This was our bucket list of the best rum brands in India. Potent, exotic, versatile and all-season, rum truly unites happy drinkers the world over and is an absolute unmissable entity at any and every celebration. These are the very best rum brands in India that are available almost everywhere in the country.

10. Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is a real dark rum that gives every sip an exotic flavor.
The dark rum products are much more popular in the Indian market than their other varieties.
The taste has original matured rum and natural spices and is produced from fermented molasses in Jamaican pot still.
With an elegantly constructed bottle, it has a rich aroma and a well-balanced flavor.
It is another great brand of rum in India with the tastes of spices and a Molasses-based product.

09. Old port

In 1948, Amrut Distillery started manufacturing rum and brandy and provided them throughout India to military canteens.
Its Rum is rich in molasses, charcoal-filtered, this tipple is hectic and flavourful, with many woody notes, citrus, and butter.
This brand has 4 different varieties-Old Port Deluxe Rum, Old Port Matured Rum, Amrut XXX Classic Rum, Amrut XXx, which is rich in molasses, and bright copper colors.
A further exciting reality about this brand is that Rum is older than the other products for longer periods.

08. McDowell’s No. 1

McDowell’s No.1 is a United Breweries Limited (UBL) Indian spirit brand.
It was started in 1990-1991 and is distributed in 13 nations in the variation of Celebration (Dark) and Caribbean (White).
McDowell’s No.1 is the country’s biggest rum brand, in many ways.
But distillers have filled the genuine taste in the dark rum, with a note of vanilla and caramel.
This brand is not only known in India but also worldwide. For its quality and taste, it has earned many prizes.
McDowell, which has dominated the industry for centuries, is one of the most loved rum products in the nation.

07. Contessa

Contessa wine is a Radico Khaitan brand and is very popular within the military.
It is made with the spirit of cane juice and has notes of cocoa, vanilla and dry fruits such as raisins while the rum is aged for 12 years.
Awarded several prizes including a Silver Medal in the World Selection (2008) for this rum, which is sold in over 60 countries.

06. Hercules

Hercules, too, is an iconic rum brand popular among defense forces.
What makes this rum so special is that it doesn’t give you any hangovers.
It basically comes in 3 variants Hercules White Rum Hercules Deluxe Rum (Dark),  and Hercules XXX Rum (Dark).
The XXX variant is special, which will surely knock you out.

05. Havana Club

Havana Club is one of the best-selling rum products in the world that was founded in Cuba in 1934.
It is the fifth-biggest rum brand in the world and it is products sold over 120 countries worldwide.
It has a unique flavor of Caribbean chocolate and vanilla in its all rums which are aged for around 7 years.
A reliable and smooth light rum that works very well with cocktails like Mojitos and also for the classic Piña colada.

04. Captian Morgan

This rum is named after the 17th-century Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica who was also a privateer.
Captain Morgan is manufactured & marketed by British company Diageo under the slogan of “To Life, Love & Loot”.
It is distilled by using pure sugarcane & aged in special oak barrels for at least one year, taste-wise it has mild hints of spices.
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum are the variations available in India.

03. Malibu

Malibu is produced from rum from the Caribbean and has a taste of coconut.
The owner company, a French brand named Pernod Ricard, calls it a flavored rum.
Nothing better than a delightful large glass of Malibu served in cocktail style on a tropical summer holiday.
Caribbean rum is smooth and fresh in favor of the coconut.
Now in 2019, Malibu rum is flavored in many distinct variants, including bananas, pineapple, passion fruits, melons, and mango.
We can also make a blend called Malibu Fresh, with tequila of the same brand called Malibu Red, as this strong variant (~35%) is called Malibu Black.

02. Bacardi

Bacardi has over 200 products and marks as a premium alcoholic brand.
They have now established sales in more than 150 nations in 1862.
The Bacardi logo is a world-famous, open-winged fruit bat.
They offer it in several incredible flavors like lemon, orange, green apple, raspberry, and dragon berry.
Its original version has a fruity taste with some notes of vanilla which is ideal for making cocktails(usually high-end bars or 5 stars use Bacardi as a base for all the rum-based cocktails)
Speaking about variants it has 3 in India – Bacardi Select (Dark Rum), Bacardi Superior (White Rum) and Bacardi Gold (Gold Rum).

01. Old Monk

Most iconic & celebrated brands of rum in India is here, the legendary Old Monk.
This rum brand is so popular that it has its own different base of drinkers (including me) necessarily because of its affordable price.
Most of the times, when you go to a wine shop or any bar & when you ask for rum, they usually serve you Old Monk.
Aged for 7 years, this rum has a very special sugary vanilla flavor that doesn’t overshadow its original rum taste.
Old Monk is enjoyed by mixing with a cola based drink, with water or sometimes neat.
It comes in 5 variants: Supreme, XXX, Deluxe XXX, Gold Reserve, and White Rum.

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