Top 20 Weird Places on Google Earth

Google Maps is a huge help to everybody as it is a superior depiction of a standard map.
It provides us with a 360-view of the area, landmarks, and nearby properties. If you’re bored, use Google Maps to take a stroll.
There are, however, many creepy aerial photos courtesy of google, you can discover in various parts of the world.
Below is the list of the top 10 weird places on google earth that you should check out.

20. Potash Ponds

The Intrepid Potash mine near Moab, Utah depicts these beautiful blue ponds.
These strange-looking objects are not swimming pools but evaporation ponds of potassium chloride.
The term ‘Potash’ means potassium salts. In contrast, the light reddish-yellow color of the red desert contributes to the sunlight and evaporation.
When the water evaporates from the pond, salt, and potassium crystals are left behind and collected for further chemical process.
This is one funny google maps coordinate that can confuse the user.

19. Badlands Guardian

The Badlands Guardian is located in the southeastern corner of Alberta, Canada, next to Medicine Hat.
The natural formation looks more like a human head facing west wearing an indigenous full headdress from the satellite view.
A valley eroded in clay soil is the “face.”
Some people say that the person seems to have earphones, which in reality is just a road and a well of oil.

18. Illuminati Target Symbol

Wide land art can be seen in the ground in the heart of the desert, south of the Nevada triangle, USA.
The mysterious desert pattern target symbol, typically associated with the shooting, is not defined by any other geographic information, including its purpose.
This weird and wonderful sighting raises questions as to why anyone could know the site. What is it indicating?
Concentric circles markings on fields and strange geometrical patterns in the desert could lead alien believers and conspiracy theorists to think deeply and find out how and why the artworks were created.

17. Fighter Jet Parking Lot

There are many scary places on google earth but it’s a crazy world as these amazing photos of the Earth from space reveal too much craziness.
Talk about a smooth ride! Simple ride!
We’re used to fighter jet planes in the sky which they belong to, but not in a Parisian suburb residential parking lot, as shown in the photo above from El Segundo, California, USA.

16. Guitar shaped forest of Argentina

One site in the lush farms near Córdoba, Argentina, is distinguished by appreciating work of true love.
If aircraft flies across the fertile land of the Pampas area, a wonderful guitar-shaped forest in fields often surprises the passengers.
The site is more than an excellent example of land art, with shapes incorporated into a natural landscape.
It is an emotional tribute to the lost sweetheart of a man.
In 1977, Pedro Martín Ureta, a young Argentine farmer’s wife named Graciela, died tragically.
He planted trees in a shape that resembles a guitar if viewed from the top in her honor, and Ureta still maintains the stunning memorial almost 40 years after her death.

15. Firefox Logo in Oregon

After all, perhaps alien technology is not so alien after looking at funny places on google earth.
This crop circle is a scale model of the Firefox logo that was noticed in Oregon, although there’s no mystery about its origins.
In 2006, the Linux User Group of the Oregon State University created the giant logo, which covers over 45000 sq. ft to mark the 50 millionth download of the Web browser.

14. Desert Breath in Egypt

For some viewers, it looks as if it were a landing strip for extraterrestrial spacecraft, or maybe the portal for a parallel dimension, if not a monument to a benevolent deity who had an eye for symmetry and design.
But what people see in the desolate area of the Desert of Egypt, a short drive from the shores of the Red Sea, is a cool google earth art installation.

13. Lakes in the Great Sandy Desert

The desert wilderness lies in western Australia, covering over 100,000 square kilometers. But the dull sandy natural formations are sometimes intercepted and huddled by lake groups.
It creates the strangest sightings on google from space and allows people and vegetation to flourish back on earth.

12. Black Hole in Himalayas

This shot is taken from Nepal’s one of the famous Himalayan mountain peaks, Kangtega.
Nobody knows precisely through geographical information why the spot seems like this. There is a black spot on the peak at Kangtega on Google Earth, which cannot be seen.
A question pops up, what is in that area of the Himalayan summit in Nepal?
Aliens and UFO conspiracy theories formulate various theories like the entrance of portals, etc.
Some researchers have estimated that the blackout zone on Google Maps could be caused by failure instead of a deliberate attempt to hide the entrance to a secret base.

11. Airplane Boneyard

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group outside Tucson, Arizona, USA is a place where nearly 5,000 aerospace vehicles “die,” that’s why it is also known as the “Boneyard.”
The base has an immense variety of retired planes chosen for its suitable climate that slows down plane degradation.
Many are nuclear-capable, withdrawn throughout the years through arms reduction treaties.
Examples include The B-52, B-1, and F-111, which were once nuclear weapon carriers.
The related recent internments are also available: including F-14 Tomcats, which were retired in 2006.
Other fighter planes spotted on the site include F-15s, F-16s, C-130s, and KC-135s as well as refueling tankers, A-10s.

10. Hidden in Plane Sight

An unidentified messageboard user MaxMaxSvx says to have discovered a plane on Google Earth in somebody’s backyard in Paraguay.
It isn’t a small plane as it looks like a passenger aircraft. Could it be a cashed-up substance or a baron’s precious property?
What are you thinking? If anybody can recognize the sort of aircraft seen in this picture, let us know in the comments.

9. Human Lips in Sudan

You can see this funny place on google earth is a human’s luscious red lips. But in reality, it is just a cliff structure discovered in Gharb, Darfur, Sudan.
Just think about it for a second, with your imagination as it could be the lips of the earth like Ego, the living planet from Guardians of the Galaxy, or an enormous-sized monster buried.
This weird and wonderful cliff could be a time portal or a black hole. Funny possibilities are limitless, and I’ll leave that to you.
So, if you believe it, it can be a little creepy.

8. Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico

The region includes two big diamond engraves divided by two rings that overlap.
An author labeled John Sweeney said for the Church of Scientology that it was the first sign of the google earth secret bunkers.
After fleeing a global “Armageddon” and moving to Earth, Scientologists use the signs as a reference.

7. Strange Triangle in Australia

Online users discovered one of the cool places on google earth in 2007 on the web and are keen to figure out what could be this strange circle labeled with vivid lamps in the center of the arena.
People who believe in aliens claim it was a UFO that was swiftly flying across Earth or a navigation landmark for landing.
Others claim it could be a wind farm with generators surrounding three corners of the triangle while the main power transmitter could be in the middle of them.
It might be a power-generating wind farm with three rows of wires forming a ring and getting the middle part according to me.

6. Sandy Island

In 2012, an unknown island appeared on maps. It was called Sandy Island in New Caledonia’s northwest, which was around Manhattan’s size.
But when the location was explored by a team of researchers, they never discovered a solid land but endless water.
The team explained it could be a human error in maps, a glitch, or a probable pumice raft.

5. Big Friendly Giant

One of the funny google maps coordinates is the giant strange symbol in Chile’s Atacama Desert on a slanted hill.
The weird desert illustration in the coordinates mentioned above is called the Atacama Giant, which can be seen from space.
We cannot identify the weird symbol from a distance, but the form looks like something of an animalistic being after closer inspection.
The creature has two eyes, arms, legs, and a headdress that looks like a pole.

4. Sunken Car

According to media agency KFOR, employees at a Michigan funeral home decorating a tree for the holidays in 2015 when they noticed a car’s roof in a neighboring pond.
There are many claims from the media that a body was missing in the vehicle for nine years, and the car was noticeable via Google Street View all the moment. That’s legitimately frightening.

3. Lago Vermelho

According to, this lake emerged to be a striking blood-red shade in a 2007 Google Maps study.
If you look at this blood-red lake’s coordinates now, it looks like a natural lake.
No reason for the bizarre sight has been provided, but the terrifying vision may have been created by slaughterhouses disposing of runoff blood.

2. Shipwreck in India

Some areas in the ocean lead to sunk ships aside from accidents on land.
You’ll see the largest shipwreck visible in maps on North Sentinel Island, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.
That’s the S.S. Jassim, a Bolivian cargo ferry of 265 feet that came ashore and sank in 2003 on the Wingate Reef.
People really can’t visit the location because it’s a dangerous tribe’s (Sentinelese people) home.
The island is nearly the size of Manhattan, according to reports, but never had outside contact or communication.

1. Satanic Symbol in Kazakhstan

As we can imagine, there are many weird places on google earth depicting alien figures or world conspiracy, but none of them is as scary as the Satanic symbol (Sigil of Baphomet) in Asia.
You will discover an enormous pentagram in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan with a diameter of about 1,200 feet.
We can see the picture on the Upper Tobol Reservoir’s southern coast.
People believed it had to do with religious satanic sects, but it came out to be just “the outline of a park made in the form of a star.”

There are many more funny places on google earth yet to be discovered.
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