 
The busiest and closest airport to London is Heathrow, but Gatwick is a cheaper option when compared with the overall price of flights. 
In reality, London had very competitive flights for the first time in several years, beginning with our tests in 2016. 
On low season days, you might get ticket prices as low as $300 from JFK to Gatwick, if airlines offer frequent flights on big passenger planes.
You might get relatively cheap flights throughout the year if you want to start your European vacation from the UK.

5. Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain

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Madrid is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe known for its lively culture, magnificent baroque palace squares, bubbling fountains, tasty food, taste-bud tapas joints, and sunny parks.
Hey, and it’s also technically cheapest airport to fly into Europe with flights to Adolfo Suarez–Barajas Airport landing at just $950 round trip!
Visitors from some US airports, especially during the offseason, are also often able to see much lower prices.
It is the busiest airport in Spain or the 4th busiest in Europe, but Iberia Airlines is not the location of inexpensive trans-Atlantic non-stop flights.

4. Paris Orly Airport, France

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Charles de Gaulle Airport is another of Europe’s best-connected and one of the biggest airports in the world, plus the main hub of Air France. 
But in terms of price not so suitable. As if your only aim is to reach France or Europe, Orly airport could be the best alternative.

3. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

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Arlanda Airport is the major airport of Stockholm, the capital city of Swedan.
But the city center itself is closer to Bromma domestic airport, so naturally, its prices are just a little higher.
You can easily reach when you consider Sweden the next touring destination of European fantasy in a tight budget.
Over the last five years, Arlanda airport has seen a tremendous 30% growth in passengers, making it an important gateway to international destinations worldwide.
Scandinavian Airlines, United, Delta, or Norwegian Air Shuttle offer their services connecting New York, the latter of which will also provide services to Oakland and Los Angeles.
Arlanda Airport is the home base of Scandinavian Airlines.

2. Budapest Airport, Hungary

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Hungary’s main international airport is the Budapest Airport, known in its entirety as Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.
Hungary is among the cheapest European countries to visit in the off-season.
Its 16 kilometers from Budapest and can handle over 11 million passengers per year while providing domestic and international flights with Emirates and Wizz Air, including flights to Dubai.
In the coldest season of the year, Budapest Airport handles all the newest low-cost airlines, including many American airlines like Delta.

1. Keflavík Airport, Iceland

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Keflavík Airport, Iceland, is the cheapest place to fly into europe from the US or Canada.
Who can resist the attraction of the spectacular volcanic scenery of Iceland and its remarkably contemporary capital?
It’s also easy to get across from the fantastic destination of Icelandair and WOW Air from and off the list of flights to and from 10 major US locations: Anchorage, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, Newark, New York City, Orlando, Portland, Seattle, and Washington.
Keflavik International Airport is also the home hub of Iceland Air.

For those who are tight in budget, there are many cheapest places to travel in Europe like Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, etc.
Find the cheapest European city, then the cheapest airline option, and enjoy your vacation.
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For more options from your state, check this out.

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