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Top 10 Best Tanks in the World

10. Arjun Mk II

The Arjun Mk II is a third-generation tank that is known for its accuracy, mobility, fire-power consistency, and agility. It is equipped with a mine plow, advanced land navigation system, main weapon penetration, missile-firing capacity, panoramic sight with night vision. The tank is armed with a 120 mm rifled gun which is capable of firing 6-8 rounds per minute. It possesses a missile-firing ability that can fire missiles accurately up to a 5 km range. Arjun Mk II is protected with the modular composite armor which protects the turret and glacis. In its new design, has Non-Explosive and Non-Energetic Reactive Armor along with NBC protection equipment to protect the tank.

9. T-90

The T-90 tanks are equipped with thermal imagers, infrared ATGM jamming system, smoke grenade dischargers, and a self-protection system that can deal with chemical and biological weapons. The tank is armed with the 125mm smoothbore tank gun which is a modified version of the Sprut anti-tank gun. The gun has capable of firing high-explosive anti-tank, anti-tank guided missiles, and high-explosive fragmentation ammunition as well and the gun can be replaced in the inner turret without dismantling. The tank is fitted with the 3-tier protection system; tier-1 is composite armor in the turret, tier-2 is 3rd generation Kontakt-5 ERA, and tier-3 is the Shtora-1 countermeasures suite.

8. Leclerc tank

The Leclerc tank is 10 tons lighter than most of the battle tanks and has a lower ground pressure, acceleration, good power to weight ratio, and high maximum speed. It is armed with an F1 smoothbore gun of 120 mm module that is compatible with the NATO ammunition. Also, the tank consists of the autoloader that reloads the gun while firing at the movement and can have the ability to fire 6 targets in a minute. The hull and turret are made up of steel plates on which the removable composite armors are placed. 12 modules surround the turret, placed 6 per side, and are covered by the fiberglass anti-slip coating.

7. Type 10

Type 10 is a next-generation main battle tank that can respond to contingencies and anti-tank warfare. The reason why it’s called the next generation tank is it has the Command, Control, Communication, and Computing system. Type 10 armor has modular sections that can provide protection by depending upon the missile’s weight and height requirements. Armed with a turret fitted automatic loading system that can be rotated 360 degrees to determine the targets of the enemies. Also, the new cannon can fire the normal JM33 APFSDS and as well as the standard 120 mm NATO ammunition.

6. Merkava Mark IV

After shooting the number of missiles and rockets also Merkava Mark IV tank was not lost in combat operations which proves it as highly effective. It features exterior non-reflective paints, hull shaping, and to confuse enemies, mixing engine heat plumes with the air particles. The tank includes a 120 mm larger gun as the main to fire a wider variety of ammunition. For anti-vehicle operations, it includes a larger 12.7 mm machine gun. Also, designed for the repair and replacement of the damaged armors with modular ones that can be easily replaced. Merkava Mark IV consists of engines at the front which is different from other tanks.

5. T-14 Armata

T-14 Armata features an unmanned turret which offers better crew survivability. The tank contains a hull that has a power-pack at the back, an unmanned remote turret in the middle, and a crew cab at the front. A new combat vehicle consists of the digitalized equipment. It is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore gun fed by an automatic loader and the main gun can fire laser-guided missiles. Based on a modular combat platform that serves as a basis for other armored variants like APC and IFV. T-14 Armata is protected by an Active protective system that can monitor, detect the anti-tank munitions.

4. K2 Black Panther

K2 Black Panther is the most expensive tank in service in the world. It is the combination of advanced armor with soft and hard-kill active protection and a 120mm main gun which is auto-loaded. The main gun results in greater accuracy, armor penetration at a higher velocity. The tank is equipped with an advanced fire-control system with a crosswind sensor and traditional laser range finder which can track targets up to 9.8 km. The Armor which is at the front has claimed to be the effective one and also the tank has explosive and non-explosive reactive armors.

3. Challenger 2

The Challenger 2 is equipped with an accurate 120 mm long L30A1 tank gun and it is also unique among the NATO main battle tank armament. The main gun of the tank has a maximum aiming range of 5km but still holds the longest tank-to-tank kill record in the world. It has the armored TOGS thermal gunsight on the right side of the turret. The armor is augmented with an explosive reactive package which is fitted along with the bar armor. The design of the tank is done to reduce the radar signature. By injecting the diesel fuel into the exhaust manifolds, Challenger 2 can create smoke.

2. M1 Abrams

M1 Abrams is conceived for modern armored ground warfare which has a multifuel turbine engine, automated fire control system, ammunition storage, and NBC protection. There are 3 versions of Abrams which are MA, M1A1, and M1A2 with new improvements in each version. The tank integrated a small form-fit radio and joint tactical radio system to ensure interoperations with future BCT’s. Compare to the other tanks its firepower is low because M1 Abrams has a shorter 120mm L44 smoothbore gun. Abrams has armor both at the front and back, that provides ballistic protection against the HEAT rounds.

1. Leopard 2A7

Leopard 2A7 is powered by a V-12 twin-turbo diesel engine and armed with a 120 mm smoothbore cannon which is a distinct feature from others. It is designed to operate both at high and low-intensity conflicts. The tank consists of extra armor, capable of using programmable rounds, and observation systems. Leopard 2A7 was identified from 2A6 where there is a ventilation grille of the hull for a 20KW power unit based on the engine. At the front, it has 800mm thick armor and 2 others which are 1500 mm thick. This armor provides 360-degree protection against the RPG-rounds.

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