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Top 10 Most Handsome Men in the World in 2019

It is often said that men are from mars & certainly mars is a beautiful red planet.
And we cannot call men beautiful, but they are handsome.
While there are more important factors apart from good-looks when listing among 3.5 billion people top 10 hottest men in the world, which definitely takes more factors than mere looks.
Which factors?
Popularity, wealth, genetics, intelligence, muscularity, etc are some of them.
Being a man myself I’ve researched & studied all popular men of all countries based on many other factors & listed 10 most handsome men in the world:

10.George Clooney

hottest men in the world

He’s charming, he’s sleek, and he smiles amazingly. It’s the character that makes him hot.
George Clooney eventually came a little out of his hotness to become a handsome aged man, but for some unidentified reason, he was certainly on the top shelf for his film profession.
Clooney looks fantastic, almost great, menacing eyes, gentle smile, etc… but he combines looks with beauty and some sort of diabolical youth that drives women’s nuts.
He’s not intimidating, but neither is he too adorable. He has a square jaw and head, but he doesn’t overdo it either.

09.Chris Evans

most handsome men in the world

If the captain is not there, this list cannot be completed.
He is a wonderful man with a provocative look, making him listed on the top rank of the most beautiful males on the planet.
His blue eyes and his beautiful look are the most impressive and attractive characteristic of him, which stands out in distinct hairstyles.
Women are driven crazy towards him because of his boyish charm, which definitely irresistible to women looking for a new boy toy.

08.Bradley Cooper

worlds most handsome man 2018

Bradley Cooper has entered the “Sexiest Man Alive” poll of People Magazine.
His eyes are described by women as most seductive eyes, especially when he smiles.
With that, he can mould in any look which we would consider handsome.
A soilder with a heart-done, Romantic guy-done, intelligent confident man-done.

07.Henry Cavill

most handsome men in the world

This British actor for his films like Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017) has won a large reputation as a Superman in the DC Extended Universe.
Recently, he was seen in Mission: Impossible–Fallout, a CIA assassin for Ethan’s Special Activities Division who has been responsible for tracking his squad and performed the personality of August Walker.
His broad & Supermanish jawline manages to get him some extra female fans.

06.Hritik Roshan

most handsome man in india

Roshan is blessed with amazing height, nice looking, and a lovely personality. 
With such personality, he deserves a mention on the list of top ten most handsome men.
With his hazel eyes, he not just a skilled handsome actor but also a world-class dancer, some of his dance moves are completely insane.
This Indian actor has all the requirements that are required to be officially mentioned “Greek God”.

05.David Beckham

most handsome men in the world

Known as the sexiest man or hottest sports person, people after looking at this famous footballer can not disagree.
We can recognize David Beckham as one of the world’s most marketable sports players. Women go over him even at 44.
He’s sold as a brand, with his self-image also in style and existing.

04.Idris Elba

most handsome men in the world

Idris Elba smolders with his signature suit look on the cover of many magazines.
He was also the contender to bag the James Bond role. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that.
However, it doesn’t make fans less love him!
In the U.S. media, however, people are “sexy” men, film stars, fit and dressed, with a strong jaw, sweet eyes and prize points for his British accent. That’s he is.

03.Zac Efron

most handsome men in the world

Well,’ His blue-sparkling eyes,’ for one reason.’ That’s the only reason why women are insane all over him.
In comparison with a young, Cary Grant, Zac Efron’s charm and sex appeal were honest to goodness teenage idol.
He knows how his muscular alpha physic can flaunt.
Zac’s hair is on the right track and always on the right track makes him the icon for a hairstyle.
He has tried everything and looks outstanding as always, from floppy hair to formal side-cutting hair.
Zac is slaughtering the hearts every time with his good looks and perfect hair, from Layered Round with Bangs to Side Parted Highlights.

02.Tom cruise

hottest men in the world

Tom Cruise is known for the role of Ethan Carter in Mission Impossible film series and is a well known American actor and producer.
Tom Cruise often tops among most handsome men in the world (but not this one). 
At this age, he is still very sexy and attractive and it is the best candidate for a date for most ladies.
Women throughout the world are always insane about their dedicated appearance and personality.
Personally, I would say he is most good-looking man in the world to this day.

01.Brad Pitt

most handsome men in the world

He is being synonymous with male handsomeness both in the normal sense and scientifically.
With is sharp jawlines, hairstyle & “not-giving-a-fuck” attitude has placed him in a Bad-Boy stereotype.
He is a two-time winner of People’s “Sexiest man alive” one in 1995 & other in 2000.
He has an appealing mixture of qualities and characteristics.
The head and his body are proportionate. He has wonderful eyes which shine in the edges when he smiles twinkly. He is ever fit, he dresses well, but he often dresses informally, but he never seems to wear trashy garments.
Brad Pitt single-handedly tops many hottest men in the world lists.

I hope you loved reading this article about the most handsome men in the world.
Most of them are almost actors (the reason for their worldwide popularity) but apart from just looks & acting skills, they are equally smart and successful in their respective fields.
If you are a fan of these (or all) men, please share this with your friends on social media and like our Facebook page.

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