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Top 10 Ugliest Cars in the World

ugliest car ever made

As is all art, car design is subjective. There are no hard and fast rules for categorically considering a car attractive or cool looking
The design of the appearance requires a high level of art when it comes to cars. 
It takes an expert car designer’s creative vision to make a nice looking car with a symphony of elegant curves and colors, all flowing into the people who see it.
Then there are cars that all agree are horrible looking. 
But unlike your typical ugly chevy truck, some sellers might find a useful group of fans who collect them for the sake of irony.
To explore some of them, here are the top 10 ugliest cars in the world:

10. Mitsuoka Orochi

funny looking cars

This one stands above the rest in the long and bizarre history of strangely proportioned Japanese funny looking cars. 
The sports car is known as the Mitsuoka Orochi, and it’s profoundly strange. 
Perhaps the weirdest thing about the Orochi is its price: Although designed as a deflated parachute, it arrived in the market for $100,000. 
Why does it look strange despite being a sportscar?
The Orochi has the general lines of an exotic automobile, but it has some extraordinarily weird design elements as well. 
In particular, the front is bizarre in the sense that it looks like the designer tried hard to make the car look like it smiled or could eat.
The more you see this car, the stranger it gets; try it!
There are eyes, a mouth, and a chin there. I believe it was modeled on a picture of a kind of cheerful animal (a laughing baleen whale?).

9. Pontiac Trans Sport

stupid looking cars

Minivans were never cool, but manufacturers did not stop trying to force the dilemmas in the category. 
Pontiac’s attempt to sport the minivan looks like a handle on the back, so that your seat can be emptied. 
How does Trans Sport look if we expand our imagination?
I think it is more like a portly mid-aging dad looks who has suddenly decided to wear all the latest training gear equipment for the gym for the first time.

8. Marcos Mantis M70

dumbest looking cars

Although the list is not in a particularly hideous order, due to the total and complete esthetic failure, the Marcos Mantis M70 deserves special attention.
The M70 ought to have a sizeable cabin like that of a muscle car but has a strange nose wedge element in the design.
Consequently, when put together on a single car, the words “Marcos” and “Mantis” are clear indications of the word “hideous.”
It’s so undesired that you feel like hitting yourself every time you see it for thinking rude thoughts about how you get rid of it.

7. Nissan Cube

nissan ugly car

It looks terrible as if Dr. Seuss would love something in this car.
When it came out for production, people didn’t like it, and I think still, the market isn’t crazy about box shaped cars.
What the designer’s thought process while preparing a prototype, I genuinely didn’t understand till now.
This car that looks like a box will surely not give you safety vibes, reliability, and of course, aesthetic appeal.
Jamming your attention, it just sits over there, like a cube.

6. Citroën Ami

ugliest cars 2021

In 1961, the AMI made its market debut, and the company’s rememberable design was its reverse rake window.
AMI was known for its reverse-rake rear window, a design feature that was used by just some companies (with a losing combination of dubious esthetics with hopeless aerodynamics).
It’s designed in poor combination and has terrible aerodynamics in the reverse rake window ugly cars.
You might be surprised by the synchronous wave of the headlights if viewed from the front.
The sides look okay, too, and as a certain guy tested the car in the 1960s, he saw the car back.
It seems horrible, at a painful angle, to have been ripped off.

5. AMC Pacer

old ugly cars

Conceived by people from Ork, this egg-shaped vehicle looks at least more aerodynamic than many old ugly cars in this post. 
The designers of the Pacer seemed to have taken some design inspirations from an organically grown squash.
This vehicle fits perfectly with Fred’s mystery machine. Shockingly, these days, you don’t see that too many of these rare cars are restored.

4. Chrysler PT Cruiserr

funny looking cars

For ten years, the PT Cruiser was produced and sold between 2000-2010. 
Bryan Nesbitt designed this car, who also designed the Chevrolet HHR and the pretty bland looking Chevrolet Malibu, Gen 7.
PT Cruiser’s design was inspired by the classic cars of the 1930s.
How does it look?
I think it looks like a version of an old middle aged woman trying to wear a teenage girl’s dress.
Those women may look slightly beautiful, but they can’t fool anyone like Cruiser’s so-called heritage design. 
This car sold over 1,350,000 units worldwide in ten years.

3. Pontiac Aztek

ugliest car in the world

In 2001, Pontiac Aztek was launched as potential to fill up the vacuum formed in the segment (at that time) to capture an emerging market portion. 
However, in retrospect, some critics would even regard the Aztec as a trigger for the recent demise of Pontiac.
This ugliest car in the world surely isn’t that horrible looking unless you find some chemistry teacher driving it.
Why many consider this cute-looking car ugly?
The titles of the Aztecs as ugly are both unfortunate and countless. 
You would find it difficult to beat Aztecs if you set out to build a car that violated each aesthetic principle: dome, buckled and hanging at the wheels of skate, Aztec appears to be the creation of an unholy union between a Transformer toy, and a Dustbuster vacuum.
Unfortunately, if it were not quite that hideous, the Aztecs could have been a successful vehicle.

2. Nissan S-Cargo

stupid looking cars

From 1989 to 1991, the Nissan S-Cargo has been produced in Japan for only two years.
With a 75-horsepower engine, the small car is ideal for both a tightly packed city and a wallet.
Sadly, the S-Cargo also looks like a person who didn’t break a film about Pixar Cars because it was too cartoonish.
Nissan originally intended this car for commercial use, but someone in a click of creativity completed a novel design.
By the beginning of the 90s, this small ugly car was a complete bloke in appearance, even though its ‘Cargo’ purpose was hardly served.

1. Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla is the ugliest car in the world

Without Fiat Multipla featured within it, no ‘UGLY’ list is complete. Fiat’s compact MPV is the ugliest car ever made and beats all the hideous cars listed.
Look at the car, and you’ll wonder why Fiat planned to produce something so awful.
The Fiat Multipla is the worst when it comes to modern monstrosities.
It had two rows of three seats but looked like a crazy robotic ugly duck. It was an inventive MPV. Amusingly, the Multipla is shown as examples of cars for the next century in 1999 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
It got redesigned to make it more appealing, which certainly contributed to the production of the Multipla until 2013.

Car freaks have always considered automobile design as an important aspect of the car since the rise of the automotive age.
Naturally, elegant lines do not make a vehicle faster or better but make it more attractive, desirable, and more popular.
Although efforts are made to create esthetically pleasant forms, sometimes manufacturers present the opposite.

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