Top 10 Highest Paid Sports in the World

highest paid sport in the world

Sports careers are often the dream thing, with many kids and adults aspiring to a career as a professional athlete.
While the physical demands of professional athletics are intense, rewards are high, with the average pay for players in many fields.
But the question arises, what sport pays the most?
It depends upon the physiological and psychological aspects of the wannabe player.
To clear further confusion, and to help you clearly decide your dream game, here are the top 10 highest paid sports in the world:

10. Tennis

most paid sport
  • Average tennis player salary: US$38,800 for male players and US$40,180 for female players

The possibility of tennis players to become a professional is like a huge gamble.
And the probability of stable tennis earnings is little to none, let alone enormous wealth.
This level of uncertainty also applies to professional tennis players.
Just like other sports athletes, the small likelihood of a large payout is attractive for new tennis players.
Highly qualified players, both women, and men can earn significant prize money.
While the players that rank between 200 and 2,000 almost make nothing.
The winners take home approximately 18 percent of the total prize money from the 128 players that qualify for each of the four Grand Slam tournaments.
Those who perform only get 0.3 percent in the first round.
This does not a factor to the sponsorships and approvals received by top placings.
Roughly in 2020, 14000 players are qualified as tennis professionals, and nearly half of these athletes will never earn a dime.
The other end of the spectrum is a combination of competitive awards, appearance fees, and sponsorship deals.
It includes big sports brands such as Nike and top-ranked players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and the Williams sisters earn millions.

9. Combat Sports

Boxers earn a purse for every fight, not a regular salary.
There are quite different payments for professional boxers.
Before the fight, the boxer’s Manager will negotiate the purse in the contract on a case-by-case basis.
Pay ranges from several hundred dollars to millions per fight and is the highest for popular TV and title fights.
The boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao earned approximately $100 million each from pay-per-view purchasing in the fight in 2015.
The popularity of MMA in recent years has grown significantly thanks to fighters like Conor McGregor.
Although in companies like the UFC, a considerable salary gap still exists from the highest to the lowest paid.
In fact, the rise of some of the top stars in the sport implies that. In 2018, 187 fighters (33% of UFCs) won six figures.
To put this into perspective, an average U.S. household income is about $45,000 a year, but over one third (213 fighters-37%) of the UFC fighting demographic in 2018 made less of the average U.S. household in 2018.
However, the popularity of MMA is increasing as these figures continue to grow to make it the highest-paid sport.
WWE says the average wrestler on the main roster is 500,000 dollars annually, while the top performers make up seven numbers.
However, it is far more difficult to determine an individual wrestler’s pay.
Rumors on the internet tied up a former Lesnar deal of $5 million a year, while others claim the new contract worth $3 million for a three-year deal.

8. Golf

The best golf players like Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, and Jack Nicklaus made their position immortal in the sport’s history.
These wealthiest athletes earned millions from Golf and have the highest net worth.
According to Forbes, one of the world’s leading golf players and the most successful athlete of all time, Tiger Woods still holds a record for achieving 11 times the first place in Forbes list of Richest Players.
In 2002, he first ranked at the top with a net revenue of 69 million dollars.

7. Autoracing

Various competition events, like the Formula 1 Grand Prix or NASCAR, have earned their reputation as one of the highest paying sport in the world.
High-income prizes and many reputable supercar brands compensate for the involvement of life-threatening risks.
F1 legend: Michael Schumacher was ranked as the highest-paid in the list of 1999, with $49 million in total revenue.
In local or regional tournaments, club professionals can earn money.
But they earn most of their income from regular paychecks, often with lesson fees and professional income supplemented.
PGA top-level pros made a median of $68,600, ranging from $40,000 to $140, 000, according to a 2010 American compensation survey by the PGA.
A median of $37,000 has been paid by assistants who are full PGA members, ranging from $22,000 to $59,000.
High-speed and cross-country motorcycle racing has become a major sports industry with more than a dozen pro-circuit races worldwide.
Global motorcycle brands compete with each other with their fastest bikes in the premier class of motorcycle roads racing events like MotoGP and Superbike World Championship.
Talking about MotoGP, the only Asian rider, Takaaki Nakagami, is at the bottom of the league.
Nakagami has signed a contract with LCR Honda Castrol in 2018 with reported revenue of an estimated € 250,000 (RM1,21 million roughly).
It’s the same figure for another rookie, Xavier Simeon, who signed the equipment for Reale Avintia Racing.
With the cool annual figure of $2 million (about RM7.8 million), Andrea Iannone of Suzuki ECSTAR began to earn the top ten.
LCR Honda Castrol’s Cal Crutchlow comfortably earns $2.5 million (RM9.75 million) for driving his Honda RC213V as quickly as he can.

6. Ice Hockey

Players in Ice hockey need to maintain high levels of conditioning in games that are sometimes physically demanding and even combative.
Over recent years, the requirements for off-season athletes have increased to a tough 82-game schedule and several playoff rounds.
In useful exercises, the skill of skating, handling, and shooting is perfected.
Based on the relatively small size of 23 players on the roster and a 50-50 split between owners and players.
The average earnings of players in different NHL teams range from 1.54 million to 3.54 million.
For one of the over 150 minor league teams, most pro-hockey players within the United States and Canada play.
Depending on the level of the League Minor, the amount is accounted at $40,000 to $90,000 per year.
This highest-paid professional sport relatively pays higher compared to field hockey.

5. American Football

highest paid sport in the world

NFL players are engaged in one of the most physically challenging sports, in which athletes collide at high speed.
Football strategy in terms of its complexity surpasses any other sport.
To prepare for an unlimited number of potential situations, players need to study and master extensive playbooks.
Cases are common and players take considerable time to repair damage in the physical therapy and other treatment settings.
To reduce injuries, considering recent attention on traumatic brain damage and during practice sessions, the NFL has established limitations on player contact.
The average career in the NFL is the shortest among all popular sports in America, about 3.5 years.
While it is America’s best-paid sports, NFL players are paid well below their level compared to other major sports.
The average salaries ranged from 2.07 million to 2.99 million for NFL players on different teams in 2017/18.
It is only the top competitors like Matt Ryan who earn the most.
Football lineups have 53 players (for backups) that are much considerably larger than other sports, so they should divide the wages of each team member between them.
Team owners do not guarantee NFL contracts beyond the current season so that teams can cut low ability players without compensation.
Players will usually receive non-refundable guaranteed signing bonuses.
Colleges act as the small football league, so most paid employment is in the NFL.

4. Soccer

When you consider the professionally qualified footballers, you’re always attracted to the elite players who are at the very top.
Highest-paid athletes in the world with their gifted skills, who intensify the World Cups and the Champions Leagues.
Most followed players like players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar earn the biggest pay and get the most money for their approval.
A large majority of professional players earn only a fraction of what those stars are carrying home in just one week.
The salaries of the top football players depend upon a lot of factors, like the league in which they play, the tax system where they belong, and how well they (or their managers) negotiate a deal.
Add additional factors such as performance criteria related to a clean sheet and goal-scoring bonuses, promotional clauses, and photography rights to measure the actual earnings of players.
Other than the United States, professional soccer players can make millions of dollars a year, though the majority won’t do so much.
Some national league bodies, like the MLS, set wage regulations that determine how many clubs can pay players.
There are no such limits in other countries.
Football earnings are usually not based only on salaries but also include bonuses, patrons, rights, backing and, sometimes, a cut of club profits.

3. Baseball

which is highest paid sport in the world
  • Average MLB salary: $3.4 million- $4.36 million

Successful MLB players implement rigorous off-season training sessions to enhance strength and flexibility.
The MLB season includes 162 games and several rounds of playoffs to cope with a taxing schedule for players.
Many experts think hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult tasks in sports, which requires the batting skills of players to continue to keep their edge.
The average annual salary for MLB players in 2018 was 4.52 million.
Supported by a strong union, they guarantee the safety of guaranteed contracts and a generous pension program to players making baseball the highest-paid sport in America.
Most professional baseball players are playing for one of the over 240 minor league teams in the United States.
They receive much smaller pay and benefits, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 a month, but with certainty to make in the big league team.
The top 100 players drawn from school or college receive bonuses of $500,000 to $2 million.

2. Cricket

highest paid sport in the world 2020

In 2017, the world’s most valuable cricket captain almost made 20 times more than the rest of the players.
International cricketers earn about $1 million on average from playing international matches for their national teams.
We used the above figures on international cricket and do not take into account T20 league player earnings, other domestic leagues or endorsements.
Speaking about professional sports leagues, the biggest among them, The Indian Premier League (IPL) has shocked cricket professionals with its rich owners and global appeal.
It has attracted topmost players from five continents with average paychecks of up to $111,000 per game of three hours.
This is a tremendous amount of money in a sport that traditionally includes domestic league games in the international version.
Although cricket is among the world’s most popular sport, no domestic league actually was operated as a business before the IPL was launched in 2008.
But with the IPL teams being paid up to $1.55 million for only one season of five weeks, compared to $500,000 and $1 million in national teams.
We could conclude that cricket is indeed the extremely loved highest-paid professional sport commonwealth countries.

1. Basketball

highest paid sport in america

The NBA players earn an average salary of $7,422,823 in 2018-19.
Basketball is the highest-paid sport in the world with an enormous salary and plenty of sponsorship opportunities.
There are fewer NBA teams compared to baseball and football, which enables franchisors to dedicate more resources to recruiting players.
Usually, players sign guaranteed contracts to receive compensation even if they become injured or are cut off by a team.
According to Forbes magazine, players like LeBron James during his first 16 years, earned more than twice as much of his $270 million in pay.
It dwarfs Kevin Durant’s current ten-year $275 million Nike deal with a $187 million on-court revenue over 12 seasons.
James is the highest-paid player in NBA for the sixth consecutive year at 92 million dollars, including salary and endorsements.
For an active basketball player and as a sportsman overall, this is a world record.
His largest endorser is Nike and their new research lab on the Business campus of Beaverton, Oregon is named after James.
Last month, Nike LeBron XVII hit stores for the seventeenth iteration of his signed shoe.
The world’s leading basketball players in places such as Spain, Greece, Italy, China, and Argentina also earn high salaries of over 1 million dollars.

Top 10 Best Bodybuilders in the World

Top 10 best bodybuilders of all time

Most people, if they put in a little effort, can build up a fair amount of muscle mass.
There’s a big difference between the casual goer to gym and professional bodybuilders, though.
But nowadays, Bodybuilding is out of reach with the idea that “bigger is better” considering the not-so-impressive bodies of professionals these days.
It wasn’t about size back in the day. It’s been about aesthetics and proportionality.
There was almost no reliance on mass to win titles for bodybuilding and the drugs to do so.
An impressive physique certainly has the muscular size to it, but it should contain perfect symmetry and tremendous detail to make it appear as if someone sculpted them from a marble slab.
Not as if they were just inflated with hot air muscles in the back of a laboratory holding water.
So, there must be the best bodybuilders who fit into the textbook definition.
To answer this, we developed a list of the greatest bodybuilders of all time based on their overall physique, muscularity, winning profile & overall positive influence they had on the sport.
Here’s what we think are top 10 best bodybuilders in the world:

10. Dexter Jackson

best bodybuilders

He is the oldest and experienced top Olympia won contestant in this age, starting his streak from 1999 to this day in 2019.
Unsurprisingly, he is planning to compete in 2020, Mr. Olympia, at the age of 50.
We know Dexter Jackson for having the best set of abs in bodybuilding, dubbed ‘The Blade’ for his razor-sharp conditioning and consistent contest-ready-shape.
Besides owning a record high of 28 professional bodybuilding titles from the IFBB, Jackson has won Arnold Classic 5 times more than any other bodybuilder.
He has also taken part in 19 competitions for Mr. Olympia (World Record).
And, after several years in the top four, Jackson finally tasted victory when he won the 2008 Mr. Olympia contest.
Dexter Jackson, epitomizing the symbol of the time of our father’s, never seems to age.
Jackson has won the cover of countless bodybuilding magazines and articles since 1999, having competed in every single Mr. Olympia contest.
It is almost impossible for any Olympia level top bodybuilders to compete for so long.

9. Phil Heath

biggest bodybuilder

Phil Heath made his professional debut in 2006 after discovering bodybuilding in 2002.
From 2011 to 2017, he won seven consecutive Mr. Olympia wins before Shawn Rhoden dethroned him last year.
Phillip Heath, who by his nickname, “The Gift,” many knows, grew up in Seattle, Washington, and was a typical jock of high school.
He played varsity basketball and excelled enough to win a University of Denver basketball scholarship.
Although he enjoyed basketball, he was searching for his next challenge and discovered the world of bodybuilding in 2002 only after college.
For his first event, The Rocky Mountain NPC USA Championship “Northern,” he boosted his body from 185 pounds to 215 pounds of pure muscle, before cutting down to 192 pounds.
Heath won–quite the way to start his career. He trained harder, grew larger, and finally picked up many other titles, including his IFBB Pro card and seven Mr. Olympia wins.

8. Lou Ferrigno

top bodybuilders

Without the Incredible Hulk, there would be no list of top 10 bodybuilders complete.
Lou Ferrigno had a difficult childhood because he was very shy because of his hearing loss (which resulted from an ear infection in his youth).
He was a gangly kid, reading comic books, fancied to be as strong as the muscular characters inside–and he certainly achieved that goal (in fact exceeded it).
When he was 12, he first picked up a weight and trained enough over the next decade to become the youngest man to win twice the IFBB Mr. Universe competition.
He was also the tallest to do so, and the only one to win two consecutive wins.
He was also among the youngest to enter the prestigious contest of Mr. Olympia, strutting on stage at the age of 23.
Lou was a serious threat to Arnold during his last bodybuilding years. Many speculated that Lou would be the one who would dominate Mr. Olympia after Arnold.
Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as Lou got interested in pursuing his Hollywood career as they offered him the role of The Incredible Hulk.
In 1976 instead, Franco Columbu took over the title of Mr. Olympia.
By becoming The Incredible Hulk and entering the Hollywood world, he eventually realized his childhood dream.

7. Flex Wheeler

greatest bodybuilder

Kenneth “Flex” Wheeler racked up an incredible 17 professional championships, but he never won the Sandow, finishing at second position three times.
He won a record four times for the Arnold Classic and was once described by Arnold Schwarzenegger as “the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen.”
Flex is regarded by experienced bodybuilding fans as the best of the best, not only for aesthetic purposes but as a bodybuilder in general.
If you lined up all the pro bodybuilders from all the different eras and put them all in one place, you’d be hard-pressed not to choose Flex as having the best physique among them.
He was all bodybuilding represented: with very few flaws, size, and detail.
In fact, he won the all first 4 shows he entered, including a pretty amazing 2nd place finish in his first Mr. Olympia, we can look back on his rookie debut in 1993.
Flex Wheeler had the best mid-section and a chiseled yet big body to accompany.
He had all-size, mass, definition, proportion, and symmetry.
Throughout his career, he was often compared to near-perfect legends like Steve Reeves and Bob Paris, yet attained an unprecedented level of muscularity.

6. Kevin Levrone

top 10 bodybuilders

If we recognize Flex for aesthetic physique, his closest rival, Kevin Levrone is known for having a muscular physique.
Considered by many to be the most underrated bodybuilder of all time, with his incredible arms and delts, Kevin Levrone consistently impressed fans along with a chiseled midsection.
Although he has won 23 titles for pro shows, 2 Arnold classics & 4 time Olympia second rankings, he has never won the prestigious title of Mr. Olympia.
But, as he made his comeback at the age of 51 (after his unofficial retirement in 2003 for tricep tear), the ‘Uncrowned Mr. Olympia’ took another shot at the title in 2016.
Despite placing 16th, both fans and athletes agreed that he was the competition’s true champion competing at such an age.
The Maryland Muscle Machine had just fallen short of securing greatness, placing four times in second place at the Olympia.

5. Lee Haney

famous bodybuilders

Haney was able to retire at the extremely young age of 31 with a record-tying 8 Mr. Olympia titles (1984-1991) and foster a career outside of bodybuilding.
The only famous bodybuilder ever to win Olympia and never lose his title afterward.
After a record of eight victories, he retired. In the 1980s, Haney dominated the world of bodybuilding and has since retired to a much quieter life.
Many claim he retired because he knew that he was about defeated by a guy below.

4. Dorian Yates

world no 1 bodybuilder

The first real Mass Monster Dorian Yates, who like Haney was undefeated Olympia, ranks fourth in our list.
Dorian began a new age of bodybuilding, with the size and granite-like conditioning anyone had ever seen.
Dorian throughout his career has won Six Olympia trophies.
What makes Dorian Yates one of the all-time’s best bodybuilders ever is not only his six Mr. Olympia titles (1992-1997) but also his special training style.
While we knew Dorian for his training four days a week, several professional bodybuilders trained six days a week.
The reason was, his high intense training style & he reached the full muscle recovery with shorter yet intensive four days a week.
We also knew him before anyone else for bringing his extremely shredded glutes and hamstrings to the stage.
Besides his accomplishments and some of the most granite-hard bodybuilding conditioning, the work ethic of Yates makes him an icon for many fans.
Yates worked 365 days a year with a machine-like focus on training, with intense and brutal routines (which was also one reason for his early retirement).

3. Jay Cutler

best bodybuilder ever

Jay Cutler, personally speaking, is my favorite bodybuilder.
Although Jay spent most of his career fighting with Ronnie Coleman in second, he’s a four-time Mr. Olympia on his own.
He would have been Mr. Olympias winning the best bodybuilder of history if it weren’t for Big Ron.
Also, Jay is the only Mr. Olympia to lose the competition and then come back to win the title.
Jay Cutler is a winner of four times Mr. Olympia (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010).
One of the modern-day mass builders Cutler weighed in on the stage at a solid 275 pounds.
Cutler is considered to have one of the most massive yet aesthetically appealing physiques in the modern era with his massive upper body and feathered quads.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

best bodybuilders

Even if you know nothing about bodybuilding, you’ll probably know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is.
The bodybuilder from Austria set records in the world of fitness, becoming the youngest person to win the title of Mr. Universe when he was 20.
Over the years, he racked up countless titles, including four more titles of Mr. Universe and seven prestigious titles of Mr. Olympia.
After an illustrious bodybuilding career, Schwarzenegger (who, after migrating to the U.S. in 1968, had become a U.S. citizen) began to conquer another industry–Hollywood.
Many consider him as the world’s best bodybuilder ever.
However, Schwarzenegger could not compete with the standards of today in terms of athleticism.
In fact, many bodybuilders have shown better strength and mass since the early 1990s when competing with Schwarzenegger.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has successfully changed bodybuilding for decades with his charismatic personality and never say die mindset, facing all odds.
An unknown fact about Arnold is that throughout his career he has also competed and won several powerlifting contests.

1. Ronnie Coleman

greatest bodybuilders of all time

Ronnie Coleman without a doubt is the world’s no. 1 bodybuilder of all time.
When 1997, Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates retired and Paul Dillett collapsed on stage, Ronnie Coleman stunned the bodybuilding world after winning his first Mr. Olympia title in 1998.
Coleman took the show away from Shawn Ray, Nasser El Sonbaty, Lee Priest, Flex Wheeler, and Kevin Levrone, all of them have been jockeying for years against Dorian for first place.
Ronnie came and ripped in a massive and perhaps Dorian was glad he retired at the time because the size and conditioning of Ronnie were unmatched to this point.
In the early stages of his career, Ronnie Coleman had it all, including mass and conditioning.
Not only was Ronnie Coleman one of the biggest bodybuilders ever (300 pounds stage weight), but he was also one of the strongest.
It’s frightening to think after working out with an 800 + pound squat and deadlift, Ronnie still used to say that he hasn’t worked as hard as he might.
Coleman impressed judges quickly at his first competition in 1990 and soon began to dominate the world of bodybuilding, winning his IFBB Pro card and countless titles.
In fact, he has most IFBB professional holds the record for the most victories–a remarkable 26, including eight coveted Mr. Olympia titles.

With amazing physiques, each generation has had its fair share of great bodybuilders. 
Focus moved from mass to aesthetics (Rhoden) and back to mass (current 2019 Mr. Olympia Curry). 
Lean, aesthetic physics and relentless efforts to better the human body were the one consistent factor.
I hope you agree with our top 10 bodybuilders list. Please share this post with your gym mates on social media.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

most expensive watch in the world

As a method of representation, people buy high-end watches to show how they managed to make in the world. 
It depicts the rich or those who inherit Rolex, Hublot Big Bang, Audemars Piguet, and other luxury watch brands, as this is a symbol of wealth and power.
The key factors determining the value of a luxury complex watch are:

  • Technology
  • Craftsmanship
  • Materials used
  • Brand

Several variables function together to assess a watch’s ultimate value. 
The accuracy, craftiness, workmanship, and expertise of lavish makers differentiate them from other watches! 
For example, Rolex watches are all mounted with a handle, and the company has its own foundry, which manufactures gold in its watches.
Here is the list for the top 10 most expensive watches in the world ever sold:

10. Vacheron Constantin 57260 – $8 million

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 is a single mechanical highly complicated pocket watch with 57 distinctly available complications, including a perpetual calendar and a double-second retrograde chronograph.
It has 2,800 components and the buttons are inside a white gold case.
It is made by an independent craftsman with traditional methods including bevelling, circular graining, design of “Côtes de Genève,” and much more.
This beautiful series shows the innovative Reference 57260 by Vacheron Constantin, a masterpiece and the most complex watch ever built.
For over 260 years, Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watchmaker, is recognized for its watchmaking excellence.
Some of the brand’s most expensive wristwatches include Vacheron Constantin tour de i’lle.

9. Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 – $11.1 million

swiss watch brands

Patek Philippe ref 1518 was introduced in 1941 that represented the luxurious brand’s beginning of an era.
The Swiss luxury watch brand and clock company Patek Philippe SA was founded in 1839 and are one of the most expensive watch brands.
Christie’s will sell in the context of its Significant Uhren Auction Dubai, an 18-carat white gold watch owned once by the ruling king of Egypt and Sudan, King Farouk.
The first is a limited edition 4-piece collection by Patek Phillipe and was crafted in 1518 with high-quality stainless steel.
1518 is the only perpetual Patek calendar split-second chronograph made of steel that costs around $11 million in Auction.
It differs from most of the other Pateks luxury watches made of rose or yellow colored gold.
Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 is the most expensive watch in the world ever auctioned for $31 million at a charity auction in Geneva.
Who has most expensive watch in the world?
It was bought by a private telephone bidder following a five-minute auction at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.
The reference 6300A-010 by Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime is the only of its kind stainless steel watch.
It has 20 complications, including a grande and petite sonnerie, a minute repeater, an instantaneous perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display, a second-time zone, and 24-hour and minute subdial.
It wasn’t included in the list because that’s the only watch Patek Philippe made exclusively for auction for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research.

8. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona – $17.6 Million

most expensive Rolex - Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

Once the world’s biggest movie star, Paul Newman’s 1968 Rolex Daytona was sold for $15.5 million in an auction in the Phillips auction house in New York.
It was a historical moment as the most expensive Rolex watch ever sold.
Opening offer for Paul Newman’s Daytona started on $1 million and the price skyrocketed immediately.
The bid was set at $10 million by the first buyer, surprising Phillips’ entire auction space.
The amount of the final price was $17,752,500 (including the buyer’s premium of 12.5%) was lifted.
Only two bidders competed to settle the price for the watch to 17.8 million dollars.
Although this Rolex Daytona is fairly well maintained, it is not varied form or made up of valuable materials.
However, the story is what enthusiasts need the most.
Paul’s wife and Hollywood actress Joanne Woodward offered it to Paul Newman during the shoot of the movie “Winning.”
Another similar watch, Eric Clapton’s Rare Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Oyster Albino was sold for more than $1.4 million (including buyer’s premium).

7. Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch – $18 million

Billionaire Watch

The Billionaire watch, which comprises 260-carat emerald-cut diamonds, is certainly up to its name. 
Billionaire’s timepiece, first unveiled to the world in 2015 in Basel world, is a one-of-a-kind, world-class watch by Jacob Arabo with affiliation to Flavio Briatore’s Billionaire Lifestyle SARL company. 
The bold cut enhances the sparkle of the diamonds that are set in an inverse pyramid-style. 
Bracelet of the watch contains a diamond set of stones that weigh up to three carats each, on the whole, 18-carat white gold case.
The rectangular case of the Billionaire Watch is skeleton-packed and is supported by an escapement of tourbillons.
These tourbillons are constantly in motion concerning the wrist. 
When the watch is in various positions on the wrist, the tourbillon compensates for time management errors related to gravitational effects. 
The JCAM09 is made up of 167 components and has a power reserve of 72 hours.
Popular American boxer Floyd Mayweather owns one of this watch.

6. Patek Philippe Supercomplication – $24 million

most expensive watch ever

Another most expensive watch ever by Patek Phillipe is Patek Philippe Henry Graves’ Supercomplication.
It was named after banker Henry Graves Jr. who commissioned it out of his desire to outdo the Grande Complication pocket watch of American automaker James Ward Packard.
This complex timepiece is worth $25 million and contains 24 complications, including a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater, sunrise and sunset times, and a celestial charts based on the sky of the night in Graves’s home in New York City.

5. Chopard 201-Carat Watch – $25 million

chopard 201carat watch

We can not talk about what crazy spectral imagination designers had while making this special, reflective watch, as it looks more like the sun.
Amazingly decorated in natural-colored diamonds, the second most expensive wrist watch for women ever created.
Naturally, we would expect its worth nothing less than $25 million.
All this razzle-dazzle, however, also includes a considerable amount of weight.
Using this watch requires a strong wrist and a big bank account.
Chopard 201carat watch is composed of a pink diamond of 15 carats, a blue diamond of 12 carats and an eleven-carate diamond, and an additional 163-carat white and yellow diamonds.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette – $26 million

high end watches

Jaeger LeCoultre, renowned for its luxury watches, has maintained its reputation as an outstanding brand of making elegant and classy watches.
The 101 Manchette watch Jaeger-LeCoultre offers a random number of polished or diamond-set links that cover the miniature 101 movements.
Jaeger LeCoultre gave this beautiful and fascinating watch to Queen Elizabeth II on her 60th birthday.
This clock has 576 diamonds and a grey dial of sapphire. The watch looks like a bracelet and has black leaves.
It uses manually-wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101 mechanics. No estimate is included, but evaluators rate it for over 26 million dollars.

3. Breguet No. 160 – $30 million

most expensive watch in the world

Often referred to as “a clockwork’s poem” or Breguet Grande Complication Marie Antoinette.
French future Queen Marie Antoinette’s lover allegedly commissioned the original first version of this watch before she married Louis XVI of France.
Abraham-Louis Breguet began to work on the watch in 1782, and before its completion in 1827 by Breguet’s son, revolutionaries executed Marie Antoinette.
Every recognized complication, including a thermometer, chime, and a perpetual calendar, were included in the watch.
The clock was on display until 1983 as thieves stole it from L.A. Mayer Museum in Jerusalem.
The watch was finally recovered and is now on display at the Mayer Museum.

2. Graff Diamonds The Fascination – $40 million

luxury watch brands

This is a special watch that transforms into a ring with a removable component.
Graff Diamonds The Fascination, this watch consists of 152.96 carats of white diamonds with an exquisitely unique center cut gem, which is a perfect pear-shaped diamond of 38.13 carats.
It is crafted and polished by world-renowned luxury jewelry and most expensive watch brand Graff in their workshops.
This pear-shaped masterpiece can be worn as a watch dial or detached and worn as a ring in a finely artistic diamond bracelet.
Makers meant the newest item to demonstrate the close relationship between the brands London-based diamond house and its Swiss watch-making atelier, according to Laurence Graff, founder, and chairman of Graff Diamonds.

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination – $55 million

most expensive wrist watch

Graff has produced one of the most expensive series of hallucination watches worldwide since they launched it only a few years ago.
This high-end watch has an astounding 55 million US dollar price tag!
The Hallucination comprises of multicolored and unique 110 carats of embedded diamonds.
Each one is meticulously shaped by the craftsmen to create this vivid and spectacular masterpiece.
Upon unveiling this stunning, unique, crafted, diamond-encrusted watch, Graff Luxury House must be taken seriously.
The incredible worth comes from 110 carats of really unusual, bright diamonds set in a platinum bracelet.
Rarest colored natural diamonds include Fancy Vivid Yellow, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Light Grey Blue, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Green, and Fancy Orange.
Several cuts are also used like the heart style, pear form, Marquet, emerald, sparkling, and round.
Graff Diamonds Hallucination is the most expensive watch in the world that costs around $55 million in 2020.

Some of the most famous and appreciated artistic innovations are luxury watches. 
Combining handicrafts, history, and design with the best, watch prices can reach millions.
Some other noteworthy luxury watches which we couldn’t include are Louis Moinet Meteoris, Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4, Breguet Antique number 2667, and A Lange Söhne Grand Complication.
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Top 10 Richest Actors in India

richest actors in india

This post is about the top 10 richest actors in India of all time estimated by Forbes India’s celebrity who have an astounding net worth.
A Bollywood star’s charges are estimated in millions, being the second-largest movie industry after Hollywood. 
Most high paid actors in India are very successful and famous for their charismatic acting skills. 
Including movie charges, these actors earn from brand endorsements, private events, and personal business activities.
Considering many Bollywood reports, these are the top 10 richest actors in India:

10. Mithun Chakraborty-Net Worth: $43 million (₹ 301 crores)

top 10 richest actors in india

He has many years of expertise in the industry and is a seasoned actor in Hindi cinema.
Mithun began his profession as an actor in 1976 and won his first national film award as the best actor for his part in the movie “Mrigayaa.”
He rapidly grew up in Bollywood, appearing in successful films (even now).
Mithun is also a skilled dancer, amassed as a talented actor.
Internationally and particularly in Russia, he has achieved large numbers of fans.
Apart from being one of the richest movie stars, he is also a successful film director, producer, songwriter, and writer.
He is very fond of a lavish lifestyle, and in Malad, Mumbai, he has 1700 sq ft cottage and also has a lot of other houses in addition to this.
He owns Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford Endeavor, Toyota Fortuner, and Eicher.
He also has other sources of earnings as he earned by featuring in the number of TV shows.
He’s also a well-known businessman and politician. Mithun endorses the number of brands such as Panasonic, GoDaddy, and many others.
For a single Indian film, he charges 11 crores to 15 crores in 2020.

9. Irrfan Khan-Net Worth: $50 million (₹ 350 crores)

richest celebrities

Irrfan Khan is the most talented actor Indian cinema can offer, he can play versatile roles with perfect delivery of dialogues.
Because of this in 2011, he won the Padma Shri award for his contribution to the Indian film industry
He also appeared in several international movies.
We have recognized Khan as one of the world’s best performers with many prizes and applications by global production companies.
It is perhaps worth remembering his role as the park’s owner in the “Jurassic World” movie.

8. Dharmendra-Net Worth: $70 million (₹ 490 crores)

Bollywood stars

Dharmendra was born in December 1935 as Dharmendra Singh Deol.
He bores the nickname “He-Man” and “Action King” from many action films he performed in.
Dharmendra is renowned for his work as a film producer, but also he is a politician.
He was a member of Parliament in the 14th Indian Sabha & worked as a Bharatiya Janata Party representative of the Bikaner Rajasthani constituency.
His second wife, the beautiful bollywood actress Hema Malini, and son from the first wife, Sunny Deol are MPs from Mathura and Gurdaspur.
In 2012, the Indian government awarded Padma Bhushan, which is the third-highest civilian award.

7. Saif Ali Khan-Net Worth: $160 million (₹ 1120 crores)

richest actor in india

Saif Ali Khan is an Indian film actor and producer and one of the wealthiest actors in India.
He began acting career in big production houses like Yash Chopra’s movie “Parampara” in 1993.
He got many awards like National Film Awards, six Filmfares, and Padma Shri award for his contributions Bollywood films.
Saif Ali Khan Net Worth’s major part comes from his ancestral estate.
The property’s estimated value inherited from his father by Saif Ali Khan is close to a whopping $135 million!
He charges Rs 6 to 10 crore for each movie and Rs 3-4 crore for each ad campaign.
A major part of Saif Ali Khan’s income is also the list of endorsements.
He is the brand ambassador for well-known companies such as Lays, Asian Paints, Ponds, and Amul.
His production company also received huge profits after making hit movies such as Cocktail and Love Aaj Kal.
During promotion for his stock market movie, Baazaar (2018) discussed his equity investments and shared his financial knowledge on investments to wannabe investors.
He owns 10 beautifully designed apartments all over the world in posh locations.
Khan likes to indulge in luxurious accessories as a prince.
Saif’s young daughter Sara Ali Khan is now one of the top actresses in Bollywood

6. Aamir Khan-Net Worth: $205 million (₹ 1435 crores)

highest net worth actor

Aamir Khan is an actor with many talents and an established star in the film industry in India.
Also, as is a talented artist, he is a director and producer.
Khan has now been created as one of the most well-loved and potent actors of Indian film through his 30-year career in Hindi movies.
He has broad international fan followers track record, especially in China.
Apart from being as one of the highest-paid actors in Bollywood, Aamir Khan is in this top 10 richest actors list is because of his big charges for endorsements which include:
Coca-Cola, Godrej, Titan Watches, Tata Sky, Toyota Innova, Snapdeal, Samsung (now Vivo), and Monaco Biscuits.

5. Akshay Kumar-Net Worth: $273 million (₹ 1911 crores)

richest celebrity in india

Akshay Kumar is one of the best actors in Indian cinema, starring in 100s of movies and 29 plus blockbuster movies.
Also, one of those Bollywood actors whose movies churn out the box office breakers frequently.
Akshay Kumar is a self-made financially successful star who achieved stardom before being a chef.
He is also an Indian actor with the most-followed Instagram account, with around 35.3 million followers.
Undoubtedly, Akshay Kumar is among the league of the richest Bollywood actors making him charge fees up to 40 crore rupees per film (consider this with the number of movies he performs).
He has also supported renowned products such as Honda Motorcycles, LG Electronics, Manappuram Gold Loan, Thums Up, Pepsi, Micromax Mobile, Red Label tea, and Relaxo footwear.
In addition to a bungalow at Anjuna Beach in Goa, he also owns a luxurious apartment in Worli, in Mumbai.

4. Salman Khan-Net Worth: $310 million (₹ 2170 crores)

richest actors in india

There will be no richest actors in India list without ‘Bhai of Bollywood.’
The notion he got is because of his generosity, aggressive nature, philanthropy, and of course, his muscular body.
Salman charges roughly a whopping amount of 60 crores per film.
His property comprises his own apartment buildings in Galaxy, Arpita Farms, Panvel, two manufacturing houses, and a fleet of luxury cars, luxury trucks, and motorcycles, plus countless new exceptions.
Salman Khan is not just an actor but also a successful producer, and occasional singer, and a TV personality.
Khan won many prizes and two national film awards, as a film producer, and two film prizewinners for playing during an overwhelming film career spanning over thirty years.
He was the highest-graded Indian with $37.7 million of income, according to the Forbes 2018 list of Top Pay 100 Celebrity Entertainers in the world.

3. Hritik Roshan-Net Worth: $371 million (₹ 2600 crores)

best actor in india

If you still think Bollywood’s Khans are still the film industry’s top money-makers, think again.
The statistics of advance tax payments clearly indicate everything about money.
You got it, Hrithik Roshan’s net worth of 2680 crore rupees was easily ignored until the actor swiftly ranked as the highest taxpayer.
He is at the top when it comes to dancing or method acting, the only name that first appears in our minds for being a super dancer and highly talented actor.
Hritik Roshan is also one of the most handsome men in the world, let alone Bollywood.
Even though he is born into a wealthy and well-known family, for his hard work and skills we all know him!
Hrithik has also been one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities in the last 18 years, having been a brand ambassador for many labels.
Throughout his entire career, he endorsed many brands, such as coca-cola, mountain dew, Donear, Nirma, Oppo mobiles, TATA Tigor, MacroMan, and so on.
His net worth included his casual wear clothing brand HRX, which currently stands at $200 million in market value.
Hritik has some incredibly expensive things that added as much value as he has in his total net worth.
To give you a glimpse, he owns the many luxurious watches (Rolex Daydreamer) and the costliest Rolls Royce than anyone in Bollywood.

2.Amitabh Bachchan-Net Worth: $400 million (₹ 2800 crores)

richest bollywood actor forbes

Amitabh Bachhan is among the most respected actors in the Indian film industry.
Consider his total assets, we expect his net worth to be around 400 million dollars.
He began to act in the 1970s, in which he suddenly accomplished huge popularity.
‘Bachhan’ became a household name nearly in every part across the country, and he wasn’t a typecast given that the angry protagonist roles he played in his earlier years.
He can effectively portray a range of personalities across the genres.
Speaking about his wealth, Amitabh Bachchan invested in several approaching company projects.
He gained the tenth stake in precisely Dial-in 2013, making a profit of 4600. In 2013.
He owns a 3.4% holding in a monetary engineering company called Stampede Capital, which specializes in economic markets for cloud computation.
Besides, the Bachhan family purchased $252,000 in stocks in Meridian school, an American corporation.
His son Abhishek owns the Indian super league team Chennaiyin FC.
Meridian schools have recently developed their first foreign investment in the cloud-based content distribution platform
In 2019, he received the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the best actor.

1. Shahrukh Khan-Net Worth: $600 million (₹ 4200 crores)

top 10 richest actors in the world

Shah Rukh Khan is regarded as Bollywood’s “King,” and also the richest actor in India in 2020 with a stunning total net worth of 600 million dollars.
Born in New Delhi, India, in November 1965 he is 54 years old at this moment.
His accomplishments in Indian cinema are much more impressive.
Khan Co-chairs Red Chillies Entertainment and its subsidiaries.
He is the Co-owner of the Indian Premier League Cricket Team, Kolkata Knight Riders, and also Trinbago Knight Riders, the Caribbean Premier League Team.
Khan has supported major brands like Pepsi, Nokia, Hyundai, Dish TV, Decor, lux, TAG Heuer, and other big brands.
Because of his various support and entrepreneurship initiatives, the media typically coin him as “Brand SRK.”
According to Forbes, he ranks among the top 10 richest actors in the world.
Shahrukh Khan charges about 3.5 to 4 crores a day for acting or appearing in commercials.

It takes more than art and talent to become successful financially.
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Top 10 Economies in the World by GDP 2019-2020

top 10 economies of the world

This article is about the largest top 10 biggest economies in the world by GDP in the financial year 2019-2020.
Nations around the globe are stirred by the various stages of economic cycles.
It is exciting to see, yet, that these upper countries do not move from their positions.
17 are still on the list compared to the biggest 20 markets of 1980, meaning only three newcomers and almost no change in the top 10 strongest economies by GDP.
Besides the largest economies in the world staying the same, the assessment shows that these nations are the engine of development, controlling most of the world’s economy.
Together, unfortunately, because of various factors, the bottom 173 nations make up less than a fifth of the world economy.
For you to understand, I listed them on 2 factors, Nominal GDP and to get a bigger picture of GDP by country according to Purchasing Power Parity. These are the top 10 economies in the world:

10. Canada

Nominal GDP: $1.82 trillion
GDP (PPP): $1.93 trillion

The world’s tenth biggest economy is just ahead of Russia. 
Canada reported powerful financial development from 1999 to 2008, with annual GDP expanding by an average of 2.9% fold.
Because of its close financial relations with the United States, Canada could rebound rapidly from the effect of the recession in 2009.
Also, credits to its strong fiscal policy of pre-crisis, a strong financial system,
A comparatively stable global sector, and the economic power of its resource-rich western regions.
Growth has started up again since 2010, and on average, the economy of Canada increased by around 1.4% per year between 2010 and 2013. 
It hit the Canadian economy after the completion of the commodities supercycle, which recovered in recent years.
The nominal GDP of Canada stands at USD 1.8 trillion with an annual growth pace of 2.0% in 2019 and is anticipated to reach $2.43 trillion by 2023.
In the long run, according to our econometric models, it is an expectation that Canada’s GDP to move around USD 2160.00 trillion in 2020.
Why does Canada have a high GDP?
1. Fourth highest in total natural resources.
2. Called as an energy superpower because it has the third biggest proven petroleum reserves.
3. Stability in Government & ranks among the least corrupt country in the world.
4. Highly globalized economy.

9. Brazil

Nominal GDP: $1.847 trillion
GDP (PPP): $3.456 trillion

Brazil is South America’s most populated and biggest country.
Brazil is among the world’s ninth-biggest economies of the world in 2019, recovering from a socialism-focused economy with a nominal GDP of $1.868 trillion in 2018.
The nation is renowned for its textile, shoe, cement, lumber, iron ore, and tin sectors. 
This results in a comparatively powerful industry of agriculture, which accounts for about 6% of the total GDP.
Services (72.8%) and industrial manufacturing (21%) sectors, yet, still account for most of the country’s GDP, as in most modern industries. 
Brazil continues to recover from a strong 2015 and 2016 recession
Before the crisis, it revealed financial products in the nations to be considerably greater in 2013 and 2014 at nearly USD 2.5 trillion.
The IMF (International Monetary Fund) recently decreased Brazil’s forecasts below 1% because of weakening confidence in political stability and uncertainty over exchange rates.
“The sizable downward revision for 2019 reflects downgrades to Brazil, where sentiment has weakened considerably as uncertainty persists about the approval of pension and other structural reforms,” the IMF said.
Why is brazil a rich country?
1. An enormous amount of natural resources like gold, uranium, iron, and timber.
2. The booming manufacturing industry as exports is increasing.

8. Italy

Nominal GDP: $2.072 trillion
GDP (PPP): $2.397 trillion

Italy holds the eighth position in world economy ranking.
Despite the nation suffering from political unrest, economic stagnation and the absence of important changes that hold it back. 
The industry reported contractions of 2.4% and 1.8% in 2012 and 2013, but in the past few years, the economy has strengthened.
The country is trying to build-up better financial relations with its neighboring small nations like Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, and other European economies.
It remains burdened by various long-standing leadership issues, including a rigid labor market, Stagnant productivity, high tax rates, 
Big, though decreasing numbers of non-performing loans in the banking sector; and high government debt.
These weaknesses limit the financial growth of the country, maintaining its viewpoint for development below that of its counterparts in Europe.
Its unemployment level remains double-digit, while its government deficit stays tight at around 132% of GDP.
On the positive aspect, financial growth is driven by exports and growth in investments.
What is Italy’s economy based on?
1. It is among eight largest exporters in the world.
2. Profitable exports include high-quality automobilenaval, industrial, various appliances, agricultural products, wine (Italy is the largest wine producer).
3. It is the third biggest luxury hub in the world & the biggest in Europe.

7. France

Nominal GDP: $2.761 trillion
GDP (PPP): $3.054 trillion

France’s economy accounts for about one-fifth of the European Union’s total gross domestic product (EU GDP). 
Services are the main contributor to the economy of the country, with this industry accounting for over 70 percent of GDP.
France is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive, aviation and rail industries, and cosmetics and luxury goods. 
Besides, it has a highly educated workforce and the largest number of science graduates in Europe per thousand workers.
The French economy has sustained the financial crises comparatively well compared to its peers. 
Partially protected by low dependence on external trade and stable levels of private consumption, France’s GDP declined only in 2009.
Recovery, yet, has been rather slow and high unemployment levels and continues to be an increasing problem for policymakers, particularly among youth in this seventh strongest economy.
Why is France so wealthy?
1. Tourism is an important factor, as France is the most visited tourist destination in the world.
2. Sixth largest agricultural producer in the world & EU’s biggest.
3. It focuses less on the import of fossil fuels, as most of its energy requirements are self-reliant.
4. Fourth largest Military & Arms exporter in the world.
5. Exports include aeronautics, pharmaceutical products, metals, and beverages.

6. United Kingdom

Nominal GDP: $2.829 trillion
GDP (PPP): $3.128 trillion

The UK, with a GDP of $2.829 trillion, holds the sixth spot in GDP by country in 2019-2020. 
Compared to GDP by purchasing-power-parity, UK drops to the ninth spot with a $3.128 trillion. 
It stands 22nd in per capita GDP amounting to $44,177
We project its nominal GDP in 2019 at $2.96 trillion, but we expect its ranking to slip to seventh place by 2023 with $3.47 trillion in GDP. 
The UK’s is powered mainly by the services sector, which adds over 75% of GDP with manufacturing, the second prominent sector followed by farming.
There is still time to complete the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU,
which resulted in a fall in capital markets pushing FTSE 100 down from its all-time high in May 2018.
Growth is likely to slow next year as Brexit’s uncertainty, which will depress private consumption growth and fixed investment.
But, a stronger external sector and stable worldwide supply could reduce the slowdown. 
By 2020, with a nominal GDP of USD 3.2 trillion, the UK will remain in the top five strongest countries by GDP.
Currently, all the hopes are on newly elected British prime minister, Boris Jhonson, to settle this matter as soon as possible to reduce Brexit’s impact on global financial stability.
Why the UK is so rich?
1.Highly mechanized & efficient Agricultural sector.
2. Strong Financial & Service based sector.

5. India

Nominal GDP: $2.972 trillion
GDP (PPP): $11.468 trillion

The nation lists the third position as the largest economies in the world 2020 when comparing GDP of $11.468 trillion in purchasing power parity.
The large population of India drags its nominal GDP percent down to $2,199 when it gets to calculating countries by nominal GDP per capita.
We expect India to surpass both the United Kingdom by 2020 to become the world’s fifth-biggest economy with a nominal GDP of USD 2.9 trillion.
Today, its service sector is the world’s fastest-growing sector, adding to its economy by over 30 percent.
Manufacturing continues one of its key industries (currently in slowdown) and with regular encouraging because of momentum through the initiatives of the government such as “Make in India.”
Despite its agricultural sector’s input has decreased to about 47%, it is still much higher compared to the western countries and other emerging markets.
Because of a falling rupee, a high current account balance, and weak industry growth, India started to see a development decline in previous years.
The U.S. intensified this by choice to break quantitative easing as investors started pulling cash out of India quickly.
Recently, its financial growth has exceeded China, making India as fastest growing economy in the world.
Why is India a developing country?

1. Energy-wise, India is
the second-largest coal producer, the second-largest steel producer, and the third-largest electricity producer in the world.
2. Biggest exports include refined petroleum products, agricultural products, precious gems and jewelry, machinery, Pharma, IT services, Textile, etc.

4. Germany

Nominal GDP: $4 trillion
GDP (PPP): $4.356 trillion

Germany is not only the largest but also the strongest economy in Europe.
On a worldwide scale, with a $4 trillion GDP, it is the fourth largest nominal GDP economy.
The purchasing power parity output of its GDP is $4.35 trillion, while per capita GDP is $48,264 (16th).
Germany majorly depends on exports of capital goods, automotive machinery & types of equipment.
It is one of the biggest iron, steel, coal, chemicals, machinery, automobiles, and machine tools suppliers in the world.
Germany has introduced Industrie 4.0 — its strategic plan to develop the nation as a leading market and supplier of advanced production solutions — to sustain its production power in the present worldwide situation.
Why is Germany so rich?
1. German machinery manufacturing is very high compared to its peers for this its exports are more valuable than other manufacturing exporters in the world (like China).
2. Low national spending & stable interest rates.
3. Good in natural resources spend less on imports.

3. Japan

Nominal GDP: $5.18 trillion
GDP (PPP): $5.75 trillion

In terms of nominal GDP projections, the Japanese economy stands third at USD 5.2 trillion in 2019.
Before the 1990s, Japan was today’s China’s equivalent, exploding in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. 
Since then, however, Japan’s economy has not been as spectacular in terms of development.
With the 2020 Olympics, its economy will gain some boost that keeps the capital flow steady, supported by the Bank of Japan’s lax monetary policy.
Japan’s nominal GDP is $4.97 trillion, which at the close of this financial year is expected to rise to $5.18 trillion. 
Japan drops to fourth place when GDP is evaluated in the surplus of PPP; GDP (PPP) in 2018 amounted to $5,594 billion, while GDP per person was $39,306 (24th place).
Why is Japan so rich?
1. Overall national philosophy in all aspects of high efficiency which includes manufacturing, services & governance with an emphasis on investment.
2. Active promotion of Big & Small corporate companies into a globalized market.

2. China

Nominal GDP: $14.2 trillion
GDP (PPP): $27.3 trillion

Over the previous few decades, Chinese economy has seen exponential growth, breaking down the obstacles of a centrally planned communist economy to become the world’s production and export hub.
For its enormous manufacturing and export capacity, we often refer China to as the “world’s factory.”
Over the years, the role of services has gradually risen and that of manufacturing has relatively decreased as a contribution to China GDP per capita.
Back in 1980, China was the seventh-world’s largest economy with $305.35 billion in GDP, while the U.S. was then $2.86 trillion.
The Asian giant has seen an average annual financial development of 10% per year since it launched market reforms in 1978.
The rate of development has slowed in recent years, although it stays strong compared to other countries.
With relation to PPP GDP, China is the biggest economy with $27.3 trillion of GDP (PPP) in 2019.
China’s GDP (PPP) would amount to $37.06 trillion by 2023. The vast population of China is bringing its GDP percent down to $10,153.

Highly in doubt, about its future stability considering ongoing trade war but China is the second-biggest economy in the world
China’s 2020 growth forecast to 5.9 % by World Bank amid fragile global economic conditions, continued domestic, and external headwinds.
The state has adopted a new approach to the financial policy called the “new normal.”
Authorities are implementing a controlled slow down to prevent overheating the market, which has been slowing development year after year since 2010.
In 2019, we expect the economy to develop by 6.3 percent, which is nothing to look at but a far cry from the annual growth of over 10 percent seen not too long ago.
How China is developing so fast?
1. Despite being a communist country by adopting ‘Economic Capitalism’ it opened doors to a new Globalized Market.
2. Extreme Manufacturing & low costs exports.
3. An authoritarian government who has to focus long term plans rather than short term policies to please public.
4. Very low artificial interest rates.

1. United States of America

Nominal GDP: $21.3 trillion
GDP (PPP): $21 trillion

Since 1871, the U.S. has maintained its place as the world’s biggest economy. 
The U.S. is often referred to as a financial superpower, and this is because the best economy is almost a third of the global capital supported by modern infrastructure, technology, and natural resource wealth.
While the U.S. industry is service-oriented, adding nearly 80% of its GDP, the production adds only about 15% of its output. 
The US also has the world’s most technologically strong economy with diverse sectors such as oil, iron, automotive, aerospace, chemicals, electronics, food processing, and consumer goods.
Large U.S. corporations also perform a significant part on the worldwide level, with over one-fifth of the Fortune Global 500 companies coming from the U.S. GDP is forecast to expand by 2.5% in 2019 and by 1.7% in 2020.
Why USA is so rich?
I frankly cannot answer this question in a very short answer, the main reason is,
America was, is & will be forever Land of Opportunity which attracts talent all across the world since the country formed.

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Top 10 Best DJs in the World Right Now

best dj in the world

We have seen different trends and movements throughout the music that changed the world forever.
In that Disk Jockeying was a subtype in which a Jockey would introduce an old song with a new twist.
Jimmy Savile was the first DJ in the world, and since then, we had many international artists till now.
Today, we will list down famous DJs who are ruling the genre for a decade.
We won’t be including music artists like Alan Walker, Kygo, and DJ Khaled because they fall into a diversified genre.
Here are the top best 10 DJs in the world in 2020:

10. DJ Snake - France

top 10 dj in the world

DJ Snake has brought the genre to the charts with his first hit in 2013 “Turn Down for What” song & is also nominated for a Grammy.
This Frenchman is at the heart of the electronic trap music genre.
He achieved his first initial mainstream hit in 2015 with “Lean On,” a multi-platinum, worldwide chart-topper featuring Major Lazer and vocalist MØ, before defeating the achievement of that song with Justin Bieber’s 2016 “Let Me Love You.”
The next year, snake released his solo track, “Magenta Riddim” which was an instant hit, following that he released “Taki Taki” featuring Selena Gomez.
This one topped on the global level that in early 2019 was immediately followed by “Try Me” and “SouthSide.”

9. Skrillex - USA

best dj in the world

Sonny Moore, also known by his name Skrillex, is an American DJ specializes more in Dubstep, EDM, electro house, and Moombahton.
He started his career in music around 2004 from a local band where he was the lead vocalist.
Around 2008, he started mixing & composing his own songs in which the first hit was the “Hate.”
This proved like a launchpad which was later followed by super-hits like Bangarang, First of the year (Equinox), Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.
Skrillex is also Grammy awards winner eight times, one time Annie award & two times MTV Video Music Awards.

8. Marshmello - USA

top djs in the world

DJ Chris Comstock (Marshmello) is an EDM producer and DJ.
Marshmello also is known as Dotcom and is one of your DJs making new hit songs by passing years.
He has a signature “feel-good” production style which makes him & his music completely unique.
He first gained international attention for releasing remixed songs by DJ duos Jack Ü & DJ Zedd, which eventually became a successful hit.
Marshmello is known for collaborations for a remix or composing with other musical artists.
Among them, almost all have been multi-platinum listed in several countries and have ranked in the Top 30s on Billboard Hot 100’s.
Some superhits include “Silence,” “Summer,” “Wolves,” “Friends,” “Happier,” and recent “One Thing Right” in 2019.
Many of his tracks are remixes, while others are original or collaborative productions.
This is part of what gave Marshmello amazing success.
He can take a track that was otherwise not friendly to the dance floor and transform it into a main stage anthem.

7. Hardwell - Netherlands

Hardwell performing in Tomorrowland

Hardwell is a Dutch electro house DJ originally from the Netherlands and works as a record producer and remixer. 
In 2013 and again in 2014, DJ Mag voted him as the number one DJ in the world. 
DJ Mag again listed him on number three position in DJ Mag’s top 100 polls for 2018 DJs. 
Unlike other DJs in our list, we well know Hardwell performing at best music festivals more than production he plays both his songs & remixes from other artists.
In 2020, he will be mostly performing in the Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn, and Tomorrowland. 
This Dutch DJ won first recognition for “Show Me Love vs B” bootleg in 2009. 
He founded the Revealed Recordings record label in 2010 and a Hardwell On Air radio show and podcast in 2011. 
Under his label, he has released eleven compilation albums and a documentary film. 
Hardwell’s popularity skyrocketed after he released his debut studio album, United We Are, in 2015. 
Songs like “Spaceman,” “Imaginary,” “Live The Night,” “Bigroom Never Dies” and recent “Summer Air” in 2019 are some hits recognized for him.

6. Tiësto - Netherlands

best dj in the world

Tiësto is a Dutch DJ also from Netherlands & record producer.
He was named “All Time’s Greatest DJ” by Mix magazine by-poll from Fans.
In 2013, DJ Mag readers voted him “the best DJ of the last twenty years.”
He is also considered by many sources to be the “Godfather of EDM.”
His first solo album, “In My Memory,” was released in 2001, which gave him several major hits that started his career.
DJ Magazine elected him World No. 1 DJ consecutively for three years from 2002 to 2004 in his annual Top 100 DJs.
Tiësto launched his radio show Tiësto’s Club Life on Radio 538 in the Netherlands in April 2007.
He has released his third Elements of Life studio album which was nominated for Grammy in the coming years.

5. Calvin Harris - UK

top 10 dj in the world

With the release of his first album, “I Created Disco” in 2007, Calvin’s career in the EDM world started.
The album’s tracks entered the top spot on the UK singles chart and sold 223,845 copies just in the UK.
This British DJ then published his second album Ready for the Weekend in 2009 after his excellent beginning.
After its release, this album again came directly to number 1 in the UK Albums Chart and sold 274,786 copies.
With many famous artists such as Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Example, Florence Welch, he released many more his collaborated tracks.
Now that’s what we talked about by working with the popular artist, he received a lot of fame.
In 2012, he released his latest album 18 Months, which just an instant hit in the EDM scene for this album sold over 923,000 copies in the United Kingdom.
This album gave him the biggest achievement in his life, making him internationally famous.
And now Calvin Harris is the richest DJ in the world!!!

4.David Guetta-France

david guetta dj

A French DJ, music programmer, record producer and sonic writer, Pierre David Guetta.
Over 9 million albums and 30 million solo studios have been sold around the world.
In the 2011 poll of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, Guetta was voted number one.
With his album, One Love from 2009 Guetta was a major success.
These included the hit singles “When Love Takes Over,” “Gettin Over You,” “Sexy Bitch,” and “Memories.”
Personally, he is my favorite DJ.

3.Armin van Buuren-Netherlands

best dj in the world 2019

Armin van Buuren is a top DJ in the world, record maker, and remixer known for his progressive house singles.
His six songs have become global successes for a popular radio series called ‘A State of Trance.’
The music impressed Armin, who was born in Leiden, South Holland.
When he was 14 years old, he began to create music and performed as a DJ in many local bars and pubs.
He started to gain larger prospects of music over a period. In the early 2000s, he gradually moved his attention from law to music.
To date, Armin has published six studio albums and is now one of the most famous Dutch DJs.
In the US, he is a record holder for the highest amount of appearances on the Billboard Dance/Electronics list.
In the USA he has also received a nomination for his song ‘This is Whatever It Feels Like.’

2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Belgium

DJ duo dimitri vegas and like mike

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Belgian brother group have been delighting audiences all around the globe for over 15 years now with some of the finest songs around.
The collaboration with Tomorrowland was key to their explosive popularity.
This made these brothers more popular in the most challenging music areas.
They had to tour the world and develop their activities, supporting productions and screenings with the support from Tomorrowland.
Dimitri Thivaios (Dimitri Vegas) and Michael Thivaios (Like Mike) were born in Willebroek, a tiny town in Antwerp, Belgium.
They shifted into Ibiza in 2003 and started staying in some top clubs on the island.
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s musical style is generally referred to as in EDM.

1. Martin Garrix - Netherlands

best dj in the world

Martin Garrix DJ and record producer from the Netherlands. 
He is said to be the world’s number one DJ, and he picked up music at the very tender edge to learn guitar and fed his passion. 
Garrix has a degree in production in Utrecht from Herman Brood Academy. 
Tiesto influenced Garrix’s performance in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 and expressed a desire to become a DJ. 
Martin Garrix began experimenting with progressive house music, tried to make this style, and distracted him from his patent large-room sound style. 
He had worked early 2015 on his track, ‘Forbidden Voices’ that was a blessing to his official Facebook page for 10 million Facebook likes.
Garrix is also the best EDM DJ with the highest followers on Instagram in 2020.

Honorable mentions,

If this list wasn’t about the top 10 DJs in the world, I would have included late Avicii, deadmau5, The Chainsmokers, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, etc.
I hope you enjoyed this list, comment down below your favorite DJ and please share this post on social media with your friends.
See you at EDC Las Vegas 2020.

Top 10 Most Handsome Men in the World

most handsome man in the world

It is often said that men are from mars and certainly mars is a beautiful planet.
But we cannot call men beautiful, but yes all men are handsome.
There are more important factors apart from good-looks when listing the top 10 hottest men among 3.5 billion population, which definitely takes more factors than mere looks.
Which factors?
Popularity, wealth, genetics, intelligence, muscularity, and so on are some of them.
There are many dashing personalities like Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, Kim Taehyung, Jamie Dornan, Pharrell Williams, Justin Trudeau and, models like Omar Borkan Al Gala, Godfrey Gao, and Noah Mills.
Being a man myself I’ve researched and studied all popular men from all countries based on many distinct factors & listed top 10 most handsome men in the world in 2020:

10. George Clooney

hottest men in the world

He is charming, sleek, and one of the most good-looking Hollywood actors with an amazing smile. 
It’s the character that makes him hot.
George Clooney eventually came a little out of his hotness to become a handsome aged man.
But for some unidentified reason, he still in 2020 is on the top shelf for his film profession as one of the richest Hollywood actors with a total net worth at $500 million.
Clooney looks fantastic, almost great, deep eagle eyes, gentle smile, and aged look. 
He combines male attractiveness with beauty and diabolical youth that drive women’s nuts. 
He’s not intimidating, but neither is he too adorable. He has a square jaw and head, but he doesn’t overdo it either.

9. Chris Evans

most handsome men in the world

If the captain is not there, this list cannot be completed.
He is a wonderful man with a provocative look, making him placed among the most beautiful males on the planet.
His blue eyes and his beautiful look are the most impressive and attractive characteristic of him, which stands out in distinct hairstyles.
Other MCU co-actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Hiddleston are good looking too.
But women are driven crazy towards Evans because of his boyish charm, which definitely irresistible to ladies looking for a new boy toy.

8. Bradley Cooper

hottest men in the world 2020

Bradley Cooper had joined the “Sexiest Man Alive” club of People’s Magazine in 2011.
Women describe his blue eyes seductive, especially when he smiles, similar to Ryan Gosling effect.
With that, he can mold in any look which we would consider handsome.
Since his movies like Hangover, Brad has earned an international reputation as the most attractive male celebrities.
You might still wonder, Why Women Love Bradley Cooper?
Actually, Bradley speaks several languages. He is fluent in French. This man can not only speak the romanticized language, but he can also cook!
Unfortunately, in 2019, Cooper and his beautiful Russian girlfriend Irina Shayk have ended relations together after four wonderful years.
Bradley Cooper has been working hard since 1999 to find his place to succeed.
He is one of the most successful actors on the planet, from his small role in “Sex and The City” to his absolute lead role in “A Star Is Born.”
An upcoming biographical movie on Leonard Bernstein starring Cooper as Leonard will be released in 2020.

7. Henry Cavill

most handsome men in the world 2020

This British actor for his films like Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman (2016), Justice League (2017), The Witcher (2019).
Cavill is all set for his upcoming role as Sherlock Holmes in the 2020 movie Enola Holmes.
But Henry has won a big reputation amongst global media as Superman in the DC Extended Universe.
Recently, he was seen in Mission: Impossible–Fallout, a CIA assassin for Ethan’s Special Activities Division who has been responsible for tracking his squad and performed the role of August Walker.
Justice League was really a battle between three leading actors Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill and, Jason Momoa (my personal favorite).
All three actors beefed up to play their superhero roles but Cavill’s red cape gave us a better glimpse of his hard work for the role.
His broad & Supermanish jawline manages to get him some extra female fans.

6. Hritik Roshan

most attractive men 2020

Roshan is blessed with amazing height, nice looking, and a lovely personality.
Hritik is regarded as if not the sexiest and hottest man alive.
With his hazel eyes, he not just a skilled handsome actor but also a world-class dancer, and some of his dance moves are absolutely insane.
I would arguably mention that he has the most muscular body than anyone on this list.
This Indian actor has all the requirements that are required to be officially mentioned “Greek God.”

5. David Beckham

hottest man alive

The internationally acclaimed retired English top football player David Beckham was named “Sexiest Man Alive” by the People’s magazine.
We as generally know this legendary soccer star, father of four, and the husband of pop star and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham for his chiseled looks for a long time.
He was featured on Pepsi, Adidas advertisements and Giorgio Armani’s modeled underwear.
Ironically, he never thought of himself as an “attractive, sexy person.”
We can recognize David Beckham as one of the world’s most marketable sports players. Even today in 2020, women go over him at the age of 44.

4. Idris Elba

good looking men

In 2018, Elba joined the reputed People’s Magazine list.
Other seriously good-looking men, Adam Levine, The Rock, David Beckham, Matthew McConaughey, and Hugh Jackman were also awarded the title during the last few years.
Idris Elba smolders with his signature suit look on the cover of many magazines.
He was also the contender to bag the James Bond role. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that.
However, it doesn’t make fans less love him!
In the U.S. media, however, people are “sexy” men, film stars, fit and dressed, with a strong jaw, sweet eyes and, prize points for his British accent. That’s he is.

3. Zac Efron

attractive male celebrities

Well, His blue-sparkling eyes for one reason and the only reason women are insane all over him.
In comparison with a young, Cary Grant, Zac Efron’s charm and sex appeal were honestly at its peak as an American teenage stud in High School Musical days.
He knows how his muscular alpha physic can flaunt.
Zac’s hairs are always on the right track that makes him a global icon for men’s hairstyles.
He has tried everything and looks outstanding as always, from floppy hair to formal side-cutting hair.
Zac is killing the hearts every time with his good looks and perfect hair, from Layered Round with Bangs to Side Parted Highlights.

2. Tom cruise

hottest men in the world

We know Tom Cruise for the role of Ethan Carter in Mission Impossible film series and is a well known American actor and producer.
Tom Cruise often tops most attractive men lists (but not this one).
At this age, he is still very attractive with his cool dude personality and is the best candidate for a date for most ladies.
Women throughout the world are always insane about their dedicated appearance and personality.
Personally, I would say this american actor is the hottest man alive in the world right now.

1. Brad Pitt

most handsome men in the world

He is being synonymous with male handsomeness both in the normal sense and scientifically.
With is sharp jawlines, hairstyle & “not-giving-a-f**k” attitude has placed him in a Bad-Boy stereotype.
He is a two-time winner of People’s “Sexiest man alive” one in 1995 & other in 2000.
He has an appealing mixture of qualities and characteristics. 
Brad, along with his top Hollywood actress ex-wife Angelina Jolie, was termed as perfect couples.
The head and his body are proportionate. He has wonderful eyes that shine in the edges when he smiles twinkly. 
Brad Pitt is ever fit with the ideal built body, dresses well, but often dresses informally, but he never seems to wear trashy garments.
Brad Pitt is still the most handsome man in the world in 2020.

I hope you loved reading this article about the world’s most good looking men.
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in History

most beautiful women in history

Throughout history the idea of the women’s beauty has changed, from celebrating womanly curves to imposing ideals of women’s skinnier representation.
While the standards have changed, we are sure that beauty is regarded as timeless irrespective of the period.
They are still represented today as a world inspiration.
Who in the history of human civilization are the best desirable, beautiful and desirable women?

10. Jean Shrimpton

most beautiful women of all time

Jean Rosemary Shrimpton is an English model and an actress.
She was a Swinging London icon and is one of the first supermodels in the world.
During the peak of her career, the iconic face of Jean was more celebrated.
Jean Shrimpton became a household name with the covers of Vogue and Harpers.
Publishers from every leading lifestyle magazine were just crazy, only to hire her–perhaps the first celebrity model in those days.
Her appearance is unquestionably beautiful: her chestnut hair, the large blue doe eyes and her perfect face structure that forms into the most perfect cupid’s bow.
Whilst Jean’s esthetic has never transformed, she has always been successful.
Supermodels today, are still inspired by her classic, sophisticated look.
Her beauty is imaginative, which made her somebody, that you’re looking for, it’s not the girl next door.

9. Vivien Leigh

attractive woman

Vivien Leigh, born in Darjeeling, India, who died in London 50 years ago.
The British actress was not only the most beautiful of her time but one of her most gifted and popular actors.
Vivien Leigh is well-known for playing Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind with 1400 other actors.
Leigh’s life, however, was as colorful and disturbing as Scarlett herself, filled with dramatic ups and downs.

8. Charlize Theron

attractive women in the world

Charlize Theron is an American actress and producer from South Africa.
She has been awarded several awards, among them an Academy Award, an American Cinematographer Award, the Silver Bear for Best Actress.
The actress, 44 years old, has stumbled into fame and has brought her to Hollywood for several events.
Thanks to her mom’s support (with the dream of being a ballerina having been given up), Charlize went on a one-way flight to LA.
In the beginning, she had difficulty, and she stayed in this motel as a manager. There has been a star born.
She now runs the African Outreach Program and is one of Hollywood’s most successful women.

7. Ava Gardner

beautiful woman face

She was known as one of the world’s most beautiful women and had a glamorous unmounting lifestyle.
Gardner has endured troubled marriages with some of the most famous American men, including Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra, without being unfamiliar with the luxuriant Hollywood parties or cocktail bars.
But her looks were also used to play down her serious talent as an actress and Gardner knew of her abilities during her lifetime.
She played in some of its generation’s most important movies in Hollywood and in the last decades has gained her credit as an actor.
Gardner was a stylized version of herself, which she had played and was successful in some movies.
Her talents were for directiveness and boldness, for sexual desire and furious regret.
She tried to live for herself, and her independence is one of her most memorable things.

6. Jessica Alba

most beautiful women in history

Jessica Marie Alba is an American actress and businesswoman.
She started her television and film shows at the age of 13 at Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack.
At 19, where she received a nomination for the Golden Globe for performance as the lead actress of the television series Dark Angel.
From romantic comedies to psychological thrills, the stunning-looking Hollywood star played roles.
A successful business named The Honor Company was also started by Mother of Two.
Speaking about her heavenly looks, Jessica Alba has a narrow chin with high cheekbones and big eyes.
Jessica Alba, by definition, is the most perfect human female in scientific terms.
Men will also be attracted to that consciously and unconsciously.

5. Diana, Princess of Wales

Most beautiful royal women

In July 1981, Prince Charles was married to Lady Diana Spencer who is the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.
But Diana became an international icon for herself with her own right.
Her exquisite style has dictated her own appearance as time passed.
In the aftermath of her passing away in Paris, the United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair referred to her famously as “the people’s princess.”
Diana was known for both her charitable work and her style. On August 31, 1997, she died in a car crash in Paris, but remained a fashion icon and the “queen of people’s hearts.”

4. Audrey Hepburn

most attractive women of all time

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian.
Recognized for her roles in Hollywood and as a fashion icon, she was ranked in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame as Golden Age’s third greatest women’s film legend by the American Film Institute.Beautiful actress
Film superstar Audrey Hepburn was named by a panel of experts as the most beautiful woman of all time.

3. Marilyn Monroe

This is the most influential sex icon in the world, Marilyn Monroe. Why?
She’s not tight in her tummy, her thighs touch, and her arms are not firm and thin and she had stretch marks unlike to skinny models of today.
The MOST BEAUTIFUL women in history she is known to be.
No name is as quickly as it sits right for feminine beauty like Marilyn Monroe, a screen siren of the 1950s whose shining glamorous public life often eclipsed her tragic private life.
Despite having a ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype, she was part of the building of her own stardom power off-camera.
She founded her own film company in 1954 because she was unhappy with major studio contracts offers.

2. Grace Kelly

who is the most beautiful woman in the world ever

Grace Kelly has one of the world’s most famous and beautiful faces, and we are sure that it would be not easy to find someone who disagrees.
She was just 20 years old and began acting in films, making this beauty wave in the movie business until she married Prince Rainier III.
At the age of 26 and then retired to the official duties as her highness of Monaco.
Kelly’s beauty is legendary, yet, before dedicating her life to the monarchy, Grace had the talent to back it up and had a brilliant film career before becoming the Princess of Monaco.

1. Cleopatra VII

I know our first ranker is far past recorded history, but I have an explanation for this.
Cleopatra is a well-known, historical, cultural icon and Female beauty from the Ancient world.
She was the last known pharaoh Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt.
In many media and literature, such as the movies Cleopatra, the tragedy of William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, the Caesar and Cleopatra play of George Bernard Shaw, she was and is still portrayed today as a gorgeous queen.
In western culture, she is a renowned source of everlasting fascination.
She was considered a great beauty even in the ancient world.
Many literary works have highly described and praised her beauty.
She was observed as “her beauty, as we are told, was in itself neither altogether incomparable nor such as to strike those who saw her,” in the life of Antony by Plutarch.

Top 10 Best Vodka Brands in India

vodka brands in india

Vodka — a colorless and odorless drink is made from potatoes or grains, originated in the Eastern European regions, namely Russia. 
The volume of alcohol in it is around 20-50% v/v and is typically colorless. Due to its colorless & mild flavor is a delight of a mixologist and a favorite part of a wider number of cocktails.
Many people in India, particularly youth, wish to keep their drinks a secret, but usually, they have little or no choice. 
Any aged alcoholic beverage (like expensive whiskey) will give your breath a strong smell when consumed.
The taste of vodka is relatively milder compared to other alcoholic beverages. A good quality Russian vodka brand will smell mild lemon or berries.
If you are a woman who wants to keep her drinks, a secret or a man who wants to prevent alcohol-inducing strong mouth odors, Try any of these top 10 best vodka brands in India:

10. Wodka Gorbatschow

best vodkas in india
  • Vodka Price: 700-800 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Plain, Green apple, Vanilla, Orange

This Vodka is produced and sold by Henkell & Company India Pvt Ltd from Berlin, Germany, but is packaged in India locally. In the beverage, the company sells it in 42.8% alcohol v/v.
It is also one of Germany’s most consumed spirits. This brand is synonymous with quality, high level of purity, and mildness.
This best-tasting vodka is collected by a quadruple-chill filtration process giving it a premium taste.
Wodka Gorbatschow has quite distinct in taste, and after consumption, many connoisseurs will feel its light softness.

9. Eristoff

Eristoff Russian Vodka
  • Price: ~1000 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Eristoff Red (sloe berry flavor), Eristoff Black (wild berry flavor), Eristoff Lime (lime flavor), Eristoff Gold (caramel flavor), Eristoff green (green apple flavor), Eristoff blood orange (orange flavor)

Eristoff is a Georgia Vodka brand, and the first Russian vodka developed in 1806 from Northwest Province of Racha.
Eristoff’s finest vodka is up made of 100% grain spirit, triple distillation, and then filtration by charcoal, a technique first established by the Russian distillers of the 18th century.
In 2020, Bacardi India produces Eristoff. In Georgia, Gorjestan, the Persian word is the Eristoff logo of a wolf howling at the crescent moon, meaning “land of the wolf.”
Officers and business leaders in mature groups especially, actively consume it in a very delicate, sophisticated manner.
In the Indian market, Eristoff is gaining momentum quickly as one of the top vodka brands in India and is now widely accepted by consumers.

8. Vladivar Vodka

  • Price: 700 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Orange Zest (Orange+Pepper), Green Apple (Green Apple+Mint) and Vladivar Lemon Zest (Lemon+Mint)

This vodka is a popular product of the United Breweries Group and a common among masses.
The clean taste and extraordinary smoothness of Vladavir, the number two vodka brand in the UK, is formally devised by third-generation master distiller by the triple distillation process.
The grain and the charcoal are 100% pure and have the highest transcendent pureness when filtered.
That is a wonderful combination of this premium vodka of Vladi, which gives it a super-smooth taste.
In India, there is only the classical version of Vladivar vodka. The brand also includes flavored Vodka drinks specially made for women in this price range.
In some of the top restaurants in India, you can enjoy Vladivar vodka.

7. Grey Goose

expensive vodka brands
  • Price: ~6200 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Cherry Noir, Grey Goose Regular, L’ Orange, La Poire and Le Citron

Grey Goose is one of India’s leading imported premium vodka brands. It’s a brand from France having its creative origins from Russia.
Founded by Sidney Frank in 1990, this is one of the only brands of vodka to be distilled with French tradition, Maître de Chai.
The distinct taste of vodka can only be produced during the complex filtration process.
You can buy Grey Goose vodka in various flavors in India.
Try this vodka because the distillers make it of wheat from the Picardy region of France.
The distillation process also comprises transporting its distillate to the region of Champagne, where Grey Goose is finished before it’s available in the market.
Sidney saw an opportunity in the spirit market for “high-end vodka” and started manufacturing Grey Goose.

6. Fuel

top vodka brands in india
  • Price: ~700 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Plain, Green apple, Orange

The second-largest vodka brand of India in the deluxe segment is Seagram’s Fuel Vodka.
The brand is purely unique, innovative, and youthful. Brand owners, Pernod Ricard, describe it as India’s second most popular brand.
Fuel is available in India with various flavors and offers value for money.
This vodka is made of the finest grains and is filtered three times while keeping up with the traditions of Pernod Ricard.
The classic vodka version of Fuel is therefore deprived of any flavor or taste.
Besides distilling fuel vodka in various exotic aromas, Pernod Ricard also takes into account the requirement of discretion for women and younger drinkers in this country.

5. Absolut Vodka

premium vodka
  • Price: ~2000 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Absolut Citron, Absolute Peach, Absolut Kurnat, Absolut Mandarin, Absolut 100 and Absolute Pepper

Absolut Vodka is an alcoholic brand in southern Sweden, manufactured near Åhus, and is a subsidiary of the French group, Pernod Ricard.
Absolut, after Bacardi, and Smirnoff, the world’s third-largest vodka brand that sells in 126 countries.
This fine alcoholic drink is the smoothest vodka, with 400 years of Swedish tradition behind it.
Absolut has maintained the tradition of pure and perfect Swedish Vodka, using pure Swedish water from the city of Ahus and wheat grown in the surrounding countryside.
The Absolut Vodka makes this alcoholic drink up in 27 different variants and the most attractive bottles with wonderful packaging.
The miniatures, in particular, are adorable and even better.
A gift to vodka lover in the budget seems to have a set in 7 different Absolut flavors in miniatures is a perfect present.

4. Romanov

best vodka in india with price
  • Price: ~715 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Plain, Orange, Lemon, Apple

Tough the name of this brand sound hardcore Russian but is owned by an Indian brand, United Breweries Ltd.
This vodka derived its name from the last Russian monarch Romanov Dynasty, which was overthrown by soviets in the Russian revolution.
Romanov and White Mischief majorly control India’s domestic market, which in 2010 increased to 89%.
In my opinion, in the case of Romanov, it’s because of two reasons: Extreme taste and Pocket-friendly.
Affordable clubs and college students consume this Vodka brand.
Cheaply priced, Romanov vodka is very smooth to consume either neat, with some water or mixed (with any coke or sprite).

3. White Mischief

smoothest vodka
  • Price: 600-790 for 750 ml (depends on flavor)
  • Flavors: Strawberry+Ginseng, Mango+Mint and Green Apple+Cinnamon, Plain strawberry

This is once again a blue-and red-packed translucent Vodka Bottle.
A good Vodka label popular cheap vodka brands in India and is sufficiently good for sales in our populous country.
It is again a product of the world-renowned United Breweries group with a high-quality rating from the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) achieved standards.
It is made by a process in which the taste, flavors, and smoothness are aligned with the flamboyance of young and vodka enthusiasts, threefold to the highest levels of purity.
If you don’t want a very expensive vodka and want to get tipsy at a party, it comes in your budget.
White Mischief is an almost neutral, tasteless tasting vodka.
These characteristics enable White Mischief Vodka to be blended with any juice or soft drinks.
There’s a special flavor of strawberries that women prefer.

2. Smirnoff

best Vodka brands
  • Price: 1600-1800 for 750 ml
  • Flavors: Smirnoff Vanilla, Smirnoff Lime, Smirnoff Green Apple, and Smirnoff Orange

Smirnoff is a world-famous vodka brand and is best brand in India. This vodka was first on the market by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov in Moscow in the mid-1800s.
Shortly after its launch in India, Smirnoff captured a significant part of the country’s liquor market.
Diageo USA claimed that the Smirnoff was the world’s largest vodka brand considering total alcohol sales by March 2006.
An Indian Whiskey named Officer Choice was officially dethroned from its position in 2014.
Also, the 2012 World Spirits Awards were awarded the Gold Medal for producing the best vodka.
This vodka has a three-fold distilling process and prepares the content of vodka from the purest and finest grains.

1. Magic Moments

best vodka brands in india
  • Price: 600-650 for 750 ml bottle
  • Flavors: Plain, Orange, Green Apple, Lemon, Lemongrass and Raspberry

Magic Moments Vodka comes from Asia’s second-largest distillery, Radico Khaitan, which also owns Contessa (one of the best Indian rums).
Magic Moments is a triple distilled, rice grain gluten-free vodka and launched back in 2006 with Pure Blends and Smoothness.
Several international awards have been awarded, not only for its standard variation but also for its six flavors.
Magic Moments is distilled using the finest Indian grains.
It is tripled filtered by a unique secret process, ensuring its crisp taste and almost no aromas.
Magic Moments say that, while drinking, their vodka has a “smooth as silk” taste.
Certainly, it is, as Magic Moments is the best vodka brand in India with affordable price you can buy for your next party.

Instead of mixing it with cocktails and food, we can best enjoy this Slavic drink on the rocks, enjoying its pure taste.
The fun fact is that the Vodka spirit was initially invented for medicinal purposes. This colorless and fragrant drink still has many health benefits.
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Top 10 Best Landscape Photographers

Landscape Photography is a kind of intricate art that probably has many talented photographers in it.
So it’s safe to say no list can do justice to the amount. 
Here, we have listed some of the famous landscape photographers in the world based on awards won, the mental impact of their photography & uniqueness.
These top 10 best landscape photographers in the world in 2020:

Sean is an adventurous explorer, a nature lover (mountaineer) and photographic artist for digital image creation based in Ashland, Oregon.
From his climbing days, Sean’s photograph expertise was developed as he took photos to record his experiences.
Today, instead of climbing, he mainly focuses his interest on picturing mountains.
In fact, while sleeping on a truck or tent, Sean could spend up to 3 months each year, searching for a suitable lighting environment, making it easy for him to capture the perfect picture.

Michael is a professional photographer known primarily for his work on the landscape and the wildlife projects.
He likes to share his experience and wants to help his peers develop their expertise in photography.
Frye has written numerous books and numerous top photography magazines have published his articles.
Michael particularly likes to check the lighting he uses for the sake of constructing an artistic, whimsical or mystical setting.
He is the author of five books based on photography and since the 1980s, Micheal photographs regions near Yosemite National Park.
The portfolio he’s built since is nothing less than breathtaking.

Peter Lik is a well-known Australian famous nature photographer, known for his scenic and panoramic landscape shots.
Lik made a name for himself in the photography industry with beautiful panoramic landscape photography images, earning one of the biggest international reputations.
Peter is a self-taught artist and has traveled all around the world to capture iconic images that are displayed in 13 of his own galleries.
His work portrays vivid colors and creates more than life pieces that celebrities and leaders of the world collect.

This surreal style photographer developed an interest in photography since he was 16 years of age.
Shainblum was soon recognized for his creativity and his meticulousness for taking imaginative, surrealist photos and videos that told an exciting narrative often.
His clients are influential businesses such as Google, Nike, and Facebook.
With its amazing images of nature, he has gained great popularity from social media.

Erin began taking pictures for research and education as an art historian, documenting archeological sites and museums.
She has become a respected landscape photographer but also a pioneering photography coach celebrated for integrating nature, history, and philosophy.
Babnik has a vibrant, provocative style mixing risky experiences, modern techniques and classical art education which enables her to take one-of-a-kind pictures of the landscapes.
Her skill in photography in the landscape has been shown not only by her extremely beautiful pictures but also by her detailed articles and discussions on even the most advanced subjects.

Daniel is a Russian born best landscape photographer who started his career in the Moscow regions with stunning scenic images of a lake.
Kordan’s images express nature’s elegance like no other, though they reveal a series of superficial golden light.
The possibilities that photography provides as an artistic medium are a deep curiosity for Daniel Kordan.
Although Daniel has a background in physics and art, he’s always loved being in nature, hiking, and mountain climbing.

You may think color blindness is a serious disadvantage for a photographer.
But a photographer like Kilian has turned it into a strength as he uses it to create his own distinctive artistic style shots.
Kilian is a master of woodland photography and seeking out foggy sceneries.
He operates in the primitive northern landscapes and in wild woods, shot from outstanding angles in exquisite condition.
The Norwegian scenery is beautiful because it shows a lush but barren country in which life would be extremely difficult without modern technology.
Kilian Schoenberger’s photographs are very well designed and coordinated and he places at fourth position in our list.
The main reason is why he gives a delicate touch to the intensity of nature.

Ted is a famous landscape photographer, born in California who got worldwide recognition.
Thanks to his sophisticated style, innovative compositions, and insightful photo editing.
The work of Ted Gore is strong, bold and unique: with his pieces, a touch of calmness with optimism and each picture he offers, have a punch.
He captures nature in the most unconventional ways and works tirelessly to provide insight into his creative processes and techniques through lectures and instructional videos.

Chris Burkard is a California Central Coast American photographer.
He is one of the most famous artists today in the contemporary world of America.
Particularly recognized for his landscape, outdoor, surfing and lifestyle photography.
Chris is a diehard adventurer who blends his journeys with good images of the landscapes.
Burkard posts many of his photos on Instagram based on his experiences, reflections, or perspectives.

Max Rive is a Dutch photographer who has been exploring Switzerland’s highlands since the age of five.
Rive’s passions for travel range from motorsport and cycling to shooting with an incredible desire to discover nature, succeeding in some of the most interesting imagery in his voyage with landscape photography we’ve never seen before.
Awesome and breathtaking, the elegance, passion and strong philosophical themes will surely impress viewers.
The sophistication and consistency of the colors are foremost fantastic.
Furthermore, the landscapes he chooses are magnificent themselves and display the beautiful aspects of the world at its best.
Ultimately, the human element on the shots speaks about the everlasting curiosity of mankind for the unseen.
It will inspire you or even the most indifferent individual for a hidden journey of adventure, travel, and discovery.
Considering the factors mentioned, we could term Max Rive as the best landscape photographer in the world today.

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