Top 10 Most Powerful Families in the World

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Here we won’t be talking about family fortune but their influence on overall economies and geopolitical landscape.

If so, you might ask who rules the world?

While money has a crucial role in deciding their real powers, their impact on influential individuals can make anything possible.

We won’t be listing anything based on conspiracy theories or any claims by other sources.

Here, the list will be according to what can be seen, touched, or sensed by us, in short, rock-solid factors. These are the top 10 most powerful families in the world:

10. Krupp

It’s been a long time since the German Krupp family dynasty is handling their steel empire.
The Krupp dynasty was founded in 1587 when a regular merchant named Arndt Krupp purchased buildings abandoned during the plague pandemic.
After the plague diminished, the estate developed, and the man became more prosperous.
His descendants used their heritage in the arms industry. Around 1816, they entered the steel industry, and by the end of that century grew the world’s largest steel manufacturer.
Krupp industries built tanks and battleships for Nazi Germany, and the family supported Adolf Hitler directly.
By the end of the war, their factories were destroyed but rebuilt.
The Krupp family still had a significant influence in the steel industry, although it had passed its glory.

9. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer’s family owns a significant stake in the top companies in the world, which hold a large share of all the minerals worldwide.

Family-owned brands such as De Beers and Anglo also dominate the world’s gem, platinum, and gold industry. 

The family focuses more on bringing the local investors in their home country prosperity because most shares are sold in De Beers.

8. Pritzker

The Pritzkers are one of the richest families in America.

They are close to the top of the “World’s Richest Families” ranking since it started listing the magazine in 1982. 

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Their wealth came into being in the 20th century, particularly as the Hotel Corporation Hyatt was established and expanded.

The family owns a large 5-star luxury hotel chain, Hyatt Global, through their holding company, Marmon Group.

The Superior Bank of Chicago, a credit bureau at TransUnion, the Braniff airlines, McCall magazine, and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line were also part of their other assets. 

J. B. Pritzker was the co-chairman of the campaign of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election. 

He was a delegate to the Democrats in 2008 and to the National Democrats in 2016. 

He helped to integrate the Clinton and Obama campaigns in Illinois, endorsed President Barack Obama at the 2008 general election, and currently is the Incumbent Governor of Illinois.

7. Koch family

Koch Industries primarily operates in manufacturing, pulp, paper production, chemical equipment, ranching, financial, commodity trade and investment sectors, energy, fiber, intermediates, and polymers.
Koch is also a holdings company that controls big companies like Invista, Georgia Pacific, Molex, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, and Koch Minerals.
From scratch, Fred C Koch founded Kock Industries. He’s dead now, but today his businesses are controlled by his children.
According to Forbes, Koch Industries is America’s second-largest private company, with sales over $1 trillion. They can buy political influence by leveraging their massive wealth.

6. Bush family

Since Jeb’s defeat in 2016, the Bush family seems to have disappeared, but they still have significant influence over American politics.
In reality, the “most successful political dynasty in American history” has been characterized.
There were two Presidents, a few Governors, and several Senators, but the Bush family is much more comprehensive.
Many Bush family members hold management positions in large companies.

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5. Morgan family

The Morgan family is a prominent American dynasty in banking and business, which became famous in the United States and the entire world at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.
Family members have amassed massive wealth over the years, mostly through John Pierpont Morgan’s well-known work.

4. Walton family

The Waltons are the richest family in the world if we combine siblings’ overall wealth worth around $200 billion.

In the value chain, brothers Jim and Rob Walton were respectively #16 and #17 on the Forbes annual list of billionaires.

Their sister Alice Walton is the richest woman in the world currently in 2020.

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Arkansas, Walmart is now, as per its company website, the world’s largest corporation, with sales by 2019 of $514.4 billion and over 1.5 million U.S. associates. 

As of August 2019, the company has almost twelve thousand global retail shops and 5,362 US outlets.

The company has not unlike its rival, Target, brought large consumer lifestyles from the big box shops in rural and urban America, praised for its low-priced products, and excoriated for its workplace practices.

3. House of Saud

The Saud House is Saudi Arabia’s ruling family.
They possess absolute power–even after them has the nation been called Saud’s (Saudi) Arabia.
There are 15,000 members, around 2,000 of them hold the majority of power and wealth.
As the head of the family, the King of an oil-rich country, they have unimaginable wealth.
If they want to, they can even go to war, as they have done in Yemen.
Sauds have international influence, and NATO is heavily invested in Saudi Arabia’s security.

2. Windsor family (British royal family

Brand Finance, a market valuation firm, reported that the British Royal Family worth around $95 billion last year.

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In this way, unique assets like the Buckingham Palace (830,000 square feet), the family’s massive art collection, and other abstract assets, such as royal brand values, are considered.

For example, Princess Charlotte was 10 hours old when she premiered on a GH world stage. 

Jaeger LeCoultre gifted a watch from their expensive watch collection, 101 MANCHETTE (worth $26 million), to Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II on her 60th birthday in 2012.

She was only months old wearing a shawl worth about $100 from Hurt & Sons for a sign of how valuable the brand is.

The personal wealth of Queen Elizabeth II is $530 million, and Forbes estimates the greatest number in the family.

Besides, in estimates of Wealth-X, the private wealth of all the monarchy would be as high as 1 billion dollars. 

1. Rothschild family

Since the founding of the banking empire during the 18th century, Mayer Amschel Rothschild has ruled the world for many centuries with countless assets, enormous influence, and enormous power.
The Rothschild Group provides financial advisory services in more than 40 countries.
The family also owns multinational companies such as RIO Tinto, RIT Capital, and Glencore.
Even though their financial value is beyond measure, this is sufficient to show how powerful they are.
It is also suspected that Rothschilds have connections with a secret organization called NWO (New World Order).
The Rothschilds are considered as most powerful of 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, official members of the Bilderberg group, Freemasons, and other secret societies.
Although perhaps the richest family in human history, not one of Rothschild’s individuals have appeared in Forbes’s lists.
Over the years, their immense fortune has been shared between the family members throughout the globe.

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